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Monday, December 29, 2008

Barrack Obama's First Term

Barrack Obama's First Term

This analysis is based on a multi-composite chart. The chart was based on five dates. These dates are for Barrack Obama, the United States, the Democratic Party, the GOP, and Inauguration Day 2009.

The Inauguration Day chart indicates that Obama must devote his first term to beginning to solve the US economic crisis. The chart also says he absolutely needs to treat the economic crisis as a crisis in housing and employment.

Solving the economic crisis, primarily by putting people to work, will be the US government's most important job during Obama's first term.

Obama will definitely be able to design workable programs and put them in place successfully. His administration will find the resources, the opportunity and the energy to do so.

However, the chart indicates that Obama's programs will be experimental. Public acceptance will be tentative, also.

Efforts to gain political power for its own sake go against the grain of the Inauguration Day chart. Attempts to exploit the country
’s problems to gain, or regain, political power will fail badly. They will also damage the country. This warning applies to Democrats, Republicans, Congress and the White House, and everyone else.

Political noise levels in the country will also be exceptionally high. While Obama is working on the economy, blue and red voters will clash loudly over what it means to be an American. Culture wars, identity politics, extreme partisan rhetoric will rage continuously in the background of the economic rebuilding efforts.

This ceaseless background noise will not prevent economic reform, nor will the economic reform quiet the background noise. The ideological free-for-all will rage apart from and in spite of Obama's efforts to fix the economy, and vice-versa.

The blue vs. red rhetorical battles are part of a major identity crisis, a battle to shape a new, cohesive national identity for the US. Ideally, it will move us beyond the present, highly dysfunctional US national identity as Obama leads us beyond the present highly dysfunctional US economic system.

By the look of it, the struggle to reshape the American identity will be more eventful in its way than the effort to rebuild the economy. The chart also strongly suggests that needed economic reforms will not be completed during Obama's first term. Neither will efforts to forge a new US national identity.
Obama’s first term will more than likely come to a close with major work still in progress.

A Second Obama Term?

However, I think voters will see Obama as someone addressing an urgent, ongoing crisis and grant him a second term to finish his work. You could look at it another way. The healing process simply won’t be far enough along at the end of Obama’s first term to safely change the party in the White House.

As stated, the planets will be working against political power plays of any kind. Although this applies to both parties, it will disadvantage the GOP more. As a practical matter, the GOP cannot improve their political situation without also making a bid for power.

Since the Democrats already hold power, they won’t have to make a bid for power.Basically, the planets support the political status quo, with the Democrats already in power. Neither party can successfully further their own political ambitions at the expense of the other.

Cooperation, however grudging, is the only astrologically realistic option. In spite of themselves, the two political parties will have to cooperate, with each other and with Obama. The upshot will probably be a new centrist political consensus supporting GOP and Democratic cooperation.

The rowdy red vs. blue debate raging in the country will make a bid for partisan advantage very tempting to both Democrats and Republicans. It would be fatal for either party to give in to that temptation. But it will be a greater temptation for the GOP than for the Democrats, since the Democrats will already enjoy a power advantage.

In short, given the way the political world works, the 2009 Inauguration Day chart puts the GOP at a distinct disadvantage from the outset and suggests the idea of a second Obama term.

Astrological Highlights

Driving Instructions

The north node/south node axis is angular in the inauguration chart. It straddles the crucially important 10th house/4th house axis. This is a very strong, highly influential placement.

The Moon's north and south nodes set the grain of a chart. The 10th house/4th house axis is the backbone of the chart. With both of these key structures lined up, the best course of action will be painfully clear to all.

Deviations will have immediate, dramatic and obvious negative consequences for all concerned.
The south node is on the 10th house cusp in Capricorn, near Pluto.

This placement suggests that the pursuit of power for its own sake will lead quickly and directly to serious trouble.
The north node is on the cusp of the 4th house in Cancer. Hence, efforts to provide jobs and housing will bring maximum benefit to all concerned.

The Point of Substance is an obscure astrological indicator that I have been studying for several years. It complements the north node, indicating the issue of greatest significance in a chart.

In the Inauguration Day chart, the Point of Substance is in Virgo in the 6th house. This indicates that whatever else Obama does, he must make a major effort to create jobs.
It is important to note that Capricorn, Cancer and Virgo are core economic influences in the US natal chart.

This suggests that very powerful planetary forces will, indeed, be hard at work in economically important places in the US natal chart during Obama’s first term.
Combined, the Moon's nodes and the Point of Substance say that, above all, Obama's administration must create jobs and provide food and housing to the American people. Woe be to anyone who seeks undue political advantage at the expense of this great national mission.

The key is to address nitty-gritty issues a the grassroots level, and to do it cooperatively.

The Supportive Circuitry

The most positive, enabling aspects in the inauguration chart comprise a mystic rectangle combined closely with a grand trine. It involves Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Chiron and Pluto.

The grand trine and the mystic rectangle comprise a single, integrated structure. This structure grants an all but overwhelmingly dangerous degree of power over the situation.

In essence, this structure will make the US economic and political system damp clay in Obama's hands. It will take special effort to avoid overusing this power and destabilizing the US economic system.

The structure is also so powerfully transformative that it will likely not allow concrete, permanent policies and programs to emerge. It will keep the situation fluid and, if anything, render the economy too sensitive, too vulnerable, to Obama's actions.
This fluidity will ensure that the US economy not settle into its new form for some years to come. It suggests that the underlying issues are deeper and more numerous than anyone has yet begun to suspect. It also suggests to me that the US economy will be transformed to a far more profound degree than anyone yet imagines.

The bottom line: Obama must set firm goals that are realistic in the situation and carefully guide the process throughout. Powerful and highly transformative forces will be at work in a complex and rapidly changing world. Unless they are handled delicately, they could yield unexpected and unfortunate outcomes.
Hard Wired Challenges

A strikingly dense combination of T-squares and grand squares, or grand crosses and oppositions, forms a blocking, challenging structure. A couple of quincunxes are thrown in for good measure. The planets involved are Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Sun, Venus, Chiron and the Moon.

These aspects are just plain difficult. The planets involved clearly relate to mood, emotion, ego, individuality and relationship or, in a word, national identity.

No Relation

So, two highly unstable transformative processes will be at work in Obama's first term. One is strongly enabling and affects economic issues. One is obstructive and destabilizing and affects US national identity.

The two structures don't intersect or overlap very much.
This suggests that the economic reforms and the national identity crisis will proceed along parallel tracks.

This lack of relationship also suggests that both processes are just at their beginning.

Unfinishable Business

The moon will actually be void of course until shortly after Obama is scheduled to take the oath of office. Also, Saturn will be retrograde during the Inauguration. Both of these factors will help lend a tentative, unfinished quality to Obama’s efforts during his first term.

The tail end of the void of course Moon is enough to suggest some bigger than usual surprises, but not enough to indicate grave difficulties in his administration. (It might cause sizable delays and glitches the morning of the Inauguration, though.)

So, two immensely complicated, vital processes will proceed independently and simultaneously during Obama’s first administration. One is producing a new US economy. The other is producing a new national identity.

At some point in the not too distant future, during a likely second Obama administration, both of these great processes must begin to sync up, birthing a new US economy and a new US national identity.
If Obama wins a second term, though, there will still be roughly 8 years to run in Pluto’s profoundly transformative transit of Capricorn at the end of that term.

There will still be a lot to do when Obama hands over the reins in January 2017.

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