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Friday, November 28, 2008

Barrack Obama's Natal Chart

Barrack Obama's Natal Chart

I was frankly amazed by the strength of Barrack Obama's natal chart. Obama has the chart of a mature, experienced, competent soul and an authentic human being. (I'm trying to avoid saying "old soul.") His natal charts indicate that he has the makings of an excellent president.

In brief, there is a surprising degree of harmony between Obama’s assets and the tasks he must achieve in this life time. Many of the claims he made by Obama himself and his supporters are supported in his natal chart. His chart also suggests that many of the admirable traits he exhibited during his campaign are genuine.

His chart is framed by a series of trines and sextiles. This makes it easy for him to manifest his intentions and desires.

Obama’s natal chart is a fertile mix of assets and challenges. He has much to learn but much to give. His assets and challenges are nicely balanced, though, nicely interrelated. His life is one of accomplishment, service and learning.
There is also a constructive, smooth interrelationship between the assets and challenges. The hard aspects dovetail nicely with the supportive aspects. His strengths and weaknesses form a synergy. The reciprocity between strength and weakness suggests a graceful and productive learning process. It will benefit Obama as a person, but it will also benefit those with whom he is associated and those he serves.

Astrological Points of Interest

There is a grand trine between Venus, Chiron and Neptune in Obama's chart. Neptune is near his mid-heaven in the 9th house. Chiron is in his 1st house. And Venus is in his romantic, flirtatious fifth house. This grand trine is not so powerful as to be overwhelming. But it does create about Obama a resilient, gently supportive aura that others find healing and uplifting.

Jupiter and Saturn form a gentle conjunction. This conjunction is close enough to blend these potentially conflicting energies productively, but not close enough to make them clash. The considerable positive potential of the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction is bolstered by trines from both the Moon and Mars.

These influences would make Obama thoughtful, deliberative, even analytic. It would also make him patient. But the trine from Mars would make him act decisively when the time came.

The calm, deliberative patient persona Obama showed in his campaign is deeply rooted in his nature.

One of the most interesting features of his chart is the stellium on the cusp of his 7nth house. Sun, Uranus and the Moon's north node are all clustered there. For Obama, achieving change, or reform, through teams or groups of other people is his life purpose. And his personality would naturally tend to support this life goal.

Obama's chart includes a Chiron/Pluto opposition. Chiron is also near his south node, both in his 1st house.

These placements indicate that Obama is very sensitive to insults and personal affronts. He has it somewhere in him to be a bully or to act out of a sense of victimization. With his south node so closely involved, playing the angry black man, for example, would be his downfall, however. But his behavior to date suggests that he knows this well.

Given the strong Uranus and Pluto influences, he would also respond strongly to offenses against principle and to offenses against others.

His north node is very strongly placed, though. Also, the strength of his Jupiter/Saturn/Moon/Mars relationships dilute any possible vindictiveness arising from the Pluto/Chiron opposition.

However, given the other strengths in his chart, Obama is likely to right wrongs against himself or another in a way that everyone would consider fair and just.

Obama would indeed tend to remember an offense, against himself or someone else. He would want to make it right and would not forget about it until it was. All of the above would tend to make him a true crusader.

Finally, Quaoar (creative chaos) and Ixion (betrayal of public trust) are together in Libra, in his 9th house. This suggests that Obama can, in fact, work with undemocratic leaders in innovative and constructive ways. His oft declared intention to talk with undemocratic, problematic world leaders is found on something deep and positive in his nature. It is not born of political naïveté.


In June, I posted a piece called "Obama's Electoral Prospects." In this post I discussed a very exact and very worrisome Saturn/Pluto conjunction. But I refused to speculate about what this explosive, destructive aspect might indicate, pending real evidence of its possible meaning.

I now think it is possible to offer an interpretation of that aspect. On
November 23, 2008, the Los Angeles Times posted an article entitled:

"White extremists lash out over election of first black president" with the subheading "The Ku Klux Klan is emerging from decades of disorganization and obscurity, and the turnaround is acutely evident -- more than 200 hate-related incidents have been reported since the Nov. 4 election."

The article states: "Barely three weeks since America elected its first black president, noose hangings, racist graffiti and death threats have struck dozens of towns across the country.

"More than 200 such incidents -- including cross burnings, assassination betting pools and effigies of President-elect Barack Obama -- have been reported, according to law enforcement authorities and the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups."

This, I think, explains the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Obama's electoral chart and I offer it as an explanation of its meaning.

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