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Friday, October 31, 2008

Lipstick on the Flag The Sarah Palin Candidacy

Lipstick on the Flag The Sarah Palin Candidacy

Sarah Palin's vice-presidential candidacy raised hopes. Feminists, Hillary supporters and strong women everywhere want a woman in the White House.

Sarah Palin was their chance, maybe. But Sarah Palin's chart says she isn't the one they're looking for.

Her chart is crackling with rebellious, reformist Uranian and Aquarian energy, but this energy masks an unattractive, anti-Aquarian reality. The energy is badly skewed and bound up in dangerous aspects.

She is not a reformer in the grand tradition. Her chart shows the kind of personality that make up the basic building blocks of fascist, authoritarian governments.

Her planets suggest a dictatorial, erratic, dogmatic, self-serving person. It suggests seriously flawed, even delusional thought processes. Worse, her chart indicates a highly vindictive, vengeful persona.

It also shows someone who will do anything to further her own ideas, or ideals. For Sarah Palin, the ends justify the means.

To be sure, her chart is bristling with energy. It is just not very good energy.

This is the chart of someone who naturally seeks power. They would use any means to get it and use it arbitrarily once they had it.

I know this is strong language, but in my view the aspects in her chart justify it.

The Astrological Details

Sarah Palin's birth time is not publicly available. To avoid controversy, I used a chart cast for the moment of sunrise.

I based these my conclusions on three aspects that would show little or no change over a 24 hour period. One of the most telling aspects would grow significantly tighter in the course of a day.

The aspects I discuss take up 2/3's of the planets in her chart. This leaves little room for opposing arguments. Also, in my opinion, what we now about Sarah Palin’s behavior supports my reading of the aspects involved.

Sun Conjunct Mars and Saturn

In Sarah Palin's chart, Sun, Mars and Saturn are within 3 degrees of exact conjunction.

Sun, Mars and Saturn are not happy to be that close together. Mars is fiery and speedy. Saturn is cool, slow, ponderous, painstaking. The Sun likes stability and integrity and freedom from burdensome Saturnian constraints and Martian impulsiveness.

Theoretically, taken two at a time, Sun, Mars and Saturn can combine favorably. As a practical matter, even taken only two at a time, these bodies do not combine well. Taken together, the three produce unfortunate results.

As a practical matter ... Mars and Saturn clash and to very destructive effect, impatience warring constantly and violently with caution and prudence.

Mars and the Sun produce a dictatorial, militaristic person. The Sun and Saturn produce an authoritarian and rigid person.

The self-critical, depressing Saturn influence would trigger overcompensation and self-aggrandizement.

Overcompensation would, that is, produce a 'superiority complex' to mask a Saturn-induced inferiority complex. Frustrated, blocked Mars would produce a very bad temper.

All three energies combined produce a personality that is energetic, but also brittle, volatile, erratic and dictatorial. Sarah “Barracuda,” indeed.

Neptune Square Sun/Mars/Saturn

The Neptune square to Sun, Mars and Neptune is broad. But over a life time, this broad Neptune square would have a strong effect.

The Sun governs the ego. The ego wants to be clear and whole. Neptune clouds and dissolves the ego. Saturn likes things clear and well-reasoned. Neptune makes things confusing and speculative. Mars likes things hot and fast. Neptune makes things cool and drifty and dreamy.

More generally, a Neptune square to the Sun inclines a person to extremism and fringe ideas. To a volatile and erratic and power loving personality, the Neptune square adds an attraction to extremist, fringe ideas.

Adding a Neptune square to a Sun/Mars/Saturn conjunction makes Palin the opposite of everything calm, fair, disciplined and realistic.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto, Opposite Chiron

Sarah Palin shares the historic Uranus/Pluto conjunction that marked the 1960's. It endowed those born in the 1960's with an indomitable spirit of independence and unshakeable commitment to personal freedom. It also powered the vibrant, highly idealistic liberation and reform movements of those times.

In Palin's chart, the planets in this powerful and dynamic conjunction are retrograde and afflicted by a Chiron opposition. Chiron is within a few degrees of exact opposition to retrograde Uranus. The Chiron/Pluto opposition is virtually exact.

This would make Palin ruthless and extreme in the pursuit of her ideals.

The Chiron/Pluto opposition requires special notice. It indicates a dangerously spiteful, vindictive and vengeful character, a relentless bully. It points to someone who is not content with simple payback. Quoting Barry Goldwater, a conservative Presidential candidate of the times, it suggests someone who wants to bomb her enemies back into the stone age, bomb them until the rubble bounces.

The retrograde motion of Uranus and Pluto mute the power of the configuration somewhat, rendering it a more subjective, inward quality. But the ruthless and vengeful qualities of the Chiron/Pluto/Uranus opposition would pervade her thinking and inevitably reveal itself in her rhetoric and her actions.

Not Much Left Over

These three big and dangerous aspects absorb about 2/3's of the planetary energy in Palin's chart. They don't leave much left over for redeeming qualities.

We know from her public behavior that she is, indeed, manifesting at least some of the darker potentialities of these potentially very dark aspects.

In my view, Sarah Palin is a deeply troubled soul who should be returned to obscurity to wrestle with her many demons, not elevated to the role of Vice President of the United States.

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