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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Astrology of the Meltdown

Astrology of the Meltdown

Between September 12th and September 20th, a rolling series of hard aspects hit the US natal chart in quick succession. It hit the US chart very hard and at a very sensitive spot. This spot was already under serious pressure from ongoing Saturn, Uranus and Pluto transits.

During the full moon, the Sun and Moon passed through a powerful T-square relationship. Various elements of the T-square matured during a 9 day period. The full moon T-square hit along the powerful and sensitive 1st house/10th house axis of the US chart.

Taken together, these aspects amounted to a direct hit, dead center in the US chart.

The US natal Neptune is at the top of the US chart. At the moment of the full moon, Sun and Moon formed exact aspects to it. This drew US natal Neptune and many other things in the US chart, into the full moon T-square.

The vertical axis governs the financial industry, homeowners and the relationship between them. US natal Neptune's presence here makes the financial industry and home ownership the foundations of the American dream. Other strong natal aspects branch out from this axis to tie virtually the entire chart to itself.

In other words, very little of importance in the US chart was untouched by the September full moon.

This full moon T-square cracked the foundations of the US economic system and turned the ground beneath it into quicksand.

It cracked the foundations of the American dream. It triggered a transformation of the American worldview. It liquified the mental and emotional glue that holds the American worldview and the American system together.

It triggered what will likely be a through and lengthy transformation of the American political, economic and social systems.

Shortly after the full moon T-square matured, Mercury went retrograde during a void of course moon. This will work strongly against any quick or easy government fix. It also indicates the depth and breadth of the change that is will result in the US.

Given the aspects, whatever Congress does now can only be a temporary and partial fix. I will go on record as saying that the current, most recent “bailout” can only be a first, flawed, faltering step in the complete transformation of the United States.

The Astrological Details

On Friday the 12th, Uranus opposed the Sun.

On Saturday, the 13th, the nearly full moon opposed Saturn.

On Monday, the full moon conjoined Uranus and squared Pluto, more or less at the same time it was opposing the Sun.

On Saturday, the 20th, the moon squared Saturn and the Sun completed a square to Pluto.

Transiting Sun was within a single degree of exact conjunction with US natal Neptune at the top of the US chart, close to the midheaven. This effectively drew the entire US chart into the full moon T-square. It spread the force of the T-square throughout the US chart.

On Wednesday the 24th, Mercury went retrograde during a void of course moon.

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