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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Astrology Forecast for October 2008

Astrology Forecast for October 2008

For Everyone ~
Waiting for inspiration to do its work. October 2008 is a very rare kind of month. Our outer, material life is waiting on developments in our inner, intuitive life. We sense the possibility and the need for forward movement. But all we have are old ideas that we already know will not work. We are all waiting for a new idea to work its way into our awareness, for an inner light to grow strong enough to light a new path, one that we maybe never noticed before. We are waiting on the same thing to happen in other people. As October progresses, we will begin to move forward and notice others moving forward as this inner process goes forward.

Sign by Sign

Aries ~
You have the bit between your teeth. Try not to feel like a time bomb. Control your impatience. The arrogance and lack of consideration of certain parties will upset you. But negotiation and cooperation are the keys. Healing discussions will uplift all concerned. Your dissatisfaction with the status quo will still remain strong. But you should sense that the status quo is changing. These changes will bring you luck, and opportunities to shape the future to your liking. Just be sure certain people don’t make changes to their own advantage.

Taurus ~
It always lands in your lap. The relative calm early in October is the eye of a storm. Chaos will resume mid-month. People come to you repeatedly with thorny, insoluble problems. Maybe they sense your access to those in power. But the authorities don’t have the answers either. You'll have to come up with the answer and then explain, dramatize, persuade and ... well ... bully people--both high and low--into cooperating, for their own good. Maybe you can slip in a helpful suggestion while the boss is feeling good.

Gemini ~
Enlist. People all around you are desperate to find a solution. Those in power are even more desperate to open lines of communication with their unruly subordinates and restless allies. They need people to cooperate with the search for answers and to keep peace during the search. You are acutely aware of differences with your superiors, but if you choose, you can be an important middle-person during these turbulent times. That will bring rewards as stability and progress return. Pressure from family members could dampen social and romantic impulses.

Cancer ~
Intensity. Cancerians are overwhelmed with emotion now. Your mind is full of inspiration. Your heart is full of empathy. Your stomach is tight with determination to get to the bottom of something. Your best bet is to keep your mind on the big picture. Stick with the ideas that are broad enough to include everyone and grand enough to inspire everyone. For the rest, help people understand the meaning of what they are feeling. Help them relate their feelings and ideas, and most importantly, their actions, to the big picture.

Leo ~
Getting over the hump. Leos love to love and be loved. Their favorite way to achieve that is gentle persuasion, encouraging words, tap dancing around the tough issues all the while. This month, that tactic won’t work. Neither will glistening generalities and noble sentiments. People are focused on the nitty-gritty and won’t be distracted. Be down to earth. Help them express that confused feeling or complicated idea and do or say those difficult, realistic words. Most important of all, help them take that scary next step, or make that important commitment.

Virgo ~
Network. In contrast to other Sun signs, who are scrambling to get it together, Virgos will find themselves in the midst of a sizable, supportive new network of friends and associates. They are energetic, optimistic and full of exciting plans for the future. Beyond that, you will profit from the cooperation of people with the power and inclination to make things happen for you. The resolution of many outstanding, interwoven financial issues will help you heal relations with loved ones. This, in turn, will help you heal longstanding personal issues.

Libra ~
Maintain self-confidence. Planetary forces are testing your self-confidence. Many people will use questionable methods to undermine your faith in yourself. Don’t let them. Measure yourself against real situations, not the questionable opinions of others. Your help is vitally necessary to help others sort out their rapidly changing lives. However, you will need to rethink many cherished beliefs about yourself and the world. Just don’t let others take advantage of you or make you feel badly while you’re doing this vital personal maintenance. Your quest will directly benefit others.

Scorpio ~ Keep your feet on the ground. There are many confusing things going in your world right now. At the same time, your mind is opening up to subtle, intuitive ways of thinking and perceiving. This is healthy and natural. It will provide inspiration and bring new ways of thinking through stubborn issues. It will also help you escape tiresome limitations. Keep your mind on simple, down-to-earth things to help maintain a realistic perspective as you learn to deal with all this new input.

Sagittarius ~ Mark time. You might find yourself going around in circles. The same questions, the same solutions, the same obstacles, again and again. There are exciting ideas around. However, they aren’t clear enough. People don’t understand them. From all that’s been said, its not clear that you can get there from here anyway. Everyone will have to wait until everyone else has mulled things over and gotten themselves ready to think and act out of the box. It will be a month or so before the impasse breaks down completely.

Capricorn ~ Not your average Capricorn month. Capricorns like clear directions, neat schedules, firm ground and concrete choices. October isn’t like that. Still, you sense that optimism is justified. Things will soon start moving in the right direction, slowly but decisively. But you also face a new life challenge. You need to completely rethink all the important relationships in your life. This challenge is long-term. Shepherding people past the present impasse, nurturing their communication with each other and with you, are only the first steps in meeting this long-term challenge.

Aquarius ~ Keep it light. The world is very, very much in need of the kind of inventive and inspiring things that routinely go through your Aquarian mind. But they aren’t ready to show a focused interest or make any major commitments. You can accomplish a lot and help many people simply by making yourself available for small talk. That will provide the inspiration they want without the commitment they fear. Your vibes are just right for this task right now. Achieving your own concrete, personal goals will soon become much easier.

Pisces ~ Make it realistic. Things have started moving forward. Your mind is awash with exciting ideas. Many of them might seem unrealistic or to need extensive revision. Or maybe not. You might have no choice but to work through the details very, very carefully, sorting out the wheat from the chaff, making sure the ideas fit the reality and vice versa. You’ll be surprised how much this process helps all concerned. Success is on the horizon. Gaining acceptance from new people might require some temporary compromises. Don’t brood over perceived slights.

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