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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chiron in America [Advisory: This month's post is not for the faint of heart.]

Chiron in America

[Advisory: This month's post is not for the faint of heart.]

In mid-2010, in less than two years, solar arc Chiron will contact the ascendant of the US natal chart. Solar arc Chiron will then spend roughly 30 years in the US first house. This signals a time of trial and, ultimately, healing and deep spiritual maturation for the United States.

Chiron often triggers painful and costly episodes that destroy blocks between the personality and the higher self. These episodes can involve illness, injury, accidents and natural or man-made disasters. They can also involve very serious, emotional distress.

Saturn might weigh one down and/or belabor a point when you can least afford it. Chiron will trip one up and then rub one's nose in it. When someone is headed for a fall, Chiron brings the fall. And if you’ve been messing with Mother Nature, Chiron will mess with you.

Chiron drives home all the important lessons one has so far avoided learning, all the points one has studiously avoided, and it often does so quite pointedly. It brings home the consequences one thought one would never have to face. It manifests that one in a million chance for disaster.

Solar arc Chiron on the US ascendant, means that the floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, bridge collapses, food scares and other misfortunes of recent years, with all their attendant hardship, are harbingers of things to come.

Ultimately, Chiron has a softening, humbling, humanizing, or spiritualizing, effect on people. It inspires empathy and compassion. And it brings a quest for healing and a concern for the afflicted. However, Chiron's methods are very often harsh. It is Chiron, not Saturn, that really tries the souls of men and women.

Solar Arc Aspects Trump Transits

Nasty transits bring passing troubles, frequently from without, like a passing storm. Rough solar arc aspects, like those we are expecting in the US, bring lasting, life-altering difficulties.

They organize and bring to bear destructive forces at work within a nation. Rough solar arc aspects work from within with destructive forces we ourselves have set in motion.

This very potent solar arc Chiron contact with the US ascendant in mid-2010 will be aggravated by several other decidedly challenging solar arc contacts. Taken together, this cluster of solar arc contacts strongly suggest a time of crisis.

Uranus Complications

Solar arc Chiron will be within orb of opposition to the exceedingly touchy US natal Uranus in the 7th house. This 7th house influence suggests painful and costly difficulties with, alongside, or on behalf of, our allies and other partner nations. This will bring a worsening or escalation of ongoing difficulties, but it could will probably also bring fresh new problems.

US natal Uranus, testy as it is, occupies a powerful position near the descendant, the cusp of the 7th house. That is a delicate and dangerous spot in and of itself.

But US natal Uranus also opposes (within about 2 degrees) the massively over-reactive natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint, a sore point that can trigger massive overkill. America’s "Don't tread on me!” spot. Your best friend or your worst enemy.

These natal aspects represent the famous willingness of Americans to fight and die for freedom, their own or someone else's, often at the drop of a hat. They also represent the tension between America's role as a liberator and its need to control and coordinate the actions of its allies and partners.

These upcoming solar arc aspects are going to weigh upon this sensitive, explosive spot in the US chart a little too hard and long for comfort.

Saturn Complications

Chiron's opposition to Uranus, by itself, is sufficient to unleash a painfully, dangerously intense desire for liberation and independence among groups in the US and among our friends, allies and trading partners abroad.

But there is still more to look out for. Solar arc Saturn will be close to the very touchy US natal Uranus, aggravating all the other aggravations. This pressurizing Saturn aspect will certainly worsen the effects of the solar arc Chiron opposition to natal Uranus, making them more costly, painful and enduring.

The influence of solar arc Chiron on this delicate and dangerous point could easily signal violence in the US or in one or more of its important partner nations. Saturn’s involvement is almost a guarantee of serious trouble.

All of the above goes double or triple because, as you will have noticed, these exceedingly troublesome aspects are all quite angular.

Pluto Complications

Solar arc Pluto, riding high in the 9th house closely squares US natal Mars in the 7th. This is a very explody aspect, too. It significantly increases the possibility of US involvement in a brutal foreign war.

Neptune Complications

Finally, solar arc Pluto is nearly conjunct natal Neptune on the midheaven. This indicates an inclination to abuse drugs and alcohol to escape from extreme psychological tensions.

The US solar arc chart for June 2010 presents a genuinely scary picture. It strongly suggests that the difficulties we have experienced in recent years are not passing difficulties. They are harbingers of more difficult times to come.

Pluto in Capricorn Complications

All of the above must also be put in the already disquieting context of Pluto's powder keggy transit of the Capricorn/Cancer axis.

I try to remain optimistic. But in this case, my optimism must come from the benefits of early detection and early warning. Forewarned is forearmed. It might be time to hunker down.

If by the Grace of the Good Lord we manage to escape the worst effects of these solar arc aspects, count us fortunate indeed.

On the upside, sort of, this analysis is focused on the macro level. The same forces, as troublesome as they are, usually hit less hard on the micro, individual level.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Astrology Forecast for September 2008

Astrology Forecast for September 2008

For Everyone ~ A point of no return; a new beginning. The past is now officially past. There's no going back. The incremental change of recent times has finally added up to a major turning point. Stubborn, insurmountable obstacles will force a profound change in our lifestyle and life direction. However, just as we are all probably obsessing about how hard it all is, a pathway will open up before us. One stepping stone at a time, we will find a new way forward. We will be pressured to take each new step and not to turn back. But we will also be rewarded and excited by the gradual realization of a vast new potential. We may gripe about having to leave a lot of things behind, but we will also love the new way of life that is emerging.

Sign by Sign

Aries ~ Set boundaries. There are too many people that expect too much of you, now. They are threatening to overwhelm your private life. Their claim is real and you must make some concessions. But it still adds up to too much. Events in September will help you set boundaries that everyone can understand and accept. Both idealism and practical financial planning will help you find a solution. Things will get easier as September progresses. Many people are in line for the resources you seek, but your needs will be met.

Taurus ~ There’s a big course correction just ahead. The future that is quickly emerging is different than the one you had expected. You won’t have to sacrifice your financial goals or your most cherished dreams. You might have to scramble a little to keep everything on schedule, and maybe along a different track. But things look worse than they are. You have more power than you realize. Your influence is subtle but considerable. You will need to shape events, but that won’t be hard because people will seek your guidance.

Gemini ~ You saw all this coming. The delays are about over. You can’t avoid or put off the changes anymore. You can’t control them, either. Neither can others. The effects are noticeable in your personal and social life as those close to you make necessary adjustments. Be grateful that you had the last few months to prepare and to negotiate a better deal. There is a new, exciting air of mystery and anticipation about the future, though. These changes will help those in charge with finances. That will eventually benefit you.

Cancer ~ No going back. You’ve probably watched events build from a distance, half hoping that nothing would ever really happen or things would go back to normal. Powerful people have been making big decisions and developing policies in private. This month, they will be made public. The effects will quickly become apparent in your life. You will be shielded from the worst of it. Lasting and important new alliances are now developing in your life. Recent events have put you beyond the reach of opponents. Things will work out well financially.

Leo ~ Let others inspire you. You are beginning to realize that you have an important role to play in shaping future events. But the landscape has changed dramatically. Circumstances might slow or even block progress along certain familiar avenues. There are barriers, but there are also many new opportunities. Take your cue from partners no matter how unrealistic they seem. With their needs as your guide, use your considerable ingenuity and force of personality to forge a new pathway that everyone can use. Your professional situation will continue to improve.

Virgo ~ A firm hand is needed. Many want to continue down the same road. You’ll have to tell them that road is closed. You know from personal experience that things absolutely must change, starting immediately. If they want to keep the money coming in, they have to keep up with rapidly changing times, and so must those in your immediate circle. Your task will get easier as others get used to the new order of things. Despite all the turbulence, initial results will be encouraging. That should help you convince the doubters.

Libra ~ All roads pass through Libra. Things are changeful and confusing and everyone is out looking for answers. It isn’t that you have all the answers or that you have a lot of power over the situation. It is just that your influence with everyone is running high. Coincidentally, just about all of your personal energies are devoted to understanding and solving the problems everyone else is having right now. Dealing with the situation can be fun and inspiring and a little mysterious. Working from home can be relaxing and profitable.

Scorpio ~ Follow your innermost voice. Your own most familiar and reliable instincts will provide ample inspiration and guidance in these confusing times. However, to succeed completely, you will have to listen to voices from deeper within you, voices which you often ignore or even reject. If you do, you will gain surprisingly accurate insight into events and what everybody else is really thinking about them. Your ties to the community will grow deeper and stronger. They will provide substantial and lasting benefits to you and to the community you live in.

Sagittarius ~ A bend in the road. Those in charge won’t allow some things anymore; those at home are making demands; changing times are forcing your hand. However, the future is now looking more promising and the road ahead is actually looking clearer than before. Despite the occasional disruption, the stars suggest a more relaxing ride ahead for Sagittarius. Concentrate on establishing a satisfying and sustainable new lifestyle. Work to consolidate your finances and keep them stable. It’s a good time to lay the groundwork for a project to pursue further in coming months.

Capricorn ~ Power of the purse. Ready cash is tough to come by. It’s hard to get the green light for projects. However, Capricorn knows that things have started to move forward. You hold the key. You are uniquely well positioned to pull scarce resources together, coordinate efforts and point people down the right road. You have an almost magical ability to create something where others see only obstacles. You need to schedule extra time for rest and relaxation. Being both the driving force and guiding hand can wear a person out.

Aquarius ~ Countdown. You’ve been taking your time about making a choice, trying things out. However, the planets have laid down a marker. The time for firm decisions is on the horizon. You should begin working in earnest on the difficult financial choices you’ve been putting off. In the months ahead, the price of delay will become increasingly clear and events will take attractive but unrealistic choices off the table. A new cycle of growth and prosperity is coming, but it won’t arrive until after you’ve made a few tough financial decisions.

Pisces ~ A new balance. For many years, you’ve been overly assertive and overly independent to defend yourself against pushy, controlling people. You’ve also ignored the wishes of people you should take more seriously. You’ve dwelt in your own little universe. This resulted in too much freedom and an uncertain path through life. You will soon be surrounded by powerful but caring people. And you won’t find it so easy to ignore the wishes of those older and wiser than yourself. The result will be a gentle, long overdue and very beneficial reality check.