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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

McCain's Presidential Prospects

[This analysis is based, for the most part, on a multiple midpoint composite chart. It combines data for John McCain, the US, the GOP and Election Day 2008. Given the quality of the data I used, I think this chart produced reliable planetary locations. I also think the house placements are reliable enough to support my conclusions.]

McCain's Presidential Prospects

If you are a McCain supporter, you might want to skip this post ... completely.
In my opinion, John McCain's electoral chart(s) are ... well ... pretty awful. The bad aspects are glaringly and unequivocally bad. It is hard to "go easy" on McCain. Even a restrained reading comes out sounding pretty bad.

The Upside (such as it is)

There are a few straightforward positives in McCain's campaign charts.McCain's Solar Arc Sun forms a quintile with his natal Sun. Given the way Solar Arcs work, every Solar Arc planet is making a quintile with every natal planet.
The quintile indicates "talent and vaguely fortunate circumstances." A string of them in his Solar Arc chart suggests a relative high point in McCain’s life.McCain's Solar Arc Mars is conjunct the fixed star Spica in Libra in his first house.

This strongly placed Solar Arc relationship indicates "great honor, recognition, [and] responsibility."These positive Solar Arc aspects are not particularly powerful, however. Winning the GOP presidential nomination would fulfill their potential. They do not suggest inevitable victory in the November election.
That said, barring some political misstep or misfortune, I think Obama will win the 2008 presidential election.

Uranus is in Taurus in McCain's natal and electoral charts. In the electoral chart, Uranus is trining the Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury, strengthening a similar but weaker trine in his natal chart.

This suggests that McCain can offer inspired and genuinely innovative approaches to stubborn issues. Innovative as his solutions are, however, they will be conservative in comparison to those offered by others.

I should point out that Uranus is in its fall in Taurus. Lightning-like, spontaneous Uranus does not express well in security and stability seeking Taurus.

The Merely Worrisome

In the electoral chart, Saturn in Cancer on the Midheaven is opposite the Moon in Capricorn on the 4th house cusp. By itself, the Moon/Saturn opposition suggests a disciplinarian with distinctly dictatorial leanings.

This Moon/Saturn opposition is especially strong in the chart. It is angular, laying across the vertical axis. Both Saturn and the Moon are in houses that they rule.

Moreover, Saturn in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn are in mutual reception, occupying the sign that the opposing body rules. But both the Moon and Saturn are in the sign of their detriment.

The Moon in its detriment suggests a rigid, brittle, essentially authoritarian personality. Saturn in its detriment suggests a moody, cranky and hypersensitive personality.

All in all, the Moon/Saturn opposition indicates that a McCain presidency would be oppressively, perhaps provocatively authoritarian, at least by US standards. McCain himself would prove to be an irritable, rigid and arbitrary authority figure. McCain is in fact known for his impatience and hot temper.

However, it is true that mutual reception tends to soften and mitigate negative potentials. Given the prominence and the strength of this aspect, I’m not sure mutual reception will mitigate the negatives enough.

Unhelpful Conflicts in the Chart

These two major features of McCain's electoral chart work strongly against each other. They have the greatest political drawing power, but they tend to cancel each other out. At best, they would cause ambivalence in many potential supporters.

The authoritarian qualities shown by the prominent Moon/Saturn opposition would appeal to conservative voters. However, McCain's strong innovative, Uranian streak would repel them. Conversely, the innovative Uranus trines would attract some liberals. The authoritarianism of the Saturn/Moon opposition would repel them.

In fact, McCain's moderate, innovative approach to immigration alienated many conservatives (to put it mildly) but encouraged many liberals. So did his previous work on campaign finance reform.

Very Worrisome

In the electoral chart,the Sun and Venus in Leo in the 11th house opposes Jupiter in Aquarius in the 5th house. These oppositions suggest that McCain will promise anything to achieve the power he desires.

There is little chance that he will deliver on those promises, though. Even by the low standards applied to campaign promises, McCain's campaign promises would prove hollow. By extension, even considering the low standards of political campaigns, McCain’s pandering is especially shameless.

Echoing aspects in his natal chart, Mercury and Mars square Neptune in the electoral chart. These squares, point to confused and consistently deceptive, if not flatly deceitful, rhetoric. Indeed, they suggest that McCain doesn’t think very clearly as a rule. These bad Neptune aspects strongly reinforce the negative implications of the Jupiter opposition.

Specifically, the Mars square to Neptune suggests a commitment to a misguided, and, in McCain’s case, right-wing ideology. It also suggests a degree of recklessness.

Shame on McCain

One of the most worrisome structures in this whole troubling chart involves Chiron, Pluto, the Sun and Venus. In effect, Chiron is conjunct Pluto in Pisces. Both are, in effect, inconjunct, or quincunx, Sun and Venus in Leo.

This unfortunate structure indicates a consistent, persistent, shameless exploitation of terrorism-related issues. That would include playing cynically upon fears of future terrorism and the pain and outrage caused by 9/11.

McCain's position on the Iraq war would also be covered by this emotionally turbulent, see-saw aspect. In essence, for McCain the Iraq war actually is an endlessly irresolvable crisis from which he could never comfortably disengage on his own initiative.

The Worst for Last

Finally, Ixion and the Moon's South Node are together in Libra, within two degrees of the Ascendant. This awful combination of influences sits on one of the most sensitive and powerful positions in McCain's electoral chart.

Ixion represents gross, persistent betrayal of the public trust in high places. The South Node represents the path of least resistance, activities and goals that we should abandon in favor of more evolutionary pathways. All of which adds up to "corruption and influence peddling as usual."

The fact that Ixion and the South Node occur in Libra, the sign governing the courts and justice in general, makes them all the more troubling.Worse, Lilith is in Libra close to the Ascendant in both McCain's natal and electoral charts.

Without strong, positive, qualifying aspects, Lilith usually indicates all but pathological levels of deception, manipulation and, in public matters, conspiracy and treachery.

These dark influences in Libra suggest that, at the very least, McCain would use Supreme Court appointments to achieve the narrowest and most questionable of partisan goals.

McCain vs. Obama?

Last month, I looked at Obama's electoral charts. I was not happy with them, overall. However, I think McCain's charts are far worse.

Furthermore, McCain's electoral chart is basically low energy especially when compared to Obama’s. The prominent Moon/Saturn opposition drains energy. The Mars/Neptune square squanders vast amounts of energy. The Pluto/Chiron/Sun inconjunct, the see-saw aspect, absorbs great amounts of energy.

The inconjunct often brings dependency, obsession and neurotic attraction, generating endless and irresolvable dilemmas that lead one around in vicious circles, soaking up huge amounts of energy in the process.

With the possible exception of the close and perky relationship between Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Sun, there is no real, straightforward energizing aspect in McCain’s electoral chart. And that Mars aspect contributes a kind of feisty, combative quality rather than raw, driving energy.

By contrast, Obama's charts, whatever their drawbacks, are full of dynamic tensions. If anything, there are too many energy generators in Obama's charts, more than can be easily or confidently contained. They also appear to generate more heat than light. But, all things considered, Obama’s campaign charts are fairly energetic.

My conclusion is that, as most polls tell us, Barrack Obama is on course to win the election. The problem is that Obama’s campaign could implode, massively. As bad as McCain's charts are, they are still characteristically and recognizably American in tone.

McCain's charts are not so bad that the voters would elect Obama no matter what Obama did or said. Hence, if Obama does stumble badly, voters could very well turn to McCain.

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