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Monday, June 30, 2008

Obama's Electoral Prospects

Obama's Electoral Prospects

Barrack Obama's 2008 campaign charts are generally strong, dynamic and resilient. No one could do what he has without strong charts. But there are weaknesses in them. While I acknowledge those strengths, and am drawn by them, I have serious doubts about his viability as a presidential candidate.

Obama's candidacy resonates with America's need for healing. This energy dominates the election day chart. That could backfire. Americans famously favor messages of optimism and self-reliance. Voters often choose denial over honesty, too.

A big question mark also hovers over a particularly strong and particularly violent planetary influence weaving through all of these charts. Depending on how it manifests, this influence could destroy Obama's chances for election.

(For this analysis, I depended primarily on multi-composite midpoint charts. They combine planetary positions for several dates in a single chart. I used dates for Obama, the US, the Democratic Party and election day in various combinations. What I call the “election day chart” combines all four.)

On the Upside

There is a long line of simultaneous semi-squares in Obama's recent Solar Arc charts. These indicate a highly organized, vigorous and generally effective campaign effort. However, these aspects peaked early this year and will be passing out on election day.

There is a grand trine between Mercury, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Chiron in the midpoint composite chart for Obama and the US. The Moon and Jupiter are close enough together to draw both into this healing trine. That is a good sign.

During the presidential campaign, solar arc Jupiter will closely conjoin the US natal Moon in Aquarius. The Moon rules Cancer, the US Sun sign. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the US rising sign. This will make election day an especially exuberant, deep, meaningful and important expression of US national identity, pride and intent.

The positive Moon/Jupiter aspect in the Obama/US composite chart resonates strongly with this Jupiter/Moon solar arc conjunction. That is yet another good sign.

Could Be Good, Could Be Bad

There are powerful tensions in Obama’s campaign charts. They can trip up Obama and his advisors. In most cases, however, other aspects can be used to turn them into sources of dynamism and motivation.

They might stir controversy and tension and generate a little bad press. But handled properly, they can also enliven debate, energize Obama's followers and spark creative political efforts.

For example . . . The midpoint composite chart for Obama and the US contains an opposition between Neptune, the Moon and Jupiter. Neptune often gives you the feeling that you are not seeing things clearly when you want to be seeing things clearly. It can also create the sense that you are being seduced or deceived.

This strongly suggests that American voters really are having a hard time understanding who Obama is, let alone identifying with him. American voters aren't sure they see themselves reflected in Obama, or what exactly they do see reflected in him. These aspects resonate with common criticisms of Obama’s campaign.
However, this confusing, problematic energy will likely be captured by the grand trine in the same chart. It will push his supporters to explore and build on the energies of the grand trine. That in turn will clarify Obama’s message and expand and solidify Obama's support.
The Definite Downside

Obama's birth chart includes a troublesome T-square. It is between Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. It means that his ideas are not always realistic. There is a learning curve there. This aspect echoes common criticisms of Obama the candidate, too.

There are also Uranus/Moon/Ascendant issues in his natal chart. These account for Obama's link to people who express their ideas in 'misguided' ways.

Recall the Rev. Jeremiah Wright , a protestant minister, and Michael Pfleger, a Catholic priest. In one of his sermons Wright famously said, "God damn the United States." Father Pfleger, for his part, claimed that Hillary Clinton thought her white skin entitled her to the Democratic nomination.

Such things will certainly come back to haunt him.

Things to Keep a Close Eye on

I have mentioned the strong healing, Chiron influence in Obama's campaign charts.

In the election day chart, Chiron is exactly conjunct the extremely sensitive fourth house cusp. It is also closely conjunct the Moon and the south node. Both form a yod, a double quincunx, with Jupiter and Mars.
The south node, however, is something you’d probably rather avoid. Also, confusing Neptune and conspiratorial, manipulative Lilith are too close to the planets that make up this powerful structure for comfort.

Chiron on the fourth house cusp heavily underlines Obama's strong appeal as a healer. However, the yod formation, the south node, Neptune, and Lilith all suggest that voters are deeply, deeply ambivalent about the whole notion of healing. They aren't sure they really need healing or trust the doctor or that they would like the remedies he might apply.

Most Worrisome by Far

The above concerns pale in comparison to those raised by another prominent planetary influence. This influence shows up in just about all the charts I studied for this analysis.

It also shows up in charts for the Democratic convention and the 2009 Presidential Inauguration. It is not present in McCain's charts.

The influence is strongest and most disturbing in the multi-composite chart for Obama, the US, the Democratic Party, and election day—the election day chart. In this chart Pluto is exactly conjunct Saturn in Virgo in the 12th house. They are separated only by about a quarter degree of arc. Both receive a broad, aggravating square from explosive little Mars and problematic opposition from disruptive Uranus.

But it is almost impossible to put a pretty face on it. It is violent, explosive and likely to manifest very concretely.

As I write this, there are disturbing reports from Orlando, Florida. Vandals spray-painted sixty public vehicles. Some of the graffiti included explicitly racist and anti-Obama messages . Generally speaking, American voters don’t like campaigns that might seem to use or attract violence.

If I were asked to comment, I would say that Obama, his advisors and his supporters underestimate the intensity of fear and discontent at the grass roots, i.e., among Hillary’s base. I would also say that the Obama camp seriously underestimate just how frustrating, or maddening, Hillary’s base finds his flowery, overly idealistic rhetoric.

I usually like to be right about my predictions. This time, I will be very happy if I am completely wrong about this particular influence.

So, there are, indeed, many strengths in Obama's campaign charts. But there are also serious problems in them, one influence most especially. That single problem is grave enough to destroy his chances for election. We will have to see how it plays out on the ground.

With regard to the confusion about who Obama is, whether or not he reflects the American identity, and all the strange characters he seems to hang out with: many voters might not like McCain, but come election day it could well be a matter of “better the devil I know.”

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judigem said...

Hi Carl, your URL to the Obama comments brought me here, it was posted on another astro site....I was quite taken by all of it. Something has bothered me all the way with Obama, with how people are reacting, what is being engendered by the Obama supporters, etc....the FISA deal, etc....all the 'reversals' which are indicative also of Uranus going retro....

I have posted my concerns at two political astrology sites about questions that need to be asked, both politically and astrologically and have ended up banned or insulted and run have many other posters on the same sites.

My concerns have been psychic ones...messages I am getting from spirit.....and they are the same ones you are posting here.

Carl B. said...

Thank you for your support, judigem. I was somewhat concerned about attracting hostility from Obama supporters, but so far, it has been relatively quiet. Only a couple of people like yourself, who shared my feelings have gotten back in touch with me. Truth to tell, I watch Obama's progress, but I have yet to hear or see anything that quiets my concerns.

George said...

Hey Carl,
Obama's optimism rings pretty hollow in my ears. Soundsl ike hooey to me. Once again we're forced to vote for what appears to be the lesser evil, but it is hard to be sure any more. Our Republic has fallen on evil times indeed when I wax nostalgic for the likes of LBJ and even Nixon.
Hope all is well out there in the large rectangular states.
George P

Carl B. said...

I have continued to puzzle over the Obama campaign charts and the more I study them, the more troubling they appear to be.