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Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Revolution Coming into Focus

A Revolution Coming into Focus

This month, I wanted to present some thoughts on the revolutionary potential of Pluto in Capricorn.

I think we are moving out of a pre-revolutionary condition and into revolutionary mode. I think Pluto in Capricorn will unleash the vast revolutionary energies that have been building up in our society but have so far failed to have any beneficial, reformative effect.

Reform will begin in earnest by the middle of the next decade as Pluto touches points in the US chart that have proven sensitive in the past.

I hesitate to draw any firm conclusions about the nature of the revolution that we are likely to see because it is still too far ahead of us. One would have to analyze several charts rather closely to do justice that issue. Also, even given such a careful analysis, it is not clear at this time how the United States might respond to the energies generated and the events that will occur.

What I feel it is possible to do now is get some sense of when we are likely to see things begin to come to a head. This article will help put some information out there for those who are looking to the future.

The Economic Crisis Now

In my view, and in the view of many others, we are experiencing multiple economic crises in the United States. These are, to my eye, clear evidence that our economy is severely dysfunctional. Our inability to get a real handle on any of these crises, or to foresee or prevent the next crisis, suggests that our economy is out of control, also.

We see crises in health care, pension availability and funding, and home ownership. We see dramatically increased prices for energy. Serious trouble is brewing in the food industry.

We see gross, persistent, and widening income inequality, a chronic scarcity of good-paying jobs, widespread lack of job security and the reduction of rights in the workplace. We see repeated and dramatic rises in the cost of higher education.

We see the catastrophic failure of aging and neglected bridges and dams, grave gaps in national emergency preparedness (as demonstrated by the scandalously poor response to hurricane Katrina).

We see a general deterioration in the quality of life. Families and individual lives are disintegrating under chronic economic stress.

We see an entrenched disregard for the severe damage our economic and industrial practices wreak upon our environment.

For several years now, major financial scandals (e.g., Enron, mischief in our credit markets, gross irresponsibility on the part of mortgage leaders) have periodically rocked our economic system.

Protracted wars in the middle east are putting a severe strain on our military and damaging US military preparedness.

The Revolution When?

These crisis conditions clearly and strongly indicate the need for thoroughgoing reform of our economic system. But, as of now, the political will for such a transformation is simply not there. I believe that—one way or another—Pluto in Capricorn will create the consensus and the political will to finally make a beginning on the reforms that these crises tell us is necessary.

We will first begin to feel the inevitability of change when Pluto re-enters Capricorn in late November 2008 for the full transit. But we will only begin to undertake the changes required in 10 to 12 years—in the latter part of the next decade.

However, a rational person, would see the multiplicity of the problems, their stunning intricacy and the inordinate complexity of the contemporary world. They would hope for the time to observe, think and prepare for the days of decision.

One would hope that we use the experience of the next ten years or so, as the nature and the scope of our difficulties slowly become fully apparent, to gain an understanding of the challenges we will finally confront.

The Astrological Technicalities

The 2nd and 8th houses, the sign of Capricorn, and Pluto are all directly and intrinsically involved in creating our economic systems.

The 2nd and 8th houses of any national chart represent the micro and macro poles of economic activity.

Energies from Capricorn create and implement economic policies on the macro level.

Cancer, Capricorn’s opposite number, does the same thing in the home and family.

Pluto, the ruler of the 8th house, transforms economic resources into individual and collective wealth.

In the US natal chart, these primal economic signs and energies are situated in the US economic houses, astride the economic axis of the US chart. That makes economics the heart of the US natal chart.

The same signs and planets that drive global economic processes form the heart of the American natal chart. In essence, America forms the beating heart of the global economy, at this time in the world. The astrological symbolism reflects the close and complex interrelationship between the global economy and the US economy.

Pluto’s ongoing transit of Capricorn, in the US 2nd house, opposite Cancer in the US 8th, brings all of these primal economic powers to bear on the global economy in general and the US economy in particular.

In essence, Pluto’s transit of Capricorn will pour vast energies directly and forcefully into this economically critical area of the Zodiac.

The Planetary Engine of Revolutionary Reform

Essentially, Pluto will channel pure, primal energy into the US and global economic systems.

The inflow of energy will be relentless and irresistible. Like new wine poured into old skins, this powerful stream of new economic energy will put every part of our economic systems to the test.

It will push existing economic practices to the extreme and show us what they are really about.

Over the next decade, outdated and weak structures, as well as new and unsound ones, will be strained to the breaking point. All of the conflicts, contradictions, lies, illusions, inadequacies and injustices will become painfully apparent for all to see. False remedies will fail quickly and obviously. In all probability, genuine economic hardship and insecurity will significantly increase for the majority of Americans.

On a physical, concrete level, Pluto will probe weaknesses in our infrastructure and our natural resource base, also.

We should soon begin to realize that the tensions now growing in the US and world political systems are revolutionary tensions. These tensions can only be relieved by radical economic reform.

As I said above, it is still too soon to predict how the US and the world economies or the world’s peoples will respond to this economic shake down cruise.

A Historical Perspective

Pluto last transited Capricorn from about 1762 until about 1777. The Boston Tea Party came in 1773. The events set in motion by the Boston Tea Party led to the American war of independence and the founding of the United States.

When Pluto next crossed the Capricorn/Cancer axis, during the first third of the twentieth century, this time in Cancer and the US 8th house, it brought a stock market crash, the Great Depression and, ultimately, the great political and economic reforms known as The New Deal.

Some Dates to Watch

Pluto will return to its position at the time of the Boston Tea Party in February 2019.

Pluto will conjoin the US natal Pluto in February 2022.

In 2017, Pluto will begin opposing its position at the time of the stock market crash of 1929.

In 2019 Pluto will begin opposing the positions it held during the great economic reforms of the New Deal, which began in 1933, when the US social safety net was created--a safety net that is now weak and full of holes.

As Pluto hits these historical markers, it will likely trigger economic events at least as important as those its movements commemorate. It looks like the ’teens will go out with a bang.

As you consider the future and the meaning of events now taking place, take heart from the memory of the great historical changes that Pluto in Capricorn has brought about in the not too distant past. As difficult as they were, in each case, the world came out a far better place than it went in.

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