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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Astrology Analysis for June 2008

Astrology Analysis for June 2008

For Everyone ~
The planets are aligned for change. June is a major turning point kind of month. It is an opportunity to make a change of life-direction. Most of us will, in fact, find ourselves ideally suited to change something big in our lives. We will be feeling fairly secure, materially and otherwise, at least for the time being. We’ll see an important opening. Also, we will feel the need and the desire to make a change. Some of us will just have change thrust upon us. This combination of circumstances will inspire many of us to major exertions, major expenditures of time and personal resources. We will throw ourselves into the business of changing our lives in ways that we can only really pull off once or twice in a decade, if that. If you have been waiting for a chance to turn a big corner, or if you have seen such a big change coming, June is it.

Sign by Sign

ARIES ~ Children, creative projects, friendship and romance, recreation--all are in expansive mode. But money isn’t. In fact, you are in a tight financial cycle. Relationships of all kinds can easily turn troublesome, too. Take advantage of the protective and supportive aspects present this month. You don’t have to make any commitments, financial or otherwise. Be patient and be careful. You can wait for clarification, or just wait for a better deal. Hasty actions or actions that make you uncomfortable could upset the peace and stability you have worked to create.

TAURUS ~ I know it is tough right now to see how you can fulfill your expanding hopes and dreams with present resources. The planets will provide the peace and security you need as you pause to get new projects off the ground and reimagine your future. The things you are beginning now will bear abundant fruit and take your life to a new level. Let intuition and creativity be your guide. Your visions of the future will not betray you. The present is not a plateau. It is a launch pad.

GEMINI ~ June is the beginning of the beginning of a dynamic new phase for you and everyone in your life. You are well and powerfully placed to influence unfolding events. At times, it might seem that you are losing some of the protection and security you’ve enjoyed. But your situation is merely opening up, allowing dramatic new possibilities to develop. Don't worry about the risk. There is a safety net under your situation. You can do a lot of good and the planets will limit the effects of any mistakes.

CANCER ~ The resolution of old work issues will continue to play out as troublesome fellow workers and incompetent superiors get their due. This will be gratifying. But put your attention on the really important stuff. An improving work situation, growing bonds of support in the community and increasing economic security are creating a solid foundation. This combination of favorable things will let you improve your skills and explore important opportunities for personal and professional growth. Patience may be required as complicated issues work out slowly in the background.

LEO ~ Your present economic situation is gratifyingly stable and provides a reasonably comfortable and secure living--for now. But you should devote some time and effort to overcoming any economic hurdles that might stand between you and the lifestyle you hope to enjoy in the future. Balancing short-term and long-term economic needs is always a tricky business. But current planetary conditions provide the security and flexibility you need to make necessary economic adjustments, trade offs, and reallocations comfortably. Wise moves made now will set things going in the right financial direction.

VIRGO ~ Finally, circumstances are coming together to provide a comfortable, secure and enjoyable life. But a tangle of stubborn, complex, important and unanticipated challenges are arising. To realize the full potential of your new situation and avoid slipping backward you must meet these challenges. You will likely have to exert yourself more than you would want and more than is strictly comfortable. However, with an extraordinary effort now, you can achieve a quantum improvement in your personal and professional status. It’s a big commitment, but the rewards will be correspondingly large.

LIBRA ~ Concerns about what is practical compete with idealistic visions of the future as you cope with changing circumstances. This change is bringing opportunity within reach. If you play your cards right, you can leverage your present situation to guide the forces of change. A little risk, a little overexertion is probably inevitable. You might be surprised at how stable and resilient your present situation is, though, and how much weight it can support. Take advantage of this unique and fortunate set of events. Opportunity might not knock again for awhile.

SCORPIO ~ Communication with others might be your best tool, or resource, right now. There is a lot going on, but you seem kind of stuck on the sidelines as others take center stage. Also, bureaucrats are working their slow way through decisions that are important to you. But your communications with others will have special value and lasting benefits. Also, time and energy spent on enjoyable and creative pastimes, activities with children and loved ones will be rewarding. Sometimes it really is best to relax while others do the heavy lifting.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Sometimes, it will be your luck or your own resourcefulness. Sometimes, it will be outward circumstance that protects and supports you. In general, things are stable and secure. You are leading a charmed life right now. But events are pushing you to adjust to changeful events. The right adjustments will remove old limitations, bring you profit from new opportunities and significantly improve your lifestyle. A mix of financial tweaks, training and personal development, and consultation with influential people can help you realize the potential. The first move is yours.

CAPRICORN ~ There are situations in everyone’s life that create pressure. Lately, such situations have an especially large role in Capricorn’s life. There’s pressure from family, your immediate social circle and the community. And you also want to get on with your own life as you begin a cycle of personal growth and expansion. These competing pressures can be very frustrating. In June, the planets will help you make some very effective and helpful adjustments. You will have additional time to prepare for any crunches coming up in the immediate future.

AQUARIUS ~ A mix of good things and not so good things are putting pressure on long-term assets. There are health issues and a certain lack of motivation, or restlessness. On the upside, you are strongly drawn to activities that bring healing, spiritual growth and self-nurture. That costs money, too, and absorbs other personal resources. All this comes as you are feeling the need to expand your long-term assets. June’s aspects will help you make workable compromises. A whole new financial cycle begins in January.

PISCES ~ Pisces are pushing change in other lives as well as their own, nowadays. That might not be going over so well in some quarters. However, these changes are necessary and desirable and the planets are providing the resources people need to make the changes. For Pisces personally, the center of concern is on partnerships and relationships, which have been under strain lately, or the cause of extra outlays. June will bring you an opportunity to make adjustments in your own life that significantly ease any relationship concerns.

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