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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sun Sign Analyses for May 2008

Sun Sign Analyses for May 2008

For All Signs ~
May 2008 is about happy surprises and moderate delays. Early May will bring a little something special for each of us, in areas where we might be needing it. (This will probably take the form of a tax rebate check in many cases.) Later in May, we will all probably have to revisit some problems we thought had been fixed. But May will provide leeway we didn't have before. It will also tie the hands of those in power who might once have blocked us or opposed our wishes. Generally speaking, people will be more willing to listen to sense and less inclined to unilaterally impose their will. Whatever your plans or expectations, you will begin to see results later in the year and they will be both different and better than you were expecting based on past experience.

Sign by Sign

Aries ~ Be cautious early in May, as prospects might seem better than they actually are. Later in May, your hand will be forced by many circumstances beyond your control. Finances, long-term obligations and cash flow will impose limits on what you can do at this time. You will feel the support, confidence and determination that come from strong reliable bonds. These close bonds will stand you in good stead as you make the needed adjustments. You will find that the funds are available to make necessary changes. The changes you make will also improve your financial situation going forward.

Taurus ~ A thicket of issues will tie your hands in financial and professional or work-related areas. Choices are being made above your pay grade and external circumstances are determining events. Your ace in the hole is a well-deserved reputation for good instincts, common sense and experience. And you really have seen a lot of this stuff before. Others will listen to you as they seek effective ways to do what must be done. Your advice will help find money where none seems available or it will make the available funds go farther than people would expect.

Gemini ~ May will have a pleasant start. Later, some old issues will come up again as part of an effort to fine tune recent decisions. This could briefly reawaken old tensions and anxieties. But you have been through all this before so it’s all familiar. This time around, you will have greater control, too. Those in charge will be more inclined to compromise. If you also keep home and family matters harmonious, you should be able to get through May comfortably. The task will be to make events within your home and family situation fit principles that you know from experience are sound. Use your considerable powers of persuasion.

Cancer ~ Early May will bring some nice surprises and strengthen some old bonds. But the real news of May comes later. Some long drawn out situation at work will finally clear up. It has been causing you grief on and off for years. There might be one last blowout. However, though complicated, it is an old situation. And because the issues are familiar there won't be any real surprises--unless it it is that the situation finally got cleared up at all. Whatever minor stress or inconvenience this resolution brings will be well worth it.

Leo ~ Some important pieces of the financial/creative/professional puzzle in Leo's life will fall into place in May. You have probably been working a long time to make this happen and it will feel good when the day finally arrives. At the same time, long-standing conflicts will come up for resolution. You should congratulate yourself and all concerned for finally coming to agreement about how to handle these matters. Any concession or sacrifice required from you to settle the issues will be small in comparison to the rewards that come from resolving them.

Virgo ~ Virgos often seem to experience a more intense and dramatic version of any issues that come up in other people's lives these days. That is because the planets have kind of put Virgo in that position. So it will seem appropriate when, this month, Virgo experiences a more intense and dramatic version of the good luck and long-delayed resolutions that others are experiencing. You will have to wait until the end of the year for some of the concrete results. This is a complex situation and it will take that long to lay the groundwork.

Libra ~ In recent months, you probably noticed the work of powerful planetary forces destabilizing your situation, in a good way. These forces are freeing you from past limitations and pushing you toward new horizons. You are now enjoying a pause in this process. Conditions in May will let you bring your work or professional situation and your long-term financial arrangements into line with changes you now know are coming. You will likely face some hurdles during May, including some financial hurdles. The aspects suggest that workable options will be readily available.

Scorpio ~ Don't be too concerned if old and troublesome issues appear to be drifting back into your life. Things won't be the way they were before. In fact, you will have a chance to revisit some of the arrangements you thought might be permanent and take the wrinkles out of them. This will especially include important financial arrangements that you can refine and make clearer and more agreeable. If circumstances continue to pinch a bit, you will find that community and neighborhood resources and relationships will provide attractive and serviceable options.

Sagittarius ~ You are encountering roadblocks, but this might not be a bad thing. It is never wise to rush into things, even if they seem very attractive and even if circumstances seem to be pushing you in that direction. This is especially true, as now, where your job and personal finances are concerned. If you maneuver patiently and carefully you will eventually find ways around any obstacles that arise. In doing so, you will see more deeply into your situation and be able to spot and avoid risks you didn't see before.

Capricorn ~ Familiar patterns will continue for Capricorn. A new period of development and expansion is, indeed, now getting under way. You are also experiencing a big increase in drive and ambition. But don't be disappointed or overly concerned if things appear to be slowing down. It is only temporary. There are a surprising number of complicated and detailed adjustments that must be made by others who are involved in your projects. Lots of ducks must be put in a row by lots of people. Considerable benefits will flow from the work being done during current delays.

Aquarius ~ Ideas and ideals, even dreamy ones, are one of your greatest resources nowadays. A rich inner life can help you profitably come to terms with delays and challenges. There is more useful insight in imaginative thought processes than you might think. Meanwhile, allow the powers that be to work through the details of much needed changes. You should notice a benevolent influence at work in events, even if they don't bring you immediate fulfillment. Many of the things you find most frustrating are connected to inherently slow processes that are necessary to future security and progress.

Pisces ~ Delays and obstacles to the fulfillment of your desires can work well together, like when a delay provides time to clear an obstacle to your goal. Like when slack in a rope lets you untie a knot. So when it is finally time to make a move, you can. Luck and confidence will be with you, too. What you can't do with hard work, hard bargaining and smarts, you can do with a little luck. You'll find a way where others can't. But be ready for a surprise. By the time you clear your way, a new direction might have emerged.

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