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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Planetary Financial Agenda

April 2008

The Planetary Financial Agenda

Like many others, I have been watching economic events in the US with concern. So this month I thought I would take a look at the planetary influences that will affect the US economy in the next few years.

There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that the planets will be issuing serious economic challenges well into the early years of the next decade.

The good news is that the US chart holds up well to these challenges. There are, indeed, many indications of shocks to the economic system, but I still see no indication of an economic meltdown in the US.

The US will have enough time to recover significantly between shocks. Also, the US chart looks quite resilient. It absorbs these shocks gracefully, in my opinion. (It’s probably also worth noting that Jupiter recently started going through the first six houses of the US chart.)

The net result will, I think, be thoroughgoing reforms to the US economic system--ultimately.

There definitely will be problems. As I have said before, these problems will be serious enough to motivate widespread changes. To do that, they would have to have a significantly negative affect on many people. And I am sure that many will face economic hurdles and hardship.

However, to my eye, the effects of these aspects, serious as they are, will not add up to economic catastrophe.

And, oh yes, there are indications scattered through the charts that these events will have a powerful transformative effect on the collective US psyche.


December 2006 ~ Saturn Opposite US Natal Moon

The difficult economic aspects began, I think, with transiting Saturn's opposition to the US natal moon in late December 2006. This aspect struck through the deep and pervasive interconnections between community, home ownership and the financial markets in the US.

Solar arc Uranus precisely conjunct natal Pluto in Capricorn in the second house suggests that this opposition will ultimately have revolutionary effects. Also, in the composite chart for this event, composite Pluto is in the fourth house in Capricorn at the same degree as US natal Pluto.

The chart for the time of the opposition was pretty rough (t-squares, oppositions, & inconjuncts). But the combined chart for the day of the opposition and the US was considerably less worrisome. This, I think, illustrates a repeated pattern: the US chart holds up surprisingly well under pressure.

September 2007 ~ Saturn Enters Virgo

The next big planetary shock, by my reckoning, was Saturn's entrance into Virgo. The chart of the ingress is a nervous-making study in grand squares.

By contrast, the composite chart for the Saturn/Virgo ingress and the US showed no grand squares, but includes a grand trine! The same kind of thing could be said about all the charts I discuss below.

Looking Ahead

December 2008 ~ Saturn Conjoins US Neptune

In my opinion, the next economic challenge will come as transiting Saturn begins its conjunction with US natal Neptune in the last days of 2008. Saturn will put the US population through an intense and lengthy process of disillusionment. This disillusionment will be directly, closely and intimately related to the finances of home ownership (as Saturn is transiting that part of the US chart generally).

The end result will be a deepened, improved, more realistic understanding of home, family, home ownership and national economic policy.

Solar arc Chiron will be conjoining the US ascendant during this time. Hence, generally speaking, these economic challenges could be painful for the US.

A painful national tragedy is also possible. My own thought is that, aside from any specific, headline dominating event, we will all gain a heightened sense of our own individual and national vulnerabilities, of the need to put more money aside for a rainy day and to take better care of each other.

During the same period, solar arc Jupiter will be contacting the US moon, promising optimism, courage and fortitude during this time of trial. Americans will rise to the occasion.

July 2010 ~ US Saturn Return

Another set of economic challenges will come in July 2010, when the US Saturn return begins as Saturn enters Libra and the US 10th house. Saturn is well and strongly placed in the US chart. It throws off squares to the potent stellium in and around Cancer in the 8th house of large scale, upper-level financial institutions.

The Saturn return will probably reveal even more structural weaknesses in the US economy, the hard way. But I think it will also usher in a new era of government regulation of key private financial institutions.
Saturn leaves Libra at the end of 2012.

My advice: Stick to your budget.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sign by Sign Analysis for April 2008

Sign by Sign Analysis for April 2008

For Everyone ~ A chance to change directions. Most of us find ourselves in the midst of thoroughgoing changes. Some of this is change in the direction of cherished goals, with opportunities and deadlines pushing us willy-nilly into forward motion. Some of it is change being implemented by those in authority, forcing us to go along and keep silent. But things are going to slow down in April. Progress toward our own personal goals will slow considerably. We'll all get a chance to finish old business with appropriate care, to reopen negotiations we thought were closed and generally adjust the speed and direction of events. The pressure to conform to changes set in motion by those in power will subside. One way or another, we will get an opportunity to offer input as those in authority must finally yield to reality, give in to the resistance from events on the ground and listen to the opinions of those they govern. Despite some rough conditions early in April, the planets will provide us the options we need to work through whatever dilemma we might find ourselves facing.

Aries ~ Restructure key relationships. With passions running high and expenses threatening to get out of control, crucial family and work issues could reach an impasse. Saturn requires that you dig more deeply to find answers. Shed responsibilities that drain resources but bring no benefits, or set new and firm limits, especially where dependents are concerned. You might also have to eliminate some personal baggage. Choices will be tough, but the cost of inaction could be high. Still, these difficulties and related risks will be contained. Much else in your life will proceed at an acceptable pace.

Taurus ~ Assume and advisory role. You are too close to ground zero for comfort, as conflicts break out all around you. Later in April, when things calm down somewhat, Taurus will still feel the heat. But regardless of what is going on or how confusing it is, your job is well-defined: help others sort things out. Explain what is realistic. Figure out who is the most reliable and which option is most dependable. Thinking everything through carefully will yield far better results than throwing money nobody has at problems that require a lot more thought.

Gemini ~ Renegotiate. Early this month, things might look a lot tougher and tighter than they really are. As the month progresses, you will find that things loosen up considerably and there are many options open to you. Perhaps most important to you: recently, you have been at a big disadvantage vis-à-vis the powers that be, with little choice but to dance to their tune. You will soon find their ability to impose their will is faltering. They are beginning to second guess themselves. New and more agreeable arrangements will eventually be possible.

Cancer ~ Work for peace. In recent months, you have been relieved to see your situation at work improved. Aggressive, ill-behaved coworkers were numerous and they frequently had the upper hand. That is over, but many issues from those days still need to be resolved to prevent future difficulties. Too many troublemakers are still trying to run the show. You will soon find yourself able to revisit many of those issues and change the rules of the game for the better. Those unpleasant coworkers will eventually be put in their place. Work patiently.

Leo ~ Bargain for better terms. Recent months haven’t been quite what you’d like, with your power and influence reduced. But you will be especially empowered this month and enjoy the special support and protection of the stars. You will also enjoy the return of some of the power and influence you thought you had lost, especially in creative areas. However, it's temporary, and it won't be like it was before. It's basically a chance to re-negotiate some problematic conditions so you can begin your more challenging new position on more agreeable terms. Make some demands.

Virgo ~ Manage the transition. The planets are providing the ideal conditions for complex changes in your life. Things might appear tight early on, but as April progresses matters will improve significantly. Numerous options will provide room to maneuver. Conditions will also be good for revising arrangements that are limiting or burdensome. Don’t be so resourceful that you outsmart yourself though, dodging issues that will return to haunt you down the road. Use time, energy and ingenuity instead of money to resolve issues. Financial, professional and romantic issues could combine to create especially stubborn obstacles, forcing you to work around them.

Libra ~ Accept sensible changes. Early on, you might feel as if you are being pushed rapidly into drastic changes in your life. Powerful forces seem to be forcing your hand. But these pressures will recede as April goes along and things in general will improve considerably. Even so, it is important that you make an effort to see things clearly and realistically. Do make the sensible changes. It is safe to bend your finances out of shape a little to make progress, but only temporarily. Sounder solutions must be found in future. Your most important goals cannot be reached overnight.

Scorpio ~ Laying new foundations. Scorpio enjoys extra planetary support and protection this month. The biggest challenge will be to deal with authority figures as you try to make your hopes and dreams fit the rules. The negotiations could be complicated and worrisome. However, the April full moon will bring greater flexibility and protection. The resistance from authorities will lesson and you will find it easier to follow through on your plans. Still, this is the beginning of a long and potentially challenging cycle. It will take awhile to really lay the foundation you need.

Sagittarius ~ Consider new possibilities. You will find yourself doing something of a balancing act, as you are pulled back and forth, again and again, by competing interests. You will also be blocked by stubborn obstacles. The best way to get through April is to keep your mind open to new ideas. Resolving some old issues through the judicious use of new ideas will help pave the way for a better future. Money will be tight. But the people, the circumstances and the ideas surrounding financial issues can still be of considerable help to you.

Capricorn ~ Crisis management. You’d best brush up your public relations skills. There are lots of ways people can muddle through their personal rough patches. Certain 'fixes’ will mitigate some problems, prevent things from getting worse, for now, and help morale, but you know it's all temporary. These fixes won’t come close to addressing the underlying issues, which will continue to cause problems. You should motivate people to take these temporary steps. But you must also keep them moving forward toward a permanent solution, and do all this without discouraging them or just plain scaring them.

Aquarius ~ Re-think long held beliefs. Aquarians must be patient. The outcome of your affairs depend in large part on the actions of other people. Those affecting your life are coping well and they respect your interests, although necessity limits their options. Your work is to find which of the ideas that have governed your behavior these past few years are sound, as you undergo deep, inner healing. Help advise others about the best path through these times. You are moving gradually toward a new cycle of growth, well-being and prosperity. Resist the temptation to escape into your own little universe.

Pisces ~ Compromise. It would be best to tap the breaks. Considerable obstacles remain, effectively blocking your path, not the least of which is a tight budget. Serious issues also linger, tying you to the past, keeping you where you are, despite your earnest desire for change and your best efforts to achieve it. The best way to spend the time immediately ahead is to revisit these issues, many of which you probably hoped were solidly behind you. You should, however, find it easy to arrange things so all concerned derive some satisfaction during this transitional period.