Technical Note

My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Friday, February 29, 2008

A Look Down the Road

March 2008 A Look Down the Road

At the micro-level, mostly

In 2008, retrograde Pluto will move back into Sagittarius. We will revisit some of the rough ground we covered in December and January.

In late 2007 one phase of our lives came to an end, in many cases, an abrupt and disruptive end. As 2008 opened, as Pluto entered Capricorn on January 25, a new and promising phase of our lives began.

We got through the changes and new opportunities beckon. But there are some things we'd have done differently. And we're not sure that the future, promising as it seems, will take us quite where we want to go.

In 2008, as Pluto retrogrades, we will get a breather. We can go back and second guess ourselves ... in a good way ... and maybe re-do a few things.

Pluto's Itinerary

Pluto will retrograde beginning April 2. It will return to Sagittarius on June 13 (Friday) and resume forward motion on September 8. It will re-enter Capricorn on November 11.

As Pluto retrogrades into Sagittarius, it will bring back the disruptive T-square between Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. But during retrogrades, things generally aren't as intense as they were the first time around.

Also, Saturn in Virgo will maintain its supportive, protective trine to Jupiter in Capricorn. And separating expansive Jupiter from hard-driving Pluto will take some pressure off and allow us needed perspective, and some wiggle room.

Many of the New and/or Full Moon charts for the spring and summer months, including March, contain Grand Trines, Kites, or Mystic Rectangles. These are all very helpful, supportive and protective aspects.

Tap the Brakes

But from about August thru the end of 2008, these big supportive aspects mostly vanish from the charts. The Saturn/Pluto Uranus T-square will be back in force for a few months this fall, too. Things could get rough and options could dwindle.

I am especially concerned about August (with two eclipses), September (with a heavy T-square) and October. We face a double whammy. Pluto will be in Sagittarius again squaring Saturn and Uranus, and the big supportive aspects will be absent from the charts. The real crunch is likely to come in September.

It will be our second time over this Zodiacal ground. The issues will be familiar and actions we have already taken will help smooth our way. But complacency or overconfidence would be ill-advised.

The troublesome T-square between Saturn, Pluto and Uranus will go away in November as Pluto re-enters Capricorn. Pluto will reestablish the strongly beneficial aspects between Saturn, Pluto and Uranus.

But that still leaves several months next fall, August thru October, when the Saturn/Pluto/Uranus T-square is in effect again and we will be without notable planetary protections. And even after Pluto gets safely back into Capricorn, major supporting structures will be less common in the charts than I’d like.

We should adjust our expectations and plan accordingly.

A Brief Word About the Macro Level

Pluto's retrograde into Sagittarius will put renewed pressures on the already strained world economy. As suggested above, the worst should come in August and September.
(Note that the US presidential nominating conventions will be held during that time period. Expect some real drama.)

I believe that favorable relations between Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus (and Pluto, when it is in Capricorn), will ultimately prevent an economic catastrophe. But when Pluto re-joins Jupiter in Capricorn and reestablishes favorable relations with Saturn and Uranus, our economic problems will not be over.

Pluto will begin its roughly 18 year transit of the hypersensitive Capricorn/Cancer axis in earnest. That highly problematic axis governs the US economy, pretty much completely. It is also heavily aspected in the US natal chart.

So look for continuing instability in the US and world economies.
And we must not forget that, for the next couple of years, Saturn will still be hammering the 10th house/4th axis in the US chart, which governs home ownership.

So, I do think that the beneficial aspects that prevail will shelter us from the worst possibilities. But the process of dramatic economic change will continue nonetheless and it will be nervous-making, especially during periods like this fall, when major supporting structures aren’t there to smooth the bumps.

The turmoil coming our way will ultimately bring about a more fair and just distribution of wealth among the world's peoples, and we will have considerably help from the planets along the way.

All that being said, we must still be prepared to weather events severe and prolonged enough to jolt the world out of old economic patterns and into better ones.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sign by Sign Analysis for March 2008

Sign by Sign Analysis for March 2008

For Everyone ~
A break with the past. By now, bridges to a past way of life have been burned. The most disturbing effects of a recent big transition are subsiding. The ground beneath your feet is becoming solid again. This month provides yet more stimulus and opportunity to move forward perhaps too much. People are just getting their balance again and they are already feeling the urge to charge ahead. But it is a time for patience and thoughtful choices that will lead to a sound future. Still, the planets are offering some protection and flexibility. We shouldn't charge ahead blindly, but we should not worry about making a mistake here and there.

Sign by Sign
ARIES ~ Overload. Brace yourself for exceptionally high levels of stimulation and information overload. Your mind is full of inspiring ideas for the future. A mix of family, partnership, legal and personal issues is keeping you busy, also. Keep your temper. Hold your horses. Quiet determination and optimism will win out. You must work within some pretty strict limitations, but you are well-insulated from downside risks. It might not seem so, but those in power are actually pushing the boundaries to help you. Your efforts will pave the way for others.

TAURUS ~ Keep expectations realistic. Managing your hopes and expectations is your biggest challenge right now. Educational and spiritual activities appeal strongly. Concerns and attractions in distant places call to you, persistently. Events are pushing you in these directions, too. You feel a growing need and desire to go along. But resources for expansion are not readily available and circumstances won’t allow immediate change. Make small changes, day by day. Gradual efforts will finally remove obstacles. Meanwhile, your situation is pretty secure. Conflicts now playing out will eventually yield much benefit.

GEMINI ~ Security and stability amidst tensions. Some fairly serious tensions are playing out on the job. The outcome will have implications for your financial future. Day-to-day family resources occasionally feel a little strained. Your overall situation is secure, though, and long-term financial interests are protected. You have plenty of options. Still, you must be prepared for a longish effort. In the coming years, vigilance will be needed to ensure continued progress toward long-term financial goals. All that said, 2008 should actually be a good year for you financially.

CANCER ~ Lead by consensus. Cancerians have entered a volatile phase. Others will respond more often and more forcefully to you. They will tend to line up either for you or against you. This tendency is especially strong now and it will continue at some level into the indefinite future. Inspiration will be strong. But it isn’t only what you believe. It’s how you say things. Your challenge is to craft an approach to issues that others can use as the basis for productive dialogue. Objectivity and emotional balance are essential to success.

LEO ~ Start your engine. You are being pushed, pulled and prodded to make sudden and dramatic changes. The pressure is coming from many sources, including people you can’t ignore. Long-term financial security requires it, too. It will be a long-term effort. Things aren’t ready to fall into place, yet. But you have an advantage. You are in a position to give orders, or at least strongly influence the behavior of others. And though your continuing financial well-being requires you to make changes, your basic financial situation remains sound.

VIRGO ~ The proper pace of rebuilding. Confidence, optimism and motivation are being restored. Use it to sustain morale through these early, but less glamorous rebuilding stages. There are very promising developments and the good news will continue. But you have to be realistic. There’s big potential, but you must take well-thought out steps to achieve it. Unrealistic or impulsive efforts to grab the brass ring and run will only bring you back to square one. The planets want to make you healthy, wealthy and wise, not just rich and famous.

LIBRA ~ The key to stability. There are powerful energies at work, prying people loose from their old ways, setting them on new paths. Librans are especially sensitive to these forces right now. Inspiring, stimulating and, sometimes, worrisome events are coming to your attention with greater frequency and with some force. They will inevitably affect your personal, family and work life. The key to maintaining your peace of mind now is simple. Make sure all new ideas and the people espousing them meet your own highest personal standards before you embrace them.

SCORPIO ~ Restructuring. Scorpio is undergoing a period of rapid transformation in lifestyle. Forces beyond your control, possibly including health concerns, are driving this transformation. Much will stay the same. The economic foundations of your life will remain essentially secure. However, everything else is in motion. The most exciting new prospects come from opportunities for neighborhood and community involvement. When expanding such involvements, be sure that you uphold those principles that have provided stability and fulfillment in your life. The wrong newcomers will upset the applecart. The right ones will bring rewards.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Expansion is good, within limits. You are being profoundly stimulated. Yet you feel strongly that you can’t just expand in any and all directions. Pick opportunities that let you expand and, at the same time, make up for whatever gaps there might be in your lifestyle. Expand by building on and reenforcing your strengths. Utilize new activities to enrich and strengthen your position in life. Overspending is a real possibility. Don’t let your enthusiasm for new projects lead you to overspend. Impatience can lead to new debt.

CAPRICORN ~ The gatekeeper. All indications point to heavier responsibility for Capricorn. You must navigate through a period of difficult change and your choices will have serious implications for everyone. Everyone, including yourself, is trying cope with new, rapidly changing conditions. They want to resolve the many thorny issues related to these changes. They also want to merge their present lifestyles smoothly with emerging conditions. You will have a lot of say about what must be done, when, and how quickly. With this in mind, Capricorns must make wise and timely choices.

AQUARIUS ~ Compromise with reality. You’ll need to come to terms with certain inflexible conditions. It could take some time to resolve the difficulties presented by these circumstances. I strongly recommend a patient, cautious approach to resolving these issues. Your influence over events is especially strong. A rash, ill-considered move could be costly. It is just that the circumstances at issue are complicated and stubborn. Overall, though, your situation is safe and secure. Just don’t be caught up by emotionally charged but unrealistic ideas. Difficult relations with women will soon improve.

PISCES ~ Easy does it. Restraints that until recently seemed to block or frustrate your every move are disappearing. At the same time, restrictions that kept you safe are being removed. The planets are working to teach you the true cost of key partnerships and the importance of asserting yourself in responsible ways. Under these influences, you will find it a bit difficult to form lasting relationships or to branch out in new social directions. It could be awhile before you can settle down with new associates or relax into new patterns.