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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Astrology Forecast for February 2007

Astrology Forecast for February 2007

For Everyone ~ The gears begin to turn. We are seeing the end of rather difficult aspects that have been in place for quite some time, and the beginning of much more supportive, ennabling aspects. These will also be lasting aspects. Many will still be dealing with the aftermath of recent events. However, with the fading of difficult, longstanding planetary pressures and the arrival of much more constructive and supportive energies, we should all be feeling a sense of relief and cautious optimism. We cannot turn back the clock, but we should be finding encouraging new, long-term solutions to whatever challenges we are facing. The cosmic safety net that was withdrawn for a time in December and January is back in place. Brand new, unforeseen possibilities will emerge. Perhaps the best news will be the widespread emergence of profoundly different attitudes and the bold new solutions that such attitudes will make possible on every front, in our private lives and in the world around us.

Sign by Sign

ARIES ~ A team effort. For Aries, the issue is nothing less than adjusting your life direction in major ways. This requires getting others on board. You must reshape relations with family, friends and workmates to get your life on this new course. You are also moving into uncharted territory and must constantly adapt your methods. Recent realizations about who you are and what you really want in life must guide you. Be true to your highest principles and all should go well. The stars indicate efforts on behalf of elders.

TAURUS ~ Peace of mind. For some years, in addition to other goals, Taureans have sought peace, quiet and the freedom to do their own thing, without interference or loss of income and long-term security. It has been quite a battle. Soon, however, you will see signs of success. You will also experience support for your financial goals instead of threats to your security. This month, in particular, you will find it easier to influence the thoughts and actions of higher ups. Love relationships will require a mature and responsible approach.

GEMINI ~ A bigger say. In recent times, you have had to bow to the dictates of those in charge. You still feel pressure to perform to new standards. However, you should now also find yourself in the forefront of efforts to design and implement change. People at all levels will need to go through you. There is little doubt that the situation remains complex and challenging. But you should also sense that your interests are being protected. The planets have put a structure in place that will keep you safe.

CANCER ~ Maintain Equilibrium. You will probably be tempted to let yourself get depressed this month. Other people often behave in a more intense, challenging, unpredictable way toward you, now. You are facing complex decisions and the right choice is far from clear. The cost of mistakes is also rather high. But you can count on your natural ability to make the right move in a tight spot. Beneath all the worrisome and random events, the basics of your situation are pretty sound. Don’t let yourself be spooked. Avoid faddish, trendy solutions.

LEO ~ Benefit from turmoil. Others seem at sixes and sevens, and, often, at swords drawn. But Leo is well situated to utilize all this excitement productively. You can even turn hostility between others to the benefit of all. Your motivation and energy are running high. You are also very much in touch with a spirit of idealism and change. The thing is, though, too much idealism and change will create problems. Listen to cautious people, too. Adjust spending to meet your long-term financial goals. Some changes could simply be too expensive.

VIRGO ~ The storm is passing. You are dealing with a complex of important interrelated issues. The emphasis is on health and work. You might even feel like you are in free fall, sometimes. But a cosmic buffer system will prevent your worst fears from coming true. But the forces that have been at work in your life are profoundly beneficial. Momentum is turning in your favor. Pressures you thought might weigh on you forever are quickly dissipating. Solid, long-term solutions will be found. Bear with delays. Good things take time.

LIBRA ~ Time to start. You have been delaying major changes in your life. Conditions have not been quite right. Indeed, lately, the emotional and physical cost of not making these changes seems to have risen to high levels. Indeed, the cost seems to be rising faster as time passes. Truthfully: the pressure won’t subside. However, the planets have now lined up to help you. Powerful, long-term, planetary aspects will ease your way. They will sustain you through what promises to be a lengthy transition to a new, more fulfilling lifestyle.
SCORPIO ~ You will soon be in the clear. Your ruling planet has just changed signs after many years. Basically, you will find most things easier as Pluto assumes harmonious relations with other major planets. Long-standing conditions, some of which have become quite burdensome, are already changing quickly for the better. For one, you won’t have to bend yourself so far out of shape to maintain financial stability. The planets are aligned to protect your standard of living during a complex and lengthy transition. Any lingering sense of crisis will end soon.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Less intense times. Sagittarius is another sign whose whole life is being stirred up by major planetary shifts. Happily, the intensity level in your life will diminish a lot. Perhaps your major concern is making an emerging, new lifestyle fit your income. Making the right financial choices now will lay the foundation for long-term security. The planets will help you meet any challenges in this regard. Hanging on to the wrong things or making unwise changes could be quite costly. A focus on home and family life will help you make good decisions.

CAPRICORN ~ No need to rush. Capricorn is beginning a major new cycle. The confidence you feel is realistic. Your motivation will last. You have felt the possibility for something great, but the stars were not properly aligned. Now they are. You can push ahead. However, the complexity of the project is a match for the confidence and motivation that you feel. Proceed carefully. Build a sound foundation. The planetary aspects now supporting you will be around for quite a while. You will have the time you need to do it right.

AQUARIUS ~ Personal renewal. The planets are urging you to redouble efforts to develop your inner, spiritual potential. This impulse will be strengthened by an awareness of unresolved issues in your life and by a strong sense of the many benefits of inward self-development. Also, this drive for inner renewal comes at the same time as thorough and profound adjustments in your outer circumstances. There’s no need to fear these changes. They’ll quickly result in a more enjoyable and stable lifestyle. Your influence over others is running very high this month.

PISCES ~ Guidance. There has long been a conflict between what you wanted and what the powers that be would allow. But you should now find your wishes coming into harmony with the wishes of those who make the rules. Your efforts to achieve your desires will also be in sync with the flow of events. However, you will not have free rein. The need for realism and common sense remain strong. As outward restraints on your actions lessen, the demand for common sense that comes from within you will grow stronger.

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