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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Barrack Obama's First Term

Barrack Obama's First Term

This analysis is based on a multi-composite chart. The chart was based on five dates. These dates are for Barrack Obama, the United States, the Democratic Party, the GOP, and Inauguration Day 2009.

The Inauguration Day chart indicates that Obama must devote his first term to beginning to solve the US economic crisis. The chart also says he absolutely needs to treat the economic crisis as a crisis in housing and employment.

Solving the economic crisis, primarily by putting people to work, will be the US government's most important job during Obama's first term.

Obama will definitely be able to design workable programs and put them in place successfully. His administration will find the resources, the opportunity and the energy to do so.

However, the chart indicates that Obama's programs will be experimental. Public acceptance will be tentative, also.

Efforts to gain political power for its own sake go against the grain of the Inauguration Day chart. Attempts to exploit the country
’s problems to gain, or regain, political power will fail badly. They will also damage the country. This warning applies to Democrats, Republicans, Congress and the White House, and everyone else.

Political noise levels in the country will also be exceptionally high. While Obama is working on the economy, blue and red voters will clash loudly over what it means to be an American. Culture wars, identity politics, extreme partisan rhetoric will rage continuously in the background of the economic rebuilding efforts.

This ceaseless background noise will not prevent economic reform, nor will the economic reform quiet the background noise. The ideological free-for-all will rage apart from and in spite of Obama's efforts to fix the economy, and vice-versa.

The blue vs. red rhetorical battles are part of a major identity crisis, a battle to shape a new, cohesive national identity for the US. Ideally, it will move us beyond the present, highly dysfunctional US national identity as Obama leads us beyond the present highly dysfunctional US economic system.

By the look of it, the struggle to reshape the American identity will be more eventful in its way than the effort to rebuild the economy. The chart also strongly suggests that needed economic reforms will not be completed during Obama's first term. Neither will efforts to forge a new US national identity.
Obama’s first term will more than likely come to a close with major work still in progress.

A Second Obama Term?

However, I think voters will see Obama as someone addressing an urgent, ongoing crisis and grant him a second term to finish his work. You could look at it another way. The healing process simply won’t be far enough along at the end of Obama’s first term to safely change the party in the White House.

As stated, the planets will be working against political power plays of any kind. Although this applies to both parties, it will disadvantage the GOP more. As a practical matter, the GOP cannot improve their political situation without also making a bid for power.

Since the Democrats already hold power, they won’t have to make a bid for power.Basically, the planets support the political status quo, with the Democrats already in power. Neither party can successfully further their own political ambitions at the expense of the other.

Cooperation, however grudging, is the only astrologically realistic option. In spite of themselves, the two political parties will have to cooperate, with each other and with Obama. The upshot will probably be a new centrist political consensus supporting GOP and Democratic cooperation.

The rowdy red vs. blue debate raging in the country will make a bid for partisan advantage very tempting to both Democrats and Republicans. It would be fatal for either party to give in to that temptation. But it will be a greater temptation for the GOP than for the Democrats, since the Democrats will already enjoy a power advantage.

In short, given the way the political world works, the 2009 Inauguration Day chart puts the GOP at a distinct disadvantage from the outset and suggests the idea of a second Obama term.

Astrological Highlights

Driving Instructions

The north node/south node axis is angular in the inauguration chart. It straddles the crucially important 10th house/4th house axis. This is a very strong, highly influential placement.

The Moon's north and south nodes set the grain of a chart. The 10th house/4th house axis is the backbone of the chart. With both of these key structures lined up, the best course of action will be painfully clear to all.

Deviations will have immediate, dramatic and obvious negative consequences for all concerned.
The south node is on the 10th house cusp in Capricorn, near Pluto.

This placement suggests that the pursuit of power for its own sake will lead quickly and directly to serious trouble.
The north node is on the cusp of the 4th house in Cancer. Hence, efforts to provide jobs and housing will bring maximum benefit to all concerned.

The Point of Substance is an obscure astrological indicator that I have been studying for several years. It complements the north node, indicating the issue of greatest significance in a chart.

In the Inauguration Day chart, the Point of Substance is in Virgo in the 6th house. This indicates that whatever else Obama does, he must make a major effort to create jobs.
It is important to note that Capricorn, Cancer and Virgo are core economic influences in the US natal chart.

This suggests that very powerful planetary forces will, indeed, be hard at work in economically important places in the US natal chart during Obama’s first term.
Combined, the Moon's nodes and the Point of Substance say that, above all, Obama's administration must create jobs and provide food and housing to the American people. Woe be to anyone who seeks undue political advantage at the expense of this great national mission.

The key is to address nitty-gritty issues a the grassroots level, and to do it cooperatively.

The Supportive Circuitry

The most positive, enabling aspects in the inauguration chart comprise a mystic rectangle combined closely with a grand trine. It involves Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Chiron and Pluto.

The grand trine and the mystic rectangle comprise a single, integrated structure. This structure grants an all but overwhelmingly dangerous degree of power over the situation.

In essence, this structure will make the US economic and political system damp clay in Obama's hands. It will take special effort to avoid overusing this power and destabilizing the US economic system.

The structure is also so powerfully transformative that it will likely not allow concrete, permanent policies and programs to emerge. It will keep the situation fluid and, if anything, render the economy too sensitive, too vulnerable, to Obama's actions.
This fluidity will ensure that the US economy not settle into its new form for some years to come. It suggests that the underlying issues are deeper and more numerous than anyone has yet begun to suspect. It also suggests to me that the US economy will be transformed to a far more profound degree than anyone yet imagines.

The bottom line: Obama must set firm goals that are realistic in the situation and carefully guide the process throughout. Powerful and highly transformative forces will be at work in a complex and rapidly changing world. Unless they are handled delicately, they could yield unexpected and unfortunate outcomes.
Hard Wired Challenges

A strikingly dense combination of T-squares and grand squares, or grand crosses and oppositions, forms a blocking, challenging structure. A couple of quincunxes are thrown in for good measure. The planets involved are Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Sun, Venus, Chiron and the Moon.

These aspects are just plain difficult. The planets involved clearly relate to mood, emotion, ego, individuality and relationship or, in a word, national identity.

No Relation

So, two highly unstable transformative processes will be at work in Obama's first term. One is strongly enabling and affects economic issues. One is obstructive and destabilizing and affects US national identity.

The two structures don't intersect or overlap very much.
This suggests that the economic reforms and the national identity crisis will proceed along parallel tracks.

This lack of relationship also suggests that both processes are just at their beginning.

Unfinishable Business

The moon will actually be void of course until shortly after Obama is scheduled to take the oath of office. Also, Saturn will be retrograde during the Inauguration. Both of these factors will help lend a tentative, unfinished quality to Obama’s efforts during his first term.

The tail end of the void of course Moon is enough to suggest some bigger than usual surprises, but not enough to indicate grave difficulties in his administration. (It might cause sizable delays and glitches the morning of the Inauguration, though.)

So, two immensely complicated, vital processes will proceed independently and simultaneously during Obama’s first administration. One is producing a new US economy. The other is producing a new national identity.

At some point in the not too distant future, during a likely second Obama administration, both of these great processes must begin to sync up, birthing a new US economy and a new US national identity.
If Obama wins a second term, though, there will still be roughly 8 years to run in Pluto’s profoundly transformative transit of Capricorn at the end of that term.

There will still be a lot to do when Obama hands over the reins in January 2017.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Astrology Forecast for January 2009

Astrology Forecast for January 2009

FOR EVERYONE ~ A watershed moment. Many things are moving forward. Many other things are up in the air and will remain there for some time. The powers that be have put a lot of things on hold. And the planets are about to reshuffle the deck, too. No one can offer much in the way of concrete information about the future. One thing is certain, though: there will be no going back. The world is about to be permanently reshaped. All that said, January does offer a bit more stability. Also, many people are speculating in exciting and inspiring ways. This often visionary speculation is an important part of the process, now. Study these new visions for our individual and collective futures. Many of them will become realities.


ARIES ~ Keep the peace. You can now make better, long-term arrangements to handle burdensome family responsibilities. You will have to make a special effort to make it all work. Pressure will be high. If you feel like you are walking on eggshells, it's because you are. Personal diplomacy will count for a lot. Do what you must to help family members keep an even keel while they do what they need to do. Your own personal agenda will have to come second. Events beyond anyone's control will soon make things simpler.

TAURUS ~ Spread optimism. Everyone is dealing with big changes. Fear of the future is affecting all concerned. People are working hard to make things work, but they are confused about what is coming. You have a clearer and better understanding of where things need to go, of what it will take to make everything work. You are also in harmony with the powers that be. Use this special insight. Explain what is possible. Communicate an upbeat vision of the future. People need and appreciate your guidance much more than you realize.

GEMINI ~ Consult with close friends and allies. Your own vision of the future is clouded, but you are very clear about the potential for trouble. You also understand that everyone's ability to create the future depends on holding things together. Help friends and associates keep the peace and move things forward. Your closest friends and supporters probably have the best insight into what is happening. Use the insight and inspiration they provide to shape your message. Focus on the benefits of teamwork, not on the potential for conflict. Your luck will soon improve noticeably.

CANCER ~ Improvise. You find yourself in turbulent waters. The emotional landscape is changing constantly with many conflicting currents. There is no recipe to follow. You have to think ... or feel ... on your feet. But you are probably the only one who can get the emotional thing right, and that is very important right now. Speak up and calm fears. Make sure people use their personal power in the right way. If higher ups are pressured and edgy, don't take it personally. They are dealing with pretty serious family issues. Long-term finances will improve.

LEO ~ Mixed messages. Discussions with friends might leave you dazed and confused. And you might get drawn into a lot of arguments besides. Those who want change demand your loyalty. Those who don't want change demand your loyalty. Discussions are necessary. Be optimistic, and practical. Take the messages you are getting from inspirational but unrealistic types and hammer them into action statements. Use optimism and good humor to turn bickering factions into effective teams. Use extra caution and diplomacy at work. Problem co-workers could lure you into conflicts with the boss.

VIRGO ~ Keep it light. Nervous employers are demanding a lot because their higher ups are demanding a lot. And they might be getting ready to mess with your finances. Don't panic. You have a much better understanding of what is going on than you think. You also have more leverage than you might realize. An upbeat, even humorous approach might be just the ticket. A little friendly gamesmanship is appropriate, too. Your work situation is also under supportive and protective influences. Use the insights you are getting from your more intuitive friends.

LIBRA ~ Stabilization. Your imagination has been liberated. It is now staying ahead of your anxieties, offering positive visions of possibility. These visions are relevant to other people and might help you guide them. Sometimes, visions of possibility are more helpful than explanations of complicated realities. You can also start chipping away at problems in the here and now. Adjustments at home can help ease work-related stresses. Your partner might be weighed down by family concerns and responsibilities of their own. Help them reconcile personal needs and family responsibilities. Look for lucky breaks in romantic and creative areas.

SCORPIO ~ Community. There is a major new emphasis on community life. Find more ways to participate in community activities. Do so in ways that do not impose undue burdens on yourself. Be idealistic, but be practical. People you depend on for services will require extra patience and understanding. They are struggling with worrisome personal responsibilities. Unexpected events will soon firm up your living situation. Lingering issues will be resolved. Needed adjustments will be easier than in the past. Spiritual and intuitive phenomena will play an increased role in your life. Healing influences pervade your home.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Waves of change. There is a major new planetary emphasis on your finances. Financial issues will become a daily preoccupation. Re-think your economic strategy across the board. Decisions you make now will affect the rest of your life. Adopt strategies that promise slow, steady and secure gains. You might need to be more understanding with people you meet in casual or romantic situations. They are struggling with serious personal responsibilities. Young people in your life also need more support. Unexpected events will soon reshape family and community relationships for the better.

CAPRICORN ~ Share the power, carefully. Events move rapidly now. Some sudden changes are due at month's end. And Capricorn is holding the reins. Keep things calm and orderly and realistic. Nobody is on solid footing yet. Whether at home or at work, pay attention to what key people are saying. They might seem unfocused at times, but what they say can be very important. Be especially careful around important people in your own life. Your energy levels are up and you could seem unduly demanding. You are due for a professional or financial boost.

AQUARIUS ~ Independence, restraints, and some big surprises. You have an unusual level of control over events now. People are especially interested in what you are thinking. They are mostly interested in your realistic ideas, though, and will tell you so. People and events demand practicality right now. You are due for a dramatic change in lifestyle. People will begin to see you very differently. At the same time, you are beginning a new cycle of growth, expansion and prosperity. Activities that are beginning now will eventually transform your personal and professional future.

PISCES ~ Expect the unexpected. You will feel increasing pressure to conform and produce something useful. But at the same time, you will find yourself moving in greater harmony with the events of the times. A sudden and dramatic change in the way you experience life is in the works. Many of the overwhelming pressures of recent months are past and doors are finally beginning to open. Despite the hard edge to world events, heartfelt, loving conversations will figure prominently in your life. People you depend on for income are having problems of their own. Optimism is taking over your inner life.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Barrack Obama's Natal Chart

Barrack Obama's Natal Chart

I was frankly amazed by the strength of Barrack Obama's natal chart. Obama has the chart of a mature, experienced, competent soul and an authentic human being. (I'm trying to avoid saying "old soul.") His natal charts indicate that he has the makings of an excellent president.

In brief, there is a surprising degree of harmony between Obama’s assets and the tasks he must achieve in this life time. Many of the claims he made by Obama himself and his supporters are supported in his natal chart. His chart also suggests that many of the admirable traits he exhibited during his campaign are genuine.

His chart is framed by a series of trines and sextiles. This makes it easy for him to manifest his intentions and desires.

Obama’s natal chart is a fertile mix of assets and challenges. He has much to learn but much to give. His assets and challenges are nicely balanced, though, nicely interrelated. His life is one of accomplishment, service and learning.
There is also a constructive, smooth interrelationship between the assets and challenges. The hard aspects dovetail nicely with the supportive aspects. His strengths and weaknesses form a synergy. The reciprocity between strength and weakness suggests a graceful and productive learning process. It will benefit Obama as a person, but it will also benefit those with whom he is associated and those he serves.

Astrological Points of Interest

There is a grand trine between Venus, Chiron and Neptune in Obama's chart. Neptune is near his mid-heaven in the 9th house. Chiron is in his 1st house. And Venus is in his romantic, flirtatious fifth house. This grand trine is not so powerful as to be overwhelming. But it does create about Obama a resilient, gently supportive aura that others find healing and uplifting.

Jupiter and Saturn form a gentle conjunction. This conjunction is close enough to blend these potentially conflicting energies productively, but not close enough to make them clash. The considerable positive potential of the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction is bolstered by trines from both the Moon and Mars.

These influences would make Obama thoughtful, deliberative, even analytic. It would also make him patient. But the trine from Mars would make him act decisively when the time came.

The calm, deliberative patient persona Obama showed in his campaign is deeply rooted in his nature.

One of the most interesting features of his chart is the stellium on the cusp of his 7nth house. Sun, Uranus and the Moon's north node are all clustered there. For Obama, achieving change, or reform, through teams or groups of other people is his life purpose. And his personality would naturally tend to support this life goal.

Obama's chart includes a Chiron/Pluto opposition. Chiron is also near his south node, both in his 1st house.

These placements indicate that Obama is very sensitive to insults and personal affronts. He has it somewhere in him to be a bully or to act out of a sense of victimization. With his south node so closely involved, playing the angry black man, for example, would be his downfall, however. But his behavior to date suggests that he knows this well.

Given the strong Uranus and Pluto influences, he would also respond strongly to offenses against principle and to offenses against others.

His north node is very strongly placed, though. Also, the strength of his Jupiter/Saturn/Moon/Mars relationships dilute any possible vindictiveness arising from the Pluto/Chiron opposition.

However, given the other strengths in his chart, Obama is likely to right wrongs against himself or another in a way that everyone would consider fair and just.

Obama would indeed tend to remember an offense, against himself or someone else. He would want to make it right and would not forget about it until it was. All of the above would tend to make him a true crusader.

Finally, Quaoar (creative chaos) and Ixion (betrayal of public trust) are together in Libra, in his 9th house. This suggests that Obama can, in fact, work with undemocratic leaders in innovative and constructive ways. His oft declared intention to talk with undemocratic, problematic world leaders is found on something deep and positive in his nature. It is not born of political naïveté.


In June, I posted a piece called "Obama's Electoral Prospects." In this post I discussed a very exact and very worrisome Saturn/Pluto conjunction. But I refused to speculate about what this explosive, destructive aspect might indicate, pending real evidence of its possible meaning.

I now think it is possible to offer an interpretation of that aspect. On
November 23, 2008, the Los Angeles Times posted an article entitled:

"White extremists lash out over election of first black president" with the subheading "The Ku Klux Klan is emerging from decades of disorganization and obscurity, and the turnaround is acutely evident -- more than 200 hate-related incidents have been reported since the Nov. 4 election."

The article states: "Barely three weeks since America elected its first black president, noose hangings, racist graffiti and death threats have struck dozens of towns across the country.

"More than 200 such incidents -- including cross burnings, assassination betting pools and effigies of President-elect Barack Obama -- have been reported, according to law enforcement authorities and the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups."

This, I think, explains the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Obama's electoral chart and I offer it as an explanation of its meaning.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Astrology Forecast for December 2008

Astrology Forecast for December 2008

For Everyone ~ Many doors will close, many windows will open. If you have been hoping, or fearing, that some situation in your life would come to an end, the wait is over. It won’t be a single thing that ends it. Obstacles will arise across the board. The end will be final and its implications far-reaching, and, ultimately, much for the best. This might leave some of us a little stymied. It shouldn't catch any of us completely by surprise, though. At the same time, many especially promising new possibilities will arise. These emerging possibilities will have great momentum behind them and they promise lasting, wide-ranging benefits. For the vast majority of us, the endings will be welcome and the new possibilities will bring hope.

Sign by Sign

Aries ~ Hunker down and work around it. Right now, everything seems to depend on fulfilling obligations and proving that you are capable and worthy of people’s respect. The weight and the difficulty of your responsibilities is very great. Gaining the approval and respect of others is also harder than it once seemed. It doesn’t seem fair. But your home base, your base of operations, is safe and secure. You can easily work around some big issues without having to solve them completely. Do your best for now without worrying overly much what others think.

Taurus ~ Serious is the new playful. You have to be careful. What you say is now being taken more seriously. Cast off remarks, things you thought were jokes, could easily get you in hot water. Brief, seemingly casual encounters can now have serious and lasting consequences. Worse, these things can have an effect on your income. It is time to take yourself more seriously, too. Figure out who you really are, how you want people to take you. Fashion a new public persona that won’t make slips that can cause trouble later.

Gemini ~ Focus on home and family. This month, almost everything affects the home, and vice-versa. Even small things that affect the home can have surprisingly big consequences. Seemingly small changes in the home will affect your life outside the home, too. Most of the issues revolve around everyday actions that used to be OK but really aren’t anymore. Greater thoughtfulness and personal responsibility are now expected in just about every area. Gemini has a special role in getting the delicate message out to others. Tact is required. Mistakes will take a lot of effort to fix.

Cancer ~ Fight pessimism. This December, those hyperactive Cancerian intuitions will be working overtime. Much of what you are picking up will be worry-making. Cancerians do tend to worry too much, but this time it’s more serious. Excessive worry can now undermine everything important in your life. First, don’t mistake all the pessimism for your own. Lots of it is coming from others. Second, don’t put up with it. Demand that people be calm and realistic around you. Shed responsibilities that don’t belong to you. Make sure your own garden is well-tended.

Leo ~ Total makeover. You have arrived at a major financial turning point. Economic avenues you have been pursuing are now blocked. Every aspect of your financial life is affected. You will likely need to use Leo’s famous theatrical ability to fashion a new identity, one that better suits the needs of employers and the expectations of people around you. The planets are also pointing you in the direction of more idealistic and selfless involvement with others. These days, being more sympathetic and idealistic will lead to greater income. Go with what’s new.

Virgo ~ Virgo in charge. Everybody will be looking to Virgo for direction. You will probably be so busy you won't notice how influential you’ve become or how eagerly people seek your advice. What you have to say might also seem sort of downbeat or stern, a “shape up or ship out” kind of message. However, people already know they need to make some serious ‘adjustments.’ They will be focusing on the helpful part of what you say and be grateful for it. For your part, expect significant improvements in all key areas.

Libra ~ Special access. Librans are especially well situated to witness the turbulence, the urgency and the frustration that is affecting the world around them. You feel it deeply, too. However, Librans also have a special link to the source of change. You understand its meaning. You understand the ideals that are driving reform and sense the direction it must go in, maybe better than the reformers themselves. You can see light through the clouds and sense a way through mounting obstacles. Others will be grateful for your realistic advice.

Scorpio ~ Higher ideals. The reason you cannot quite see your way through mounting obstacles is that the goals and aspirations that currently inspire you are not high enough. This is one of those rare times when raising your sights, being more openly idealistic, spiritual and humanitarian will bring immediate and practical benefit. It will open a path where none exists right now. Begin at home. You and family members will benefit immediately if you re-think shared goals. Set them on a more openly idealistic level. Inspiration will come with surprising ease and clarity.

Sagittarius ~ Relief. Sagittarians can all breathe a huge sigh of relief. A very difficult time in your life is now over. The positive, supportive energies you know are there will now come to the fore. It is true that hardship and strain are everywhere. Many around you are facing tough choices. You have probably felt at odds with authority figures, of late, too. But those same authority figures now count on your cooperation as they seek solutions for everyone. Stalled ambitions will begin to move forward soon. Life will be easier.

Capricorn ~ Shifting gears. Energy levels, especially nervous energy levels, are increasing dramatically. Long stalled projects are finally getting the green light. The gears of power are turning more smoothly. Your personal input is in high demand. There are very hopeful signs on the financial front. At the same time, though, you might notice the ground doesn’t feel quite so solid beneath your feet. Profound life changes are in the works. The long and the short of it is, with so much going on, Capricorn had best schedule a lot more downtime.

Aquarius ~ Time for financial discipline. The planets have turned a corner where your financial life is concerned. A delicate, intricate web of relations ties you to the financial world. Messages are now traveling to you along every subtle thread in this web. These messages will continue to come. It is time to take a long hard look at long-term financial issues, things like pension savings, investments, insurance and mortgages. This month, the planets support gracious communication with people in key financial areas. But don’t ignore the underlying tone of urgency.

Pisces ~ Explore. You presently have a comfortable situation, but in your heart you know it can’t last. Pressure is coming from everywhere to strike out, to do something, to establish a more active and viable lifestyle. You also suspect that familiar, comfortable relationships are holding you back. The cost of just hanging on will continue to rise. You can continue to tread water without really meeting the challenge, but the issues won’t go away. Career and finances will stagnate. Take advantage of gracious and considerate offers to branch out.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Lipstick on the Flag The Sarah Palin Candidacy

Lipstick on the Flag The Sarah Palin Candidacy

Sarah Palin's vice-presidential candidacy raised hopes. Feminists, Hillary supporters and strong women everywhere want a woman in the White House.

Sarah Palin was their chance, maybe. But Sarah Palin's chart says she isn't the one they're looking for.

Her chart is crackling with rebellious, reformist Uranian and Aquarian energy, but this energy masks an unattractive, anti-Aquarian reality. The energy is badly skewed and bound up in dangerous aspects.

She is not a reformer in the grand tradition. Her chart shows the kind of personality that make up the basic building blocks of fascist, authoritarian governments.

Her planets suggest a dictatorial, erratic, dogmatic, self-serving person. It suggests seriously flawed, even delusional thought processes. Worse, her chart indicates a highly vindictive, vengeful persona.

It also shows someone who will do anything to further her own ideas, or ideals. For Sarah Palin, the ends justify the means.

To be sure, her chart is bristling with energy. It is just not very good energy.

This is the chart of someone who naturally seeks power. They would use any means to get it and use it arbitrarily once they had it.

I know this is strong language, but in my view the aspects in her chart justify it.

The Astrological Details

Sarah Palin's birth time is not publicly available. To avoid controversy, I used a chart cast for the moment of sunrise.

I based these my conclusions on three aspects that would show little or no change over a 24 hour period. One of the most telling aspects would grow significantly tighter in the course of a day.

The aspects I discuss take up 2/3's of the planets in her chart. This leaves little room for opposing arguments. Also, in my opinion, what we now about Sarah Palin’s behavior supports my reading of the aspects involved.

Sun Conjunct Mars and Saturn

In Sarah Palin's chart, Sun, Mars and Saturn are within 3 degrees of exact conjunction.

Sun, Mars and Saturn are not happy to be that close together. Mars is fiery and speedy. Saturn is cool, slow, ponderous, painstaking. The Sun likes stability and integrity and freedom from burdensome Saturnian constraints and Martian impulsiveness.

Theoretically, taken two at a time, Sun, Mars and Saturn can combine favorably. As a practical matter, even taken only two at a time, these bodies do not combine well. Taken together, the three produce unfortunate results.

As a practical matter ... Mars and Saturn clash and to very destructive effect, impatience warring constantly and violently with caution and prudence.

Mars and the Sun produce a dictatorial, militaristic person. The Sun and Saturn produce an authoritarian and rigid person.

The self-critical, depressing Saturn influence would trigger overcompensation and self-aggrandizement.

Overcompensation would, that is, produce a 'superiority complex' to mask a Saturn-induced inferiority complex. Frustrated, blocked Mars would produce a very bad temper.

All three energies combined produce a personality that is energetic, but also brittle, volatile, erratic and dictatorial. Sarah “Barracuda,” indeed.

Neptune Square Sun/Mars/Saturn

The Neptune square to Sun, Mars and Neptune is broad. But over a life time, this broad Neptune square would have a strong effect.

The Sun governs the ego. The ego wants to be clear and whole. Neptune clouds and dissolves the ego. Saturn likes things clear and well-reasoned. Neptune makes things confusing and speculative. Mars likes things hot and fast. Neptune makes things cool and drifty and dreamy.

More generally, a Neptune square to the Sun inclines a person to extremism and fringe ideas. To a volatile and erratic and power loving personality, the Neptune square adds an attraction to extremist, fringe ideas.

Adding a Neptune square to a Sun/Mars/Saturn conjunction makes Palin the opposite of everything calm, fair, disciplined and realistic.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto, Opposite Chiron

Sarah Palin shares the historic Uranus/Pluto conjunction that marked the 1960's. It endowed those born in the 1960's with an indomitable spirit of independence and unshakeable commitment to personal freedom. It also powered the vibrant, highly idealistic liberation and reform movements of those times.

In Palin's chart, the planets in this powerful and dynamic conjunction are retrograde and afflicted by a Chiron opposition. Chiron is within a few degrees of exact opposition to retrograde Uranus. The Chiron/Pluto opposition is virtually exact.

This would make Palin ruthless and extreme in the pursuit of her ideals.

The Chiron/Pluto opposition requires special notice. It indicates a dangerously spiteful, vindictive and vengeful character, a relentless bully. It points to someone who is not content with simple payback. Quoting Barry Goldwater, a conservative Presidential candidate of the times, it suggests someone who wants to bomb her enemies back into the stone age, bomb them until the rubble bounces.

The retrograde motion of Uranus and Pluto mute the power of the configuration somewhat, rendering it a more subjective, inward quality. But the ruthless and vengeful qualities of the Chiron/Pluto/Uranus opposition would pervade her thinking and inevitably reveal itself in her rhetoric and her actions.

Not Much Left Over

These three big and dangerous aspects absorb about 2/3's of the planetary energy in Palin's chart. They don't leave much left over for redeeming qualities.

We know from her public behavior that she is, indeed, manifesting at least some of the darker potentialities of these potentially very dark aspects.

In my view, Sarah Palin is a deeply troubled soul who should be returned to obscurity to wrestle with her many demons, not elevated to the role of Vice President of the United States.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Astrology Forecast for November 2008

Astrology Forecast for November 2008

For Everyone ~ It’s almost time to get on board. Ever so slowly, the chaos is subsiding and new possibilities are coming within reach. It will soon be time to actually do something. Between now and then, though, people have to get their minds around the situation and talk each other into cooperating on the right course to take. The astrological causes of the most recent crisis are gone and will not soon return, so it is safe to look ahead. The key is to focus on the future and agree on a plan. At times like this, when there is so much commotion and you are just beginning to develop a strategy, it is important to remember that the devil is in the details.

Sign by Sign

Aries ~ Don’t be a superhero. You and others must remember two things. You are not responsible for everything that is happening. You cannot fix it single-handedly. As intensely as you feel it, as much as it weighs on you, as tuned in as you are, it’s easy to forget that you are only one human being and your power and responsibilities are limited. The best thing to do is quietly and calmly rearrange your life and affairs as well as you can to accommodate the necessities. Above all, be realistic.

Taurus ~ Speak truth to power. You are often the driving force behind events. This month, you must be the one to urge restraint on all concerned, especially those in power. You know very well that people are tired unto death of the past and almost frantic for something new. But you also know that everyone, including those in charge, could easily charge off in the wrong direction. Use reason to develop a more sensible, realistic version of the vision that is inspiring everyone. Use your powers of persuasion to sell it.

Gemini ~ Persuade people to grow up. You are being pressured in your personal and professional life. Part of it is that the people you must turn into an effective working team have numerous bitter, irresolvable conflicts. Part of the pressure is from overly optimistic higher ups, at home and at work. They think you are just the one to bring harmony to this free-for-all. The bottom line is that you must play peacemaker, for the sake of everyone. Besides, you have to do it if you want that promotion.

Cancer ~ Balancing act. The focus this month is on maintaining relations with just about everyone you need to keep your life on track, personally, socially and professionally. Your best bet is probably to keep juggling. There’s flexibility and enough to keep everyone and everything going, for now, but there won’t be much left over. Something big must happen eventually if you want to achieve stable, secure, working relationships again. In the end, the solution probably won’t come from arguing. It might take a commitment from everyone to forgive, forget and heal.

Leo ~ Reach for the stars. Like some other Sun signs, Leo must work to keep family, friendships and work relationships whole. But you must work by convincing people to give up some of their most cherished, and outdated, illusions. Encourage people to reach into their imaginations and give life to new ideas, and to ideals they might think are unrealistic. Then convince them to share these visions. The joy they will inspire is a necessary part of the solution we all seek. Maintain confidence, and don’t let power struggles sew discord.

Virgo ~ Just say the word. The struggles you have endured in recent years have endowed you with a new ability and the right to use it. In a way that will amaze you and startle others, you are able to heal, energize and motivate others with your words. This skill will come in especially handy this month as so many people important in your life seek support and a new direction. Others might supply inspiration, common sense or balance, but Virgo can make it all come together in the real world.

Libra ~ Create a sanctuary. You are viewing the direction and the rate of change around you with deepening concern. There is no end in sight. The pace of change will not slow and you’ll have little choice but to deal with it. However, soon you will find yourself with new tools and greater power over events. Finances will improve. The changes will be easier to control. Erratic, uncooperative and demanding people will become easier to manage. Meanwhile, create a place where you can periodically retreat from the turmoil and restore yourself.

Scorpio ~ Guide the changes. For now, just hold on to the reins. Keep things moving forward and steer as steady a course as you can through this turmoil. It’s true that things are a bit much, but it would be worse if things stopped moving or if they took a wrong turn. You will very soon have to stop throwing money at problems. The money is tightening up and, anyway, it just encourages those responsible for the mess in the first place. When you can, stop bailing the boat and patch the hole.

Sagittarius ~ Lend your support. You might feel upstaged: in the middle of things, but playing second fiddle. However, you have a crucial role to play. Your ability to inspire, support and encourage is desperately needed. You are uniquely able to make the right choice seem appealing and to negotiate the necessary compromises. Maybe other people are thinking and feeling the same kinds of things, but only you can put it into the right words and invest it with just the right feeling. Help others find the courage to do the right thing.

Capricorn ~ Forward movement. By month’s end things will be ready to start moving. Both the motivation and the resources will be there. Gears that only used to grind will begin to mesh. But maybe best of all, you won’t be blindsided so often by sudden, erratic changes, or by loose cannons, those who assert their independence in the worst ways at the worst possible moment. But like a locomotive pulling (or pushing) a long train out of the station, it would be best to move slowly at first. Let momentum build.

Aquarius ~ Feeling your oats. You will experience two potent, irresistible and seemingly contradictory forces at the same time. On the one hand, you will feel the bit between your teeth. When you push, things will move. On the other hand, you will feel the need to hold back, to move more cautiously and patiently. Instead of ignoring the wiser, cooler heads, you will find yourself wanting to consult them ... and be guided by them. If you do insist on charging ahead on your own, you will find yourself pulled up short.

Pisces ~ Come down to earth. You need to start being absolutely realistic as well as visionary. You’ve been free to pursue your dreams unfettered by practical concerns in recent years. Starting about now, though, just as the gears are really starting to mesh, you will have to start proving that your plans make cold, hard sense. You could even get to like certain hard-nosed, realistic types who you might have resented in the past. Anyway, if you don’t start listening to them, you might actually get your wings clipped.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Astrology of the Meltdown

Astrology of the Meltdown

Between September 12th and September 20th, a rolling series of hard aspects hit the US natal chart in quick succession. It hit the US chart very hard and at a very sensitive spot. This spot was already under serious pressure from ongoing Saturn, Uranus and Pluto transits.

During the full moon, the Sun and Moon passed through a powerful T-square relationship. Various elements of the T-square matured during a 9 day period. The full moon T-square hit along the powerful and sensitive 1st house/10th house axis of the US chart.

Taken together, these aspects amounted to a direct hit, dead center in the US chart.

The US natal Neptune is at the top of the US chart. At the moment of the full moon, Sun and Moon formed exact aspects to it. This drew US natal Neptune and many other things in the US chart, into the full moon T-square.

The vertical axis governs the financial industry, homeowners and the relationship between them. US natal Neptune's presence here makes the financial industry and home ownership the foundations of the American dream. Other strong natal aspects branch out from this axis to tie virtually the entire chart to itself.

In other words, very little of importance in the US chart was untouched by the September full moon.

This full moon T-square cracked the foundations of the US economic system and turned the ground beneath it into quicksand.

It cracked the foundations of the American dream. It triggered a transformation of the American worldview. It liquified the mental and emotional glue that holds the American worldview and the American system together.

It triggered what will likely be a through and lengthy transformation of the American political, economic and social systems.

Shortly after the full moon T-square matured, Mercury went retrograde during a void of course moon. This will work strongly against any quick or easy government fix. It also indicates the depth and breadth of the change that is will result in the US.

Given the aspects, whatever Congress does now can only be a temporary and partial fix. I will go on record as saying that the current, most recent “bailout” can only be a first, flawed, faltering step in the complete transformation of the United States.

The Astrological Details

On Friday the 12th, Uranus opposed the Sun.

On Saturday, the 13th, the nearly full moon opposed Saturn.

On Monday, the full moon conjoined Uranus and squared Pluto, more or less at the same time it was opposing the Sun.

On Saturday, the 20th, the moon squared Saturn and the Sun completed a square to Pluto.

Transiting Sun was within a single degree of exact conjunction with US natal Neptune at the top of the US chart, close to the midheaven. This effectively drew the entire US chart into the full moon T-square. It spread the force of the T-square throughout the US chart.

On Wednesday the 24th, Mercury went retrograde during a void of course moon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Astrology Forecast for October 2008

Astrology Forecast for October 2008

For Everyone ~
Waiting for inspiration to do its work. October 2008 is a very rare kind of month. Our outer, material life is waiting on developments in our inner, intuitive life. We sense the possibility and the need for forward movement. But all we have are old ideas that we already know will not work. We are all waiting for a new idea to work its way into our awareness, for an inner light to grow strong enough to light a new path, one that we maybe never noticed before. We are waiting on the same thing to happen in other people. As October progresses, we will begin to move forward and notice others moving forward as this inner process goes forward.

Sign by Sign

Aries ~
You have the bit between your teeth. Try not to feel like a time bomb. Control your impatience. The arrogance and lack of consideration of certain parties will upset you. But negotiation and cooperation are the keys. Healing discussions will uplift all concerned. Your dissatisfaction with the status quo will still remain strong. But you should sense that the status quo is changing. These changes will bring you luck, and opportunities to shape the future to your liking. Just be sure certain people don’t make changes to their own advantage.

Taurus ~
It always lands in your lap. The relative calm early in October is the eye of a storm. Chaos will resume mid-month. People come to you repeatedly with thorny, insoluble problems. Maybe they sense your access to those in power. But the authorities don’t have the answers either. You'll have to come up with the answer and then explain, dramatize, persuade and ... well ... bully people--both high and low--into cooperating, for their own good. Maybe you can slip in a helpful suggestion while the boss is feeling good.

Gemini ~
Enlist. People all around you are desperate to find a solution. Those in power are even more desperate to open lines of communication with their unruly subordinates and restless allies. They need people to cooperate with the search for answers and to keep peace during the search. You are acutely aware of differences with your superiors, but if you choose, you can be an important middle-person during these turbulent times. That will bring rewards as stability and progress return. Pressure from family members could dampen social and romantic impulses.

Cancer ~
Intensity. Cancerians are overwhelmed with emotion now. Your mind is full of inspiration. Your heart is full of empathy. Your stomach is tight with determination to get to the bottom of something. Your best bet is to keep your mind on the big picture. Stick with the ideas that are broad enough to include everyone and grand enough to inspire everyone. For the rest, help people understand the meaning of what they are feeling. Help them relate their feelings and ideas, and most importantly, their actions, to the big picture.

Leo ~
Getting over the hump. Leos love to love and be loved. Their favorite way to achieve that is gentle persuasion, encouraging words, tap dancing around the tough issues all the while. This month, that tactic won’t work. Neither will glistening generalities and noble sentiments. People are focused on the nitty-gritty and won’t be distracted. Be down to earth. Help them express that confused feeling or complicated idea and do or say those difficult, realistic words. Most important of all, help them take that scary next step, or make that important commitment.

Virgo ~
Network. In contrast to other Sun signs, who are scrambling to get it together, Virgos will find themselves in the midst of a sizable, supportive new network of friends and associates. They are energetic, optimistic and full of exciting plans for the future. Beyond that, you will profit from the cooperation of people with the power and inclination to make things happen for you. The resolution of many outstanding, interwoven financial issues will help you heal relations with loved ones. This, in turn, will help you heal longstanding personal issues.

Libra ~
Maintain self-confidence. Planetary forces are testing your self-confidence. Many people will use questionable methods to undermine your faith in yourself. Don’t let them. Measure yourself against real situations, not the questionable opinions of others. Your help is vitally necessary to help others sort out their rapidly changing lives. However, you will need to rethink many cherished beliefs about yourself and the world. Just don’t let others take advantage of you or make you feel badly while you’re doing this vital personal maintenance. Your quest will directly benefit others.

Scorpio ~ Keep your feet on the ground. There are many confusing things going in your world right now. At the same time, your mind is opening up to subtle, intuitive ways of thinking and perceiving. This is healthy and natural. It will provide inspiration and bring new ways of thinking through stubborn issues. It will also help you escape tiresome limitations. Keep your mind on simple, down-to-earth things to help maintain a realistic perspective as you learn to deal with all this new input.

Sagittarius ~ Mark time. You might find yourself going around in circles. The same questions, the same solutions, the same obstacles, again and again. There are exciting ideas around. However, they aren’t clear enough. People don’t understand them. From all that’s been said, its not clear that you can get there from here anyway. Everyone will have to wait until everyone else has mulled things over and gotten themselves ready to think and act out of the box. It will be a month or so before the impasse breaks down completely.

Capricorn ~ Not your average Capricorn month. Capricorns like clear directions, neat schedules, firm ground and concrete choices. October isn’t like that. Still, you sense that optimism is justified. Things will soon start moving in the right direction, slowly but decisively. But you also face a new life challenge. You need to completely rethink all the important relationships in your life. This challenge is long-term. Shepherding people past the present impasse, nurturing their communication with each other and with you, are only the first steps in meeting this long-term challenge.

Aquarius ~ Keep it light. The world is very, very much in need of the kind of inventive and inspiring things that routinely go through your Aquarian mind. But they aren’t ready to show a focused interest or make any major commitments. You can accomplish a lot and help many people simply by making yourself available for small talk. That will provide the inspiration they want without the commitment they fear. Your vibes are just right for this task right now. Achieving your own concrete, personal goals will soon become much easier.

Pisces ~ Make it realistic. Things have started moving forward. Your mind is awash with exciting ideas. Many of them might seem unrealistic or to need extensive revision. Or maybe not. You might have no choice but to work through the details very, very carefully, sorting out the wheat from the chaff, making sure the ideas fit the reality and vice versa. You’ll be surprised how much this process helps all concerned. Success is on the horizon. Gaining acceptance from new people might require some temporary compromises. Don’t brood over perceived slights.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chiron in America [Advisory: This month's post is not for the faint of heart.]

Chiron in America

[Advisory: This month's post is not for the faint of heart.]

In mid-2010, in less than two years, solar arc Chiron will contact the ascendant of the US natal chart. Solar arc Chiron will then spend roughly 30 years in the US first house. This signals a time of trial and, ultimately, healing and deep spiritual maturation for the United States.

Chiron often triggers painful and costly episodes that destroy blocks between the personality and the higher self. These episodes can involve illness, injury, accidents and natural or man-made disasters. They can also involve very serious, emotional distress.

Saturn might weigh one down and/or belabor a point when you can least afford it. Chiron will trip one up and then rub one's nose in it. When someone is headed for a fall, Chiron brings the fall. And if you’ve been messing with Mother Nature, Chiron will mess with you.

Chiron drives home all the important lessons one has so far avoided learning, all the points one has studiously avoided, and it often does so quite pointedly. It brings home the consequences one thought one would never have to face. It manifests that one in a million chance for disaster.

Solar arc Chiron on the US ascendant, means that the floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, bridge collapses, food scares and other misfortunes of recent years, with all their attendant hardship, are harbingers of things to come.

Ultimately, Chiron has a softening, humbling, humanizing, or spiritualizing, effect on people. It inspires empathy and compassion. And it brings a quest for healing and a concern for the afflicted. However, Chiron's methods are very often harsh. It is Chiron, not Saturn, that really tries the souls of men and women.

Solar Arc Aspects Trump Transits

Nasty transits bring passing troubles, frequently from without, like a passing storm. Rough solar arc aspects, like those we are expecting in the US, bring lasting, life-altering difficulties.

They organize and bring to bear destructive forces at work within a nation. Rough solar arc aspects work from within with destructive forces we ourselves have set in motion.

This very potent solar arc Chiron contact with the US ascendant in mid-2010 will be aggravated by several other decidedly challenging solar arc contacts. Taken together, this cluster of solar arc contacts strongly suggest a time of crisis.

Uranus Complications

Solar arc Chiron will be within orb of opposition to the exceedingly touchy US natal Uranus in the 7th house. This 7th house influence suggests painful and costly difficulties with, alongside, or on behalf of, our allies and other partner nations. This will bring a worsening or escalation of ongoing difficulties, but it could will probably also bring fresh new problems.

US natal Uranus, testy as it is, occupies a powerful position near the descendant, the cusp of the 7th house. That is a delicate and dangerous spot in and of itself.

But US natal Uranus also opposes (within about 2 degrees) the massively over-reactive natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint, a sore point that can trigger massive overkill. America’s "Don't tread on me!” spot. Your best friend or your worst enemy.

These natal aspects represent the famous willingness of Americans to fight and die for freedom, their own or someone else's, often at the drop of a hat. They also represent the tension between America's role as a liberator and its need to control and coordinate the actions of its allies and partners.

These upcoming solar arc aspects are going to weigh upon this sensitive, explosive spot in the US chart a little too hard and long for comfort.

Saturn Complications

Chiron's opposition to Uranus, by itself, is sufficient to unleash a painfully, dangerously intense desire for liberation and independence among groups in the US and among our friends, allies and trading partners abroad.

But there is still more to look out for. Solar arc Saturn will be close to the very touchy US natal Uranus, aggravating all the other aggravations. This pressurizing Saturn aspect will certainly worsen the effects of the solar arc Chiron opposition to natal Uranus, making them more costly, painful and enduring.

The influence of solar arc Chiron on this delicate and dangerous point could easily signal violence in the US or in one or more of its important partner nations. Saturn’s involvement is almost a guarantee of serious trouble.

All of the above goes double or triple because, as you will have noticed, these exceedingly troublesome aspects are all quite angular.

Pluto Complications

Solar arc Pluto, riding high in the 9th house closely squares US natal Mars in the 7th. This is a very explody aspect, too. It significantly increases the possibility of US involvement in a brutal foreign war.

Neptune Complications

Finally, solar arc Pluto is nearly conjunct natal Neptune on the midheaven. This indicates an inclination to abuse drugs and alcohol to escape from extreme psychological tensions.

The US solar arc chart for June 2010 presents a genuinely scary picture. It strongly suggests that the difficulties we have experienced in recent years are not passing difficulties. They are harbingers of more difficult times to come.

Pluto in Capricorn Complications

All of the above must also be put in the already disquieting context of Pluto's powder keggy transit of the Capricorn/Cancer axis.

I try to remain optimistic. But in this case, my optimism must come from the benefits of early detection and early warning. Forewarned is forearmed. It might be time to hunker down.

If by the Grace of the Good Lord we manage to escape the worst effects of these solar arc aspects, count us fortunate indeed.

On the upside, sort of, this analysis is focused on the macro level. The same forces, as troublesome as they are, usually hit less hard on the micro, individual level.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Astrology Forecast for September 2008

Astrology Forecast for September 2008

For Everyone ~ A point of no return; a new beginning. The past is now officially past. There's no going back. The incremental change of recent times has finally added up to a major turning point. Stubborn, insurmountable obstacles will force a profound change in our lifestyle and life direction. However, just as we are all probably obsessing about how hard it all is, a pathway will open up before us. One stepping stone at a time, we will find a new way forward. We will be pressured to take each new step and not to turn back. But we will also be rewarded and excited by the gradual realization of a vast new potential. We may gripe about having to leave a lot of things behind, but we will also love the new way of life that is emerging.

Sign by Sign

Aries ~ Set boundaries. There are too many people that expect too much of you, now. They are threatening to overwhelm your private life. Their claim is real and you must make some concessions. But it still adds up to too much. Events in September will help you set boundaries that everyone can understand and accept. Both idealism and practical financial planning will help you find a solution. Things will get easier as September progresses. Many people are in line for the resources you seek, but your needs will be met.

Taurus ~ There’s a big course correction just ahead. The future that is quickly emerging is different than the one you had expected. You won’t have to sacrifice your financial goals or your most cherished dreams. You might have to scramble a little to keep everything on schedule, and maybe along a different track. But things look worse than they are. You have more power than you realize. Your influence is subtle but considerable. You will need to shape events, but that won’t be hard because people will seek your guidance.

Gemini ~ You saw all this coming. The delays are about over. You can’t avoid or put off the changes anymore. You can’t control them, either. Neither can others. The effects are noticeable in your personal and social life as those close to you make necessary adjustments. Be grateful that you had the last few months to prepare and to negotiate a better deal. There is a new, exciting air of mystery and anticipation about the future, though. These changes will help those in charge with finances. That will eventually benefit you.

Cancer ~ No going back. You’ve probably watched events build from a distance, half hoping that nothing would ever really happen or things would go back to normal. Powerful people have been making big decisions and developing policies in private. This month, they will be made public. The effects will quickly become apparent in your life. You will be shielded from the worst of it. Lasting and important new alliances are now developing in your life. Recent events have put you beyond the reach of opponents. Things will work out well financially.

Leo ~ Let others inspire you. You are beginning to realize that you have an important role to play in shaping future events. But the landscape has changed dramatically. Circumstances might slow or even block progress along certain familiar avenues. There are barriers, but there are also many new opportunities. Take your cue from partners no matter how unrealistic they seem. With their needs as your guide, use your considerable ingenuity and force of personality to forge a new pathway that everyone can use. Your professional situation will continue to improve.

Virgo ~ A firm hand is needed. Many want to continue down the same road. You’ll have to tell them that road is closed. You know from personal experience that things absolutely must change, starting immediately. If they want to keep the money coming in, they have to keep up with rapidly changing times, and so must those in your immediate circle. Your task will get easier as others get used to the new order of things. Despite all the turbulence, initial results will be encouraging. That should help you convince the doubters.

Libra ~ All roads pass through Libra. Things are changeful and confusing and everyone is out looking for answers. It isn’t that you have all the answers or that you have a lot of power over the situation. It is just that your influence with everyone is running high. Coincidentally, just about all of your personal energies are devoted to understanding and solving the problems everyone else is having right now. Dealing with the situation can be fun and inspiring and a little mysterious. Working from home can be relaxing and profitable.

Scorpio ~ Follow your innermost voice. Your own most familiar and reliable instincts will provide ample inspiration and guidance in these confusing times. However, to succeed completely, you will have to listen to voices from deeper within you, voices which you often ignore or even reject. If you do, you will gain surprisingly accurate insight into events and what everybody else is really thinking about them. Your ties to the community will grow deeper and stronger. They will provide substantial and lasting benefits to you and to the community you live in.

Sagittarius ~ A bend in the road. Those in charge won’t allow some things anymore; those at home are making demands; changing times are forcing your hand. However, the future is now looking more promising and the road ahead is actually looking clearer than before. Despite the occasional disruption, the stars suggest a more relaxing ride ahead for Sagittarius. Concentrate on establishing a satisfying and sustainable new lifestyle. Work to consolidate your finances and keep them stable. It’s a good time to lay the groundwork for a project to pursue further in coming months.

Capricorn ~ Power of the purse. Ready cash is tough to come by. It’s hard to get the green light for projects. However, Capricorn knows that things have started to move forward. You hold the key. You are uniquely well positioned to pull scarce resources together, coordinate efforts and point people down the right road. You have an almost magical ability to create something where others see only obstacles. You need to schedule extra time for rest and relaxation. Being both the driving force and guiding hand can wear a person out.

Aquarius ~ Countdown. You’ve been taking your time about making a choice, trying things out. However, the planets have laid down a marker. The time for firm decisions is on the horizon. You should begin working in earnest on the difficult financial choices you’ve been putting off. In the months ahead, the price of delay will become increasingly clear and events will take attractive but unrealistic choices off the table. A new cycle of growth and prosperity is coming, but it won’t arrive until after you’ve made a few tough financial decisions.

Pisces ~ A new balance. For many years, you’ve been overly assertive and overly independent to defend yourself against pushy, controlling people. You’ve also ignored the wishes of people you should take more seriously. You’ve dwelt in your own little universe. This resulted in too much freedom and an uncertain path through life. You will soon be surrounded by powerful but caring people. And you won’t find it so easy to ignore the wishes of those older and wiser than yourself. The result will be a gentle, long overdue and very beneficial reality check.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

McCain's Presidential Prospects

[This analysis is based, for the most part, on a multiple midpoint composite chart. It combines data for John McCain, the US, the GOP and Election Day 2008. Given the quality of the data I used, I think this chart produced reliable planetary locations. I also think the house placements are reliable enough to support my conclusions.]

McCain's Presidential Prospects

If you are a McCain supporter, you might want to skip this post ... completely.
In my opinion, John McCain's electoral chart(s) are ... well ... pretty awful. The bad aspects are glaringly and unequivocally bad. It is hard to "go easy" on McCain. Even a restrained reading comes out sounding pretty bad.

The Upside (such as it is)

There are a few straightforward positives in McCain's campaign charts.McCain's Solar Arc Sun forms a quintile with his natal Sun. Given the way Solar Arcs work, every Solar Arc planet is making a quintile with every natal planet.
The quintile indicates "talent and vaguely fortunate circumstances." A string of them in his Solar Arc chart suggests a relative high point in McCain’s life.McCain's Solar Arc Mars is conjunct the fixed star Spica in Libra in his first house.

This strongly placed Solar Arc relationship indicates "great honor, recognition, [and] responsibility."These positive Solar Arc aspects are not particularly powerful, however. Winning the GOP presidential nomination would fulfill their potential. They do not suggest inevitable victory in the November election.
That said, barring some political misstep or misfortune, I think Obama will win the 2008 presidential election.

Uranus is in Taurus in McCain's natal and electoral charts. In the electoral chart, Uranus is trining the Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury, strengthening a similar but weaker trine in his natal chart.

This suggests that McCain can offer inspired and genuinely innovative approaches to stubborn issues. Innovative as his solutions are, however, they will be conservative in comparison to those offered by others.

I should point out that Uranus is in its fall in Taurus. Lightning-like, spontaneous Uranus does not express well in security and stability seeking Taurus.

The Merely Worrisome

In the electoral chart, Saturn in Cancer on the Midheaven is opposite the Moon in Capricorn on the 4th house cusp. By itself, the Moon/Saturn opposition suggests a disciplinarian with distinctly dictatorial leanings.

This Moon/Saturn opposition is especially strong in the chart. It is angular, laying across the vertical axis. Both Saturn and the Moon are in houses that they rule.

Moreover, Saturn in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn are in mutual reception, occupying the sign that the opposing body rules. But both the Moon and Saturn are in the sign of their detriment.

The Moon in its detriment suggests a rigid, brittle, essentially authoritarian personality. Saturn in its detriment suggests a moody, cranky and hypersensitive personality.

All in all, the Moon/Saturn opposition indicates that a McCain presidency would be oppressively, perhaps provocatively authoritarian, at least by US standards. McCain himself would prove to be an irritable, rigid and arbitrary authority figure. McCain is in fact known for his impatience and hot temper.

However, it is true that mutual reception tends to soften and mitigate negative potentials. Given the prominence and the strength of this aspect, I’m not sure mutual reception will mitigate the negatives enough.

Unhelpful Conflicts in the Chart

These two major features of McCain's electoral chart work strongly against each other. They have the greatest political drawing power, but they tend to cancel each other out. At best, they would cause ambivalence in many potential supporters.

The authoritarian qualities shown by the prominent Moon/Saturn opposition would appeal to conservative voters. However, McCain's strong innovative, Uranian streak would repel them. Conversely, the innovative Uranus trines would attract some liberals. The authoritarianism of the Saturn/Moon opposition would repel them.

In fact, McCain's moderate, innovative approach to immigration alienated many conservatives (to put it mildly) but encouraged many liberals. So did his previous work on campaign finance reform.

Very Worrisome

In the electoral chart,the Sun and Venus in Leo in the 11th house opposes Jupiter in Aquarius in the 5th house. These oppositions suggest that McCain will promise anything to achieve the power he desires.

There is little chance that he will deliver on those promises, though. Even by the low standards applied to campaign promises, McCain's campaign promises would prove hollow. By extension, even considering the low standards of political campaigns, McCain’s pandering is especially shameless.

Echoing aspects in his natal chart, Mercury and Mars square Neptune in the electoral chart. These squares, point to confused and consistently deceptive, if not flatly deceitful, rhetoric. Indeed, they suggest that McCain doesn’t think very clearly as a rule. These bad Neptune aspects strongly reinforce the negative implications of the Jupiter opposition.

Specifically, the Mars square to Neptune suggests a commitment to a misguided, and, in McCain’s case, right-wing ideology. It also suggests a degree of recklessness.

Shame on McCain

One of the most worrisome structures in this whole troubling chart involves Chiron, Pluto, the Sun and Venus. In effect, Chiron is conjunct Pluto in Pisces. Both are, in effect, inconjunct, or quincunx, Sun and Venus in Leo.

This unfortunate structure indicates a consistent, persistent, shameless exploitation of terrorism-related issues. That would include playing cynically upon fears of future terrorism and the pain and outrage caused by 9/11.

McCain's position on the Iraq war would also be covered by this emotionally turbulent, see-saw aspect. In essence, for McCain the Iraq war actually is an endlessly irresolvable crisis from which he could never comfortably disengage on his own initiative.

The Worst for Last

Finally, Ixion and the Moon's South Node are together in Libra, within two degrees of the Ascendant. This awful combination of influences sits on one of the most sensitive and powerful positions in McCain's electoral chart.

Ixion represents gross, persistent betrayal of the public trust in high places. The South Node represents the path of least resistance, activities and goals that we should abandon in favor of more evolutionary pathways. All of which adds up to "corruption and influence peddling as usual."

The fact that Ixion and the South Node occur in Libra, the sign governing the courts and justice in general, makes them all the more troubling.Worse, Lilith is in Libra close to the Ascendant in both McCain's natal and electoral charts.

Without strong, positive, qualifying aspects, Lilith usually indicates all but pathological levels of deception, manipulation and, in public matters, conspiracy and treachery.

These dark influences in Libra suggest that, at the very least, McCain would use Supreme Court appointments to achieve the narrowest and most questionable of partisan goals.

McCain vs. Obama?

Last month, I looked at Obama's electoral charts. I was not happy with them, overall. However, I think McCain's charts are far worse.

Furthermore, McCain's electoral chart is basically low energy especially when compared to Obama’s. The prominent Moon/Saturn opposition drains energy. The Mars/Neptune square squanders vast amounts of energy. The Pluto/Chiron/Sun inconjunct, the see-saw aspect, absorbs great amounts of energy.

The inconjunct often brings dependency, obsession and neurotic attraction, generating endless and irresolvable dilemmas that lead one around in vicious circles, soaking up huge amounts of energy in the process.

With the possible exception of the close and perky relationship between Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Sun, there is no real, straightforward energizing aspect in McCain’s electoral chart. And that Mars aspect contributes a kind of feisty, combative quality rather than raw, driving energy.

By contrast, Obama's charts, whatever their drawbacks, are full of dynamic tensions. If anything, there are too many energy generators in Obama's charts, more than can be easily or confidently contained. They also appear to generate more heat than light. But, all things considered, Obama’s campaign charts are fairly energetic.

My conclusion is that, as most polls tell us, Barrack Obama is on course to win the election. The problem is that Obama’s campaign could implode, massively. As bad as McCain's charts are, they are still characteristically and recognizably American in tone.

McCain's charts are not so bad that the voters would elect Obama no matter what Obama did or said. Hence, if Obama does stumble badly, voters could very well turn to McCain.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Astrology Forecast for August 2008

Astrology Forecast for August 2008

For Everyone ~ Get your mind outside of the box. This month’s aspects seem designed to make us think long and deeply and in new ways about our situation, even as that situation grows more worrisome. The pace of change will accelerate, but the planets won’t support immediate action. On the upside, events will remove many obstacles to progress along with some attractive but unrealistic options. The planets will all but force us to get our minds out of familiar grooves. We might find ourselves depending more than ever on intuition and the insight of visionary thinkers for guidance.

Sign by Sign

Aries ~ Have faith in others. Everyone close to you needs your support, and lots of it. These personal and family situations are too stubborn and complicated for quick resolution. A lot of people’s hands are tied and much of what needs doing is just going to take time. Forces beyond anyone’s control will soon bring more changes. Avoid impulsive action yourself and discourage it in others. Optimism about the long-term benefits of all this are justified, though. Earnest, constructive discussions with those involved will yield better answers than you think.

Taurus ~ Don’t rush the future. Impatience with the pace of progress will only lead to frustration. Impulsive actions by you or others won’t help, either. Big changes that no one can control or clearly foresee are in the works. These changes will dramatically affect your plans for the future. As the changes become apparent, you will probably want to rethink everything. Many of the changes will go into effect slowly, however, and many will be surprisingly beneficial. With patience and discipline, you can make it all work out in your favor.

Gemini ~ Take the reins. Events are causing financial concern and distress all around you. However, you are experiencing a kind of financial anti-gravity. Many things that typically pull finances down are either not affecting you or are improving your financial prospects. Many other sudden, unforeseen changes will benefit you, also. With a little fancy footwork, you should come out of this much better than you went in. You have a surprising degree of control in fast changing and confusing circumstances. Use this influence, but be sure to use it wisely.

Cancer ~ Mix intuition and objectivity. Many things will change forever in August. Change will be especially noticeable in financial areas. Many of the changes will benefit you, though, and efforts to reorganize your finances will bear fruit. Still, a lot of stuff will stay up in the air and events could leave you dangling and a bit disoriented. Serious long-term benefits will flow if you work closely with partners. Be objective, but use your famous intuition. Reason and evidence isn’t enough these days. Don’t fret on-the-job power plays.

Leo ~ Keep communication lines open. Events affecting people in key areas of your life could jolt you out of old patterns. There will be significant, long-term changes. Many will come as a complete surprise. However, when the smoke clears, there will be plenty of time to think about how to deal with it all. Positive financial developments will help sustain you through the transition, also. Your control over events will vary considerably from week to week. It would be wise to maintain good communications between yourself and other affected people.

Virgo ~ Steady as she goes. You might find yourself wondering what the excitement is about. Others will be scurrying to deal with developments that affect you only tangentially. At the same time, you will benefit more directly, more immediately and more concretely than others from the month’s positive developments. While others cope with stressful changes, you can just stay on course. The biggest changes will likely be felt on the job. These will bring welcome improvements in your work/life balance. Enlightening personal realizations will help you shed old hang ups.

Libra ~ A bit more imagination, please. Many things are changing rapidly and no trends are apparent. There isn’t much reliable information. And you certainly don’t have the money to hedge every single one of your bets. The fact that so many people are depending on you doesn’t make it easier. But you must prepare to move in a new direction, soon. To pick that direction, you will need to use intuition, inspiration, faith, fuzzy logic, and outright guesswork. Fortunately, your luck is running high and it favors imaginative problem solving approaches.

Scorpio ~ Get ready for a seismic shift toward something simpler and better. You might feel that things are still too complicated, your life too cluttered with lingering issues in many important areas. August will not bring a giant leap forward. However, the events of August will settle many leftover issues, freeing you to think more clearly about the future. The suddenness and thoroughness of some of the changes might startle you a bit. Money managers, bankers, financial administrators and others will be surprisingly helpful as you adjust to the new reality.

Sagittarius ~ Don’t sweat the old stuff. Unforeseen events could have worrisome implications. However, partners and authority figures will show ingenuity and generosity as they help you successfully work through any difficulties created by events. Unexpected developments will also simplify relations with people at a distance and with people closer to home. The changes will help you achieve greater harmony with all concerned and bring you greater personal satisfaction. You may feel blocked and quite irritated as irresponsible people raise old and bothersome issues. In most cases, you can safely ignore them.

Capricorn ~ Be patient and confident. Your frustration with family or associates who live and work at a distance from you might peak this month. Their behavior is affecting your job situation and your financial interests. Despite the complexity of the situation and its seeming urgency, there will be time to work things out. Proceed slowly but confidently. You hold the key to a successful resolution. Don’t be surprised if unexpected events simplify the situation and create a pathway where none existed. A time of personal growth and financial expansion lies ahead.

Aquarius ~ Personal transformation. Your inspirational and motivational engines will be working overtime this month. You are also due for some surprising and beneficial personal realizations. Relationships that have become a burden will fall away. A new, more more impressive and effective you will emerge. But you will need to take it easy. Slow progress on many issues could cause nervous strain. Also, you will be a bit vulnerable, the way a butterfly is when it emerges from its cocoon. It’s best to rest and let things unfold at their own pace.

Pisces ~ Draw on your inner resources. Inwardly, this will be a dynamic, rewarding month. Outwardly, things could be frustrating. Work issues still won’t mesh with family and relationship issues. Don’t respond impulsively to delays and frustrations. You can make real progress through patient negotiation. Your social and community standing are due for a major upgrade. This advancement will put work, family and social issues in a new light. You can also use recent realizations about yourself to reshape your life goals appropriately. Schedule some downtime. The excitement could take a toll.