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Friday, December 28, 2007

Pluto Enters Capricorn (Finally) - 500 Words about January 2008

Pluto Enters Capricorn (Finally)
500 Words about January 2008

Pluto enters Capricorn on January 25th. In Capricorn, Pluto will change how the world works at the hands on level.

The Capricorn/Cancer axis is exceedingly sensitive and powerful. Pluto is especially powerful. And Pluto, Capricorn and Cancer energies tend to show up in obvious, concrete ways.

This is also the first Pluto/Capricorn transit in almost 250 years. Such transits are among the most powerful there are.

It is the first such transit in the Aquarian Age. A long series of energetic events have dramatically lowered the world’s resistance to change. It is wide open to the transformative and uplifting energy of Pluto in Capricorn.

The stage is set for a transformation of daily life.

Pluto will work this transformation first and foremost by redistributing social power. Since about 1914, Pluto has supported the concentration of money and power at the top of the social pyramid.

Beginning January 25, 2008, Pluto will move power to the base of the social pyramid.

This Shift in Consciousness is Already Apparent

The pending shift of power to the people at large is clear in the examples below.

In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez lost a vote he thought would give him essentially dictatorial powers.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin is extending his authoritarian rule. But Russia has a long history of brutal, arrogant dictatorships. Putin's maneuvering is polite by comparison.

In Pakistan, Musharraf holds on to dictatorial power. But he faces increasingly stiff resistance.

In Cuba, dictator Fidel Castro is ailing. He has given power to his brother. His brother, Raul, is said to favor democratic reform.

In Thailand, the former prime minister defeated the party of the military junta. That is the same junta that ousted him about 15 month ago.

Closer to Home

The US Supreme Court recently allowed judges to deviate from harsh federal sentencing guidelines.

MTV recently agreed to more generous pay and benefits for "freelancers." Freelancers are full-time employees treated as temporary help.

In Hollywood, union leaders want to end practices that disempower writers. It isn't only about money.

My Take on the Pluto Ingress

Political manipulation through fear and hatred is common, worldwide. This manipulation has disempowered and demoralized billions of people. This, in turn, has drained human relationships of meaning. Family and community ties have withered.

Alienation and suspicion has filled the void. In many places, despair has bred violence. Vast human potentials lie untapped. By many measures, the base of the social pyramid is starting to crumble.

Pluto in Capricorn will disempower manipulative leaders. It will re-empower the masses. It will nourish the will of the people to fight and open the door to profound change.

It will strengthen the base of the social pyramid. This, in turn, will restore human relations at the grass roots level. Alienation, violence and social disorder will subside. People around the world will begin tapping into new reserves of potential. And they will be strongly inclined to fight for their rights.

No Magic Wands

The world's problems will not vanish. Some world trouble spots will become more troubled. New trouble spots will arise. At times, it will seem like things are getting worse.

However, a new spirit of brotherly and sisterly love will be active in the world. This will be a force for healing and renewal unlike any the world has experienced in recent times.

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I pray this is true, with as little upheaval as possible.