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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Pluto Enters Capricorn (Finally) - 500 Words about January 2008

Pluto Enters Capricorn (Finally)
500 Words about January 2008

Pluto enters Capricorn on January 25th. In Capricorn, Pluto will change how the world works at the hands on level.

The Capricorn/Cancer axis is exceedingly sensitive and powerful. Pluto is especially powerful. And Pluto, Capricorn and Cancer energies tend to show up in obvious, concrete ways.

This is also the first Pluto/Capricorn transit in almost 250 years. Such transits are among the most powerful there are.

It is the first such transit in the Aquarian Age. A long series of energetic events have dramatically lowered the world’s resistance to change. It is wide open to the transformative and uplifting energy of Pluto in Capricorn.

The stage is set for a transformation of daily life.

Pluto will work this transformation first and foremost by redistributing social power. Since about 1914, Pluto has supported the concentration of money and power at the top of the social pyramid.

Beginning January 25, 2008, Pluto will move power to the base of the social pyramid.

This Shift in Consciousness is Already Apparent

The pending shift of power to the people at large is clear in the examples below.

In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez lost a vote he thought would give him essentially dictatorial powers.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin is extending his authoritarian rule. But Russia has a long history of brutal, arrogant dictatorships. Putin's maneuvering is polite by comparison.

In Pakistan, Musharraf holds on to dictatorial power. But he faces increasingly stiff resistance.

In Cuba, dictator Fidel Castro is ailing. He has given power to his brother. His brother, Raul, is said to favor democratic reform.

In Thailand, the former prime minister defeated the party of the military junta. That is the same junta that ousted him about 15 month ago.

Closer to Home

The US Supreme Court recently allowed judges to deviate from harsh federal sentencing guidelines.

MTV recently agreed to more generous pay and benefits for "freelancers." Freelancers are full-time employees treated as temporary help.

In Hollywood, union leaders want to end practices that disempower writers. It isn't only about money.

My Take on the Pluto Ingress

Political manipulation through fear and hatred is common, worldwide. This manipulation has disempowered and demoralized billions of people. This, in turn, has drained human relationships of meaning. Family and community ties have withered.

Alienation and suspicion has filled the void. In many places, despair has bred violence. Vast human potentials lie untapped. By many measures, the base of the social pyramid is starting to crumble.

Pluto in Capricorn will disempower manipulative leaders. It will re-empower the masses. It will nourish the will of the people to fight and open the door to profound change.

It will strengthen the base of the social pyramid. This, in turn, will restore human relations at the grass roots level. Alienation, violence and social disorder will subside. People around the world will begin tapping into new reserves of potential. And they will be strongly inclined to fight for their rights.

No Magic Wands

The world's problems will not vanish. Some world trouble spots will become more troubled. New trouble spots will arise. At times, it will seem like things are getting worse.

However, a new spirit of brotherly and sisterly love will be active in the world. This will be a force for healing and renewal unlike any the world has experienced in recent times.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Astrology Analysis for January 2008

For Everyone ~ Portal. It is probably best to envision January 2008 as a gateway, or portal. The planets are supporting change, offering guidance and support to those undergoing a process of change. They are also offering some insurance to those who undertake important initiatives. What the planets are not offering is the chance to stand still or go backwards. In January, we will cross a bigger threshold than those we have become used to. The past is disappearing behind us, now, in a good way. It is growing fainter and lighter, placing less of a burden on our minds and losing its ability to distort our feelings and burden our actions. Most will experience an important shift in intensity from one major area of or lives to another.

Sign by Sign

Aries ~ Shepherding others through change. The world needs your kind of energy. And the planets are making it easy for you to provide it. With supportive and protective planetary measures solidly in place, Aries will have a surprisingly free hand. There are plenty of ideas floating around and people are receptive. Your efforts will provide the needed motivation. And you can help people cut through the confusion. Still, you might want to keep an eye out for the occasional land mine. Some issues could unleash more excitement than you anticipated.

Taurus ~ Bide your time. You’d best get comfortable on the sidelines this month. Watch the fine print. Try to make sure that, in the rush to achieve something, people don’t trample a lot of subtle but very important principles in ways that could cause big trouble later. The problem is, you might have to wait for the right moment to speak and the right moment might not come for a while. People want the big picture, now, the bold stroke, the bright idea. They won’t understand what you’re worried about ... yet.

Gemini ~ The next big thing. There are undeniable indications that the next big thing is finally on the way. You can’t be sure about the details, but you can be sure you won’t always have the upper hand. The planets suggest that you go along with the inevitable. Concern yourself with figuring out how the new ideas, policies, and so on, can best be integrated into your life. If you decide to speak out, be mindful of the power behind these new developments. You might need to wait your turn.
Cancer ~ Maintain your perspective. It is clear in the lives of others, more than in your own, that change is coming fast. You will find it comparatively easy to maintain order in your own life. And you might, at first, be inclined to resist change. However, you will eventually be caught up in events. Be aware of what is happening to others, but remain mindful of your own needs. Keep to your budget and safeguard long-term investments. Most other things will take care of themselves. Change tactics as required.

Leo ~ Watch the purse strings. In the midst of change you are aware of the need for stability. You are also in touch with the knowledge and energy that can provide either stability or well-structured change. Though as January progresses you will probably find yourself drawn into the camp of those pushing for change. The stars urge a very conservative approach to economic issues. Change financial arrangements last, and most carefully. In light of recent developments, you might also need to adjust creative plans and revise your understanding of events.

Virgo ~ One step at a time. Virgo will see obstacles falling away and new possibilities developing. You will sense the need to cut back, but you will also find more efficient pathways toward important goals. The intensity that characterized your home life will ease. Financial tensions will also let up. Shady characters and sketchy goings on will not affect you so much. Creativity, young people, romance, will all flourish. All this can be complicated. Let things develop at their own pace and set aside some private time for inner healing.

Libra ~ Revelations. Viewed one way, events are creating obstacles and draining resources. Viewed another way, events are reducing the intensity of events in your life in a good way. They are forcing a needed slowdown. Intensity is building on the home front. But you are gaining helpful insights into family issues that have been simmering beneath the surface. These insights will help you reshape your family life and bring you greater comfort and fulfillment at home. Changes at home will in turn allow positive changes in your work life.

Scorpio ~ A needed change. Family, friends and community relationships are in creative turmoil. They are rearranging themselves to provide greater support for all. Somehow, you are right in the middle of it, driving and guiding events. Issues directly affecting your long-term well-being are ... well ... forcing you to push for these changes. Truth to tell, you simply cannot keep contributing so much. In reality, these changes are natural and some are long overdue. They have a strong momentum of their own now. Much good will come of it all.

Sagittarius ~ A more relaxed life. Much of the intensity of your life in recent years will simply go away, now. The grand ideas and strong emotions will subside. Your generous nature will find more practical ways to express itself. It will take time to find equilibrium and the proper mix of excitement and routine. The changes will be so numerous and come so fast, you probably won’t have time to think about the bigger issues. But the end result will be a quieter, safer and more enjoyable existence.

Capricorn ~ A new beginning. The increase in excitement you are experiencing will not be temporary. Capricorns are due for a marked increase in the intensity of their lives. Feelings will be more intense, ideas will be more lively and numerous. Also, more than ever, you will expect people to jump when you say jump. You will also be drawn more deeply into the counsels of the powerful. Along with this will come a period of economic increase and expansion. It might be a good time to learn a few relaxation techniques.

Aquarius ~ Inner changes. The planets are being protective of your interests. Strong inspirational and healing forces are at work in your inner life. Your influence and involvement with others are at a peak. Your ideas are getting priority treatment. You are helping set the agenda for many people. Your inner life is being highly stimulated too. You will be more aware than ever before of your own innermost concerns. An authority figure about whom you care a great deal will also experience healing. Be patient with this sometimes demanding associate.

Pisces ~ Be a practical idealist. The aspects of your life you value most highly are being powerfully stimulated. The planets are strongly energizing friendship, humanitarian interests, and your own inner, spiritual growth. Your influence with others is running very high right now, too. However, you are being strongly urged to be realistic and practical in your approach to everything. It will be difficult to balance the idealism you are feeling so strongly with this demand for practicality. To maintain personal credibility, foreground your practical side in discussions with others.