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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jupiter and Saturn Reconciled - 500 Words about December 2007

Jupiter and Saturn Reconciled

500 Words about December 2007

Some Good Economic News

Jupiter will enter Capricorn on Tuesday, December 18, 2007. This will restore harmony between Jupiter and Saturn, the two major economic planets. This in turn will restore some calm to financial markets. Global fears of severe economic crisis will abate significantly.

Economic leaders will begin solving problems. We will begin to regain our financial footing. Confidence will revive.

Bad News

These benefits will be obscured somewhat by a tangle of negative influences.
(Retrograde) Mars is in opposition to the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter. Mars will also square the moon and warlike Eris in martial Aries.

Saturn will be within 7 degrees of exact opposition with Uranus, and closing. Several other adverse aspects will be in effect, too.

All this will make the world irritable, combative and volatile. Anger, extreme politics and sketchy ideas will tend to cloud global thinking.

This would include economic scare talk and/or pie-in-the-sky financial schemes, political bluster, fear-mongering and saber rattling. The planets involved also suggest a spike in violence globally.

Strident voices will try to deny the strong positives, for their own reasons. But they won't succeed.

Good News Again

Overall, the charts do not suggest catastrophe. The dispositor chart shows a dominant and positive Jupiter influence. Saturn is also well-placed. These strong positives will ultimately determine events.

The staticky and explosive aspects will not finally derail positive economic developments. Responsible spokespersons will override irresponsible ones.

Real economic opportunities will outshine false ones. Reliable voices will gain credibility as misleading voices are discredited.

The tensions will be many and intense. But the issues will be well-defined. And a lot of rather determined people will be thinking very clearly, to good effect.

In the US

Improved relations between Saturn and Jupiter are especially significant for the US. The planets and the signs involved are directly related to the home mortgage crisis and the US economy generally.

So Jupiter's improved relations with Saturn will likely bring relief to those directly affected by the home mortgage crisis. It should also reduce the ripple effects of the crisis.

Jupiter will ease concerns about a drastic worsening of the world financial situation. This, in turn, will help remove the fear factor from politics. People can then focus on the real issues and think more clearly about them.

Capricorn and Cancer set along the highly sensitive financial axis in the US chart. The presence of gentle, supportive Jupiter along this axis will help moderate Pluto's usually disruptive effects on that all-important axis.

Harmonious relations between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will further smooth Pluto's effects on this axis.

A Final Note

Ixion is a so-called trans-Neptunian object. It represents, among other bad things, criminal violation of social norms and extreme betrayal of the public trust.
Ixion is heavily emphasized in the US charts for the Jupiter/Capricorn ingress. As Jupiter enters Capricorn, Ixion will be on the US natal ascendant. Sun and Pluto will be transiting the US natal Ixion. Transiting Mars will be opposing the US natal Ixion.

As 2008 opens, Americans will become increasingly aware of criminality in very high places.

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