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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jupiter and Saturn Reconciled - 500 Words about December 2007

Jupiter and Saturn Reconciled

500 Words about December 2007

Some Good Economic News

Jupiter will enter Capricorn on Tuesday, December 18, 2007. This will restore harmony between Jupiter and Saturn, the two major economic planets. This in turn will restore some calm to financial markets. Global fears of severe economic crisis will abate significantly.

Economic leaders will begin solving problems. We will begin to regain our financial footing. Confidence will revive.

Bad News

These benefits will be obscured somewhat by a tangle of negative influences.
(Retrograde) Mars is in opposition to the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter. Mars will also square the moon and warlike Eris in martial Aries.

Saturn will be within 7 degrees of exact opposition with Uranus, and closing. Several other adverse aspects will be in effect, too.

All this will make the world irritable, combative and volatile. Anger, extreme politics and sketchy ideas will tend to cloud global thinking.

This would include economic scare talk and/or pie-in-the-sky financial schemes, political bluster, fear-mongering and saber rattling. The planets involved also suggest a spike in violence globally.

Strident voices will try to deny the strong positives, for their own reasons. But they won't succeed.

Good News Again

Overall, the charts do not suggest catastrophe. The dispositor chart shows a dominant and positive Jupiter influence. Saturn is also well-placed. These strong positives will ultimately determine events.

The staticky and explosive aspects will not finally derail positive economic developments. Responsible spokespersons will override irresponsible ones.

Real economic opportunities will outshine false ones. Reliable voices will gain credibility as misleading voices are discredited.

The tensions will be many and intense. But the issues will be well-defined. And a lot of rather determined people will be thinking very clearly, to good effect.

In the US

Improved relations between Saturn and Jupiter are especially significant for the US. The planets and the signs involved are directly related to the home mortgage crisis and the US economy generally.

So Jupiter's improved relations with Saturn will likely bring relief to those directly affected by the home mortgage crisis. It should also reduce the ripple effects of the crisis.

Jupiter will ease concerns about a drastic worsening of the world financial situation. This, in turn, will help remove the fear factor from politics. People can then focus on the real issues and think more clearly about them.

Capricorn and Cancer set along the highly sensitive financial axis in the US chart. The presence of gentle, supportive Jupiter along this axis will help moderate Pluto's usually disruptive effects on that all-important axis.

Harmonious relations between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will further smooth Pluto's effects on this axis.

A Final Note

Ixion is a so-called trans-Neptunian object. It represents, among other bad things, criminal violation of social norms and extreme betrayal of the public trust.
Ixion is heavily emphasized in the US charts for the Jupiter/Capricorn ingress. As Jupiter enters Capricorn, Ixion will be on the US natal ascendant. Sun and Pluto will be transiting the US natal Ixion. Transiting Mars will be opposing the US natal Ixion.

As 2008 opens, Americans will become increasingly aware of criminality in very high places.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Astrology Analysis for December 2007

Astrology Analysis for December 2007

For Everybody ~
A leap of faith in the future. The planets are still providing the options we need to adapt and cope. And, thankfully, during December, confidence and optimism will, in large part, return. New developments will calm our fears and take the edge off our anxieties. At the same time, though, and despite significant relief, impatience with the status quo could rise to the boiling point. Positive developments and intensifying impatience with the status quo will combine, driving us to seize emerging possibilities. These possibilities will be new, genuine and quite promising. Hope and motivation will also motivate us to push through any resistance we encounter and strive to leave the past completely behind us. It could all be quite upsetting to those who represent the status quo, though.

Sign by Sign Analysis

Aries ~
Your boat is rocking, but it’s still quite seaworthy. Events will continue to support you if you continue to move in a constructive direction. You have all the pieces. You just need to make them settle down and fit together. You will probably have to make some lasting changes to your personal attitudes and lifestyle choices. You might also have to build some stuff from scratch. The tensions will seem pretty serious at times. However, the planets are providing solid support during this time of transition. Finances could tighten.

Taurus ~
A tough row to hoe. Personal fulfillment, romantic, spiritual and otherwise, is beginning to compete with vital long-term financial goals. This tension will grow and could become acute at times. Abandoning personal fulfillment to meet financial goals or vice-versa is self-defeating. Truly fulfilling goals wisely pursued are sound investments. They add meaning to your economic efforts. The planets suggest that it will take a lengthy and concerted effort to bring these two parts of your life into proper balance. It might require new initiatives and some risk.

Gemini ~
Things are coming to a head. At work, colleagues and key associates continue to issue ultimatums and serious tensions lurk beneath the surface. At home, the pressure is building. Household and family duties that once seemed easy are becoming a chore. Make some choices. You have it within your power to make needed changes while preserving your dignity and status. The key is to assert your freedom and independence in a way that commands agreement and respect from others. Renewed efforts to consolidate your financial situation will meet with success.

Cancer ~
Hold your temper. You will find yourself confronted increasingly by demanding and stubborn people. But you will also find people willing to lend a helping hand. Don’t let your temper draw you into confrontations or you could get more than you bargained for. It would be best to focus on the good. Deepening and lasting ties in the community will become quite valuable. You still possess great freedom of movement and the planets are keeping you safe from mishap. Surprise romantic encounters could be liberating, but keep things within bounds.

Leo ~
Remain confident. Be patient and keep your temper in December. Work and financial areas are under annoying and frustrating influences. Your temper will also tend to be a bit overactive. However, December should bring you some gratifying advances in job or professional areas. Any economic stresses you might be experiencing should ease, too. December will also provide an opportunity to adjust gracefully to new or rapidly evolving situations on the job. Overall conditions are a bit problematic and it would be best to hold something in reserve.

Virgo ~
Turning point. Frustration could reach a high point as you struggle to knock your lifestyle into livable shape. Everything seems a little too burdensome and people in your life aren’t being as mature and responsible as you need them to be. If you show a little temper, it might help get your point across and firm up your resolve. On the upside, pressures that have troubled you for years are subsiding, permanently. Financial pressures should also ease and relations with the young will take a definite turn for the better.

Libra ~
Heads Up. You’ll have to change old attitudes and habits to protect your interests. Key areas of your life are being affected by a new and challenging energy, long-term. It will bring an increase in power struggles and tensions. You might also have to deal with manipulative and shady characters more often. Much can be accomplished by avoiding or side-stepping troublesome people and situations, where possible. But don’t worry too much. A benevolent and protective influence is also at work in your life now. The budget might tighten. Avoid things that cost too much or involvements that threaten income.

Scorpio ~
Lightening the load. It does seem that Scorpio has been carrying more than their fair share of responsibilities for a long-time. You have also been dealing with all kinds of financial pressures. Some subtle, some not so subtle. You will soon feel a significant improvement as tensions over financial issues begin to resolve. Your neighborhood and community will soon become sources of active concern and involvement. While you might feel somewhat pressured at times, these involvements will bring substantial and lasting benefits. You will become good at side-stepping needless conflict.

Sagittarius ~
One step at a time. Early in December, you can make great strides as you adapt to new circumstances. Your influence over events will be at a peak. But hold something in reserve in the event that more difficult circumstances develop toward month’s end. The forces of disorder and unreasonableness will take their toll, both at home and at work. Use maturity and experience to contain--or work around--the willful and counterproductive behavior of others, especially if your personal finances are affected. Overall, given present risks, a conservative approach will serve you best.

Capricorn ~
Maintain a holding pattern. You should consider it a major personal achievement to simply contain the unruly forces presently at work in your life. You will have many options as December opens, but choices will narrow and pressure build later in the month. As yet unforeseen challenges could bring new complications. A benevolent, protective influence will slip into Capricorn this month. This welcome influence will make things a lot easier. It heralds a new cycle of growth and prosperity. But you need to take it slow, at least for now.

Aquarius ~
Easy does it. As motivation and optimism surge, be careful to keep your balance. It is good to express optimism and to take on new projects, but be careful not to overextend. Your biggest challenge will come from others. Key associates and fellow employees will be full of energy, raring to go and a bit short-tempered. You will have to keep their expectations within bounds, establish a sustainable pace and prevent emotions from getting out of hand. You must also rein in your own innate idealism and independence a bit.

Pisces ~
Doors will open. You have to move forward. You have to be realistic. But you can’t abandon your ideals, either. Prospects are good but it would still be best to take small steps. Take it one day at a time. Work with patience and determination. The astrological energies are changing. New planetary positions will soon remove a lot of the resistance you have been facing and new paths will begin to open up. Events will soon bring the people and material you need to build what you want. Don’t let the past weigh you down.