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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Pretty Sirius Business - 500 Words About November

A Pretty Sirius Business

500 Words About November

Pluto's last exact conjunction with the Galactic Center will occur on 10/27/07 EST. The series of shocks that once again threatened to destroy global equilibrium will abate. World leaders can get their bearings. But the relief will likely be temporary.

Pluto will enter Capricorn in late January unleashing more energy upon our rattled little planet. How serious a challenge will this new outpouring present?

Pluto and the Imbalance of Power in the US

At several places in the US chart dangerous tensions are in delicate balance. Perhaps the most important and dangerous is along the financial axis. Pluto is headed straight for this axis.

The US natal Sun is in Cancer. It rules the house and home. Cancer is in the US 8th house, which governs shared financial resources. This makes for a close relation between the economics of homeownership and social power in the US.

The US Sun also conjoins the powerful sacred star Sirius. According to esoteric texts, Sirius is the source of all true social power. This Sun/Sirius conjunction points to the overriding importance of maintaining a fair balance of social power in the US. It also gives events in the US global significance.

In the US chart Pluto is across the Zodiac in Capricorn. Pluto governs power. Capricorn governs executive power. Both are in the US 2nd house of individual, day-to-day finances.

At first glance, this opposition seems unstable. It appears to allow the undue, unrestrained accumulation of power by wealthy elites. The elites, meanwhile, seem under constant threat from the grassroots.

However, the inherently harmonious relations between Pluto, Scorpio, Capricorn and the 2nd and 8th houses help stabilize this otherwise very dangerous tension.

Homeownership makes the little guy a stakeholder. Homeownership also empowers the grassroots. Empowered grassroots stakeholders effectively restrain the ambitions of the wealthy elites ... usually.

In the last century, as Pluto moved slowly from Cancer in the 8th to Sagittarius in the 1st house, it enabled wealthy elites to extend and consolidate power.

There is spreading financial distress in the US middle class, widespread homelessness and deepening problems in the mortgage markets. This suggests that the balance of social power in the US has broken down.

The wealthy elites overdid it. They destabilized the most dangerous and delicate balance of forces in the US chart and created problems for the global economy.

Resetting the Balance, Pluto-style

Pluto will enter Capricorn on January 28, 2008, directly affecting the overstimulated and destabilized Cancer/Capricorn axis.

The upside: The planets are currently well-aligned for meeting complex challenges. The world has learned much from previous such transits. And in the US chart, at least, the affected axis has a few built-in stabilizing elements.
The downside: Historically this transit has brought widespread violence and upheaval. The world is fairly badly shaken up already.

In the composite chart for the US and the Pluto/Capricorn ingress, Pluto exactly opposes the US natal Sun and Sirius. Not a good sign.

Americans will be increasingly inclined to confront power. It will be increasingly difficult for power to ignore them. Global attitudes will reflect US attitudes.

How rough it will get in a particular case will likely depend on the degree of injustice and the responsiveness of those in power.

The reality: I think we will simply have to wait and see how the world responds to this transit, and keep our fingers crossed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for November 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for November 2007

For Everyone ~ November will keep alive in our minds the difficult lessons of recent months and keep us mindful of the challenges we face. But November will also keep hope alive, hope and aspiration. New possibilities will enable us to begin resolving current difficulties. November will also bring opportunities to chart a new course, to pursue new initiatives. It will bring the sense that new avenues will soon open up before us, and that we will soon be able to leave behind the pressures and worries of the recent past.

Finally, some forward movement. November will be another hyper-active month, but one dominated by hope. Nothing will be settled once and for all, necessarily, but lots of encouraging progress will be made in complicated situations. Aries would no doubt prefer a big financial payoff, but there probably won't be one, not as such. But real progress in solving real-world problems and helpful personal realizations will definitely put November in the plus column. Work and health issues are also foregrounded. It might be time for those who depend on you to start showing more initiative.
TAURUS ~ Push for civility. Close partnerships and friendships will flourish. Don't underestimate the value of this seemingly intangible gift. You will also find yourself promoting civility in the troubled and argumentative world around you, especially at work. Your efforts are needed and will be appreciated more than you might think. The need to accumulate assets has dominated your financial strategy in recent years. It's been tough. Financial conditions will soon improve and your life emphasis will become more spiritual and expansive. Meeting the demands of loved ones and the young could prove quite challenging.

GEMINI ~ The ground rules are changing. There are rather big planetary changes now taking place. They will affect Gemini more directly, more strongly, and more visibly than they might affect other Sun signs. Soon, many things that have been true about important aspects of your life will no longer be true. Most important, maybe, is a shift in power relationships. You might soon be affected by people who are willing and able to throw their weight around. You will probably have to go along with them for financial reasons. Strongly supportive aspects are protecting you during this stage of the transition.

CANCER ~ Just like David and Goliath. You will soon find relief from unpleasant and abusive people on the job. The conditions that enabled and empowered these people are passing. The bad news is, your relations with those in power are changing. Your life might soon become one long standoff, with you consistently facing powerful and determined opponents. Fortunately, the power will be fairly well-balanced. Despite their greater numbers and their higher position in life, they will not be able to impose their will on you. But playing David to their Goliath might take some getting used to.

LEO ~ Tighten your grip on the reins. You’ll have to maintain harmony between volatile and hostile factions in a range of important situations. The status quo is breaking up at home, at work and in your social circles. A new and inherently more difficult situation is taking shape. Maintaining order in key areas of your personal and professional life will require greater effort. You will also have to impose a more sensible order on your financial affairs. If you can make it to the end of the month, a more benign and harmonious tone will begin to prevail.

VIRGO ~ Accept the inevitability of change. You face a volatile and fluid situation. Conditions at home will continue to provide the greatest challenges. For now, the planets will protect you against serious upset and, where adjustments are necessary, options will be available. Still, you should probably start preparing yourself for a major adjustment of some kind. The status quo cannot be maintained indefinitely. Professional people and authorities within the family will eventually force change. And, deep inside, you are beginning to feel the need for a change yourself. You need to lighten the load.

Teach by example. Shape the conflicting, confusing, events of your environment into something meaningful. Carve out an agreeable lifestyle and a comfortable livelihood. In doing so, you will help to organize and harmonize the wider world. Intense new conflicts are developing everywhere around you. They call for clear and gentle Libran insights. But power relations are also shifting and your relationship with power is becoming strained. In this new cycle, you will have to work harder to develop new ideas and to make yourself heard. But your efforts are important. Others look to you for solutions.

SCORPIO ~ A lot of people to satisfy. Scorpio will definitely feel both sides of the old good news/bad news equation in November. Certain limitations, or blocks, of a financial nature will remain firmly in place. You will have to temper any initiative you wish to take. You’ll have to suit the preferences of many others who, for some reason, all seem to have a say. However, there will be much to enjoy in November and you will achieve some important personal goals. Generally speaking, the planets will protect you against downside surprises.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Sharp turn ahead. There is a lot of important activity in November and a lot of it centers around you somehow. Some are things of which you have little understanding and little control. Some affect you directly. Also, big things are about to start stirring in the financial department. None of these things will be settled quickly or without effort on your part. Settle in for a period of adjustment. The planets are doing a lot to protect you and keep your situation stable. But you must give it your best.

CAPRICORN ~ Don't jump the gun. You are right to feel secure and somewhat insulated from risk. And a lot of matters close to your heart will progress in November. Still, you know that something bigger is in the works. You can’t make a move yet. There are too many blanks to fill in and you lack sufficient control over events. It will take time to get a handle on things. Take a cue from those above you. They are working hard to gain an understanding of what these new and rapidly unfolding opportunities mean.

Reality checks. Aquarius has set their own terms for a long time. You have been inclined to ignore advice, able to live in your own private universe. You were also motivated to pursue an ideal lifestyle. Maybe Aquarians have had too much freedom and side-stepped beneficial guidance. But the balance of planetary power is shifting. You will still enjoy planetary support, but it will be harder to shrug off loving guidance. Also, the resolution of deeply important personal issues will become more important to you than pursuing the perfect lifestyle.

PISCES ~ Beginning a new chapter. The planets are realigning in a way that Pisceans will find easier to live with. You will find the powers that be more sympathetic to your views. You will find yourself better able to take your life in directions that you prefer. And the resources to do so will be more readily available. However, key associates will continue to resist you when they think it wise. Also, you should not forget your own long-term financial interests as you chart your new course. Important planets continue to protect and support.