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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Liberating Prometheus - 500 Words About October 2007

Liberating Prometheus
500 Words About October 2007

The Countdown Continues

In late October, Pluto will make the last in its series of conjunctions with the Galactic Center. This will deal the last in a series of major shocks to global civilization. But there will be aftershocks for decades to come.

In mid-December, Jupiter will enter Capricorn. This will reestablish harmonious relations between Saturn and Jupiter and restore a degree of calm to the financial markets.

Saturn will remain in square relation to Pluto until late January 2008. That will bring pointed reminders of how dangerous the world is.

At the end of January 2008, Pluto enters Capricorn. That will reestablish a harmonious relation between Saturn and Pluto, further calming global nerves.

This is all to the good.

More on Pluto in Capricorn

But Pluto's entrance into Capricorn will also activate the Capricorn/Cancer axis. As I mentioned last time, Pluto's stimulation of the Cancer/Capricorn axis has proven all but catastrophic for the world in the recent past. In this post, I would like to discuss what I think we can expect this time around.

The astrological complexities of this transit seem to me to defy conventional astrological analysis, so I have devised a theory based on my observations.

My theory is as follows. When Pluto is moving from Cancer to Capricorn, there is a bias in favor of government by privileged, authoritarian elites. These tendencies become extreme as Pluto approaches Capricorn.

Hence, for example, we see in the US, huge pay increases and tax cuts for the wealthy. Wages for everyone else are stagnant or dropping and their tax rates drift upward. Political power is also heavily concentrated among the wealthy few.

In the US, the Bush administration has concentrated power in the executive branch as seldom, if ever, before and it constantly seeks more power.

Similar trends and imbalances of political and economic power exist almost everywhere in the world. In many places in the world, the imbalance is more extreme.

Turning Point

When Pluto enters Capricorn in late January 2008, the bias with respect to power will switch in favor of government by the people. It will also favor the economic empowerment of the masses.

This shift will create a world-wide push for political and economic reforms.

Responses Will Vary

Pluto’s power is explosive. But I think Pluto will not cause as much trouble for the world as it did the last two times it stimulated the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

This axis clearly seems related to the equitable distribution of political and economic power. Serious political and economic inequities are still rampant. However, political and economic power is still much more fairly distributed now.

The troubles Pluto causes this time will be proportional to the degree of political and economic injustice.

Beginning very soon, the idea of empowering the masses, politically and economically, will begin to become popular. These ideas will shape global thinking at a profound level and with immense and persistent force. The degree of trouble this causes will depend on the degree of resistance these ideas meet.

The struggle to achieve more equitable distribution of political power and economic benefits will not be over soon, either. Pluto re-enters Cancer in 2157, in about 150 years.

We are no longer talking only about new ideas and shifts in consciousness. The world is on the threshold of a major transformation on the physical, material level.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for October 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for October 2007

For All Signs ~ Proceed, but with caution. October is about wrestling a slowly emerging situation into desirable, usable form amidst continuing difficulty and uncertainty. Optimism plays a part; the sense that something better is coming, or will soon be within our grasp, also plays a part. The sense that the stakes are very high and the chance of failure is real play a part, too. Perhaps the wisest strategy for October and beyond is to make only those decisions that are necessary. The ground is still shifting beneath our feet. Minimize losses. Marshal resources. Avoid the path of least resistance. Be ready to move when clarity develops and real opportunities emerge. All these themes show up clearly for all signs.

Sign by Sign

ARIES ~ Reset the work/life balance. A new phase will start soon, but the beginning will be a bit bumpy. Be careful not to jump the gun, or act impulsively on untried ideas. An important piece is missing. To take advantage of new opportunities you might need to conserve energy. There are burdens you can and should get out from under, especially at work. Try to control the demands placed upon you by family and neighbors, too. Continue stabilizing your financial situation. The planets are supporting your efforts.

TAURUS ~ Beat the odds with a vision of possibilities. You are in a position that should be familiar to you by know. You have no real power over a complicated situation. People are basically doing what they please. However, in some mysterious way, you have been granted great influence over this tough situation. You can exercise this influence quietly behind the scenes. Your success comes from an all but psychic sense of what is really going on; a great talent for getting the right word to the right person at the right time; and a vision of future possibilities to guide you.

GEMINI ~ Shifting balance of power. You have been in a power struggle for a long time, sometimes low-key, sometimes not. The balance of power will soon tip in favor of opponents, unfortunately. Over time, this might limit your options and force your hand. Meanwhile, tend to some other issues. Financially and professionally you have been doing something of a balancing act, always on the brink of change. You've done a decent enough job maintaining, but you want to get beyond simply balancing needs, ambitions and available opportunities. Start focusing, or re-focusing, your financial and professional interests. Build a more solid foundation from which you can establish a more satisfying career. A major effort might be in order.

CANCER ~ Strenuous efforts bring lasting benefits. In the coming months, you should take extra pains to avoid confrontations with important people in your life. Hostilities could break out if you are not careful. You could also be upset when you are made to re-open tough issues you thought were settled. But while you are working hard to cope with a difficult situation, your financial affairs will continue to improve. Despite the turbulence and tensions in some areas of your existence, you are forging strong, enduring and useful bonds in the community. They will help ensure your future well-being.

LEO ~ Speak your truth to power ... carefully. Your vision is inspired and your ideas are healing ones. Advancement and gain are possible and you can help others. You will be able to say important things to important people this month. But your plans must be filtered through the minds of powerful people. They want to help and they need your input, but you must think things through and choose your words carefully. Your ideas might have genuine long-term value, but those in power need ideas that will also calm troubled waters now. Don't worry about initial missteps. You'll get more than once chance.

VIRGO ~ Do the right thing--cut back. The best thing to do for all concerned is cut back on your energy outlay. Personal energies are at a premium and the physical toll for overexertion is rising. True, if you do cut back, it will disappoint lots of people, including loved ones and higher ups and many others who expect too much of you. But continuing to overdo will ultimately bring greater disappointment. In a few months, money and influence will move into your corner. Things related to youth and creativity will be especially promising. But you need to start making those tough choices now.

LIBRA ~ Greater understanding will be needed. Right now things are relatively calm, but Librans will be affected by some serious planetary changes coming in the New Year. Your usual role as mediator and facilitator will become more challenging. Librans will need to help people work through a host of new and unfamiliar issues under a lot of pressure. People could become confrontational. Ideas that have guided you for many years need to be re-examined. Tap your breaks. Test the waters. Notice the changes. Develop greater understanding. Everyone, including you, will be held to higher intellectual and spiritual standards.

SCORPIO ~ Family members must jump through some hoops. You are in the processes of achieving true comfort and security. You reached this in large part by holding yourself to high standards. You must continue to meet these standards to maintain your new comfort levels. It is important for your continued well-being that those closest to you learn to understand and respect your ideals. If you compromise your beliefs to accommodate them, you could experience setbacks. Financial affairs especially could suffer. Activities and relationships in your community will begin to matter much more to you in coming months.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Prepare the ground for the next step. You are doing something of a juggling act. You can't really stand pat, but you haven't quite managed to lay the groundwork for real progress. To achieve the next level of financial security and personal stability, you need to lay the proper foundation. If you pursue any of the opportunities now before you, you are likely to seriously overextend yourself or, at best, end up back where you started. It would help your cause considerably if you could make unruly friends and family members respect your views.

CAPRICORN ~ Don't take tempting shortcuts. Helping powerful people to do good things is probably Capricorn's strongest ambition. It is especially high on the list this month as new visions of possibility emerge. The problem is, several major pieces really just don't want to fall into place. It is very tempting to try to work around these obstacles by pushing present resources to the absolute limit. But you would achieve far more in the long run if you took existing obstacles very seriously and set to work addressing them directly. It would delay success, but ultimately lead to far more solid progress.

AQUARIUS ~ Shore up the foundations. You do have a secure base of operations. You might not realize it, however, but you have pushed some important resources to their limits. Some vital parts of your support system could break down. To maintain present comfort levels you need to replenish these resources. You might need to find alternatives or call in re-enforcements. You might also need to update your ideas. Don't worry too much if things sag a little. The planets are lining up to help you do what's needed. Success is likely, but changes must be substantive.

PISCES ~ Opportunities, distractions or temptations? The world is full of appealing distractions and temptations. Current circumstances allow you to conceal and avoid the real issues. And you can have a good time and look brilliant while you are doing it. But you need to be building a foundation for the next stage of your life's work. Set aside distractions, resist temptations and get ready for a new initiative. Some delay is inevitable, given the current difficulties and obstacles to progress. But in a month or two, you should begin to see some real openings.