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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Power to the People - 500 Words About September 2007

Power to the People
500 Words About September 2007

Progressive Calming

Fall 2007 is a series of astrological hurdles. But global turmoil will lessen as each hurdle is cleared.

When Saturn enters Virgo on September 2nd, world leaders will get more of a handle on the recklessness that pervades world affairs.

After the solar eclipse on September 11th, natural and man-made disasters will become less frequent. Confusion and disagreement over the direction of world events will lessen.

After Pluto's final conjunction with the Galactic Center on October 28th the roughness of international politics will moderate noticeably.

When the Saturn/Jupiter square ends in early December, conditions in world financial markets will ease.

When Pluto enters Capricorn on January 25th, 2008, a broad, three-month Saturn/Pluto square will end, taking a dangerous edge off international relations.
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Pluto's 12-13 year stay in Sagittarius has left many important issues unsettled. People and, therefore, governments, have been unable to make clear, firm decisions on major questions for some time.

For example, Americans are at sixes and sevens on many important problems. They want to leave Iraq but fear the consequences of leaving. They want more government supported programs, but fear higher taxes. They want immigrant labor, but they also want tighter borders. And so on.

Mass ambivalence has caused gridlock on just about every major issue of our time.

As Pluto enters decisive Capricorn, mass ambivalence on major issues will abruptly end. The people of the world will be in a mood to make clear choices. For better or for worse.

Power to the People

Pluto's impact on the Cancer/Capricorn axis has always been fateful.

Pluto was in Capricorn when the United States was founded. In the following century, democracy spread as Pluto continued around the Zodiac toward Cancer.

Pluto was in Cancer from just before World War I thru the end of the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II.

Totalitarianism rose in those years. Communism arose in Russia. Fascism arose in Germany, Italy, Japan and elsewhere. Power concentrated in the hands of corporations in the United States and elsewhere. In the following years, Pluto empowered the elite few.

Pluto in Capricorn will stimulate the fateful Cancer/Capricorn axis again. It will kick off yet another round in the age old struggle to achieve a just distribution of power among the people of the world.

How Bad Will it Get

Dangerous tensions are always latent in world affairs. They can lie relatively dormant in the fabric of events for long periods. That leaves the status quo undisturbed.

Pluto's fresh stimulation of the Cancer/Capricorn axis will energize these tensions anew. It will drive them to the surface again with special force. That will powerfully disrupt the world status quo.

Will the results be as violent and bloody as they have been in the past? I am betting they will not.

As Pluto enters Capricorn, sober Saturn will be riding herd on the most volatile and headstrong outer planets. Benevolent, peace-loving Jupiter will already be in Capricorn waiting for Pluto. And the energies of the Aquarian Age are less warlike than those of the previous age.

A Final Note

When Pluto leaves Sagittarius it will leave the US rising sign. It still looks like support for the Iraq war will collapse when that happens.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for September 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for September 2007

September is a month for getting used to a new and rapidly evolving state of affairs. We are getting our bearings, studying our new situation and exchanging ideas and making plans with friends and loved ones. In some cases, the dominoes are still falling. However, safety and damage control mechanisms are also kicking in. The planets are deploying safety nets for us. It will be a couple of months before anything like true stability returns and another month or two after that until new directions and lasting trends emerge. Until that happens, we will probably all remain a little on edge. The final months of 2007 are the last bit of a transition that will move us from the end of the end to the beginning of the beginning. That transition will be briefer and easier than many fear.

Sign by Sign

ARIES ~ Your life-focus is changing. Some of the changes will be unexpected and sudden, but they will clarify your situation. The affairs of youngsters have proven burdensome in recent years, but you will soon experience relief from these issues. You must now shift your efforts to work and wellness matters. You are entering a period of change and growth in these areas that will demand a lot of your attention and energy. The challenges are considerable, but you have built a good foundation and the planets promise protection and support.

TAURUS ~ The financial changes you saw coming and for which you prepared have begun. Your old lifestyle was cheaper, but the extra expense is bringing you a much better life. Don't look back. Anyway, your new financial strategy will work. You might have to tighten your budget to insure stability, at least temporarily. But before the end of the year, further planetary changes will usher in a period of growth and prosperity. You might find your schedule and your social life under the control of partners and friends for a while.

GEMINI ~ If you feel the pressure building between yourself and your traditional allies and/or opponents, that's because it is. The energies seem potentially explosive. But these tensions are building at a strange time. The ground is shifting rapidly beneath everyone's feet. Unexpected events will remove some issues from the table and change the complexion of some that remain. No matter what happens, your words will carry a lot of weight. The situation will remain fluid, and unstable. An important piece is missing. But the planets have provided a safety net.

CANCER ~ This will be a tough month for the world and you will be close to disturbing events. Home and neighborhood conditions, which are always important to Cancer, will also be affected. The good news is that events will hit Cancerians in ways that it is comparatively easy to absorb. Your primary focus will be on awareness and thoughtfulness. Events will help you break out of established but unhelpful mental patterns and open you up to the concerns of others. You aren't really in a good position to take the initiative.

LEO ~ You will likely have to deal with some disheartening news about your financial situation. A major challenge is emerging. There is a hole where some resources ought to be. The situation will stabilize and improve within a few months as promising work opportunities arise. But starting now and for some time to come, you will need to observe fairly strict budget discipline. The good news is that, if you do live within your budget for the next couple of years, you will emerge in a much more solid financial position.

VIRGO ~ There is good news and bad news. Events will bring challenging realizations about your situation. Everything is tightening up. Your time and energy do not stretch as far anymore. You need to get more rest. Ease up on the accelerator. Make time to think things through. In a few months, needed help will come your way. Close friends, children, romantic attachments and creative and recreational activities will prove especially rewarding. As tough as it might seem, this is a heaven-sent opportunity to establish order and stability in your life.

LIBRA ~ A long period of change in the world around you might have left your ideas about your social and work environments out of date. If you've reached a point of diminishing returns in these crucial areas, or you aren't happy with where you're heading, maybe it's time get back in touch with the things that give your life meaning. Discover what others are thinking, too. We all need to take stock periodically to maintain momentum and stay on track, socially and professionally. It could be time for a course correction.

SCORPIO ~ Ongoing events are putting some pressure on your finances. You are feeling the need to make some lifestyle changes. Perhaps it would be best to modify your expectations about the future. Ongoing events will make the need for such changes more obvious, but they should also help clarify your ideas and remove unrealistic notions. As long as you maintain budgetary discipline, things should go well. Resist temporary urges to go into debt or draw down reserves. Tensions might run high. Watch your temper. The misconceptions of neighbors could complicate efforts.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Something has to give. Obstacles and pressures are cropping up simultaneously in key areas of your life and events appear to be taking easy options off the table. As long as you keep spending in line, you should be able to get through just fine. Between your touchiness and the touchiness of your associates, serious clashes are possible. Fortunately, you have regained forward momentum and the ability to directly affect events. Your efforts to stabilize things have succeeded, providing a foundation for progress. There is definitely a safe way forward.

CAPRICORN ~ Capricorns like to think and then act, with the emphasis on "act." But you can also pride yourself on your breadth of understanding and the accuracy of your judgments. Don't be concerned if you start second guessing yourself or if others start second guessing you more often. It's time to update your information about the world. Expect resistance in key areas. You might want to tap the brakes. You should also upgrade your decision making methods. Your confidence and good luck will return to near normal levels in a couple of months.

AQUARIUS ~ Your cosmic safety net is secure and in place. You have laid a good foundation and you needn't worry about any big upsets. That said, it is time reconsider your long-term financial plans. Events in the world around you will soon reveal the limitations of your present financial arrangements. Pension and insurance issues might need reviewing. You might need to cut back on some of your more energy-intensive activities. From time to time we must all adapt our lifestyle to fit the money and energy available.

PISCES ~ Once again, you are at center stage. Somehow, everything seems to hinge on the decisions that you make. This is true for yourself and for many of the people close to you. The responsibility for these big decisions is yours alone, too. Everything will work out well for you and those who depend upon you if you keep your hopes and dreams in line with reality. Events will soon help clarify what is realistic and what isn't. In a few months, financial and money-earning issues will start clearing up.