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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Saturn to the Rescue - 500 Words About August 2007

Saturn to the Rescue

500 Words About August 2007
Those eclipses will be here soon. The full moon eclipse on August 28 will be embedded in multiple grand squares, all in mutable signs. This means hard decisions under great pressure with few realistic options, little clarity of mind, lots of very troubling unknowns and some downside surprises.
An abundance of mutable energy will soften the blow on the micro, or personal, level. However, on the global level, this mutable energy will bring murky thinking and delay. Painful and costly global issues, like American policy in Iraq, will remain unresolved despite growing crises and increasing public opposition.
Global Attitude Adjustment
Fortunately, Saturn's entrance into Virgo on September 3rd will begin to inspire a more sensible approach to many dangerous world situations.
For some years, reckless Uranus has ruled Saturn. And slippery Neptune easily neutralized Saturn's down-to-earth influence. Uranus and Neptune were further empowered by mutual reception. Together, they supported arrogant and irrational behavior.

Their combined influence contributed heavily to terrorism and the badly managed war in Iraq. It supported the use of technology to invade privacy. And it aided the subversion of national constitutions and international agreements like the Geneva Conventions.
Saturn's new sign placement significantly enhances its power over all the other planets, including and especially Uranus and Neptune. Consequences will begin to catch up with many who have committed abuses under the Uranus/Neptune influence. And we'll get a handle on many situations caused by such abuses.
The US Home Mortgage Situation

Conditions in the US housing market will worsen and the economic ripple effects will grow.

Cancer, the US Sun sign, the sign of the home, is on the 8th house cusp of the US natal chart, loaded with important astrological influences. Translation: American national identity and well-being are intimately bound up with home ownership. Serious problems in home ownership mean serious problems for the US.
There are numerous indications of trouble for the US housing market. Rambunctious Uranus is transiting the US 4th house and the US natal moon in Pisces. This is causing trouble along the all-important US 10th house/4th house axis. This axis is very sensitive and it is closely related to housing.
Transiting Uranus is also in broad opposition to US natal Neptune on the mid-heaven, adding confusion (and deception) to home ownership matters. The August eclipse will hammer these same highly sensitive points in the US chart.
Price-deflating Saturn will shortly begin a lengthy transit of this critical axis, too. And, shorter term, Saturn will soon enter into a brief but nonetheless troublesome square relationship with Jupiter.
Longer term, in January 2008, Pluto begins its roughly 17 year transit of Capricorn. This will powerfully affect the economic heart of the US chart with nervous-making implications for problems in the housing market. But what happens long-term will depend on how well and quickly we respond to the spreading difficulties.
The good news is that when Saturn enters Virgo, it will help ensure that home ownership issues are addressed responsibly. Homeowners will also benefit somewhat from generally improving astrological conditions.

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