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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Very Mixed Messages - 500 Words About July 2007 (and Beyond)

Very Mixed Messages
500 Words About July 2007 (and Beyond)
[I've mentioned some of this before, probably more than once, but it is really relevant and Mercury is retrograde, after all.]

The charts for the next year-and-a-half offer decidedly mixed messages. Things will improve, but the world will remain volatile and vulnerable and dangerous.
*Most* of the charts offer support and some offer a lot. Also, some difficult long-term aspects will be replaced by helpful ones for a net overall improvement. But progress will occur against a backdrop of continuing world violence and natural and man-made disasters.
On July 7th 2007, the conjunction between retrograde Pluto and the Galactic Center will be exact for the second and next-to-the-last time. World troubles should subside immediately thereafter, significantly but temporarily.
The eclipses in August and September will raise global stress levels again. They will rise yet again in October 2007, when the Pluto/Galactic Center conjunction is exact for the last time.
Jupiter and Saturn, which largely govern our economic life, will enter into a difficult relationship for September, October and November of 2007. That will bring disturbing economic news.
Saturn will also enter into a troublesome relationship with Pluto then and bring its own kind of trouble. And Saturn will enter into a lasting, nervous-making opposition to Uranus at that time.
However, the two financial giants, Jupiter and Saturn, will resume harmonious relations in early December. Also, in 2008, Pluto will move slowly toward Capricorn, re-establishing helpful relations with Saturn. Expect more easing as Pluto's broad but disruptive square with Uranus slowly morphs into a helpful one.
Despite all the rough stuff, I believe things will begin to settle but we will need to monitor personal stress levels.
To summarize, amidst slow, long-term improvement, fall of 2007 remains as a relatively challenging period. In the fall of 2008, supportive structures pretty much drop out of the charts. But even during these months, I think, we will experience a sense of relief as better times approach. The improvements achieved will take place against a backdrop of violence. Violence and disasters of various kinds.
A Backdrop of Violence
There are long-term indicators of intense violence. Fiery Mars and explosive Pluto go at it in December 2007. And Mars and Pluto turn up in uncomfortable relationship at key moments thereafter. Saturn will also be in opposition to Uranus, not exactly a calming influence, either.
And we need to watch the mini-planets beyond the orbits of Neptune and Pluto. Many, indeed most, of these objects have dark and violent effects. Ixion and Eris, for example, are two thoroughly unsavory and downright belligerent influences and both play a prominent, long-term role in the charts.
These dark, violent, explosive influences will also find expression in natural and man-made disasters.

The United States Specifically

As Pluto enters Capricorn, it approaches conjunction with the US natal Pluto and the US natal Eris. And it activates a dangerous opposition in the financially important 2nd and 8th houses of the US chart. Meanwhile, transiting Eris will be in difficult relationship to transiting Pluto and the US natal Eris.

This combination of astrological influences are quite explosive. Despite significant easing and general improvement, life in the US and the rest of the world could get contentious, to put it mildly.

As I said, very mixed messages.

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