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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Get Ready for a Storm - 500 Words about June 2007

Get Ready for a Storm
500 Words about June 2007

For the Guys and Gals on the Street

It would be best to use the supportive aspects of June to prepare for what is coming during the rest of the summer. A new state of affairs is rapidly emerging and during the remaining summer months we will begin to have to meet the demands of this new time.

Two eclipses, one in August, one in September, are among the astrological events leading up to and surrounding Pluto's final conjunction with the Galactic Center, in October. The changes being driven by the Pluto/GC conjunction will reach a critical point at the time of these eclipses.
There are numerous overlapping grand squares in the August eclipse chart involving several major planets. Grand squares always indicate very difficult choices. Further complicating the picture, Saturn will enter Virgo on September 3rd, becoming directly involved in the September new moon eclipse and significantly increasing the stakes.

Retrograde Chiron at the nadir is one of several additional indicators that suggest a particularly powerful eclipse.
Most will choose an option they have been considering for some time. But even if we implement a familiar, well-thought-out plan, we will find ourselves on unfamiliar and uncertain ground. Also, the choice we make will be the beginning of a long process of change, rather than a culmination.

On the upside, several factors will soften the effects of these changeful influences. Pluto and Uranus will be retrograde. The squares are in mutable signs and in succedent houses. Also, aspects for the rest of 2007 are *somewhat* supportive. And, as I said, the changes will tend to be gradual.
As changeful and challenging as they are, these charts are really about as gentle as a such charts could be and still accomplish what they must.

In the US and the World, a Perfect Political Storm

A sense of crisis and confrontation will likely develop in the US. What I think we will see is the beginning of lengthy, complex and highly instructive investigations leading eventually to wide-ranging structural changes in the US. Pisces and Virgo, the mutable signs in which the eclipses will take place, are more angular than not in the US chart.

This indicates that the events of August and September will not simply be dramatic, they will send shock waves through the entire American system.
The ongoing investigation into hiring and firing practices at the Department of Justice and the growing confrontation over funding for the Iraq war will likely mushroom by summer's end.

Retrograding Pallas, governing higher wisdom, is angular in the composite chart for the US and the August eclipse indicating that the US public will learn some difficult and costly lessons.

A Cosmic Perspective

Recently discovered asteroids and other not-quite-planets are thought to govern the evolution of higher, spiritual faculties. Many of these bodies will be with Pluto in Sagittarius during the eclipses, suggesting that the higher values and refined sensibilities needed to insure successful global cooperation will start to emerge. The outcome will be a realization of the dangers of allowing zealous people of narrow vision, limited sensibility and questionable ethics to hold the reins of power.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sign by Sign Forecast for June 2007

Sign by Sign Forecast for June 2007General Comments ~ You probably want to slow down, take stock and organize your affairs so that you have a clear picture of where you stand. It is probably not the best time to begin new projects or take on new responsibilities--new debt, for example. A major turning point is on the way and June's vibes seem best for preparing yourself to navigate an upcoming transition. Streamline your schedule, tidy up financial arrangements. Clear the decks. The big threshold will probably come in late August and early September, but you will need the time between now and then to prepare the way.
Aries ~ Make progress during the first half of June. Mars, your ruling planet, is riding high and the aspects are generally supportive. You can safely and conveniently make any adjustments you need to make. Spiritual and educational matters and travel are especially well-aspected. But things really don't want to settle into a fixed and stable pattern, yet. The challenges will mount later in June. Also, everyone might overreact to everything then. However, you can still derive satisfaction from solid, lasting progress in all matters of affection, friendship, creativity and the young.

Taurus ~ The goal is to rearrange your finances while ensuring that you will still meet your long-term financial goals. The aspects in June seem perfectly designed to help you do this. You are troubled by a kind of mismatch between your living and working situation and your family responsibilities. This situation will be harder to fix, but June will bring *some* progress on this long standing issue. But hopes and realities remain stubbornly far apart. Your best course in this troubling matter is to keep the lines of communication open.

Gemini ~ Gemini occupies a central position in June. It is also a lucky and influential position. Addressing the issues will often boil down to things that come easily or naturally and pleasantly to you. You might find yourself in opposition to others, but your opponents are in disarray. The issue behind the other issues in your life is economic, as the planets activate your financial houses. There might be strains, but the long-term changes currently in the offing, especially at work, are putting you on a path to economic stability.

Cancer ~ The planets are urging you to expand your mental and spiritual horizons. But you are concerned about a loss of the control over your life and circumstances it has taken you so long to achieve. You can experiment with expanded horizons if you don't overextend physically and/or financially. Patience and discipline will be needed in these matters to stay on course. The coming months will bring opportunities, but they will also throw you a few curves. You can handle it, but you will need reserves of money and energy.

Leo ~ Your situation is completely fluid. It holds many opportunities, but this great fluidity also insures unexpected and unintended consequences. The risk is in getting too creative too soon. Balance the desire for creative expansion with the need to make things that others will pay you for doing. Basically, you are just getting hints of possibilities that will not be realized for several months, during which time your thinking will evolve, and so will your situation. Monitor the developing possibilities as things crystallize at their own pace. Patience will be rewarded.

Virgo ~ Take advantage of June's vibes to consolidate your psychological position. Your own deepest psychological well-being is very much the issue now. Things are a little too fluid, but underneath it all, the planets are offering support and protection. It is not the time to launch a major new project, but you can recover from the strain of recent times and prepare for future efforts. Virgo will be in a staging area for some months, preparing for a new beginning that probably won't come until late this year or early next.

Libra ~ The stars want to see how well Librans can do in an important spot, facing a lot of challenges and unable to fall back on the easy, obvious stuff. It will also be especially easy to be misunderstood, and not in a good way. But with so many conflicts and so much confusion, small achievements will mean a lot to all concerned. People badly need your diplomatic ability and negotiating talents. And despite the long odds, luck rides with you. It will show up in lots of helpful little ways.
Scorpio ~ A perfect and complete solution to difficult issues is not around the corner. But neither is disaster. You will continue to be able to find ways to cope with a tricky situation, at least for the time being. Also, Jupiter is still protecting your interests. The risk in situations like the present one is in going to your absolute limits to maintain the status quo or to reach for something better. You probably need to pull back from the edge. Build in some margin for error. Hold something in reserve.

Sagittarius ~ The planets are presenting Sagittarius with a double challenge: 1. Expand your world view so that you understand the connection between events in distant lands and your own community. 2. Set your sights high, morally and ethically, and convince others to do the same. Doing what is right is more important for success in day-to-day affairs than many people realize. Right now, it is through spiritual growth and intellectual expansion that you can best construct a more workable and enjoyable lifestyle and increase your income in the process.
Capricorn ~ June will be a complicated month generally. But Capricorn will cope as well as the next Sun sign on the obvious stuff. Serious thinking and quiet, substantive negotiations can help you work through some knotty and long-standing partnership and financial issues. Somehow friendship, romance, work and finance always managed to combine in inconvenient and awkward ways. With care, you can finally get to the bottom of these issues and remove problems from the future that have caused you much grief in the past. Breakthroughs in understanding will help everyone.

Aquarius ~ You have been comfortably cocooned within your own little world and safely insulated against disruptive events for some time. The outside influence you are most aware of is the seemingly critical, limiting attitude of those closest to you. And that is not likely to tempt you out of your shell. The planets do expect normally outgoing Aquarians to be introspective and a little solitary for now. But don't take this too far. It might be good to begin re-establishing communications with the world before people really start to worry.

Pisces ~ The need to assert yourself in well-advised ways continues. Your financial situation allows considerable flexibility. But whatever you choose, you will have to stretch your resources. Important figures who must share the consequences of your decision stand ready to exercise their veto. Pisces tend to be a little too wrapped up in their own thoughts these days. Try to reach out. Discuss the possibilities with those concerned. Look for compromises that do you justice but are also realistic. It will help if you continue to unload old personal baggage.