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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jupiter Dominant -

 500 Words About May 2007

Jupiter Dominant

500 Words About May 2007

May 2007 will be yet another turbulent and changeful month leavened by supportive and protective planetary influences. Supportive aspects will help us all avert big and little catastrophes.

However, the relief that comes from averting catastrophe will not completely calm the anxiety caused by continuing disruptions. Persistent unease will make us reach out and together choose some new directions.
Pluto and Uranus are angular in the new and full moon charts, permeating the world with deeply unsettling, disruptive vibes. Eris, a particularly violent and provocative influence, is angular at the May 2nd full moon. Adding to the overall intensity, there are two full moons in May.

On the positive side, in the dispositor charts, benevolent and protective Jupiter is prominent, especially in the chart for the second full moon in May. Jupiter occupies a governing position in relation to Pluto and exercises a controlling influence on Uranus. Also, protective structures like mystic rectangles and trines dominate the first and second full moon charts, respectively.

All of the above makes special sense in the context of Pluto's upcoming conjunctions with the Galactic Center. 

A Little More on Pluto And the Galactic Center

After the final conjunction of Pluto and the Galactic Center, global thinking on fundamental and vital issues will settle into a new, constructive evolutionary cycle.
During the first half of its roughly 247-year cycle, Pluto binds certain ideas tightly to human will and desire. During the second half of Pluto’s cycle, which we have been experiencing for the past 125 years or so, these ideas remain privileged and are not subject to significant change.

Pluto’s power has not been available to make changes in these power-bearing ideas for more than a century. We long ago arrived at the limits of existing Pluto-empowered ideas and have been unable to move beyond them. There are new ideas out there, but Pluto has not yet combined them with will and desire in our collective minds.

The impasse is apparent along a full range of important public debates: industry vs. the environment; privacy rights vs. national security interests; privacy rights vs. economic and commercial interests; the free market vs. individual economic rights; the right-to-life vs. abortion rights; national sovereignty vs. global needs. And so on.

But as Pluto enters the first half of its new cycle, many old ideas will lose their grip on our collective psyches. We will become open to new thinking on all the hopelessly conflicted, gridlocked issues plaguing the world today. New ideas will become empowered.

New thinking will move us beyond the present deadlock on the countless vital issues confronting us.
I believe if you take a close look at the debates that you find interesting, whether it be the gun control debate, the abortion rights debate, the globalization debate, the environmental debate, or any one of the unnumberable debates raging across the globe, you will see encouraging signs.

This global intellectual renewal will begin in earnest in the course of 2007, bringing the beginning of desperately needed solutions. This process will continue for a century or more.


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