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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jupiter Dominant -

 500 Words About May 2007

Jupiter Dominant

500 Words About May 2007

May 2007 will be yet another turbulent and changeful month leavened by supportive and protective planetary influences. Supportive aspects will help us all avert big and little catastrophes.

However, the relief that comes from averting catastrophe will not completely calm the anxiety caused by continuing disruptions. Persistent unease will make us reach out and together choose some new directions.
Pluto and Uranus are angular in the new and full moon charts, permeating the world with deeply unsettling, disruptive vibes. Eris, a particularly violent and provocative influence, is angular at the May 2nd full moon. Adding to the overall intensity, there are two full moons in May.

On the positive side, in the dispositor charts, benevolent and protective Jupiter is prominent, especially in the chart for the second full moon in May. Jupiter occupies a governing position in relation to Pluto and exercises a controlling influence on Uranus. Also, protective structures like mystic rectangles and trines dominate the first and second full moon charts, respectively.

All of the above makes special sense in the context of Pluto's upcoming conjunctions with the Galactic Center. 

A Little More on Pluto And the Galactic Center

After the final conjunction of Pluto and the Galactic Center, global thinking on fundamental and vital issues will settle into a new, constructive evolutionary cycle.
During the first half of its roughly 247-year cycle, Pluto binds certain ideas tightly to human will and desire. During the second half of Pluto’s cycle, which we have been experiencing for the past 125 years or so, these ideas remain privileged and are not subject to significant change.

Pluto’s power has not been available to make changes in these power-bearing ideas for more than a century. We long ago arrived at the limits of existing Pluto-empowered ideas and have been unable to move beyond them. There are new ideas out there, but Pluto has not yet combined them with will and desire in our collective minds.

The impasse is apparent along a full range of important public debates: industry vs. the environment; privacy rights vs. national security interests; privacy rights vs. economic and commercial interests; the free market vs. individual economic rights; the right-to-life vs. abortion rights; national sovereignty vs. global needs. And so on.

But as Pluto enters the first half of its new cycle, many old ideas will lose their grip on our collective psyches. We will become open to new thinking on all the hopelessly conflicted, gridlocked issues plaguing the world today. New ideas will become empowered.

New thinking will move us beyond the present deadlock on the countless vital issues confronting us.
I believe if you take a close look at the debates that you find interesting, whether it be the gun control debate, the abortion rights debate, the globalization debate, the environmental debate, or any one of the unnumberable debates raging across the globe, you will see encouraging signs.

This global intellectual renewal will begin in earnest in the course of 2007, bringing the beginning of desperately needed solutions. This process will continue for a century or more.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for May 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for May 2007

General Comments ~ In May, numerous obstacles will arise. Many of them will be pretty much insurmountable or they will call for long-term, in depth problem solving. As May proceeds, new doorways will open, bringing assistance and opportunities that allow progress along a new, different path than the one we may have been following. However, the obstacles themselves will not go away as the result of these new opportunities. They will remain to be solved and will emerge in many different forms in coming months, requiring continued attention.

Aries ~ Events at home are driving changes in many other areas. The behavior of a youngster or burdens affecting your creative and romantic life, maybe all of the above, are weighing heavily. The situation is complicated, the issues are real and in many ways, you are alone in uncharted territory. Even so, the situation can be handled more safely and comfortably than you probably think. Life-lessons you have recently learned will help you. Be true to your principles. Keep your emotions in check. Some issues will only be resolved in time.

Taurus ~
It’s a good time to tread water, comfortably and securely. The planets are empowering you and protecting you from negative effects. It’s tempting and rather easy to overextend now. Rather, use this time to consolidate and lay a foundation for the future. Family and home-related issues are burdening you heavily enough to make a difference in your decisions. However, prospects for a positive resolution of these issues are very good. The outcome will benefit you financially or at least not cost you as much as you might have feared.

Gemini ~
Your situation looks sticky but things aren't as bad as they appear. Most of those you depend on or from whom you take orders had to go back to the drawing board. They have options, just not as many as everyone would wish and things have to be refigured and rerouted. Hence the holdups. You have room to maneuver and, despite the static and the obstacles, your efforts will soon bear fruit. Stalled financial and legal issues are moving ahead. Power freaks with whom who must deal have been hobbled.

Cancer ~ Despite some challenges, and lots of static, prospects for a positive resolution of financial and work-related issues are quite good. But be aware that some important and complex issues will stay unresolved. Powerful people are at odds with each other and unsure how to address some issues that will eventually affect you. It could be months before final answers are forthcoming. You are also a little closer to the center of controversy than is comfortable. Still, the basic tone of the debate is reasonable and benevolent. Remain confident.

Leo ~
The best aspects for Leo this month affect matters close to home: family, neighborhood, children, friends, and work. The prospects for affairs farther from home and projects that require the cooperation of the community or large networks of people are under more doubtful planetary influences. Still, May promises remarkable achievements. Much will depend on your ability to maintain self-confidence. Substantial and lasting progress is ensured. Some benefits might be delayed. Also, tricky issues will need to be resolved down the road. Keep an eye on long-term financial affairs.

Virgo ~ There are obstacles to progress in projects that need community approval or broad cooperation. But this is a good month for personal renewal. The planets are pushing you to step back, to see the larger picture. You have taken things about as far as possible without a wide-ranging reappraisal of your place and direction in life. May offers you a chance for such a reappraisal and the opportunity to bring home and family life into harmony with this new vision of yourself. A big step toward a fresh start.
Libra ~ Gentle, loving, reasonable Venus, your ruling planet, is involved and somewhat at odds with powerful people, including your superiors at work. This situation will cause tensions and pressures on-the-job. Venus is now part of a larger planetary arrangement that is complicating professional and work relations generally. The issues are largely ethical. They are numerous, subtle and not easily resolved. However, significant improvements in relations with peers and friends in the community will help you work around the impasse at higher levels. Your contributions in these matters are important.

Scorpio ~ It’s true that the challenges keep coming. You can’t manage to get on top of them all. And ultimately you will need to get on top of them. One key difficulty is that your own personal resources don’t stretch quite as far as you need them to stretch. However, the charts suggest that you can depend on community resources. Authorities at home and at work can also be counted on to help make things easier for you. You should soon find a welcome increase in your supply of ready cash.
Sagittarius ~ You are likely to receive significant benefits from distant places in May. Despite your considerable influence over a complex local situation, genuine progress is elusive on the community, neighborhood and family scenes. Long-term financial well-being is the issue beneath the other issues. Presently, the health of your long-term finances depends heavily on your job. You are slowly losing the power and the inclination to cover for people who are bending the rules. You or someone else might have to pay a price soon for cutting ethical corners at work.

Capricorn ~
Decisive action isn’t really possible right now. Temper, immaturity, impatience, power plays, red tape, and delays of many other kinds are blocking progress, each in their own way. Positive developments will come from more subtle sources. An improvement in long-term financial conditions will come along with a psychological boost, lightening the mood at home and improving family relations. This might not help remove those roadblocks in the outside world. However, the beneficial effects on your peace of mind and the quality of home life will be make a welcome difference.

Aquarius ~
Burdens imposed by health limitations or emotional difficulties are weighing especially heavily. And between circumstances in the community and conditions in your own life you are kind of being forced to choose from a helpful but decidedly limited range of options. However, a partner or close associate will be able to work some magic for you, blending your desires and preferences with available resources to create a decidedly more tolerable situation for all concerned. Underlying influences are protective and supportive. Unilaterally imposing your own will on the situation won't work.
Pisces ~ The planets are ensuring that your desire for change will take you in good directions. They are also helping you avoid pitfalls. However, there are limits on what kind of change you can seek. The authorities at home and at work are taking a fairly hard line. They only seem to want to hear about the most mature and thoughtful expressions of personal freedom. The good news is that everyone working together is about to come up with a plan that improves your work situation and your cash flow considerably.