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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For April 2007

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For April 2007

General Comments ~ Another month with waves of powerful, important changes sweeping through our individual and collective lives but with enough lucky breaks and helpful options to get us all through nicely. Also, as in recent months, events will help us settle more solidly into new trends and habits; future directions will emerge with greater clarity and stability. One department will emerge in all our lives as requiring more attention than others, providing greater challenges and opportunities. However, the rest of our affairs will tend to behave themselves, giving us the time and resources we need to attend to this area of emerging opportunities. But make no mistake. The month can still takes its toll in stress and fatigue. Be sure to take time to rest and restore those frazzled nerves. Slow things down where possible.

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For April 2007

You are really in the thick of it this month. Close to the source, finger on the pulse and lots of people awaiting insight and instruction from you. Don't worry too much about failure. The planets are with you. But guard against things you know in your gut are wrong. And don't use the situation simply to better your own lot. Let conscience and good sense be your guide. Be a little visionary, too. This is about the future. Standing pat or trying to resurrect the past can easily backfire.

You bear a lot of responsibility for making sure things go in the right direction, despite confusion, resistance and outright conflict. You must also work through many intermediaries. The task is big and complicated, so don't be discouraged if results seem modest at first. Despite potential friction, your approach needn't be combative. Whether or not there is friction, your efforts will be healing. For you personally, April is about overcoming your demons and inner obstacles and using your abilities to achieve the best for everyone. You have a safety net.

Simplify relationships. They are becoming complicated, not in a good way. Associates are pushing you into things best avoided. Return to your core values. Meanwhile, those who must be obeyed at work and at home, near and far, are not providing the support and encouragement you need to proceed in certain directions. They are adding to your doubts, pretty much blocking progress. This is a blessing in disguise. A self-imposed delay in key areas would provide the opportunity to think through moral complexities. Promising options will develop mid-month.

A set of problems surrounding long-term finances, cash flow, household and work affairs will not resolve itself. It is complicated by distance, difficult emotions, and family loyalties and obligations. Except for that, everything is fine! I cannot guarantee a complete and permanent resolution. However, April’s planets will bring new and lasting improvements. Helpful compromises, promising options and insurance against downside surprises are all included. The most important aspects of the problem will be covered. April will be generous to all, but Cancerians will get a better deal than most.

April will be a very good month for Leo. Your long-term financial well-being has long depended on establishing, maintaining and benefiting key partners. That remains true. Be sure that you take this into account as you work through the many benefits and opportunities presented to you in April. You are mostly shielded from negative outcomes now, but you remain vulnerable to the reactions of important partners who might feel abused. Satisfied associates are your best insurance against financial harm from unexpected events or the impulsive actions of others.

Don’t let obstacles or setbacks early in April discourage you. Problems should fade as mid-April brings a barrage of favorable, supportive and protective aspects to your ruling planet. Even recent financial pressures should ease significantly. The possibility of angry confrontation hovers over events. You might feel vulnerable to the over-zealous, impulsive behavior of others. However, the likelihood of a bad outcome is low now. April also presents the opportunity for deep healing and nurturing. You can soothe nerves worn thin by long-standing concerns. Luck is with you.

LIBRA ~ Venus, your ruling planet, is besieged as April opens, but breaks out by mid-month. You will still have to negotiate energetically to achieve your goals. The key is to sell people on the virtues of doing things your way: reasonably, politely and fairly. But make sure your idea of what is reasonable, polite and fair is valid. If you act according to your own highest ideals, things should go very well. If you take the low road, things could easily backfire. A good month, if you handle things right.

SCORPIO ~ Scorpio will play a prominent role in everything that happens in this important and fortunate month. The potential for good is high and there are many guarantees against misfortune. However, the situation is complicated and volatile and you might be at odds with yourself over how to proceed. The best way to get the best results in this lucky month is to be on your own best behavior. Self-serving or short-sighted decisions could set you back considerably. People you meet at work or socially play an important part.

April is an empowering and uplifting month for Sagittarius. You will play a crucial role in important events and make sound and lasting contributions. One challenge is to apply tried and true principles to new and unfamiliar situations. Respect both your old principles and the new situation. Resist the temptation to abandon caution, good sense and self-respect for the sake of novelty. But I think your toughest challenge will be to maintain personal integrity and not be drawn into shady or questionable agreements for the sake of quick progress.

April brings a balancing act in many areas, with emphasis on financial issues. You have enough leverage to produce a beneficial effect, but not enough to achieve a decisive outcome. If you stay involved, it will bring more risk and expense. If you bail out, you might lose opportunities or influence over important situations. In many cases, uncomfortable as it is for you, you might be the only person preventing a disaster. There are no clear-cut choices. But if given a choice, choose in favor of local actions or interests.

Relationships of all kinds are always very important to Aquarius. In April, your numerous and wide-ranging friends, acquaintances and associates, from near and far, work together to produce a deeply gratifying, rewarding event of some kind. You have not felt so well or so happily connected to the world in quite some time. My only caution would be that you make sure you do not overstrain available resources as you participate. It is important that you provide the guidance needed to maintain an uplifting, idealistic, but also realistic tone.

Things are ready to come together in a big way. You can soon begin to weave finances, home and career into a serviceable, durable fabric. You don’t have to do it all at once. The planets are providing time to maneuver. And you will have a lot of flexibility. It is important that you not forget or abandon all the sound principles and practices that got you here. Things are working out, but you need to keep your feet on the ground and take one solid step at a time.

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