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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Forward Jump - 500 Words About March 2007

Forward Jump
500 Words About March 2007

We will receive a double benefit this month.

A grand trine will bring solid progress in many areas. Two eclipses will weaken resistance and dissolve obstacles, ensuring more vigorous progress in future. Many will be able to finally leave the past behind and move into the next phase.

The eclipses will deal decisive setbacks to things that have been faltering or gradually failing. Many outmoded programs and policies, for example, will come up for phase out. The grand trine will soften the blow for all concerned, but there will be no disguising the setback and no reversing it.

The Bush administration and its Congressional allies have so far managed to stave off collapse on domestic and foreign issues, including and especially Iraq. But I believe March’s events will shift the tone of the Iraq debate, and the national political debate generally, decisively and irresistibly against Bush.

Other charts confirm this view. The solar eclipse in early March will hit Bush's chart especially hard. Also, the charts for the GOP are discouraging. They suggest a party lacking in true self-confidence and in disarray, deeply divided by internal rancor, continuing to lose its footing on the national stage.

The charts support those who suggest that the GOP is well on the way to becoming a regional party, popular primarily in traditionally red states.

A Good Month for the US, Paradoxically

March's eclipses, like all the eclipses of the last year or so, will be angular in the US chart. However, the US charts for both eclipses contain very strong grand trines. So despite the political changes likely to be wrought by these eclipses, March will likely be a good month for the country.

Many other important changes that have been in the works for a long time will come to fruition in March. However, eclipses being eclipses, there will be crises caused primarily by long-standing problems that are unexpectedly brought to light, often as the result of 'accidents.'

On the micro-level, we can expect many health, financial or legal issues to reach some kind of resolution.

Both eclipses are along the Pisces/Virgo axis, angular to a lot of the important, long standing planetary positions. So, the events of March 2007 are likely to mark an important turning point for all of us.

Cosmic Perspective

In recent decades, astrologers have been studying the heavenly bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune.

These objects, like Juno, Pholus, Pallas, Ixion and Eris, govern the ideas embedded in the world views shared by groups, large and small, ethnic, religious, national and otherwise.

The message of these relatively recently discovered heavenly bodies appears to be: our world views must be purged and made to conform to the laws of reason, justice and morality and simple decency.

The key to solving the profound troubles of the Iraqi people lies in rehabilitating the world views of Iraq's people.

Increasingly, the solution to the world's problems will involve studying and rebuilding the deeply, often unconsciously held world views that bind us together into and guide our actions as groups.

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