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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Pendulum Has Swung - 500 Words About February 2007

The Pendulum Has Swung

500 Words About February 2007

I often write about approaching changes or gradual changes that we can prepare for and ease into, or not. This time it is about faits accomplis, done deals.

Decisions have been made. These are fundamental changes that have very broad ramifications and will bring sweeping changes in their wake.

In the U.S., for example, Democrats have taken control of Congress and they are going to take the U.S. in a new direction. Sources are reporting that Iranian President Ahmadinejad no longer has the support of the Mullahs. That indicates a significant shift in Iranian domestic and foreign policy.

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is putting through fundamental economic changes. In Mexico, the global grain market has pushed up the price of corn meal, the main ingredient for Mexico’s traditional food staple, the tortilla. This will have profound effects in every area of Mexican national life.

The Chinese are flexing their military muscle … in space.
In every country, in every situation, it is something. The ground rules have now changed. Every nation will have to adapt internally and then, externally, adapt to each other’s adaptations.

Everything has changed and it will continue to change dramatically.
With the ramifications of so many fundamental changes just beginning to make themselves felt, and with so much radically new, revolutionary cosmic energy in the mix, it is hard to tell, from where we are now where we will end up.

The planets are forcing our hands. In February we are just going to have to begin adapting to new realities.
However, at least for the moment, prospects are strongly positive. Abrasive, abusive, destabilizing planetary forces are moderating. Benevolent, harmonious influences are phasing in.

Through the Eye of the Financial Needle into a New Era ~ With Saturn keeping a sharp eye on everything and suppressing the luck factor, the world’s leaders will not have carte blanche. Budgets will matter a great deal. On the other hand, we cannot either stand pat or go back.

With Saturn watching, governments can no longer play quite so fast and loose with the truth. Changes must also be made with some respect for the rules of fair play and common decency. Knowledge and experience will count for a lot more than it has in recent years, too.

Reminder ~
Power to the People As Pluto inches ever closer to Capricorn, it activates simmering class tensions within the United States. The little guy will start opposing and then reclaim the financial and economic power that has accumulated in the hands of the wealthy over the last two centuries.

Expect elevated levels of economic class tension within the US over the next decade and a half.

Quick Takes

Iraq ~
The charts do not suggest an improvement in the military situation in Iraq in February. They do point to a shift of military focus towards Iran.

Bush ~
The charts suggest no improvement in Bush’s popularity ratings. They also suggest a worsening of the standoff between Bush and Congress.

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