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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Pluto Enters Capricorn (Finally) - 500 Words about January 2008

Pluto Enters Capricorn (Finally)
500 Words about January 2008

Pluto enters Capricorn on January 25th. In Capricorn, Pluto will change how the world works at the hands on level.

The Capricorn/Cancer axis is exceedingly sensitive and powerful. Pluto is especially powerful. And Pluto, Capricorn and Cancer energies tend to show up in obvious, concrete ways.

This is also the first Pluto/Capricorn transit in almost 250 years. Such transits are among the most powerful there are.

It is the first such transit in the Aquarian Age. A long series of energetic events have dramatically lowered the world’s resistance to change. It is wide open to the transformative and uplifting energy of Pluto in Capricorn.

The stage is set for a transformation of daily life.

Pluto will work this transformation first and foremost by redistributing social power. Since about 1914, Pluto has supported the concentration of money and power at the top of the social pyramid.

Beginning January 25, 2008, Pluto will move power to the base of the social pyramid.

This Shift in Consciousness is Already Apparent

The pending shift of power to the people at large is clear in the examples below.

In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez lost a vote he thought would give him essentially dictatorial powers.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin is extending his authoritarian rule. But Russia has a long history of brutal, arrogant dictatorships. Putin's maneuvering is polite by comparison.

In Pakistan, Musharraf holds on to dictatorial power. But he faces increasingly stiff resistance.

In Cuba, dictator Fidel Castro is ailing. He has given power to his brother. His brother, Raul, is said to favor democratic reform.

In Thailand, the former prime minister defeated the party of the military junta. That is the same junta that ousted him about 15 month ago.

Closer to Home

The US Supreme Court recently allowed judges to deviate from harsh federal sentencing guidelines.

MTV recently agreed to more generous pay and benefits for "freelancers." Freelancers are full-time employees treated as temporary help.

In Hollywood, union leaders want to end practices that disempower writers. It isn't only about money.

My Take on the Pluto Ingress

Political manipulation through fear and hatred is common, worldwide. This manipulation has disempowered and demoralized billions of people. This, in turn, has drained human relationships of meaning. Family and community ties have withered.

Alienation and suspicion has filled the void. In many places, despair has bred violence. Vast human potentials lie untapped. By many measures, the base of the social pyramid is starting to crumble.

Pluto in Capricorn will disempower manipulative leaders. It will re-empower the masses. It will nourish the will of the people to fight and open the door to profound change.

It will strengthen the base of the social pyramid. This, in turn, will restore human relations at the grass roots level. Alienation, violence and social disorder will subside. People around the world will begin tapping into new reserves of potential. And they will be strongly inclined to fight for their rights.

No Magic Wands

The world's problems will not vanish. Some world trouble spots will become more troubled. New trouble spots will arise. At times, it will seem like things are getting worse.

However, a new spirit of brotherly and sisterly love will be active in the world. This will be a force for healing and renewal unlike any the world has experienced in recent times.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Astrology Analysis for January 2008

For Everyone ~ Portal. It is probably best to envision January 2008 as a gateway, or portal. The planets are supporting change, offering guidance and support to those undergoing a process of change. They are also offering some insurance to those who undertake important initiatives. What the planets are not offering is the chance to stand still or go backwards. In January, we will cross a bigger threshold than those we have become used to. The past is disappearing behind us, now, in a good way. It is growing fainter and lighter, placing less of a burden on our minds and losing its ability to distort our feelings and burden our actions. Most will experience an important shift in intensity from one major area of or lives to another.

Sign by Sign

Aries ~ Shepherding others through change. The world needs your kind of energy. And the planets are making it easy for you to provide it. With supportive and protective planetary measures solidly in place, Aries will have a surprisingly free hand. There are plenty of ideas floating around and people are receptive. Your efforts will provide the needed motivation. And you can help people cut through the confusion. Still, you might want to keep an eye out for the occasional land mine. Some issues could unleash more excitement than you anticipated.

Taurus ~ Bide your time. You’d best get comfortable on the sidelines this month. Watch the fine print. Try to make sure that, in the rush to achieve something, people don’t trample a lot of subtle but very important principles in ways that could cause big trouble later. The problem is, you might have to wait for the right moment to speak and the right moment might not come for a while. People want the big picture, now, the bold stroke, the bright idea. They won’t understand what you’re worried about ... yet.

Gemini ~ The next big thing. There are undeniable indications that the next big thing is finally on the way. You can’t be sure about the details, but you can be sure you won’t always have the upper hand. The planets suggest that you go along with the inevitable. Concern yourself with figuring out how the new ideas, policies, and so on, can best be integrated into your life. If you decide to speak out, be mindful of the power behind these new developments. You might need to wait your turn.
Cancer ~ Maintain your perspective. It is clear in the lives of others, more than in your own, that change is coming fast. You will find it comparatively easy to maintain order in your own life. And you might, at first, be inclined to resist change. However, you will eventually be caught up in events. Be aware of what is happening to others, but remain mindful of your own needs. Keep to your budget and safeguard long-term investments. Most other things will take care of themselves. Change tactics as required.

Leo ~ Watch the purse strings. In the midst of change you are aware of the need for stability. You are also in touch with the knowledge and energy that can provide either stability or well-structured change. Though as January progresses you will probably find yourself drawn into the camp of those pushing for change. The stars urge a very conservative approach to economic issues. Change financial arrangements last, and most carefully. In light of recent developments, you might also need to adjust creative plans and revise your understanding of events.

Virgo ~ One step at a time. Virgo will see obstacles falling away and new possibilities developing. You will sense the need to cut back, but you will also find more efficient pathways toward important goals. The intensity that characterized your home life will ease. Financial tensions will also let up. Shady characters and sketchy goings on will not affect you so much. Creativity, young people, romance, will all flourish. All this can be complicated. Let things develop at their own pace and set aside some private time for inner healing.

Libra ~ Revelations. Viewed one way, events are creating obstacles and draining resources. Viewed another way, events are reducing the intensity of events in your life in a good way. They are forcing a needed slowdown. Intensity is building on the home front. But you are gaining helpful insights into family issues that have been simmering beneath the surface. These insights will help you reshape your family life and bring you greater comfort and fulfillment at home. Changes at home will in turn allow positive changes in your work life.

Scorpio ~ A needed change. Family, friends and community relationships are in creative turmoil. They are rearranging themselves to provide greater support for all. Somehow, you are right in the middle of it, driving and guiding events. Issues directly affecting your long-term well-being are ... well ... forcing you to push for these changes. Truth to tell, you simply cannot keep contributing so much. In reality, these changes are natural and some are long overdue. They have a strong momentum of their own now. Much good will come of it all.

Sagittarius ~ A more relaxed life. Much of the intensity of your life in recent years will simply go away, now. The grand ideas and strong emotions will subside. Your generous nature will find more practical ways to express itself. It will take time to find equilibrium and the proper mix of excitement and routine. The changes will be so numerous and come so fast, you probably won’t have time to think about the bigger issues. But the end result will be a quieter, safer and more enjoyable existence.

Capricorn ~ A new beginning. The increase in excitement you are experiencing will not be temporary. Capricorns are due for a marked increase in the intensity of their lives. Feelings will be more intense, ideas will be more lively and numerous. Also, more than ever, you will expect people to jump when you say jump. You will also be drawn more deeply into the counsels of the powerful. Along with this will come a period of economic increase and expansion. It might be a good time to learn a few relaxation techniques.

Aquarius ~ Inner changes. The planets are being protective of your interests. Strong inspirational and healing forces are at work in your inner life. Your influence and involvement with others are at a peak. Your ideas are getting priority treatment. You are helping set the agenda for many people. Your inner life is being highly stimulated too. You will be more aware than ever before of your own innermost concerns. An authority figure about whom you care a great deal will also experience healing. Be patient with this sometimes demanding associate.

Pisces ~ Be a practical idealist. The aspects of your life you value most highly are being powerfully stimulated. The planets are strongly energizing friendship, humanitarian interests, and your own inner, spiritual growth. Your influence with others is running very high right now, too. However, you are being strongly urged to be realistic and practical in your approach to everything. It will be difficult to balance the idealism you are feeling so strongly with this demand for practicality. To maintain personal credibility, foreground your practical side in discussions with others.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jupiter and Saturn Reconciled - 500 Words about December 2007

Jupiter and Saturn Reconciled

500 Words about December 2007

Some Good Economic News

Jupiter will enter Capricorn on Tuesday, December 18, 2007. This will restore harmony between Jupiter and Saturn, the two major economic planets. This in turn will restore some calm to financial markets. Global fears of severe economic crisis will abate significantly.

Economic leaders will begin solving problems. We will begin to regain our financial footing. Confidence will revive.

Bad News

These benefits will be obscured somewhat by a tangle of negative influences.
(Retrograde) Mars is in opposition to the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter. Mars will also square the moon and warlike Eris in martial Aries.

Saturn will be within 7 degrees of exact opposition with Uranus, and closing. Several other adverse aspects will be in effect, too.

All this will make the world irritable, combative and volatile. Anger, extreme politics and sketchy ideas will tend to cloud global thinking.

This would include economic scare talk and/or pie-in-the-sky financial schemes, political bluster, fear-mongering and saber rattling. The planets involved also suggest a spike in violence globally.

Strident voices will try to deny the strong positives, for their own reasons. But they won't succeed.

Good News Again

Overall, the charts do not suggest catastrophe. The dispositor chart shows a dominant and positive Jupiter influence. Saturn is also well-placed. These strong positives will ultimately determine events.

The staticky and explosive aspects will not finally derail positive economic developments. Responsible spokespersons will override irresponsible ones.

Real economic opportunities will outshine false ones. Reliable voices will gain credibility as misleading voices are discredited.

The tensions will be many and intense. But the issues will be well-defined. And a lot of rather determined people will be thinking very clearly, to good effect.

In the US

Improved relations between Saturn and Jupiter are especially significant for the US. The planets and the signs involved are directly related to the home mortgage crisis and the US economy generally.

So Jupiter's improved relations with Saturn will likely bring relief to those directly affected by the home mortgage crisis. It should also reduce the ripple effects of the crisis.

Jupiter will ease concerns about a drastic worsening of the world financial situation. This, in turn, will help remove the fear factor from politics. People can then focus on the real issues and think more clearly about them.

Capricorn and Cancer set along the highly sensitive financial axis in the US chart. The presence of gentle, supportive Jupiter along this axis will help moderate Pluto's usually disruptive effects on that all-important axis.

Harmonious relations between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will further smooth Pluto's effects on this axis.

A Final Note

Ixion is a so-called trans-Neptunian object. It represents, among other bad things, criminal violation of social norms and extreme betrayal of the public trust.
Ixion is heavily emphasized in the US charts for the Jupiter/Capricorn ingress. As Jupiter enters Capricorn, Ixion will be on the US natal ascendant. Sun and Pluto will be transiting the US natal Ixion. Transiting Mars will be opposing the US natal Ixion.

As 2008 opens, Americans will become increasingly aware of criminality in very high places.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Astrology Analysis for December 2007

Astrology Analysis for December 2007

For Everybody ~
A leap of faith in the future. The planets are still providing the options we need to adapt and cope. And, thankfully, during December, confidence and optimism will, in large part, return. New developments will calm our fears and take the edge off our anxieties. At the same time, though, and despite significant relief, impatience with the status quo could rise to the boiling point. Positive developments and intensifying impatience with the status quo will combine, driving us to seize emerging possibilities. These possibilities will be new, genuine and quite promising. Hope and motivation will also motivate us to push through any resistance we encounter and strive to leave the past completely behind us. It could all be quite upsetting to those who represent the status quo, though.

Sign by Sign Analysis

Aries ~
Your boat is rocking, but it’s still quite seaworthy. Events will continue to support you if you continue to move in a constructive direction. You have all the pieces. You just need to make them settle down and fit together. You will probably have to make some lasting changes to your personal attitudes and lifestyle choices. You might also have to build some stuff from scratch. The tensions will seem pretty serious at times. However, the planets are providing solid support during this time of transition. Finances could tighten.

Taurus ~
A tough row to hoe. Personal fulfillment, romantic, spiritual and otherwise, is beginning to compete with vital long-term financial goals. This tension will grow and could become acute at times. Abandoning personal fulfillment to meet financial goals or vice-versa is self-defeating. Truly fulfilling goals wisely pursued are sound investments. They add meaning to your economic efforts. The planets suggest that it will take a lengthy and concerted effort to bring these two parts of your life into proper balance. It might require new initiatives and some risk.

Gemini ~
Things are coming to a head. At work, colleagues and key associates continue to issue ultimatums and serious tensions lurk beneath the surface. At home, the pressure is building. Household and family duties that once seemed easy are becoming a chore. Make some choices. You have it within your power to make needed changes while preserving your dignity and status. The key is to assert your freedom and independence in a way that commands agreement and respect from others. Renewed efforts to consolidate your financial situation will meet with success.

Cancer ~
Hold your temper. You will find yourself confronted increasingly by demanding and stubborn people. But you will also find people willing to lend a helping hand. Don’t let your temper draw you into confrontations or you could get more than you bargained for. It would be best to focus on the good. Deepening and lasting ties in the community will become quite valuable. You still possess great freedom of movement and the planets are keeping you safe from mishap. Surprise romantic encounters could be liberating, but keep things within bounds.

Leo ~
Remain confident. Be patient and keep your temper in December. Work and financial areas are under annoying and frustrating influences. Your temper will also tend to be a bit overactive. However, December should bring you some gratifying advances in job or professional areas. Any economic stresses you might be experiencing should ease, too. December will also provide an opportunity to adjust gracefully to new or rapidly evolving situations on the job. Overall conditions are a bit problematic and it would be best to hold something in reserve.

Virgo ~
Turning point. Frustration could reach a high point as you struggle to knock your lifestyle into livable shape. Everything seems a little too burdensome and people in your life aren’t being as mature and responsible as you need them to be. If you show a little temper, it might help get your point across and firm up your resolve. On the upside, pressures that have troubled you for years are subsiding, permanently. Financial pressures should also ease and relations with the young will take a definite turn for the better.

Libra ~
Heads Up. You’ll have to change old attitudes and habits to protect your interests. Key areas of your life are being affected by a new and challenging energy, long-term. It will bring an increase in power struggles and tensions. You might also have to deal with manipulative and shady characters more often. Much can be accomplished by avoiding or side-stepping troublesome people and situations, where possible. But don’t worry too much. A benevolent and protective influence is also at work in your life now. The budget might tighten. Avoid things that cost too much or involvements that threaten income.

Scorpio ~
Lightening the load. It does seem that Scorpio has been carrying more than their fair share of responsibilities for a long-time. You have also been dealing with all kinds of financial pressures. Some subtle, some not so subtle. You will soon feel a significant improvement as tensions over financial issues begin to resolve. Your neighborhood and community will soon become sources of active concern and involvement. While you might feel somewhat pressured at times, these involvements will bring substantial and lasting benefits. You will become good at side-stepping needless conflict.

Sagittarius ~
One step at a time. Early in December, you can make great strides as you adapt to new circumstances. Your influence over events will be at a peak. But hold something in reserve in the event that more difficult circumstances develop toward month’s end. The forces of disorder and unreasonableness will take their toll, both at home and at work. Use maturity and experience to contain--or work around--the willful and counterproductive behavior of others, especially if your personal finances are affected. Overall, given present risks, a conservative approach will serve you best.

Capricorn ~
Maintain a holding pattern. You should consider it a major personal achievement to simply contain the unruly forces presently at work in your life. You will have many options as December opens, but choices will narrow and pressure build later in the month. As yet unforeseen challenges could bring new complications. A benevolent, protective influence will slip into Capricorn this month. This welcome influence will make things a lot easier. It heralds a new cycle of growth and prosperity. But you need to take it slow, at least for now.

Aquarius ~
Easy does it. As motivation and optimism surge, be careful to keep your balance. It is good to express optimism and to take on new projects, but be careful not to overextend. Your biggest challenge will come from others. Key associates and fellow employees will be full of energy, raring to go and a bit short-tempered. You will have to keep their expectations within bounds, establish a sustainable pace and prevent emotions from getting out of hand. You must also rein in your own innate idealism and independence a bit.

Pisces ~
Doors will open. You have to move forward. You have to be realistic. But you can’t abandon your ideals, either. Prospects are good but it would still be best to take small steps. Take it one day at a time. Work with patience and determination. The astrological energies are changing. New planetary positions will soon remove a lot of the resistance you have been facing and new paths will begin to open up. Events will soon bring the people and material you need to build what you want. Don’t let the past weigh you down.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Pretty Sirius Business - 500 Words About November

A Pretty Sirius Business

500 Words About November

Pluto's last exact conjunction with the Galactic Center will occur on 10/27/07 EST. The series of shocks that once again threatened to destroy global equilibrium will abate. World leaders can get their bearings. But the relief will likely be temporary.

Pluto will enter Capricorn in late January unleashing more energy upon our rattled little planet. How serious a challenge will this new outpouring present?

Pluto and the Imbalance of Power in the US

At several places in the US chart dangerous tensions are in delicate balance. Perhaps the most important and dangerous is along the financial axis. Pluto is headed straight for this axis.

The US natal Sun is in Cancer. It rules the house and home. Cancer is in the US 8th house, which governs shared financial resources. This makes for a close relation between the economics of homeownership and social power in the US.

The US Sun also conjoins the powerful sacred star Sirius. According to esoteric texts, Sirius is the source of all true social power. This Sun/Sirius conjunction points to the overriding importance of maintaining a fair balance of social power in the US. It also gives events in the US global significance.

In the US chart Pluto is across the Zodiac in Capricorn. Pluto governs power. Capricorn governs executive power. Both are in the US 2nd house of individual, day-to-day finances.

At first glance, this opposition seems unstable. It appears to allow the undue, unrestrained accumulation of power by wealthy elites. The elites, meanwhile, seem under constant threat from the grassroots.

However, the inherently harmonious relations between Pluto, Scorpio, Capricorn and the 2nd and 8th houses help stabilize this otherwise very dangerous tension.

Homeownership makes the little guy a stakeholder. Homeownership also empowers the grassroots. Empowered grassroots stakeholders effectively restrain the ambitions of the wealthy elites ... usually.

In the last century, as Pluto moved slowly from Cancer in the 8th to Sagittarius in the 1st house, it enabled wealthy elites to extend and consolidate power.

There is spreading financial distress in the US middle class, widespread homelessness and deepening problems in the mortgage markets. This suggests that the balance of social power in the US has broken down.

The wealthy elites overdid it. They destabilized the most dangerous and delicate balance of forces in the US chart and created problems for the global economy.

Resetting the Balance, Pluto-style

Pluto will enter Capricorn on January 28, 2008, directly affecting the overstimulated and destabilized Cancer/Capricorn axis.

The upside: The planets are currently well-aligned for meeting complex challenges. The world has learned much from previous such transits. And in the US chart, at least, the affected axis has a few built-in stabilizing elements.
The downside: Historically this transit has brought widespread violence and upheaval. The world is fairly badly shaken up already.

In the composite chart for the US and the Pluto/Capricorn ingress, Pluto exactly opposes the US natal Sun and Sirius. Not a good sign.

Americans will be increasingly inclined to confront power. It will be increasingly difficult for power to ignore them. Global attitudes will reflect US attitudes.

How rough it will get in a particular case will likely depend on the degree of injustice and the responsiveness of those in power.

The reality: I think we will simply have to wait and see how the world responds to this transit, and keep our fingers crossed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for November 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for November 2007

For Everyone ~ November will keep alive in our minds the difficult lessons of recent months and keep us mindful of the challenges we face. But November will also keep hope alive, hope and aspiration. New possibilities will enable us to begin resolving current difficulties. November will also bring opportunities to chart a new course, to pursue new initiatives. It will bring the sense that new avenues will soon open up before us, and that we will soon be able to leave behind the pressures and worries of the recent past.

Finally, some forward movement. November will be another hyper-active month, but one dominated by hope. Nothing will be settled once and for all, necessarily, but lots of encouraging progress will be made in complicated situations. Aries would no doubt prefer a big financial payoff, but there probably won't be one, not as such. But real progress in solving real-world problems and helpful personal realizations will definitely put November in the plus column. Work and health issues are also foregrounded. It might be time for those who depend on you to start showing more initiative.
TAURUS ~ Push for civility. Close partnerships and friendships will flourish. Don't underestimate the value of this seemingly intangible gift. You will also find yourself promoting civility in the troubled and argumentative world around you, especially at work. Your efforts are needed and will be appreciated more than you might think. The need to accumulate assets has dominated your financial strategy in recent years. It's been tough. Financial conditions will soon improve and your life emphasis will become more spiritual and expansive. Meeting the demands of loved ones and the young could prove quite challenging.

GEMINI ~ The ground rules are changing. There are rather big planetary changes now taking place. They will affect Gemini more directly, more strongly, and more visibly than they might affect other Sun signs. Soon, many things that have been true about important aspects of your life will no longer be true. Most important, maybe, is a shift in power relationships. You might soon be affected by people who are willing and able to throw their weight around. You will probably have to go along with them for financial reasons. Strongly supportive aspects are protecting you during this stage of the transition.

CANCER ~ Just like David and Goliath. You will soon find relief from unpleasant and abusive people on the job. The conditions that enabled and empowered these people are passing. The bad news is, your relations with those in power are changing. Your life might soon become one long standoff, with you consistently facing powerful and determined opponents. Fortunately, the power will be fairly well-balanced. Despite their greater numbers and their higher position in life, they will not be able to impose their will on you. But playing David to their Goliath might take some getting used to.

LEO ~ Tighten your grip on the reins. You’ll have to maintain harmony between volatile and hostile factions in a range of important situations. The status quo is breaking up at home, at work and in your social circles. A new and inherently more difficult situation is taking shape. Maintaining order in key areas of your personal and professional life will require greater effort. You will also have to impose a more sensible order on your financial affairs. If you can make it to the end of the month, a more benign and harmonious tone will begin to prevail.

VIRGO ~ Accept the inevitability of change. You face a volatile and fluid situation. Conditions at home will continue to provide the greatest challenges. For now, the planets will protect you against serious upset and, where adjustments are necessary, options will be available. Still, you should probably start preparing yourself for a major adjustment of some kind. The status quo cannot be maintained indefinitely. Professional people and authorities within the family will eventually force change. And, deep inside, you are beginning to feel the need for a change yourself. You need to lighten the load.

Teach by example. Shape the conflicting, confusing, events of your environment into something meaningful. Carve out an agreeable lifestyle and a comfortable livelihood. In doing so, you will help to organize and harmonize the wider world. Intense new conflicts are developing everywhere around you. They call for clear and gentle Libran insights. But power relations are also shifting and your relationship with power is becoming strained. In this new cycle, you will have to work harder to develop new ideas and to make yourself heard. But your efforts are important. Others look to you for solutions.

SCORPIO ~ A lot of people to satisfy. Scorpio will definitely feel both sides of the old good news/bad news equation in November. Certain limitations, or blocks, of a financial nature will remain firmly in place. You will have to temper any initiative you wish to take. You’ll have to suit the preferences of many others who, for some reason, all seem to have a say. However, there will be much to enjoy in November and you will achieve some important personal goals. Generally speaking, the planets will protect you against downside surprises.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Sharp turn ahead. There is a lot of important activity in November and a lot of it centers around you somehow. Some are things of which you have little understanding and little control. Some affect you directly. Also, big things are about to start stirring in the financial department. None of these things will be settled quickly or without effort on your part. Settle in for a period of adjustment. The planets are doing a lot to protect you and keep your situation stable. But you must give it your best.

CAPRICORN ~ Don't jump the gun. You are right to feel secure and somewhat insulated from risk. And a lot of matters close to your heart will progress in November. Still, you know that something bigger is in the works. You can’t make a move yet. There are too many blanks to fill in and you lack sufficient control over events. It will take time to get a handle on things. Take a cue from those above you. They are working hard to gain an understanding of what these new and rapidly unfolding opportunities mean.

Reality checks. Aquarius has set their own terms for a long time. You have been inclined to ignore advice, able to live in your own private universe. You were also motivated to pursue an ideal lifestyle. Maybe Aquarians have had too much freedom and side-stepped beneficial guidance. But the balance of planetary power is shifting. You will still enjoy planetary support, but it will be harder to shrug off loving guidance. Also, the resolution of deeply important personal issues will become more important to you than pursuing the perfect lifestyle.

PISCES ~ Beginning a new chapter. The planets are realigning in a way that Pisceans will find easier to live with. You will find the powers that be more sympathetic to your views. You will find yourself better able to take your life in directions that you prefer. And the resources to do so will be more readily available. However, key associates will continue to resist you when they think it wise. Also, you should not forget your own long-term financial interests as you chart your new course. Important planets continue to protect and support.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Liberating Prometheus - 500 Words About October 2007

Liberating Prometheus
500 Words About October 2007

The Countdown Continues

In late October, Pluto will make the last in its series of conjunctions with the Galactic Center. This will deal the last in a series of major shocks to global civilization. But there will be aftershocks for decades to come.

In mid-December, Jupiter will enter Capricorn. This will reestablish harmonious relations between Saturn and Jupiter and restore a degree of calm to the financial markets.

Saturn will remain in square relation to Pluto until late January 2008. That will bring pointed reminders of how dangerous the world is.

At the end of January 2008, Pluto enters Capricorn. That will reestablish a harmonious relation between Saturn and Pluto, further calming global nerves.

This is all to the good.

More on Pluto in Capricorn

But Pluto's entrance into Capricorn will also activate the Capricorn/Cancer axis. As I mentioned last time, Pluto's stimulation of the Cancer/Capricorn axis has proven all but catastrophic for the world in the recent past. In this post, I would like to discuss what I think we can expect this time around.

The astrological complexities of this transit seem to me to defy conventional astrological analysis, so I have devised a theory based on my observations.

My theory is as follows. When Pluto is moving from Cancer to Capricorn, there is a bias in favor of government by privileged, authoritarian elites. These tendencies become extreme as Pluto approaches Capricorn.

Hence, for example, we see in the US, huge pay increases and tax cuts for the wealthy. Wages for everyone else are stagnant or dropping and their tax rates drift upward. Political power is also heavily concentrated among the wealthy few.

In the US, the Bush administration has concentrated power in the executive branch as seldom, if ever, before and it constantly seeks more power.

Similar trends and imbalances of political and economic power exist almost everywhere in the world. In many places in the world, the imbalance is more extreme.

Turning Point

When Pluto enters Capricorn in late January 2008, the bias with respect to power will switch in favor of government by the people. It will also favor the economic empowerment of the masses.

This shift will create a world-wide push for political and economic reforms.

Responses Will Vary

Pluto’s power is explosive. But I think Pluto will not cause as much trouble for the world as it did the last two times it stimulated the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

This axis clearly seems related to the equitable distribution of political and economic power. Serious political and economic inequities are still rampant. However, political and economic power is still much more fairly distributed now.

The troubles Pluto causes this time will be proportional to the degree of political and economic injustice.

Beginning very soon, the idea of empowering the masses, politically and economically, will begin to become popular. These ideas will shape global thinking at a profound level and with immense and persistent force. The degree of trouble this causes will depend on the degree of resistance these ideas meet.

The struggle to achieve more equitable distribution of political power and economic benefits will not be over soon, either. Pluto re-enters Cancer in 2157, in about 150 years.

We are no longer talking only about new ideas and shifts in consciousness. The world is on the threshold of a major transformation on the physical, material level.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for October 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for October 2007

For All Signs ~ Proceed, but with caution. October is about wrestling a slowly emerging situation into desirable, usable form amidst continuing difficulty and uncertainty. Optimism plays a part; the sense that something better is coming, or will soon be within our grasp, also plays a part. The sense that the stakes are very high and the chance of failure is real play a part, too. Perhaps the wisest strategy for October and beyond is to make only those decisions that are necessary. The ground is still shifting beneath our feet. Minimize losses. Marshal resources. Avoid the path of least resistance. Be ready to move when clarity develops and real opportunities emerge. All these themes show up clearly for all signs.

Sign by Sign

ARIES ~ Reset the work/life balance. A new phase will start soon, but the beginning will be a bit bumpy. Be careful not to jump the gun, or act impulsively on untried ideas. An important piece is missing. To take advantage of new opportunities you might need to conserve energy. There are burdens you can and should get out from under, especially at work. Try to control the demands placed upon you by family and neighbors, too. Continue stabilizing your financial situation. The planets are supporting your efforts.

TAURUS ~ Beat the odds with a vision of possibilities. You are in a position that should be familiar to you by know. You have no real power over a complicated situation. People are basically doing what they please. However, in some mysterious way, you have been granted great influence over this tough situation. You can exercise this influence quietly behind the scenes. Your success comes from an all but psychic sense of what is really going on; a great talent for getting the right word to the right person at the right time; and a vision of future possibilities to guide you.

GEMINI ~ Shifting balance of power. You have been in a power struggle for a long time, sometimes low-key, sometimes not. The balance of power will soon tip in favor of opponents, unfortunately. Over time, this might limit your options and force your hand. Meanwhile, tend to some other issues. Financially and professionally you have been doing something of a balancing act, always on the brink of change. You've done a decent enough job maintaining, but you want to get beyond simply balancing needs, ambitions and available opportunities. Start focusing, or re-focusing, your financial and professional interests. Build a more solid foundation from which you can establish a more satisfying career. A major effort might be in order.

CANCER ~ Strenuous efforts bring lasting benefits. In the coming months, you should take extra pains to avoid confrontations with important people in your life. Hostilities could break out if you are not careful. You could also be upset when you are made to re-open tough issues you thought were settled. But while you are working hard to cope with a difficult situation, your financial affairs will continue to improve. Despite the turbulence and tensions in some areas of your existence, you are forging strong, enduring and useful bonds in the community. They will help ensure your future well-being.

LEO ~ Speak your truth to power ... carefully. Your vision is inspired and your ideas are healing ones. Advancement and gain are possible and you can help others. You will be able to say important things to important people this month. But your plans must be filtered through the minds of powerful people. They want to help and they need your input, but you must think things through and choose your words carefully. Your ideas might have genuine long-term value, but those in power need ideas that will also calm troubled waters now. Don't worry about initial missteps. You'll get more than once chance.

VIRGO ~ Do the right thing--cut back. The best thing to do for all concerned is cut back on your energy outlay. Personal energies are at a premium and the physical toll for overexertion is rising. True, if you do cut back, it will disappoint lots of people, including loved ones and higher ups and many others who expect too much of you. But continuing to overdo will ultimately bring greater disappointment. In a few months, money and influence will move into your corner. Things related to youth and creativity will be especially promising. But you need to start making those tough choices now.

LIBRA ~ Greater understanding will be needed. Right now things are relatively calm, but Librans will be affected by some serious planetary changes coming in the New Year. Your usual role as mediator and facilitator will become more challenging. Librans will need to help people work through a host of new and unfamiliar issues under a lot of pressure. People could become confrontational. Ideas that have guided you for many years need to be re-examined. Tap your breaks. Test the waters. Notice the changes. Develop greater understanding. Everyone, including you, will be held to higher intellectual and spiritual standards.

SCORPIO ~ Family members must jump through some hoops. You are in the processes of achieving true comfort and security. You reached this in large part by holding yourself to high standards. You must continue to meet these standards to maintain your new comfort levels. It is important for your continued well-being that those closest to you learn to understand and respect your ideals. If you compromise your beliefs to accommodate them, you could experience setbacks. Financial affairs especially could suffer. Activities and relationships in your community will begin to matter much more to you in coming months.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Prepare the ground for the next step. You are doing something of a juggling act. You can't really stand pat, but you haven't quite managed to lay the groundwork for real progress. To achieve the next level of financial security and personal stability, you need to lay the proper foundation. If you pursue any of the opportunities now before you, you are likely to seriously overextend yourself or, at best, end up back where you started. It would help your cause considerably if you could make unruly friends and family members respect your views.

CAPRICORN ~ Don't take tempting shortcuts. Helping powerful people to do good things is probably Capricorn's strongest ambition. It is especially high on the list this month as new visions of possibility emerge. The problem is, several major pieces really just don't want to fall into place. It is very tempting to try to work around these obstacles by pushing present resources to the absolute limit. But you would achieve far more in the long run if you took existing obstacles very seriously and set to work addressing them directly. It would delay success, but ultimately lead to far more solid progress.

AQUARIUS ~ Shore up the foundations. You do have a secure base of operations. You might not realize it, however, but you have pushed some important resources to their limits. Some vital parts of your support system could break down. To maintain present comfort levels you need to replenish these resources. You might need to find alternatives or call in re-enforcements. You might also need to update your ideas. Don't worry too much if things sag a little. The planets are lining up to help you do what's needed. Success is likely, but changes must be substantive.

PISCES ~ Opportunities, distractions or temptations? The world is full of appealing distractions and temptations. Current circumstances allow you to conceal and avoid the real issues. And you can have a good time and look brilliant while you are doing it. But you need to be building a foundation for the next stage of your life's work. Set aside distractions, resist temptations and get ready for a new initiative. Some delay is inevitable, given the current difficulties and obstacles to progress. But in a month or two, you should begin to see some real openings.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Power to the People - 500 Words About September 2007

Power to the People
500 Words About September 2007

Progressive Calming

Fall 2007 is a series of astrological hurdles. But global turmoil will lessen as each hurdle is cleared.

When Saturn enters Virgo on September 2nd, world leaders will get more of a handle on the recklessness that pervades world affairs.

After the solar eclipse on September 11th, natural and man-made disasters will become less frequent. Confusion and disagreement over the direction of world events will lessen.

After Pluto's final conjunction with the Galactic Center on October 28th the roughness of international politics will moderate noticeably.

When the Saturn/Jupiter square ends in early December, conditions in world financial markets will ease.

When Pluto enters Capricorn on January 25th, 2008, a broad, three-month Saturn/Pluto square will end, taking a dangerous edge off international relations.
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Pluto's 12-13 year stay in Sagittarius has left many important issues unsettled. People and, therefore, governments, have been unable to make clear, firm decisions on major questions for some time.

For example, Americans are at sixes and sevens on many important problems. They want to leave Iraq but fear the consequences of leaving. They want more government supported programs, but fear higher taxes. They want immigrant labor, but they also want tighter borders. And so on.

Mass ambivalence has caused gridlock on just about every major issue of our time.

As Pluto enters decisive Capricorn, mass ambivalence on major issues will abruptly end. The people of the world will be in a mood to make clear choices. For better or for worse.

Power to the People

Pluto's impact on the Cancer/Capricorn axis has always been fateful.

Pluto was in Capricorn when the United States was founded. In the following century, democracy spread as Pluto continued around the Zodiac toward Cancer.

Pluto was in Cancer from just before World War I thru the end of the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II.

Totalitarianism rose in those years. Communism arose in Russia. Fascism arose in Germany, Italy, Japan and elsewhere. Power concentrated in the hands of corporations in the United States and elsewhere. In the following years, Pluto empowered the elite few.

Pluto in Capricorn will stimulate the fateful Cancer/Capricorn axis again. It will kick off yet another round in the age old struggle to achieve a just distribution of power among the people of the world.

How Bad Will it Get

Dangerous tensions are always latent in world affairs. They can lie relatively dormant in the fabric of events for long periods. That leaves the status quo undisturbed.

Pluto's fresh stimulation of the Cancer/Capricorn axis will energize these tensions anew. It will drive them to the surface again with special force. That will powerfully disrupt the world status quo.

Will the results be as violent and bloody as they have been in the past? I am betting they will not.

As Pluto enters Capricorn, sober Saturn will be riding herd on the most volatile and headstrong outer planets. Benevolent, peace-loving Jupiter will already be in Capricorn waiting for Pluto. And the energies of the Aquarian Age are less warlike than those of the previous age.

A Final Note

When Pluto leaves Sagittarius it will leave the US rising sign. It still looks like support for the Iraq war will collapse when that happens.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for September 2007

Sign by Sign Analysis for September 2007

September is a month for getting used to a new and rapidly evolving state of affairs. We are getting our bearings, studying our new situation and exchanging ideas and making plans with friends and loved ones. In some cases, the dominoes are still falling. However, safety and damage control mechanisms are also kicking in. The planets are deploying safety nets for us. It will be a couple of months before anything like true stability returns and another month or two after that until new directions and lasting trends emerge. Until that happens, we will probably all remain a little on edge. The final months of 2007 are the last bit of a transition that will move us from the end of the end to the beginning of the beginning. That transition will be briefer and easier than many fear.

Sign by Sign

ARIES ~ Your life-focus is changing. Some of the changes will be unexpected and sudden, but they will clarify your situation. The affairs of youngsters have proven burdensome in recent years, but you will soon experience relief from these issues. You must now shift your efforts to work and wellness matters. You are entering a period of change and growth in these areas that will demand a lot of your attention and energy. The challenges are considerable, but you have built a good foundation and the planets promise protection and support.

TAURUS ~ The financial changes you saw coming and for which you prepared have begun. Your old lifestyle was cheaper, but the extra expense is bringing you a much better life. Don't look back. Anyway, your new financial strategy will work. You might have to tighten your budget to insure stability, at least temporarily. But before the end of the year, further planetary changes will usher in a period of growth and prosperity. You might find your schedule and your social life under the control of partners and friends for a while.

GEMINI ~ If you feel the pressure building between yourself and your traditional allies and/or opponents, that's because it is. The energies seem potentially explosive. But these tensions are building at a strange time. The ground is shifting rapidly beneath everyone's feet. Unexpected events will remove some issues from the table and change the complexion of some that remain. No matter what happens, your words will carry a lot of weight. The situation will remain fluid, and unstable. An important piece is missing. But the planets have provided a safety net.

CANCER ~ This will be a tough month for the world and you will be close to disturbing events. Home and neighborhood conditions, which are always important to Cancer, will also be affected. The good news is that events will hit Cancerians in ways that it is comparatively easy to absorb. Your primary focus will be on awareness and thoughtfulness. Events will help you break out of established but unhelpful mental patterns and open you up to the concerns of others. You aren't really in a good position to take the initiative.

LEO ~ You will likely have to deal with some disheartening news about your financial situation. A major challenge is emerging. There is a hole where some resources ought to be. The situation will stabilize and improve within a few months as promising work opportunities arise. But starting now and for some time to come, you will need to observe fairly strict budget discipline. The good news is that, if you do live within your budget for the next couple of years, you will emerge in a much more solid financial position.

VIRGO ~ There is good news and bad news. Events will bring challenging realizations about your situation. Everything is tightening up. Your time and energy do not stretch as far anymore. You need to get more rest. Ease up on the accelerator. Make time to think things through. In a few months, needed help will come your way. Close friends, children, romantic attachments and creative and recreational activities will prove especially rewarding. As tough as it might seem, this is a heaven-sent opportunity to establish order and stability in your life.

LIBRA ~ A long period of change in the world around you might have left your ideas about your social and work environments out of date. If you've reached a point of diminishing returns in these crucial areas, or you aren't happy with where you're heading, maybe it's time get back in touch with the things that give your life meaning. Discover what others are thinking, too. We all need to take stock periodically to maintain momentum and stay on track, socially and professionally. It could be time for a course correction.

SCORPIO ~ Ongoing events are putting some pressure on your finances. You are feeling the need to make some lifestyle changes. Perhaps it would be best to modify your expectations about the future. Ongoing events will make the need for such changes more obvious, but they should also help clarify your ideas and remove unrealistic notions. As long as you maintain budgetary discipline, things should go well. Resist temporary urges to go into debt or draw down reserves. Tensions might run high. Watch your temper. The misconceptions of neighbors could complicate efforts.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Something has to give. Obstacles and pressures are cropping up simultaneously in key areas of your life and events appear to be taking easy options off the table. As long as you keep spending in line, you should be able to get through just fine. Between your touchiness and the touchiness of your associates, serious clashes are possible. Fortunately, you have regained forward momentum and the ability to directly affect events. Your efforts to stabilize things have succeeded, providing a foundation for progress. There is definitely a safe way forward.

CAPRICORN ~ Capricorns like to think and then act, with the emphasis on "act." But you can also pride yourself on your breadth of understanding and the accuracy of your judgments. Don't be concerned if you start second guessing yourself or if others start second guessing you more often. It's time to update your information about the world. Expect resistance in key areas. You might want to tap the brakes. You should also upgrade your decision making methods. Your confidence and good luck will return to near normal levels in a couple of months.

AQUARIUS ~ Your cosmic safety net is secure and in place. You have laid a good foundation and you needn't worry about any big upsets. That said, it is time reconsider your long-term financial plans. Events in the world around you will soon reveal the limitations of your present financial arrangements. Pension and insurance issues might need reviewing. You might need to cut back on some of your more energy-intensive activities. From time to time we must all adapt our lifestyle to fit the money and energy available.

PISCES ~ Once again, you are at center stage. Somehow, everything seems to hinge on the decisions that you make. This is true for yourself and for many of the people close to you. The responsibility for these big decisions is yours alone, too. Everything will work out well for you and those who depend upon you if you keep your hopes and dreams in line with reality. Events will soon help clarify what is realistic and what isn't. In a few months, financial and money-earning issues will start clearing up.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Saturn to the Rescue - 500 Words About August 2007

Saturn to the Rescue

500 Words About August 2007
Those eclipses will be here soon. The full moon eclipse on August 28 will be embedded in multiple grand squares, all in mutable signs. This means hard decisions under great pressure with few realistic options, little clarity of mind, lots of very troubling unknowns and some downside surprises.
An abundance of mutable energy will soften the blow on the micro, or personal, level. However, on the global level, this mutable energy will bring murky thinking and delay. Painful and costly global issues, like American policy in Iraq, will remain unresolved despite growing crises and increasing public opposition.
Global Attitude Adjustment
Fortunately, Saturn's entrance into Virgo on September 3rd will begin to inspire a more sensible approach to many dangerous world situations.
For some years, reckless Uranus has ruled Saturn. And slippery Neptune easily neutralized Saturn's down-to-earth influence. Uranus and Neptune were further empowered by mutual reception. Together, they supported arrogant and irrational behavior.

Their combined influence contributed heavily to terrorism and the badly managed war in Iraq. It supported the use of technology to invade privacy. And it aided the subversion of national constitutions and international agreements like the Geneva Conventions.
Saturn's new sign placement significantly enhances its power over all the other planets, including and especially Uranus and Neptune. Consequences will begin to catch up with many who have committed abuses under the Uranus/Neptune influence. And we'll get a handle on many situations caused by such abuses.
The US Home Mortgage Situation

Conditions in the US housing market will worsen and the economic ripple effects will grow.

Cancer, the US Sun sign, the sign of the home, is on the 8th house cusp of the US natal chart, loaded with important astrological influences. Translation: American national identity and well-being are intimately bound up with home ownership. Serious problems in home ownership mean serious problems for the US.
There are numerous indications of trouble for the US housing market. Rambunctious Uranus is transiting the US 4th house and the US natal moon in Pisces. This is causing trouble along the all-important US 10th house/4th house axis. This axis is very sensitive and it is closely related to housing.
Transiting Uranus is also in broad opposition to US natal Neptune on the mid-heaven, adding confusion (and deception) to home ownership matters. The August eclipse will hammer these same highly sensitive points in the US chart.
Price-deflating Saturn will shortly begin a lengthy transit of this critical axis, too. And, shorter term, Saturn will soon enter into a brief but nonetheless troublesome square relationship with Jupiter.
Longer term, in January 2008, Pluto begins its roughly 17 year transit of Capricorn. This will powerfully affect the economic heart of the US chart with nervous-making implications for problems in the housing market. But what happens long-term will depend on how well and quickly we respond to the spreading difficulties.
The good news is that when Saturn enters Virgo, it will help ensure that home ownership issues are addressed responsibly. Homeowners will also benefit somewhat from generally improving astrological conditions.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Astrology Forecast for August 2007

Astrology Forecast for August 2007

Each of us has been waiting for a turning point and the signs have pointed to August/September. We have been fearing that it might turn into a crisis involving very difficult choices. Perhaps, we have also thought that we would have to fight the same stubborn obstacles and endure the same familiar aggravations, that the world would not help us, or, lastly, that the transition would not be final. There will be an important turning point, but it will be a transition and not a crisis. The world will change around us, removing some of the old stubborn obstacles and irritants. It will, in its way, be quite final. Also, the cosmic safety net we have enjoyed for so many months will remain in place.

ARIES ~ There is a way through all this that will bring genuine and lasting progress. It might seem like you ran into a stone wall, or like a perpetual balancing act with no point of rest. But if you understand it as a chance to establish a new psychological and spiritual starting point, you will come out ahead and with a clear way forward. Focus on the deep psychological and spiritual benefits. Fight to build on the sharing, bonding, healing benefits of recent challenges. Let the negatives slip into the past.

The issues you are naturally most familiar with seem to have a special significance for everyone now. It isn't just that others are having a harder time than you are sorting through their options. It's also that you have special insight into the issues. But you won't get by with easy answers. Although they are familiar to you, you must look at these issues again and find the heart of their meaning. You can't offer warm and fuzzy answers. This isn't the time for that. But your solutions will work.

GEMINI ~ Key family and professional relationships are at something of an impasse. Resist the temptation to spend money to stimulate or preserve these relationships. It could easily end up being just a waste of money. You should wait to see what happens in the next few weeks before you commit yourself.
Events will soon break this impasse and reveal the best way forward. Unrealistic ideas will be revealed for what they are. Alliances with local individuals and community groups are recommended, as long as they have realistic goals and function within their means.

CANCER ~ A fairly complex set of changes is taking place. Economic forces are transforming your neighborhood and putting pressure on your finances. It is still too soon to say how it will all come out, exactly. However, you should be confident. Despite the scope and the complexity of the changes, you will find a comfortable and affordable option. Your security and your standard of living will be preserved. Indeed, after the changes, the pieces will fit together better than before, providing you with greater benefits for basically the same input.

LEO ~ This month is a major turning point. You need to finally let go of some things from your past as well as some unrealistic ideas about your future. Financially you are pretty well pinned down. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to use money to preserve something that should pass or spend your way out of a situation. Events will ease the letting go process. Bonds of friendship are strong now. They should help you through this with support to spare. Easier times are just around the corner.

VIRGO ~ Sometimes it seems like all the key relationships in your life will conspire forever to block any and all progress along any and all avenues. What is not so obvious is that, in time, you can dissolve many of these obstacles yourself: Merely let go of outdated and self-limiting ideas, bring to light and overcome insecurities that hold you back, and develop the strengths needed to overcome emotional challenges. True, these are not easy tasks. But with Saturn heading into Virgo, you'll have plenty of time and motivation to work on them.

LIBRA ~ Libra's understanding of how the world works and how to fulfill their material needs and higher aspirations in the world needs updating. You need to stop and figure some things out. This might sound like an abstract, philosophical problem, but it can weigh heavily and Librans are especially sensitive to abstract issues. Updating your ideas will help you direct your efforts much more effectively in all areas, including career and professional areas. It can also have a positive effect on motivation and morale. Educational and spiritual involvements are in order.

SCORPIO ~ Scorpio has been adjusting monetary and non-monetary resources to cope with a complex and rapidly changing life situation. Part of the problem is simply not knowing which direction to move in. The unknowns seem to wildly outnumber the knowns. Events will soon help you sort through the options. Much of it is paperwork, scheduling, making agreements and garden variety communication. The resources are there, they simply need reorganization to meet current requirements. The planets will help by settling some long-standing issues and revealing non-starters for what they are.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Sagittarians have had a prolonged honeymoon with those in authority. You have enjoyed their trust, their confidence and their indulgence. But there is a shakeup coming. Changes could bring new associates and a boss who is less trusting and more demanding. Everyone will have to toe a stricter line. However, if you cooperate, you will eventually find yourself back in the boss's good graces, more secure in your position and financially better off. But until things start smoothing out, you should go along quietly with the new state of affairs.

CAPRICORN ~ A lot is riding on you, on your ideas and your ability to keep things within safe bounds once they get going. To some, the road ahead seems strewn with major obstacles, but you see a way forward. Faith, inspiration, vision, call it what you will, gives you the confidence that you can find a way. Rapidly changing circumstances will soon clarify and simplify things for everyone. Some obstacles will disappear, some pathways will close. This will narrow the possibilities, but make choices easier. Remain true to your highest principles.

AQUARIUS ~ In the last couple of years, Aquarians have been dealing with challenging partnership issues. Relationships became burdensome and complicated. Perhaps the warmth went out of them. Perhaps you had to reset boundaries between yourself and an old friend or lover. Perhaps some important, long-standing relationships ended. You might have experienced lonely times. There is no denying how difficult this cycle has been, but it will soon end. You will experience a period of renewal in relationships, both in old relationships that survived this testing period and in new ones.

PISCES ~ An inhibiting planetary influence has been affecting your work and professional life, blocking your path at work, interfering in promotions and blocking movement in the job market. Happily, this influence will soon be gone, leaving you on firmer ground in all matters related to work and professional life. The downside is that this same influence will now be affecting your personal independence and self-expression. You'd best get used to people questioning your behavior, especially people with the authority to demand change, or make you pay a price for missteps.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Very Mixed Messages - 500 Words About July 2007 (and Beyond)

Very Mixed Messages
500 Words About July 2007 (and Beyond)
[I've mentioned some of this before, probably more than once, but it is really relevant and Mercury is retrograde, after all.]

The charts for the next year-and-a-half offer decidedly mixed messages. Things will improve, but the world will remain volatile and vulnerable and dangerous.
*Most* of the charts offer support and some offer a lot. Also, some difficult long-term aspects will be replaced by helpful ones for a net overall improvement. But progress will occur against a backdrop of continuing world violence and natural and man-made disasters.
On July 7th 2007, the conjunction between retrograde Pluto and the Galactic Center will be exact for the second and next-to-the-last time. World troubles should subside immediately thereafter, significantly but temporarily.
The eclipses in August and September will raise global stress levels again. They will rise yet again in October 2007, when the Pluto/Galactic Center conjunction is exact for the last time.
Jupiter and Saturn, which largely govern our economic life, will enter into a difficult relationship for September, October and November of 2007. That will bring disturbing economic news.
Saturn will also enter into a troublesome relationship with Pluto then and bring its own kind of trouble. And Saturn will enter into a lasting, nervous-making opposition to Uranus at that time.
However, the two financial giants, Jupiter and Saturn, will resume harmonious relations in early December. Also, in 2008, Pluto will move slowly toward Capricorn, re-establishing helpful relations with Saturn. Expect more easing as Pluto's broad but disruptive square with Uranus slowly morphs into a helpful one.
Despite all the rough stuff, I believe things will begin to settle but we will need to monitor personal stress levels.
To summarize, amidst slow, long-term improvement, fall of 2007 remains as a relatively challenging period. In the fall of 2008, supportive structures pretty much drop out of the charts. But even during these months, I think, we will experience a sense of relief as better times approach. The improvements achieved will take place against a backdrop of violence. Violence and disasters of various kinds.
A Backdrop of Violence
There are long-term indicators of intense violence. Fiery Mars and explosive Pluto go at it in December 2007. And Mars and Pluto turn up in uncomfortable relationship at key moments thereafter. Saturn will also be in opposition to Uranus, not exactly a calming influence, either.
And we need to watch the mini-planets beyond the orbits of Neptune and Pluto. Many, indeed most, of these objects have dark and violent effects. Ixion and Eris, for example, are two thoroughly unsavory and downright belligerent influences and both play a prominent, long-term role in the charts.
These dark, violent, explosive influences will also find expression in natural and man-made disasters.

The United States Specifically

As Pluto enters Capricorn, it approaches conjunction with the US natal Pluto and the US natal Eris. And it activates a dangerous opposition in the financially important 2nd and 8th houses of the US chart. Meanwhile, transiting Eris will be in difficult relationship to transiting Pluto and the US natal Eris.

This combination of astrological influences are quite explosive. Despite significant easing and general improvement, life in the US and the rest of the world could get contentious, to put it mildly.

As I said, very mixed messages.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sign by Sign Forecast for July 2007

Forecast for July 2007

For Everybody ~
Amidst tremendous impatience and intense but unrealistic desires, we must address immediate challenges and make wise, far-sighted decisions. We have room to maneuver and we sense the support of circumstances. The right thing to do is consolidate your position and prepare to meet challenges you know or sense very strongly are on the way. The mistake would be to overreach. Don’t use your previous resources to pursue a new and unrealistic goal. Whatever choices you make will have lasting and far reaching consequences.

Sign by Sign Forecast

ARIES ~ You are feeling the need for personal independence and self-expression. Or maybe you just need to assert yourself in your present situation in order to make it more comfortable for you. But take care. There is only so much flexibility in this situation. Continued stability and security will depend on your patience and forbearance. You must adapt your deeply felt, powerfully charged personal ideals and your urge for self-expression. If you don't bend a little, you risk a major upset. You could tip over the proverbial apple cart.

TAURUS ~ You are feeling the tug of your hopes and ambitions and the pull of your personal ideals intensely about now. You are also feeling blocked and impatient because of your relative powerlessness. My advice is to work patiently through the details of the complex and demanding situation in which you find yourself. Observe changes in your neighborhood and community, also. Some of these changes will not be well thought-out. They will require foresight and careful responses on your part. Meanwhile, take comfort from positive developments in long-term financial matters.

GEMINI ~ You are sensitive to the numerous concerns expressed by others, but like others, you aren't yet in a position to change anything. It is true that opposition forces are weaker. But there is too much confusion for effective action. There is also risk of overreaching or premature action. The foundation you have worked so hard to create can only take so much weight. Let those in charge do what they can. Meanwhile, you would benefit by working through some tricky philosophical and spiritual issues. Your personal position is secure.

CANCER ~ Others will be influenced naturally and spontaneously by your response to events. You must rise above your disappointments or risk spreading gloom and dissatisfaction. Your personal bonds with others in the community are especially lively and productive right now. You can use this influence to make people see beyond their own self-interest and work cooperatively. Cooperation is a necessity if everyone is to come out of this OK. You'll have to be even more diplomatic and sensitive to the feelings of others than usual. Impatience and irritability are running high.

LEO ~ Leo has been under a tiring, inhibiting planetary influence for a couple of years. Fortunately, this influence will leave Leo early in September. You will then experience an immediate boost in mood, attitude and energy levels. The first half of July will offer a preview of this new condition. Don't be discouraged when the preview ends and things bog down again in late July. In September, a new, refurbished Leo will arrive on the scene to stay, minus lots of old baggage and full of new life and energy.

VIRGO ~ Your input will be important. People, including some powerful and highly motivated people, will depend on your input. However, it could be hard to express some of your more innovative, intuitive ideas, especially since some of your thoughts will involve rebellion against the system. Your ideas will be quite influential in any case. You might be surprised at what people do or say on the basis of your advice. Overall, you are under very supportive and protective influences. If you keep work and partnership affairs under control, you'll do quite well.

LIBRA ~ This month, the challenges will not be in any of the financial, or economic, areas of your life. (Although, if you allow it, professional and work issues could spill over, upsetting the rest of your affairs.) The challenges will be kind of spiritual, philosophical and generally abstract. They will involve relationship and emotional issues, which are so important to Librans. Even relationship matters that seem to go well might conceal knotty problems for later resolution. Your solution of these intellectual and emotional issues will eventually have important, concrete benefits.

SCORPIO ~ You are still being powerfully affected by a lot of things over which you have little or no control. It seems that your own commitments and loyalties, especially in partnership and professional areas, are helping contribute to the impasse. The wise, selective use of financial resources can supplement your personal capacity while you work toward a resolution of some stubborn issues. You are certainly coping very well. However, coping well is not at all the same thing as prospering. Take advantage of upcoming changes to further lighten your load.

SAGITTARIUS ~ There is nothing motivating you strongly in one direction or another. Also, a lot of tricky issues are keeping you from decisive action. Normally thoughtful people, Sagittarians are now overly thoughtful people, preoccupied by many complicated and subtle questions. This lengthy standstill will end later this year. When it's over you will have changed your mind about many things. But the *way* you think about things is going to change also. Reason and evidence won't be enough to convince you anymore. You will take imponderables--feelings, conscience, and intuition--much more seriously.

CAPRICORN ~ The options are rattling around out there, but none of them measure up to your expectations, yet. You might have to disappoint a lot of eager people. If you said yes now, you know things wouldn't work out anyway. It's partly a question of keeping finances within bounds. But you are also troubled by a lot of subtle philosophical issues. To be honest, it would probably be best for all concerned if you held off completely on some things until late summer. New and more promising conditions will emerge then.

AQUARIUS ~ Relations with those close to you are strained. Even casual friendships seem to have chilled somewhat. Present tensions are part of a planetary renovation of your social life that will soon be completed. Relationships are being put on a sounder footing. When this seeming chill has passed, your relationships overall will be more flexible and sustainable than before. These new arrangement will work better for years to come. Shakeups in relationships can be upsetting, but you should remain confident. The planets have placed a protective mantle over your affairs.

PISCES ~ There is a lot riding on your decisions. Your choices are influencing the lives of those around you. This is partly because you have special insight into what's happening. But it's also because your understanding of underlying realities is very clear. Many in your life don't quite understand where you are coming from or what your needs are anymore. You should make a special effort to explain your thoughts. You'll have to break free of some old ties or at least adjust the terms in accordance with recent insights.