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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stampede - 500 Words About January 2007


500 Words About January 2007

January 2007 is about things moving so fast it is impossible to keep track and, what’s probably worse, impossible to keep our sense of direction. This confusion is benign. A blizzard of puzzle pieces is rushing into place. The planets are stampeding people toward a more enlightened way of life, willy-nilly.
The planets will protect people from the bad consequences of past mistakes--temporarily. They will provide room to maneuver safely. The planets will also provide an opportunity to move forward, rewarding those who do move forward. They will be especially hard on those who cling to failed ideas. Accordingly, many courageous and insightful world leaders will seek new, genuinely enlightened solutions to existing problems.
If violence in the Middle East or in the Horn of Africa does not cease, it will not spread. If violent factions in Iraq cannot be suppressed, they will be kept from determining the outcome of events. Meanwhile, right-thinking political leaders will make progress.
Misguided political leaders usually think that if they avoid utter disaster, their ideas are working. Such seems to be the case with President Bush (and Tony Blair) in Iraq.
Under January’s vibes, misguided political leaders will be compelled to abandon bad ideas. Despite the persistent unrest, new approaches to existing problems, based on enlightened, truly progressive ideas will prevail.
January’s benevolent carrot and stick dynamic will drive everyone hard and fast toward better solutions to problems at every level of society, in every walk of life, in every country in the world.

General Psychological Conditions

It will seem like Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder have become epidemic. Nerves will be raw from continuing stress. Most will have a less intense month and enjoy progress, though. Most of us will catch our breath and get our bearings, sort of. But stress levels will remain high as we adjust to a rapidly changing situation without a lot of solid information to guide our choices.
This, I think, will be because Pluto’s first exact conjunction with the Galactic Center will be past. The next conjunction is in July 2007. The last is in October 2007. These remaining conjunctions will be less intense and many outstanding issues will be resolved or on the way to resolution by the last conjunction, next October.

Quick Takes

Iraq Charts for Iraq show extreme, violent power struggles beset by deadly intrigue and conspiracy at the highest levels. The issues are political power and control of economic resources. As bad as they are, though, the charts do suggest the possibility of eventual stability. The disempowerment of women and the distortion of the feminine principle generally are a fundamental cause of Iraq’s difficulties.

Iran Charts for Iran suggest a strong willingness to fight for its goals. Iranians have a deep feeling of national entitlement strengthened by a sense of victimhood. Political debate within Iran is plagued by violent conspiracy theories and governing factions are heavily embroiled in treacherous plotting and intrigue.

Bush President Bush continues on an independent course against powerful opposition. Important economic issues call for his attention.

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