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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sign By Sign Forecast for January 2007

Sign By Sign Forecast for January 2007
General Comments ~ We might find ourselves wondering whether
January’s vibes are just a continuation of the turbulent vibes that
dominated the fall months. In reality, we have reached something
between a turning point, a speed bump and a pause in the action. We
are actually past the worst of it, this time through the cosmic
blender, although many important issues are still unresolved. Many
of us are standing more or less firmly on new ground, at a relatively
new and better starting point. But many of us will be a while
figuring out exactly how to proceed from this new starting point.
Our lives are still swirling with important developments. Surely our
heads will still be swirling from recent events. However, the level
of relief offered by January will probably make it seem like a break
from the action. It is a time to seek and to share information to
help each other get our bearings in this new terrain.

Everything wants to move ahead now. Whatever the exact goal,
it promises to bring a life that works better, more efficiently and
with greater fairness and benefit for everyone. Everyone senses the
importance of events. However, something, maybe many somethings, are
keeping the train from leaving the station. For you especially it’s
a need to know the deeper meaning of this new direction. You aren’t
willing to just go for another ride that gets you nowhere. Deal with
people who are always using power plays to manipulate the situation.
TAURUS ~ Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to keep order
in one of the biggest, non-stop reshuffling situations the world has
seen in some time. Explain the wisdom of delay one minute and the
importance of progress the next. Not to worry, you are very much in
touch with the times. If, inwardly, you feel chaotic and uncertain,
flying by the seat of your pants, making it up as you go along,
that’s what the times require. Do what you can to head off
conspiracies and rebellion.
GEMINI ~ There are big developments afoot, they are unstoppable, and
it’s important that everyone does the right thing. However, the
need to get certain basic details straight will hold everything up.
Tempers could easily flare. You can direct this impatience into
productive channels. Explaining everything that needs explaining
could be quite taxing. The trickiest part of all could be protecting
your financial interests during negotiations. You have a big
financial stake in the outcome, though, so you can’t sit on the
sidelines. Don’t bargain away more than you can afford.
CANCER ~ You are surrounded by truly confusing levels of activity.
You won’t be able to dodge requests for help in understanding what
is happening or what should be done. Even though you can’t make
sense of it yourself. You will have to try. Don’t try thinking it
through in linear, rational fashion. It won’t work. Use your
intuition. Everything you say probably won’t be entirely true, but
it will have the insight people need for the next step. You are as
much in tune with events as anyone can be.
LEO ~ You can’t do much about everything that is happening. And
your first impulse is to keep others from doing anything either, at
least until they take the time to think things through. For you, all
the hustle and bustle seems a little abstract, something you are
experiencing at a distance. But your understanding is deepening and
others will benefit more than you realize if you share this
understanding with them. Even simple, partial insights will help a
lot. If your self-confidence and enthusiasm fail, keep yourself
going with willpower.
VIRGO ~ You understand that the hustle and bustle, the excitement and
anticipation are moving things in the direction of your ideal. So the
seemingly endless disruptions, detours and delays will not bother
you. Your concern is that everything be done just right, and you
know how tough it is to do things just right. In the process, your
self-understanding is being updated. Events are affecting your
finances, but you also need to be mindful of intrigues and finance-
related power plays, especially as these regard your spouse or other
close partner.
LIBRA ~ You don’t have any real control over events. But all the
issues revolve around stuff you always understood instinctively.
Help keep a lid on things by providing insights. Don’t resort, or
even *seem* to resort, to manipulation. The anxieties and suspicions
of others are easily aroused now. If you resort to intrigue or
manipulation, it can backfire on you. Appeal to people’s better
nature. This is a time to shed old fears, and misconceptions about
how to exercise influence in social situations. Have a little more
faith in people.
SCORPIO ~ Issues that seem remote and abstract can quickly become
personal and concrete now. You can cope and many sources of pressure
or tension have eased significantly. Ultimately, though, you will
have to make adjustments in your neighborhood, among those with whom
you live and do business everyday. You must take things to a higher
level, making those you contact daily aware of your higher
aspirations and deeper personal values. Difficulty focusing and
channeling your energies indicates a need to adjust your long-term
goals. Change how people regard your life-purpose.
SAGITTARIUS ~ The lessons of a hard time in your life will come in
handy in helping others sort out an avalanche of challenges. You can
help others cope. You can’t provide an immediate positive outcome.
Delay could cause tempers to flare. Impatience could bring foolish
moves. You will need to channel such energies constructively. You
probably didn’t expect to be successfully wielding such social
power, a kind of power that has given you so much trouble recently.
Luck is with you. Authority figures, who once blocked you, will
prove cooperative.
CAPRICORN ~ You have a lot of irons in the fire and everything is
being held up for one or another reason. But you agree with many of
the reasons things are being held up and understand that many of
these delays will benefit you. If things went ahead as planned right
now, you’d have problems anyway. The alleviation of longstanding
anxieties and the healing of old wounds will help you make greater
financial progress. Such things were keeping you from options that
would prove both beneficial and profitable for you.
AQUARIUS ~ Tensions between yourself and your closest partner(s) have
brought a kind of isolation. Sometimes you just seem like big
burdens to each other. Take the emphasis off key partners and depend
more on a wider social network. You can even enlist your closest
allies in the effort to expand your social support network. There is
a lot going on and many important decisions are pending these days.
You can use this changeful time profitably to adjust relationships
with friends to provide greater, more flexible and varied kinds of
PISCES ~ Don’t compromise your principles to please someone in
authority, or vice versa. It would backfire on both of you. But do
accept that there are deeply healing and rewarding aspects to this
relationship. Despite the pressure to make a move, progress toward
improved economic relations with the world has slowed to a crawl.
Some basic issues need reexamination. Progress will resume at a
higher and more satisfactory level come spring. The underlying issue
is your willingness to open yourself to others, to use your
imagination to create for others.

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