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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Gateway - 500 Words About December 2006

500 Words About December 2006
December is a gateway, a cosmic gateway, if you will, into a new time. December 2006 forces the world into new historical territory, in a good way. A three-sided mystic rectangle and, of course, the first of the long-awaited, much anticipated exact conjunctions of Pluto and the Galactic Center dominate.
The Pluto/GC conjunction will pour immense new energies into our system. The three-sided mystic rectangle, working as a system of carrots and sticks, will gently, supportively corral people in a new direction, at least for a while. Then the aspects will just corral them.

Storm clouds will gather, increasing the pressure to change, warning those who drag their heels. If delay or avoidance continues, the storm will break. The storm will only intensify while avoidance and rejection of change continue.

Initially, the new will present itself, allowing either acceptance or rejection. If it is accepted, there will be immediate progress with a minimum of risk. If it is delayed or rejected, the need for change will quickly present itself again.

However, the price of delay will increase. The penalty for rejecting the new will grow. If genuine innovation is persistently rejected, there will be serious trouble. This is not a good moment in history to try to get away with things.

Frequently, when business and political leaders announce a new direction, they only try to sell us the same old stuff in a new package. Not too surprisingly, some of that appears to be going on right now.

I’m thinking, for example, of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy who all got together recently and offered gay Catholics the same old bogus options. Then there is Bush’s recent offer to consider new ideas on Iraq, as long as they are the same as his old ideas.

But under present astrological conditions, Bush and the Catholic Bishops, and many others, will be forced to not only consider, but also adopt truly new options, and sooner rather than later.

Sometimes leaders are sincere about change, but circumstances force them into the same old patterns. This time, circumstances will allow leaders seeking genuine change to break new ground. A minimum wage increase, an true fix for social security, repairs to the broken Medicare drug benefit, as well as many new and progressive ideas will become reality.

World leaders often seem to go unpunished for misdeeds, but the upcoming cycle will be less tolerant of injustice in high places.

Some Quickies

Circumstances and the consequences of past actions will back Bush into a corner. His administration will be increasingly at the mercy of disgruntled former allies and staunch opponents.

Unstable power relations, abused power and intrigue are making North Korea unstable internally.

Israel will conduct business as usual, despite serious tensions between itself and just about all present and future possible allies.

Iran is out of sync with rest of the world and is only partly aware of the negative impression it is making.

The Iraqis are not without options, despite the seriousness of their situation.
Astrology Forecast for December 2006

General Comments ~
A month when both the challenges we face and the solutions we are offered push us in the same direction. We will be insured against risk and allowed to experiment without serious consequences. However, we will be pushed by events toward the solution to a particular set of challenges and to address these challenges with more enlightened, selfless and idealistic solutions than we would
ordinarily have chosen. There is a catch. If we do not choose the proper, enlightened approach to meeting these challenges, the challenge will return again and again until we do.

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For December 2006

ARIES ~ Your situation is quite hopeful but rather unwieldy. It will be hard to make all the pieces come together and go in the right direction, but indications are positive overall. You ar
e insulated somewhat from risks. Take the high road. Dodging moral and spiritual issues will get you in trouble this month. Don’t let manipulations and power plays mess up key relationships. Anything that educates or broadens the mind, like travel or study, is strongly favored. Events or people who live at some distance will have a beneficial influence.

TAURUS ~ Financial issues are very strongly emphasized. Complex and momentous long-term financial decisions are in the works. Let situations develop; let facts emerge before making final decisions. If you take it slow and keep day-to-day costs down, you will hit your targets. However, investment and saving issues are quite favorably aspected overall, so don’t worry. All your financial holdings should grow a little faster from now on, no matter what. It is especially important to integrate family and community concerns wisely into your overall lifestyle. Avoid schemers on the job.

GEMINI ~ Your continued financial success depends on your ability to win over many people with differing agendas. You are one of many voices trying to influence important events. Relations with most key associates are shifting, also. However, your voice is particularly appealing to both the minds and the hearts of those who must hear you. Although the situation is surprisingly complex, the general atmosphere is supportive, and your message has weight and central importance. Don’t compromise your ideals to succeed. You’ll only end up facing the same issues again, very soon.

CANCER ~ Your preferences and desires take a back seat to the needs and demands of others--at home and at work. Many people have issues and questions that relate directly to things that you understand innately and which are especially important to you. Help others work through the complications and risks so they can see the benefits. Help them understand that, despite appearances, good things are definitely coming. You must dig deep, find the right thing for yourself and others and get the message out. Developments at work bode well financially.

LEO ~ The burdens and responsibilities that most Leos are facing will soon be transformed into sound, long-term achievements and deep satisfaction. Creativity, romance and joyful self-expression are all indicated. This positive influence will continue for many months. Even so, you must make an effort to steer these developments in new and more rewarding directions. Don’t be tempted back into old patterns that you know for sure lead nowhere. You should continue to work on reorganizing your finances. Short-term spending and long-term financial needs must be brought into balance.

VIRGO ~ Tap the breaks. Confidence and energy are running high, but check carefully to make sure things are worth doing. Evaluate your many activities and identify those few involvements that suit you and that you can sustain with available resources. But be faithful to your ideals and don’t give up your dreams. Home and family areas are calling for a lot of extra attention, maybe too much. You need greater balance between family obligations and the rest of your life. Update your ideas about how you come across to others.

LIBRA ~ December offers a possible new starting point. There is protection from risk, opportunities to consolidate and grow, but there are restrictions. You have patience and deep insight helping your efforts to achieve your ideal lifestyle as well as economic and community standing. But impulsiveness and unpredictable behavior, especially at work, can work against you. Discipline is required. Be confident, but be aware of the need to change some things. You would profit greatly from looking within and changing or tossing out any personal attitudes that might be holding you back.

SCORPIO ~ Many aspects of your outer life are out of sync with many aspects of your inner life. For everyone’s sake, you’ve had to pretend that this works for you. There are certain things you can’t change. But the planets are encouraging you to experiment. Even within existing limits, many possibilities are now open to you. They will improve life for you but they might cause confusion among those close to you. It will take time to make everyone understand. Keep your thoughts about important relationships simple, clear and bright.

SAGITTARIUS ~ People want your help with their plans and dreams for the future. The planets are empowering you to provide the insight and confidence that they need. Be careful not to compromise your principles or ideals in order to help. Discourage others from compromising their principles. Fear not. There is a lot of positive, creative chaos at work in the world now. It will help bring about things that seem impossible to those feeling discouraged or thinking negatively. A new cycle of economic and personal growth is beginning for Sagittarius.

CAPRICORN ~ December will lift Capricorn spirits as good news comes in about issues that have weighed on your mind. You should also experience relief from financial worries as earnings and savings improve. There is planetary resistance to larger, long-term goals right now. Effort will be needed to lay the foundations for success, but you should continue to work toward these grander goals. Much can be achieved in more modest projects, in matters close to home or in your community. Marriage or another close bond will bring strength and personal satisfaction.

AQUARIUS ~ In this complicated and changeful month you can depend on your luck to make things work out well. There have been many stresses, strains and tensions between you and your key partners and other important associates in recent times and these have caused you much soul searching. The issues that have divided you will now yield new understandings and these, in turn, will become the basis of a stronger and deeper bond, better than you have ever enjoyed. Activities undertaken on sheer impulse could turn out to be costly.

PISCES ~ Those in charge, both at home and at work, are sending mixed signals. You couldn’t do exactly what they all said if you tried. You have plenty of wiggle room, though. Everybody needs to slow down and figure out what really needs to be done and how to do it. In recent times, work has been a real burden. However, all the hard lessons you learned about work will soon coalesce into something useful. It will help out at work and take you in new and very rewarding directions.