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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Sign by Sign Forecast For November 2006

General Comments ~ We’ve all been dealing with change so long now, constant adjustment to new conditions just seems like the norm.  But November brings a turning point, a point of no return.  New ideas, or ideas for new projects, things that have been on our minds or in the air for a long time, will touch down.  In the midst of a potentially challenging month, we will all find an opportunity to finally bring a long held plan to fruition, even as a lot of other things appear to be reaching a crisis point.  This opportunity will require continuing adjustments and accommodations in coming months so that it can grow and take deeper root.  Right now, it is probably hard for most of us to imagine what form these continuing shifts will take.  So take it slow.


Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For November 2006

You are highly motivated and well positioned to make important changes in your financial arrangements.  This month you will have the stimulus and the psychological resources to do so.  You also have an influence and a freedom of movement that might have been lacking previously.  In fact, a whole new cycle of growth and development will shortly begin for you.  However, caution is advised.  There’s a lot of fine print that won’t become obvious for a while yet.  Only the passage of time will reveal it, so go slow.

TAURUS ~ A once important part of your life no longer holds your interest or presents the challenges and opportunities that it once did.  But conditions are right to transform an inspiring sideline into something major.  Use resources gained from this sideline in new, expansive ways.  Years of careful financial preparation are beginning to pay off, too. Your long-term investments will soon begin to grow at a faster pace.  Your resources will provide the confidence and freedom you need to move in this new direction.  But take things slow.  Complexities abound.

GEMINI ~ Your current work situation just isn’t the best fit.  Those in power are making changes that seem attractive to some and these changes might solve some problems for the organization as a whole.  However, the changes aren’t necessarily helpful or attractive to you. The wisest thing would be to go along with the changes for the now.  If you are patient and determined, you can slowly but surely take the situation in a direction that you find appealing. You can build a new and lasting social and professional network.

CANCER ~ Many might think that you have landed in a tough spot without many good choices and lots of problems.  Things are moving fast and they are indeed a bit chaotic.  However, you are sensitive to the subtle currents and can see pathways invisible to others.  So you see advantages and opportunities in your new situation that others miss.  Your new circumstances provide a rare opportunity to satisfy your boss while you aggressively pursue a personal goal near to your heart.  You can turn the obstacles into advantages almost magically.

LEO ~ Circumstances have thrown a monkey wrench into important plans.  But you are compelled by long-term financial goals and family concerns to stay the course.  Examining your long-term financial goals and family responsibilities might provide the insight needed to shape your current situation wisely.  Within the limits set by these obligations, great creativity is possible.  If you put these obligations first, you will avoid lots of trouble just down the road.  Special achievements are possible in your creative life and where children and loved ones are concerned.

VIRGO ~ You need to harmonize family, work and community responsibilities now.  Resolving tensions between local responsibilities and responsibilities in distant places is also key.  Positive developments at home will help significantly.  An inventive and independent-minded partner can provide invaluable and lasting assistance.  Contributions from this person will significantly alleviate challenges you may be facing.  There will be plenty left to do in coming months, however, you can establish a lasting and constructive dynamic. Accumulating assets should be a continuing focus.  You must adjust strategies and tactics before finances will flow.  

LIBRA ~ Nearly every aspect of your financial affairs is pushing you to make major adjustments.  You must re-examine your notions about the ideal lifestyle.  You should also devote time to partnership issues.  With a little effort you can bring conflicting needs and goals into greater harmony.  Humanitarian service and community involvement will provide a welcome and valuable opportunity.  But don’t neglect core job responsibilities.  The key to everything is your work situation.  It is providing the flexibility and resources needed to deal comfortably with many different and potentially difficult issues.  

SCORPIO ~ Right now, Scorpio feels like they are living between a rock and a hard place.  Home, family and work responsibilities are weighing heavily.  And there don’t appear to be easy answers.  An unexpected combination of things will provide at least temporary relief: young people, alternative religious, or spiritual, pursuits, hobbies and recreation can help you put things into perspective and relieve stress.  However, planetary help is also on the way.  You will soon find it easier to harmonize your obligations and responsibilities with the resources available to fulfill them.

SAGITTARIUS ~ You either sensed or hoped that things would soon come together into a harmonious whole.  You were right and it will start soon.  Patience will be required because the transition will be tricky and somewhat drawn out.  However, you should notice a significant, positive difference by the end of November.  You are beginning a new cycle of growth and expansion. You will soon be able to develop the many difficult lessons you have learned into marketable skills.  A challenging planetary influence is on the way out of your sign.

CAPRICORN ~ It seems like too many important Capricorn decisions are being made for financial reasons rather than personal preferences, desires or personal ideals.  But financial considerations are no longer providing a clear indication of which way to go.  Perhaps the key is connecting better with your local roots, with those in your community, and making choices that serve the greater good.  The planets suggest that a little genuine idealism and community spirit will go far to bring about a constructive and practical resolution of your quandary.  Self-confidence will rebound shortly.

AQUARIUS ~ Things are looking up for Aquarius.  You are confronting a set of serious obstacles that, paradoxically, presents an opportunity to successfully transform your whole situation.  You are also well placed to help others transform their own tricky situations for the better.  The finances to support your desires for a better life will soon become available, too.  Partnership issues, which might have been problematic or laced with tensions, will soon achieve a new and lasting harmony. Even where the goal isn’t clear, you know you are on the right path.

PISCES ~ Inspiration, guidance and connections with those near and far will help Pisces turn a set of obstacles into an opportunity.  Various powers and authorities seem to be placing hurdles in your way.  But your personal qualities and a willingness to experiment will help you past any obstructions.  A stubborn barrier to self-fulfillment, professional advancement, or simply finding a good job, will be lifted, opening the way to economic betterment.  Personal healing will help you overcome self-doubts that might be holding you back, also.  Finances could tighten, though.

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