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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For October 2006

General Comments ~ October will offer fleeting respite from the world turmoil.  It will bring back, briefly, the vibes of the summer months that offered us flexibility and opportunities amidst confusing and worrisome world conditions.  Take advantage of these good weeks to get your affairs in order.  Make an extra effort to be realistic, especially with regard to financial matters.


Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For October 2006

You will energize and direct events this month, sort of.  People might oppose you strongly, and you won’t get your way, exactly.  However, people will sympathize strongly with your basic message, they will resonate with your energy and they will get motivated.  You will produce many good outcomes, indirectly.  But in complicated times, success will require discipline, careful planning and endurance.  There is a lot of margin for error. So let friends, work associates and family members run a bit.  In the end, finances will limit unwise risk taking.

TAURUS ~ You need to make some changes and the planets are allowing you to make them, pretty much without risk.  You have a surprising amount of influence over events this month.  Try to rid yourself of some annoying responsibilities.  Work to change the attitudes of people who are bothering you.  But don’t replace somebody else’s annoying ego-based preferences with your own. Make adjustments in a high-minded way, with your own best, humanitarian instincts to guide you.  You can achieve a new harmony between work responsibilities and your personal life.

GEMINI ~ This is a lucky month for Gemini.  You will feel driven, perhaps even obsessed and others might protest your forcefulness.  And tight finances will probably limit you somewhat.  However, you can see all the pieces and how they need to be connected and others might not understand this.  The unexpected will also play a lucky role.  This is an ideal time to make some major adjustments in your life, the kind that will make your life more enjoyable and personally fulfilling.  The planets will help protect you from risk.  

CANCER ~ This month, it might pay to let your temper show a bit.  Your input is important, but unless you get a little pushy, people might not get the message.  Your contribution will produce a surprising and useful result, even if you are a little feisty.  For the absolute best results, offer advice based on your highest inner guidance, otherwise you might get people going around in circles. Be sincere, be careful, and keep an eye on the finances, and all should be well.  You are in a safe spot.

LEO ~ You will feel strong love and strong anger, probably at the same time and toward the same individuals and situations.  That’s OK.  Your have to motivate others, whether it takes a little ego boost or a little kick in the butt.  I think people will understand that you mean well in either case and like you the better for it.  There is a continuing emphasis on improvement and innovation in long-term financial issues.  Examine spending habits closely.  You should be saving more for a rainy day, or retirement--whichever.

VIRGO ~ You will experience a strong impetus to change this month.  It will come primarily from financial areas.  You have a chance to rearrange the economic pieces so that you have more comfort, security and freedom of movement.  You must continue to work hard at achieving your basic financial goals.  However, it will get easier.  Despite the progress, you will still be in the mood for a hard look at things and some serious talk.  Facts undermine naïve optimism.  It’s time to get long-term financial concerns out in the open.

LIBRA ~ You have a lot on your plate this month.  You’re really at ground zero.  And you have a great deal of influence over people and events.  Despite Libra’s famous emotional balance and diplomatic ability, it will be hard to keep your feelings in check or to keep events from getting out of control. There is a big margin for error, though, so don’t worry unduly about bad outcomes.  Meanwhile, give some serious thought to how you want to fit into the larger picture.  Idealism will help you help others.

SCORPIO ~ Scorpio can make important adjustments in key relationships now.  You can address issues that are bothering you and work out a better deal for yourself, especially where power and authority at work and/or at home are concerned.  However, you should speak softly and use gentle persuasion during negotiations.  You’ll have to bring up some stuff nobody wants to deal with and you won’t have as much direct influence as you like.  Don’t get insecure.  Be genuinely humble instead and leave yourself open to suggestions.  Show your willingness to cooperate.

SAGITTARIUS ~ There are big changes coming.  You are in tune with them, more or less.  But there are hidden costs connected with these changes and it is impossible to foresee all of them.  Use your heightened ability to look into these issues to the extent that you can.  Meanwhile, the planets will help you get more comfortable in your present situation.  They will make it easier to do what you have to do.  These accommodations will relieve the pressure to make changes you might not feel quite ready to make.

CAPRICORN ~ It is normally hard to make significant changes in even one of our basic life arrangements--work, family, investment arrangements, and so on--without risk and inconvenience.  However, October offers Capricorn the chance to make changes in all of these areas simultaneously in response to present conditions.  The results will not allow you to retire immediately in the lap of luxury.  However, you should find your chief responsibilities easier to fulfill with something left over for rest and recreation.  This might help compensate for your lack of control over recent events.

AQUARIUS ~ Events in your immediate neighborhood might well be at odds with your values and ideals.  And you might just be in the mood to fight about it or, in fact, to take flight.  Adding to your unease are a lot of worries that your closest associates and partners aren’t doing much to help.  However, you have lots of options and much flexibility.  The planets suggest that small, timely and helpful accommodations are possible.  Under the circumstances, that would be better than a big move.  You would benefit from revamping long-term financial arrangements.

PISCES ~ You have the impulse to do something, the sense that it’s the right thing to do and the ability to do it.  Your insight and understanding are especially keen.  And you have an extra-added guarantee from the planets that everything will come out OK.  You are being nudged gently to take the next step, to go beyond where you have been.  The events and opportunities of October will give you a leg up.  But there are many levels, many layers and many steps, so be patient and be careful.


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