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Friday, October 27, 2006

New World Infrastructure

New World Infrastructure

The Tenor of the Times, November 2006 (c. 500 Words)

November will kick off large, positive and important trends and initiatives globally.  

Late in November, as Jupiter enters Sagittarius, the sign that Jupiter rules, and the US rising sign, it will inaugurate a major new economic growth cycle for the United States and the world.  The charts suggest a strong positive link between US political leaders and national finances.  This will engender a new domestic political partnership to promote growth and prosperity in the US which will have global ramifications.

Historically the US has driven the global economy.  An economic surge in the US usually brings a cycle of global economic growth.  That is surely good.  However, Jupiter’s approaching conjunction with Pluto, its long slow square to Uranus, and its trine relationship with Saturn makes this an especially important Jupiter transit and an especially momentous economic growth cycle.  

Around the world, huge resources will be plowed into projects that bring positive, long-term, large-scale transformations in global economic, political and cultural relationships.  Longstanding precedents in international political and economic relationships will be broken, in a good way.

The quincunx relation between Uranus and Saturn suggests that the new economic initiatives will be big enough to inspire whole nations and openly intended wise and necessary investments in the future.  

Panama, for example, has recently voted overwhelmingly in favor of spending $5.25 billion to enlarge the Panama Canal.  Panama’s neighbor Nicaragua wants to spend $18 billion or more to create its own canal.  Both of these projects could dramatically improve the economies of Panama and Nicaragua, and they would also enhance world-trade.

Despite longstanding mutual distrust, Russia and Europe are working hard to establish stable relations and to create the secure and reliable infrastructure that will make Russia’s vast energy reserves available to Europe.

On the diplomatic front, it is likely that China will continue its efforts to rein in North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, with all that that implies.  This marks a historical and very beneficial shift in China’s foreign policy and indicates that China is redefining its own role in the world in ways that can prove very helpful to the world at large.

On the political front, we will, I think, see the Bush administration change course in Iraq, finally.  The new Jupiter aspects could also bring a willingness on the part of countries in the region to help solve the region’s problems, including the problem of Iraq. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on that one.

I think we will see similarly important and positive initiatives with similarly momentous implications undertaken by many countries or the world.

This new Jupiter influence takes hold as the difficult Pluto/Uranus square is slowly easing.  Soon, too, the first exact conjunction between Pluto and the Galactic Center will be complete (late December).  Both of these developments, one quickly, one slowly, should significantly reduce tension and volatility in the world even as the beneficial new Jupiter influence kicks in.

The Jupiter ingress also occurs as Pluto, Saturn and Neptune continue their truth-seeking relationship.  That and the continuing trine relationship between Saturn and Pluto indicate that the public’s taste for investigations and exposés and revelations will continue strong.  If, as now appears fairly certain, the Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives, we can, indeed, expect Congressional investigations into the conduct of the war in Iraq.

The planets affect good guys and bad guys.  So the enemies of peace and prosperity will also be at work, coming up with new ideas to disrupt world affairs and exploiting the new planetary arrangements with dark intent.  Also, even strongly positive changes can cause difficulties among people who are not properly prepared or whose situation is already precarious.

On the personal level, many of us will take off in new and promising directions.  Something important, radically new and positive will break the surface of our individual lives.  We will experience similar initiatives in our workplace and in any organizations with which me might be involved.

All in all, I’m looking forward to November.

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