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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Internationalized Elections

Internationalized Elections

The Tenor of the Times, October 2006

Overview of October and a Little Beyond ~
October will briefly return the supportive vibes of the summer months.  This summer’s vibes offered support amidst generally worrisome world conditions.  However, the summer’s vibes were part of a complicated and intense mix of energies and they did not provide the rest and recuperation they might have.  So people are not feeling as rested as they should be.

After October, things could get a little choppy, again.  The charts for the rest of the year are on the rough side.

As I have said, I am expecting a soft landing and improved conditions by early 2007.  But the time between now and then will be energy intensive and bumpy.  Even if the vibes were not rough, which they kind of are, or even if our particular situation is secure, the sheer intensity and complexity of these energies could wear us down.

November Elections in the US

Intrigue, Anxiety, Anti-Incumbent Feeling and Suspicion ~
Much in the charts confirms what pollsters and analysts have been telling us.  

Angular Neptune’s square to the 10th house cusp throws a highly unfavorable light on those already in power.
The 10th house, of course, governs those in power.   This indicates that a strong anti-incumbent bias will, indeed, prevail on Election Day.  It also indicates doubts and misgivings about the intentions and the competence of those in power.  

Saturn is exactly conjunct the cusp of the 10th house in the US/Election Day composite chart.  Transiting Saturn is also close to the cusp of the 10th house in the US natal chart.
Saturn often flatly denies people what they want.  If they want re-election, Saturn can easily deny them that.  Or, if Saturn allows re-election, re-election could turn into far more than they bargained for.

The above aspects are bad signs for both Democratic and Republican incumbents.  While Neptune can cause serious problems of perception, Saturn blocks achievement of a goal.

So, yes, as many polls have suggested, voters will likely view incumbents in a bad light come Election Day and, as the polls also seem to suggest, some incumbents who once thought their seats secure will be denied re-election.

Pocket Book Issues Foremost ~ Numerous, overlapping trines between the 2nd house and the 10th suggest that American voters will be looking for politicians who they think will improve their economic situation and these trines suggest that they will largely succeed in identifying and electing such candidates.

Victim Consciousness ~ Chiron is also prominent in these charts, indicating a sense of victimization on the part of the American public. Americans will be very much aware of themselves as past, present and possible future casualties in a war on terror.

Undertones ~ Lilith, the guardian spirit of scheming, manipulation and intrigue is also high in the 10th house in both election charts.  This suggests bitter and negative campaign battles.  Lilith also promises that, whatever the outcome, there will be suspicions and recriminations.  Mudslingers, manipulators, and conspiracy theorists will all be out in force this Election Day.

Scandal and Betrayal ~ The 12th house in the Election Day chart is seriously overstimulated, suggesting nasty revelations and betrayals.  This would include a shameless betrayal of time honored principles in response to perceived threats or the possibility of short-term gain.  However, Uranus on the nadir is trining many of the planets in the 12th house, indicating a willingness to reform in response to political reversals.

In sum, except for the economically supportive vibe, I think it fair to say that the vibes for Election Day 06 are rather dark.  And I think in response to these vibes, voters will manifest an attitude of grim determination.

Pluto’s Day ~ Pluto, a planet closely and intimately associated with political and economic power and war, rules Election Day charts.  Pluto positively dominates the dispositor chart for Election Day.  Pluto is also in the rising sign of the Election Day chart.  And Pluto is still transiting the US rising sign.  

Also, in the composite chart, Pluto is the lone planet in the 2nd house that is making all those trines to the 10th house stellium.  Transiting Pluto is also close enough to the US natal Pluto to matter on Election Day.

And Pluto figures very prominently in the US Natal chart, dominating the 2nd house/8th house axis, the money, war and power axis--the axis of blood and treasure, among other things.  

The long and the short of it is, when people make their ballot choices, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the possibility of further wars and the terrorist threat will be very much on their minds.  But voters will tend to see these and other election issues through an economic lens.

And with order-seeking Pluto in the mix, voters will, underneath it all, want greater control over the variables in their lives, along with greater stability and security in their world.

Beyond US National Concerns ~ However, to grasp the full meaning of Pluto’s influence in these charts we must move beyond considerations of US voter motivation.  This Election Day will be fateful for the US as a nation and for the entire world. Not to put too fine a point on it, this election will be the political and economic equivalent of the big bang.

The signs and houses in the chart for Election Day line up very closely with the signs and houses in the US natal chart.  This suggests that the issues at play in the campaign will resonate especially deeply with the electorate.  The results, however decisive or indecisive, however, resolute or ambivalent, will accurately reflect the country’s mood and desires.

The vertex indicates how events of the larger, outside world are likely to intersect with the lives of the person or group represented in the chart.  The vertex for the Election Day chart is in the 8th house, the natural house of Pluto.  The vertex is in the sign of Cancer, the Sun sign of the United States.  Also, the vertex is all but exactly conjunct the 8th house natal Sun of the US.  

All of the above are conjunct the fixed star Sirius.  
According to esoteric doctrine, Sirius is one of the most sacred of the fixed stars and its energies are very important in the spiritual evolution of our planet.  It is associated with the growth and development of social, political and economic structures.

Sirius is also significant in the chart of the United Nations, which was founded during the Saturn/Sirius conjunction of 1945.

(Also, in passing, this potent, volatile and unpredictable 8th house dynamic in the Election Day charts will also strongly affect George W. Bush’s natal Sun, which is very closely conjoined with the US Natal Sun.  This does not bode well for Bush.)

In other words, this election chart will powerfully and directly affect the natal Sun of the US.  But also, under the influence of the fixed star Sirius, it will affect the political and economic systems of the entire globe.  

Hence, Election Day 2006 will not simply shake up the American political system.  It will shake up and reshape the world.

Such it seems to me would be the wider significance of Pluto’s extensive influence in these Election Day charts.

Will there be a Democratic or Republican Victory? ~ Having said all of the above about general indications for Election Day 2006, who will come out ahead in the November elections?

GOP Charts ~ The Republican charts are rather seriously impaired.  They are a tangle of really difficult aspects involving major planets with comparatively few supportive aspects to compensate.  

To make matters worse for the Republicans, the aspects I described in the immediately preceding section also potently affect the natal Sun of the Republican Party (and, as noted above, the natal Sun of George W. Bush--and not in a good way).

The many serious weaknesses--the numerous blocking, disabling aspects--in the Republican charts suggest that the GOP is simply not up to the task at hand right now. They also suggest, accurately, I think, that the GOP is currently hobbled by numerous ongoing difficulties.  I think it is fair to say that the planetary deck is stacked against the Republicans.  

I would sum up GOP problems by saying that they have a serious 8th house affliction.  A serious 8th house affliction would bring crushing debt, corruption, sexual scandals, war and bloodshed, and problems arising from the gross abuse of power.  When you think about it, that kind of describes the GOP situation at the moment.

Democratic Charts ~ The Democratic charts, by contrast, contain numerous potent, enabling aspects.  Both progressed and composite charts contain trines, including a Grand Trine.  The composite chart also includes a partial mystic rectangle, promising protection against serious electoral loss.  There is also a generally favorable kite formation in this chart.

Mystic rectangles and kites are, however, ambiguous signs.  While generally supportive, they also indicate vulnerabilities and a certain lack of thrust, or momentum.  They seem to provide support and protection but do not guarantee success.

Netting it Out ... ~ Going strictly by the charts for the two parties, one might reasonably anticipate a Democratic landslide.  However, one also has to factor in the charts representing the public mind--the chart for Election Day itself and the composite chart for Election Day and the US.  

Factoring these two charts in seems to me to weaken the Democratic advantage somewhat.  These charts highlight factors that cut across partisan lines and, thus, diminish any advantages that arise from simply belonging to one or another major party.

The strong anti-incumbent feeling will work against some incumbent Democrats.  The strong pocketbook vote will work in favor of anyone, Republican or Democrat, who seems to promise economic improvement, and vice versa.  Economic concerns don’t guarantee an advantage to either party.  

Economic issues would also tend to override concerns
that might otherwise hurt Republican candidates, like those arising from the war in Iraq and the burgeoning Republican scandals.

And the Winner Will Be ... ~ If I had to guess, I’d say that the Democrats will come out far enough ahead in November to claim an electoral achievement of some magnitude.  Conversely, the Republicans will suffer enough losses to count for a significant electoral defeat.  The scale of the Democratic win and the Republican loss is hard to gauge, however and that is because factors like the anti-incumbent bias and economic concerns will tend to blur partisan preferences and blunt partisan advantages.

The overall thrust of the charts doesn’t seem to me to guarantee Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate, but it certainly doesn’t rule it out.  My assessment is that the Democrats could very well regain control of one house and at very least narrow the Republican advantage in the other.  But greater gains are definitely possible, given the charts.  I think the Democrats will at very least hold their own in state governorship races.

We’ll all just have to see what the voters actually decide.

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