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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Set Up for a Fall

Set Up for a Fall

The Tenor of the Times, September 2006

We can expect some long-awaited turning points in September.  Politicians or world leaders who we want to see get their comeuppance will get it--or begin to get it--in September.  Doubts about their political future will deepen.  

In the US, I think many Republicans up for reelection will lose whatever fading hopes they had of retaining their seats in Congress.  However, there is still time for a political twist or turn or two in the days remaining before the November election

Leaders who are slowly passing from the scene will see their departure hastened.  It might be a question of failed or failing health, as in the case of Israel’s comatose Ariel Sharon and Cuba’s aged and ailing Fidel Castro.  It might be a question of failing popular support, as in the case of Britain’s Tony Blair or members of the increasingly unpopular Bush administration in the U.S.

In all cases, something will happen to push these figures over a critical threshold.  Where it is a question of health, their condition might become critical or simply terminal.  Where is a question of political support or popularity, their poll ratings will drop below critical levels, essentially sealing their political fate.

Similarly, long, drawn out crises, like the diplomatic crises over nuclear developments in Iran and North Korea will cross a threshold.  And so will other slowly deteriorating situations like the one in Iraq.  

In these cases, those involved have been holding out false, politically self-serving hope based on prospects that, though unlikely or unrealistic, could not be ruled out and still held persuasive appeal for the public.  

The public will understand, finally, that such public figures have been self-deluded or outright liars.  The public won’t have much patience with either of the above, anymore.

So, the events of September will definitively rule out certain of the less realistic possibilities in all areas of life and in all areas of the world.  For better or for worse, September will clarify the world situation, at least somewhat.  Many of the lies and half-truths that clutter world political discourse will be revealed for what they are and the positions of those who depend upon them will become untenable.

It will become obvious to all that sometimes drastic and unpalatable but realistic options that have so far been avoided must now be considered seriously.  Overly optimistic assessments based on unrealistic or illusory ideas will be definitively rejected.  This will true partly because of a shift in public attitudes and partly because of undeniable and revelatory events on the ground.

World leaders will, perhaps, have to seriously consider imposing sanctions on Iran.  The Bush administration will probably have to choose between a phased withdrawal from Iraq and a political catastrophe cum constitutional crisis at home.  

The leaders in many other nations of the world will likewise have to choose between a reduced number of more realistic options, however grim in some cases. Many who thought their bluff would ever be called will be proven wrong.

But in many ways, and despite the momentous possibilities outlined above, September will probable seem a bit anticlimactic. It will, in reality, mark only a phase within a phase, albeit a decisive phase, in a familiar, ongoing process.  And for every question that is answered, many more will remain.  For every doubt that concludes, many others will continue.

The fact that the turning point, or the tipping point, finally arrived in many cases will come as a welcome surprise to some.  But joy will be muted by the effect of the long wait and the realization that these decisive events are only twists in a still unfolding plot and much of the mystery has yet to be revealed.

The Astrological Details

is the driving wheel of human events—the great pendulum of history—on the micro and the macro levels and it has been retrograde since late May.  As Pluto turns direct in the first few days of September, it will push forward many projects that have been delayed or on hold.  

It will also empower those who hold power.  Those who hold power will be able to affect events significantly more than they have been able to in recent months.  

Decisions that have been postponed, plans that were being revised, groundwork that was being laid, money or other resources that were held up … many things required to move large and small projects forward … will become available.  Perhaps we will finally see some significant progress in rebuilding New Orleans, for example.

Saturn will have completed its first exact opposition to Neptune on August 31.  Reasonable, realistic people, who base their thoughts and actions on evidence and sound argument, will begin to get a handle on events, in earnest.  

For the first time in many years, those who deal in empty but misleading dogma, emotionally charged rhetoric and seductive illusion or in glistening but empty generalities—or outright deception—will find themselves at a distinct disadvantage.  Their unchallenged hold on the public imagination will be at an end.  

The next ten years and more will be a time when reason and facts have the advantage.  As regular readers will know, I have been looking forward to this day for some time.

Two eclipses in September will put leaders at increased risk and add a little drama.  Those who fail to sense the change in public attitudes or who are mired by past abuses will find the ground cut from under them.  Unforeseen, but not unforeseeable, events will change the course of events definitively.  

Given the delicate and volatile state of the world, the eclipses will almost certainly bring natural and/or manmade disasters to some parts of the globe.  However, the Saturn/Chiron opposition that intensified so many disasters in recent years was exact for the last time some months back.  So nature will likely cut us some slack, for now.  Manmade disasters are not likely to be as serious as some we have seen in recent years.

Two of the outer planets,
Uranus and Neptune, will remain retrograde.  These retrogrades will retard the driving force of direct Pluto, leaving numerous issues in doubt and many questions as yet unanswered.  

And, since the effects of an eclipse often unfold over a period of months, September will also set in motion many a chain of events that will continue into subsequent months, further adding to the complexity and confusion of current world conditions.

The influences of direct Pluto and retrograde Uranus and Neptune will probably have an unfortunate effect on unwise politicians and world leaders, which we have in abundance.  Sensing the power of direct Pluto but unmindful of the retarding, blocking and confusing effects of retrograde Uranus and Neptune, they will try to exert their misguided will.  But they will only manage to stir international the pot in ways that are unproductive and likely to backfire.

It is also important to understand that these planetary influences also affect the bad guys and their efforts to do harm will also be energized.  However, the eclipses do tend to favor the pure of heart over the impure of heart.  So it seems likely that the forces of good will gain ground in September.

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