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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For August 2006

General Comments ~ The easy sledding of recent months is over.  In August, people are going to have to face a difficult reality in some area of their lives and make significant adjustments in order to cope.  Considerable effort will be required over a long period of time to get past this obstacle.  In some cases, it probably can’t be gotten around.  You might just have to accept certain limitations and get on with life.  However, the planets will provide plenty of help in your efforts to adjust and find a new way forward.


Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For August 2006

It’s not an absolute stonewall, but it is a reasonable facsimile.  Efforts to bring your hopes to reality are pretty well stymied by finances and by the need for a lot of information, or knowledge, that just isn’t available to you at this time.  You will have to work around this obstacle.  Fortunately, you do have plentiful reserves of self-confidence and optimism.  And you know that your personal wealth will keep growing.  There are many consolations.  Don’t let impatience or rebelliousness push you into ill-timed or unwise action.

TAURUS ~ A moment of truth has arrived for Taurus.  You will see and accept certain fairly firm limitations in key areas of your life.  Your hand will be forced.  It seems like your power will be trumped by authority figures on just about all fronts.  You’ll just have to work within certain bounds.  However, it will be possible to not only safeguard, but also enhance long-term financial holdings.  Depend on the support of friends and partners to shape the future and lay the groundwork for a more fulfilling, idealistic lifestyle.

GEMINI ~ It is time for Geminis to take a look at their career plans.  Long-term financial needs, things like pension, health insurance and mortgages, are making decisions necessary.  You can’t really dodge these issues.  The planets are offering plenty of room to maneuver.  Be realistic.  Consider the advice of superiors, even if you don’t like it at first.  Starting a little lower on the ladder at a new, more promising job might be just what you need.  The right combination of moves will put you in line for significant life-advancement.

CANCER ~ Cancerians might suddenly find themselves beset by an avalanche of expenses.  And/or they might reach an important crossroad in their drive to achieve important financial goals.  However it works out, you need to make certain adjustments to stay on course economically.  Someone in banking or investment work will be ready-to-hand to help you make the proper decisions.  Simple is best.  Don’t allow your financial affairs to get so complicated you can’t keep track of them.  You might also find yourself responsible for guiding rambunctious youngsters in your neighborhood.

LEO ~ You will have to find a way forward working within some new restrictions.  You can’t expect any major concessions from family and key associates.  They are up against pretty firm limits of their own.  And you are feeling the strain from the demands of recent years.  Adjustments to existing economic arrangements could provide needed flexibility.  However, any changes made now will have consequences down the road.  Don’t increase spending at the expense of long-term financial plans.  Maintaining pension, mortgage and insurance payments, etc., is key to your success right now.

VIRGO ~ A lot of what is most important in your life right now is taking place where no one else can see it.  You are making important changes in your most basic and deeply rooted beliefs.  This will slowly but surely transform your relations to the community in which you live and the manner in which you earn your living.  You are approaching a “tipping point” and many of your efforts will soon gain traction.  Be prepared to learn new things about how to relate to your most important associates.

LIBRA ~ You dearly want to achieve your ideal lifestyle--the perfect balance between work and play, personal profit and public good.  But August threatens to bring all progress toward that goal to an abrupt halt.  Some of the reasons are financial.  But, more to the point, you just need to dig more deeply into all the issues involved.  Relationships at home, at work and in the community will afford the flexibility you need while you figure stuff out.  Be ready to adopt new, more productive attitudes at work.  Clear out mental cobwebs.

SCORPIO ~ A lot of responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders and you don’t seem to have much room to maneuver.  Professional and family responsibilities have pretty much pinned you down.  The planetary influences that created this bind are peaking this month … finally.  Events should soon bring some level of relief.  Financial pressures will ease and you will gain helpful insight into your situation. Efforts to achieve a new, less burdensome and more rewarding lifestyle will begin to bear fruit.  Friendship, recreation and connections with the young will bring renewal.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Sagittarius will be in demand.  You can help explain the hassles everyone else is having.  You can also point the way out of their difficulties.  Make sure, however, that you just point the way.  Don’t take on other people’s struggles.  In your own life, you could find yourself particularly well positioned to overcome whatever challenges may arise. It’s time to seriously reassess the balance between work and home responsibilities.  This combination of insight and personal empowerment will help you advance socially and professionally.  New ideas make home life better.

CAPRICORN ~ The time has come.  You’ve known for a long time that you would have to deal with big financial questions sooner or later. It’s time to begin what is likely to be a long, detailed look at your economic situation.  You must accurately and truthfully assess the progress you are making toward your financial goals.  Answers must be found and adjustments made.  The key is to introduce new and deeply personal realizations into your decision-making process.  I think you will be surprised at how much help this will be.

AQUARIUS ~ The planets are bringing issues between you and your most important partners, including key financial and professional associates, to a head.  Fortunately, the deep understanding that exists between you and these important people will allow helpful discussions and prevent a sharp break.  Also, the economic situation allows considerable flexibility.  Maintain confidence.  Avoid hasty moves.  A comfortable, temporary resolution is very likely.  However, all concerned must devote themselves to developing an acceptable long-term solution.  Despite the complexities of the present situation, the planets clearly suggest a positive long-term outcome.

PISCES ~ You are changing.  So far it has been gradual and the options have seemed wide open.  Now, however, certain options are being taken off the table.  The planets are supporting a prolonged period of exploration, study and experimentation.  And it could take awhile to understand the challenge and develop a proper solution. But the forces of long- and short-term change are working in your favor.  You might be surprised at how quickly things can change for the better.  Partners you depend on are getting restless, not to mention testy.

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