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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

No More D é j à Vu

No More Déjà Vu

The Tenor of the Times, August 2006

The long string of supportive, protective, consciousness raising aspects that we have been experiencing will be interrupted in August.  

T-squares dominate both New and Full Moon charts.  T-squares always bring unavoidable decisions and force people to consider different and more realistic options than those they may have been considering previously.  Expectations and plans will have to be adjusted.

The tone of political debate will take a constructive turn.  Political debate on many issues has been going in circles for some time.  Observation and experience or scientific data prompt a call for change or reform.  These calls are quieted with factually empty but emotionally loaded slogans or Republican dogma.

For example, in recent years increasingly brutal facts on the ground in Iraq have repeatedly spurred calls for a change of direction.  Each time, the call for a change was silenced with hackneyed slogans like “Stay the course,” and “We’re turning a corner.”  

In the case of other issues, like Congressional ethics, government spying, the minimum wage and global warming, the Republican majority in Congress easily quashed debate by invoking stale Republican dogma.  And the public scarcely seemed to mind. That is about to end.

In late August, as Saturn conjoins Neptune, the public ear will become more responsive to arguments based on facts and reasoned analysis. They will no longer find empty slogans very satisfying.  And partisan Republicans will no longer be able to block progress by invoking stale slogans.
August could also be a rather nervous month.  Difficult aspects between Saturn and Neptune also cause psychological insecurity.  Anxieties could rise sharply as old, once solid foundations threaten to dissolve or wash away.

On the upside, confident and optimistic Jupiter will trine innovative, changeful Uranus.  This will strongly encourage and reward those who opt for innovative reforms.

Also, as I have noted before, two of the aspects most responsible for tensions in the world will be easing soon.  Jupiter will move out of difficult relation with Saturn bringing significant economic relief.  

Pluto will move into Capricorn, the sign of government.  In Capricorn, Pluto will be in greater harmony with the Uranian forces of change and it will empower governments to deal more effectively with the vast array of issues facing them.  

Also, the troublesome Uranus/Pluto square will be interrupted until about 2010, when Uranus enters Aries.  Until the square becomes active again, the need for civil order will work in greater harmony with the desire for freedom and independence.  

This will reduce world tensions by further empowering national leaders to deal effectively with difficult and dangerous domestic situations while not applying oppressive tactics.

The Middle East Generally ~ Planetary alignments offer hope, over time, for a non-catastrophic outcome in the Middle East.

The T-squares in August indicate confrontation and tough decisions.  A Mars/Uranus opposition indicates the surprise outbreak of hostility and unhelpful assertions of power, military and otherwise.  Incendiary Mars is also in broad square to explosive Pluto.  And these dangerous planets are well represented in the skies over the Middle East.  

However, the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are retrograde, suggesting a certain slackening of tension, a slow motion quality to events and a tendency to avoid head on confrontations, at least in the realm of diplomacy.  

These same potent outer planets also enjoy the odd positive aspect.  This suggests that solutions will be found and that, behind the scenes, effective solutions are already taking shape.

Interestingly, there seems to me to be no single, planetary indicator to which the present difficulties can be attributed.  This suggests to me that the present “unrest,” has its roots in problematic natal charts and in the cumulative, long-term effects of more general influences, like the Uranus/Pluto square and Pluto’s high-energy conjunction with the Galactic Center.  

Unhealthy political structures like those in the Middle East tend to be brittle.  They do not respond well to high-energy astrological events like those presently in effect.  

It is worth noting that Pluto’s conjunction with the Galactic Center and the disruptive Uranus/Pluto square will be in abeyance from early in 2007.  So the pressure on the Middle East should let up in the foreseeable future.  The Middle East should also benefit from the new, more supportive energies coming into play early next year.

Israel and Lebanon ~ Since Pluto’s exact conjunction with the G.C. seems to be the real source of present world turbulence, I have used December 29 as the reference time for the charts used in the following analysis.

The December Pluto/Galactic Center charts for Israel look kind of “business as usual.”  The charts for Lebanon look like “chaos as usual,” chaos caused by a potentially violent power struggle within Lebanon itself.  

This supports the idea introduced above that the present unrest is rooted in difficulties caused by major, long-term astrological events on the natal charts involved.

The progressed composite chart for Israel and Lebanon on the date of the Pluto/Galactic Center conjunction contains a grand trine overlaid by numerous other powerful trines.  This suggests that relations between Israel and Lebanon could take some surprising turns for the better in the months ahead. Unlikely as that might seem at the moment.

However, a strong progressed composite chart, while encouraging, is no guarantee at all that old problems will be fully resolved.

Based on the charts, I am strongly tempted to side with those who think that the Israel’s present military activity in Lebanon will be limited in scope.  Though I doubt that it will be without lasting consequences.  It does appear to be a strike with narrowly defined territorial and security objectives, as the Israeli’s claim.

However, set aside the larger question of whether Israel was write or wrong to enter Lebanon at this time.

I examined the charts for Iraq but chose not to include the full analysis for reasons of length.  Suffice it to say that, according to the charts, Iran seems subject to powerful disruptive forces.  However, the charts do not seem to me to threaten immediate catastrophe.

The United States ~ I think US attention will soon be drawn into its own many domestic problems.  

As Pluto slowly slips into Capricorn over the course of 2007, it will return to the sign it was in at the birth of the US.  This will activate the strong second house/eighth house oppositions that are so prominent in the US chart.  

It will also reopen economic issues and issues of social justice that have long been considered settled.  It will also bring attention to continuing social injustices and economic imbalances that, though onerous and recognized as needing change, have long seemed impossible to do anything about.  Pluto will actually enter Capricorn in late January of 2008.

So I would say that the US is about to enter into a great, potentially revolutionary national debate over the distribution of money and power within the US.  If not class warfare, then class-conscious political debate is coming to the US.

Given this gradual but ponderous shift of US attention to domestic economic affairs, it seems unlikely to me that the US can sustain its present aggressive stance in world affairs.
 As Pluto slowly edges out of the US first house over the next couple of years, the planetary basis for the fierce, demanding persona that the US has recently presented to the world will be removed.  

The Economy ~ I stand by my more or less rosy economic predictions. The economic boat will surely continue to rock, given the complex and difficult world situation.  

But I believe the economic fundamentals will remain more or less solid.  You will notice, for example, that the world’s stock exchanges have taken some serious hits lately, but they have always bounced back--all the way back.

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