Technical Note

My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Forecast For July 2006

General Comments ~ The cycle of supportive, empowering months continues.  We will continue to see progress in our lives and in the lives of those close to us.  But, starting in late July, we will be asked to make room in our lives for ideals.  We will be expected to open ourselves to something new, something progressive, based on optimism, confidence and selflessness.  We will not be threatened or asked to make a tough sacrifice.  Rather, we will have an opportunity to get with the new program.  There won’t be much cost to ourselves, unless you count a little self-discipline, cooperation and forbearance as a cost.


Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For July 2006

For the next couple of years, the planets want you to delve into your deepest thoughts and feelings.  Explore issues you hide from the public and even from yourself.  Where job and other interactions with the work-a-day world are concerned, let others take the lead.  Your ideas about such things are pretty well outdated. Success on the job will depend on the success of your inner quest to free yourself from old hang-ups.  However, the planets are providing shelter, support, and guarantees to protect you from any fallout.

TAURUS ~ It is time to start making some complicated choices.  Who do you want to share your life with?  Who do you want in your home?  What do you require in return?  How do you balance family and work?  You are also being strongly urged to expand your horizons mentally and spiritually and to reach out to people at a distance.  You have to start taking your personal and professional life to the next level.  Through it all, keep the budget within bounds and preserve the sanctity of your home.

GEMINI ~ You will be dealing with issues of affection and love in July.  Trust strengthens love. Both parties must know that the other person will hold up their end of the bargain. The end of July should bring the opportunities you need and/or a chance to make necessary adjustments.  Many of the issues affecting relationships stem from finances and work.  Negotiations with higher ups, while tricky, should ultimately lead to better working conditions and more money.  Big changes are coming.  The planets will support and protect you during any transitions.

CANCER ~ The planets are pushing you hard and fast in the direction of greater philanthropic and spiritual involvements.  This is likely to include counter-cultural and New Age ideas, alternative healing and paranormal phenomena.  If you are already interested in such things, that interest is likely to deepen considerably.  Your life will tend to rearrange itself so you can comfortably and conveniently accommodate these new involvements.  They might also start contributing to your income.  Love and affection are strongly highlighted.  Don’t let fears left over from past relationship failures hinder you.

LEO ~ There is a lot going on this month even by Leo’s standards.  Love and relationship issues are strongly stimulated.  There is a lot of intensity, drama and some very stubborn obstacles.  Add to that many private anxieties related to all these issues.  But you don’t quite have the energy to deal with all this stuff.  Fortunately, the planets are also providing a big, strong safety net.  In the end, it will all boil down to making some tough, smart, long-term financial decisions so that every one can be accommodated.

VIRGO ~ It’s tough to harmonize family and work responsibilities and sustain hope of achieving cherished personal goals especially during times of rapid change.  Imagine your surprise, then, when, during a period of turbulent and thoroughgoing change, you avoid any serious problems and all the pieces fall in the right place.  Keep work responsibilities within bounds and maintain balance in important relationships.  Everything else should take care of itself.  Let peace of mind be your barometer.  If work or partnership issues undermine your peace of mind, it’s time to do change.

LIBRA ~ Your changing situation is bringing sobering realizations.  However, being realistic about life doesn’t mean settling for less.  Seeing the limitations of people you love doesn’t mean giving in to cynicism.  These things mean finding a more realistic starting point and building on a more solid foundation.  But keeping cherished dreams alive must always be part of the deal.  Let your dreams be your touchstone.  When the demands of work and romance threaten your fondest dreams, make changes in work and romantic relationships.  The planets are looking after your interests.

SCORPIO ~ The promise of change and growth endures, but so do certain obstacles to your progress.  This month, there might not be a great leap forward.  The basics will remain the same.  However, things will change so that everything is easier to deal with and allows you greater room to maneuver.  After July, doing what you must do won’t conflict so strongly with doing what you want to do.  If you communicate your needs and desires, others will achieve a deeper, intuitive understanding and respond more fully.  Negotiation is key.

SAGITTARIUS ~ You can play a very important part in bringing about beneficial changes. Help others act with hope and confidence.  You won’t have as much information as you’d like and there will be even less money than there is information.  What you do know leads you to suspect further problems.  And you know that these changes will only get you part way to your goal.  However, you can be confident that the overall effect will be good.  You are in a position to benefit directly and/or indirectly from whatever happens.  

CAPRICORN ~ The world is loosening up, generally speaking. People are willing to consider many possibilities they would have rejected before and so are you.  Also, you are protected from any really bad outcomes. But money is an issue.  Money is not so much tight as it is uncertain.  So as you consider the various options and combinations of options, be sure to choose those that safeguard long-term savings and ensure a steady and adequate cash flow.  Simpler is better and, for the time being, closer to home is better.   

AQUARIUS ~ Aquarians are certainly used to center stage.  However, you will probably not be prepared for all the attention you’ll get this month.  You will play a key roll in a big transition. Many of the loose ends will fall right into your lap.  People will need to understand how to move forward and you must provide directions.  They will be very interested in your ideas and need to clearly understand what you are thinking.  You must express your ideas fully and help others manifest the solutions that you envision.

PISCES ~ The planets are being supportive and protective, but you could be put on the spot as people seek your insight and guidance.  They could try to draw you in as they seek clear direction.  You might not be able to maintain the distance, detachment and privacy that you very much prefer.  You will probably have to think long and hard then follow up with some long, detailed conversations to achieve resolution.  Issues of trust and empowerment will come up often in the midst of these complicated but manageable interactions.



The Tenor of the Times, JULY 2006

July’s aspects continue to lay the groundwork for a shift in the direction of world events.  These aspects will heighten the expectation of positive change and increase the pressure for reform but they will not directly or immediately produce any improvement on the ground.

They are essentially consciousness-raising aspects.  And they are only consciousness raising aspects.  They are very unlikely to produce immediate action or resolution of any outstanding issues.  On the other hand, they will tend to facilitate ongoing efforts and prevent new problems from arising.

People will be increasingly sure that they don’t like the way things are, they will be increasingly willing to listen to new ideas and there will be many encouraging initiatives.  Also, the ground will continue to shift beneath the feet of the status quo.  But the great mass of people and the politicians who represent them will not get off the dime, yet.

These aspects are intended specifically to make people shift to a higher, more enlightened level of thought.  They will compel people to leave behind the self-centered, materialistic thinking that normally dominates world consciousness.  Once people have begun the shift to this more enlightened level of thinking they will still have to work out the solution to specific problems and that always takes time.  A shift in consciousness, while very helpful, does not, in and of itself, bring solutions.  Real solutions take time to develop, even for enlightened people.

July’s aspects function primarily by supporting people at their present level and preventing real progress unless and until people have made a fundamental, upward shift in their way of dealing with the world.  Stated briefly, these aspects will keep people going in circles until they shift to a more enlightened mode of thinking and acting.  

On most outstanding issues, I think these aspects will only produce more political dithering.  However, at least some will respond by putting a more enlightened and idealistic foot forward.

So, July’s aspects are supportive and essentially constructive.  But they are not the kind of aspects that produce specific results or immediate forward movement.

Astrological Details The Full Moon brings a classic Mystic Rectangle overlaid by a Grand Trine.

The Mystic Rectangle is, of course, supportive and protective.  But a Mystic Rectangle is essentially an instrument of spiritual transformation.  

It doesn’t help people achieve their consciously held goals. It helps them transform those goals.  

The Mystic Rectangle brings no single, clear direction either.  Its effects tend to be diffuse and people have a free hand in determining how to express its energies.

The Mystic Rectangle creates a golden cage that is protective, but limits people until they begin to listen to their higher, better selves and leave behind selfish, materialistic, ego-centered modes.

Other planetary indicators suggest a static political situation too.  The three most potent planets involved in the aspects, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, are all retrograde.  

These retrogrades, coupled with the dynamic of the Mystic Rectangle, virtually guarantee that there will be no decisive change or definitive progress in July.  Just a sense that people need to take a more enlightened and uplifting approach to the world’s problems.

Ring Around the Ego The combined effect of the Grand Trine and the Mystic Rectangle at the Full Moon will be to produce a kind dizziness and disorientation.  

People will have too many options and too little motivation to choose one over another.  They will however, as I have said, have plenty of reason, and inclination, to keep talking.  

Also, because the Mystic Rectangle tends to frustrate consciously held, ego-based goals, the initiatives people do take are likely to lead them around in circles.  

Part of them will be urging the pursuit of the same old ego-based goals--money, sex, fame--and part of them will be urging the pursuit of more enlightened and selfless goals.  But I doubt, at this early stage, that many people will be able to escape the gravity of their egos for very long.  

So, like a comet around the Sun, people will move away from their ego only to be pulled back toward it, over and over again.  They will, in essence, be reasoning around in circles.  And going around in circles will make everybody a little dizzy.

On the national and international level, these aspects are likely to produce a lot discussion that swings between high-minded, global-thinking and narrow political and economic self-interest.  This sort of thing, taking place on a global level, is likely to produce a case of global vertigo.

The Grand Trine will, however, bring optimism and the hope of reward for innovation and reform.  So these lengthy and circular political and diplomatic discussions will be marked by optimism and good feelings.

Interestingly, Jupiter is direct.  But under these circumstances, a forward-moving Jupiter is only likely to help insure that confidence and enthusiasm gets way ahead of itself.

A Focus At the New Moon, one corner of the mystic rectangle opens up, leaving a gateway between Uranus and Neptune.  This opening will create a kind of emphasis, or focus, but not a clear-cut agenda, as we usually understand that term.

It will compel leaders (in every walk of life and in every part of the world) to learn how to guide the social aspirations and idealism of their people properly.  

Politicians of all stripes tend to exploit the aspirations of people in the pursuit of narrow partisan gains.  But July’s aspects will push politicians to transcend this kind of exploitation.  

With these aspects, world leaders will be compelled, for their own political survival, to take demands for reform far more seriously.  They will also be compelled to take global decision-making to a higher moral and ethical level.

In other words, they will be forced by events to respond to the aspirations of their people with spiritual and moral integrity. Efforts to exploit the public desire in order to achieve narrow, political gains will tend to fizzle in more or less embarrassing ways.  And the issue of genuine reform, which they have probably been trying to avoid, will just keep coming back.  

Vertigo All of the above adds up to a month of going around in circles, a happy, relatively peaceful, lucky sort of going around in circles, but going around in circles nonetheless.  

To have so many planets interacting so strongly will put the world in flux--optimistic flux to be sure--but flux that leads nowhere, for the time being.  I think this will produce a kind of uncertainty, confusion and anxiety, political vertigo.  

But these aspects will ensure that those in power, and those who would like to be in power, can, increasingly, draw upon a public attitude receptive to change and reform.  Sooner or later, something good will come of this.  

The softening, leavening effect of July’s aspects on the public mood is part of a complicated and long term planetary effort to usher in new values for a new age. Do not expect overnight successes or the quick and gratifying resolution of pending issues.  These are learning, consciousness-raising aspects.