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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Astrology Forecast For June 2006

General Comments ~ June is another in a series of months in which the planets are trying to help us with complicated and sometimes difficult transitions.  Many of us are making big course corrections that require changing a lot of important things in our lives all at once--job, home, relationships.  This sort of sweeping change is tiring and expensive and it can also be risky.  The planets are helping to minimize the fatigue, expense and risk.  They are also helping to ease any emotional burdens that come with the change.  So, I guess the message is: Yeah, it is complicated and expensive and risky, but the planets are providing guide rails and a strong safety net.


Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For June 2006

The emphasis continues to be on spiritual growth and resolving of deep-rooted personal issues.  This month, there are also financial complications.  Expenses and long-term financial issues related to youngsters in your life are forcing some financial changes.  Needed compromises will probably make you to let go of some ideas for your own future.  But the planets point to a successful outcome that gets you past all the obstacles and satisfies all the important requirements for happiness and security.  They also point to increased peace of mind for you.

TAURUS ~ In many important ways, Taurus is between a rock and a hard place.  Lots of big responsibilities to yourself and others.  Not much choice but to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  On top of that, the planets have assigned you the cosmic task of keeping everybody else polite and reasonable in these tricky times.  However, you have many sources of strength and many opportunities for relaxation and recreation.  You are also under strongly protective influences. Everything should go well, despite the scale of the challenges.

GEMINI ~ You are under very protective and supportive influences, so you need not worry about making that big leap.  Your present situation leaves you little if any room for expansion or advancement and it doesn’t look like it ever will.  These job/career limitations are weighing very heavily on your mind, so you can’t even just mark time.  You need to make a move.  There will be risks and tradeoffs, but there always are.  You are doing the right thing and it will pay big dividends in the long run.

CANCER ~ You need to reassure people.  The sacrifices, adjustments and complicated moves they must all make will work out well.  You know all this because the forces of change and the supportive and protective energies are very much at work in your own life.  Financial necessity is forcing you to adjust your plans for the future.  With lots of unknowns and few guarantees, you have to make some big decisions.  But with your luck running high and your intuition strong, you can see the beneficial long-term patterns very clearly.   

LEO ~ You will be blocked or delayed in just about every important area this month.  You are under two conflicting influences.  One makes you want to fix all these problems in a rush; one makes you want to take the patient approach.  For a while, you can probably succeed whether you decide to move quickly or slowly.  But as the month wears on, the slow, patient approach will serve you best. The issues you face will take time to truly resolve anyway.  Quick fixes will only bring problems later on.

VIRGO ~ You are in a transitional phase.  Don’t let worries about ongoing changes in your life push you into scheming and plotting mode.  Keep it simple, straightforward and up front.  Don’t lose patience, either. You are under supportive and protective influences.  The planets will aid you in adapting to your situation.  Both the challenges and their solutions will only reveal themselves over time.  Meanwhile, take advantage of the support the planets are offering to build solid, safe bridges to the future. Concentrate on building support in your neighborhood and community.

LIBRA ~ You must make some very important financial decisions.  But you can’t really decide until lots of other people make lots of other important decisions.  So that leaves you kind of up in the air. You should favor the needs and opinions of key partners and put extra weight on job-related issues.  Don’t worry though.  Children of Venus, like yourself, are under especially supportive and protective influences.  Whatever you decide, you will at least come out even, except that everything will be arranged much better and more conveniently for you.

SCORPIO ~ This is probably not the month to go full steam ahead in pursuit of your new goals.  However, it is an ideal time for coordinating your efforts with everybody else, working around obstacles and addressing the concerns of others.  It would be easy for others to underestimate your resourcefulness.  The potentially slow pace of progress hides the amount of drive and determination you are feeling.  You understand and respect the feelings of others, but you also know what you need to do.  Youngsters can offer special insight and guidance.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Be careful with what you say and do.  Even quiet words and simple actions can cause a big commotion.  People are making all kinds of changes and adjustments in their lives, but if you say the wrong thing, even innocently, you could add considerably to the stress and confusion.  You could also lose complete control over any situation you are involved in.  You are entering a time when it is especially important that you do exactly the right thing and doing things right might be tougher than you think.

CAPRICORN ~ You will probably think of June as a lucky month.  In many ways your hand is being forced.  You just have to do what you have to do.  But there are lots of changes going on and, in many ways, they harmonize perfectly with what you need, what you desire, and what you know is best.  Some of your own most cherished hopes are being “adjusted.”  However, even here, many people in your life are naturally adjusting their attitudes and actions in ways that are supportive of your goals.

AQUARIUS ~ You are gaining something important this month.  You will have a special hold on people’s hearts and minds.  People always want to think they are doing the right thing.  And now, Aquarians have a special insight into what is right and an ability to make that insight resonate.  This would be a good time to rethink your budget.  In the coming cycle, you will need to rethink your ideas about money, on all levels.  They could be out of date.  You will soon experience greater affection in your life.

PISCES ~ June is a turning point for Pisces.  The resources to make complicated and important changes will be available.  You will develop a very clear sense of what is right for you.  This inner sense will help you make important decisions confidently and correctly.  The planets will reward you for ignoring everybody else for a bit and concentrating on your own needs.  In fact, if you spend too much time worrying about other people, the planets will give you hard time. You should use this time to expand your horizons.

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