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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For May 2006

General Comments ~
Many of us find our situations suddenly and unexpectedly changed for the better.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, our lives have suddenly improved.  But it has been a bit of a scramble and we are still adjusting.  

It is clear that more change is on the way. We know instinctively that these new changes will also take us in a good direction.  In many cases, it is a direction we wanted to take, but we might have given up hope of ever being able to go that way.  

As obstacles rapidly fall away, as necessity forces us to finally do what we always wanted to, as inspiration and opportunity flows, we will all slowly come to accept this new, unexpected, but desirable state of affairs.

This change will, however, require more adjustments.  Some of them will be deep and substantial.  May, especially in the beginning of the month, provides ideal conditions to cope with the new demands being made upon us.  It will provide a shock absorber, a cushion, a safety net--pick your metaphor--that allows us to make the needed changes without serious risk or major expense.

There will be something of a pause in the second half of May.  We hold our breaths as we prepare to meet yet another wave of change.


Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For May 2006

First, be mindful that you are under protective and supportive influences.  The outcome of this month’s events will most likely leave you with everything you now have, just rearranged in a way that is much more convenient and productive.  All will benefit.  Next, come to terms with the fact that some kind of shakeup is inevitable on the home front.  Tempers could flare a bit, but it is time to make some changes, no matter what.  It is all necessary to clear up problems with long term financial arrangements.  

TAURUS ~ Once again, you might end up with lots of influence in a very complicated situation but with no direct power over it.  But you can still achieve a great deal, especially at the beginning of the month.  Problems might abound, but so will solutions.  The end result will be a new situation, and one that gives you plenty of options and flexibility you can use to deal with all those challenges coming down the road.  Initially, communication and coordination could be a big hang up, but they will improve.

GEMINI ~ If it seems like, May is all about your special communicative skills, that’s because it is.  You have an important roll to play, even if others don’t consciously recognize it.  Work is the key area.  Money is still the sticking point and plans for the future the issue around which everything revolves.  Possibilities abound.  You must help others understand their visions for the future and bring them into line with economic realities.  Unfortunately, this is one of those times when everything boils down to money.  Luck is with you.

CANCER ~ You will be keenly aware of difficulties and conflicts this month, but protective influences allow you to act with confidence.  You can make some important adjustments.  These changes will bring significant relief and hasten progress toward your ideal lifestyle.  Deep personal and spiritual issues and financial concerns are key.  Spiritual, personal and financial matters often seem to be at odds, but this month, efforts to resolve such issues will work successfully together.  It might not seem like it, but your actions now are very much in tune with events around you.

LEO ~ A surprisingly complicated situation is indicated.  It involves just about all the important people in your life.  The sum total of your personal responsibilities is too great.  Even old friendships could put a strain on key family and professional relationships.  Basically, you will have to come to a new understanding within yourself.  Decide what is most important to you and adjust your personal commitments.  The planets will buy you some time so you can figure out a new arrangement and convince everyone involved to accept it willingly and happily.

VIRGO ~ Think of the first weeks of May as a grace period.  Events are forcing a change.  However, the planets are providing a very efficient shock absorber to prevent ‘mishaps’ while you make needed adjustments to just about your whole lifestyle.  Everything and everybody that is important will get reshuffled and assigned new roles.  So big complicated changes should go well, despite stubborn obstacles and limited budgets.  Later in May, you will find yourself at center stage, communicating, coordinating and managing, etc., as the going gets a little bit rougher.

LIBRA ~ Librans shouldn’t have much trouble with a month designed for successful balancing and adjusting.  If you wanted to, you could reshape your financial situation, from job to savings, to bring you closer to a long-term goal.  But be prepared to learn that your present course is the safest and wisest way to go.  Immediate gains can be achieved, but there are many hidden costs and risks.  Whatever you decide, May provides a fine opportunity to study your circumstances, explore new possibilities and decide upon a course of action.  

SCORPIO ~ You knew that adjustments were needed to make challenging home and partnership situations workable.  Changes have been needed for awhile, but circumstances have not cooperated.  So May should come as a godsend.  The whole situation will open up, presenting convenient options and a range of new resources.  Maybe it won’t be the big, immediate, sweeping change you hoped for, but you will find much needed freedom of movement.  You need not fear that anything important will be lost or even put at risk.  You are under strong protective influences.

SAGITTARIUS ~ The emphasis in May is on other people in every area of your life.  You need to make some very basic changes in the way you relate to all the people in your world.  Things can’t really go on the way they have been.  You must change some deeply held beliefs and a few other things besides.  It won’t be easy.  The planets are now providing an opportunity to make some of the needed adjustments without risk and with benefits for all.  However, more will remain to be done.

CAPRICORN ~ Capricorn will play conscience to someone else’s ambitions, or the voice of reason vis-à-vis someone else’s overly ambitious plans.  You should take the part of the little guy, who must live with the decisions of the powerful and influential.  In your own life, you might finally have to do something about continuing uncertainties in financial areas.  Fortunately, the planets are perfectly aligned to help you make needed adjustments without undue risk.  Although this might only prove to be a holding action.  Partners and key associates are feeling pretty feisty.

AQUARIUS ~ The planets are telling Aquarius that their illusions, even their most cherished illusions, can cost them money. Simplify your lifestyle. Be realistic about your needs.  Let go of some illusions and budget-busting expenses will follow. Resist the temptation to retreat into your own little world.  The planets will soften any financial blow and provide good substitutes for whatever you must give up.  There is not as much flexibility as you think, though.  The safest course is to make needed adjustments and, whenever possible, stay with the tried and true

PISCES ~ Something must change to relieve all the inner stresses and strains you are feeling. A long-term quest for greater philosophical or spiritual understanding is indicated. Or maybe it’s just a matter of enhancing your skills or professional credentials.  It will take some time to work through the personal issues and do what’s needed.  That means you must make outward changes that will provide the time and the freedom of movement you need to pursue these goals.  Fortunately, the planets are perfectly aligned to help you make any necessary adjustments.  

Safety Net

Safety Net

The Tenor of the Times, May 2006

[A weather-related emergency cut deeply into my writing schedule.  So I wrote a brief piece focusing on one of the nicer astrological changes coming up.  I think we can all use a lift about now.]

Positive Financial Trends. Jupiter and Saturn govern the world’s financial life, among other things.  By the end of 2006, after a prolonged period of difficult relations, Jupiter and Saturn will be in solidly favorable aspect.  

This strongly positive economic aspect is weakened somewhat by a new square between Jupiter and Uranus, making our prosperity vulnerable to sudden, unexpected changes of various kinds.  But it should still bring a big improvement over present economic conditions.  

Jupiter governs Sagittarius.  Hence, benevolent, supportive, protective Jupiter will have an especially strong influence on the world in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is the US rising sign.  So Jupiter’s entrance into Sagittarius bodes especially well for the US.  It will have an especially strong influence on the US in general.  And, transiting the US rising sign, it will usher in a new cycle of growth and prosperity for the US.

But perhaps most important, Sagittarius, home to transiting Pluto, has been the site of some of the greatest difficulties afflicting individuals and the world.  Jupiter’s healing presence in this long-suffering sign will have an especially profound and uplifting effect.

Big Changes in US Finances on the Horizon.  As noted in a recent post, as Pluto passes out of Sagittarius, its influence in the First House of the United States will weaken dramatically.  

This will soften the authoritarian, right-wing impulse, which has been so noticeable in the US in recent years.  It will also weaken the US inclination to engage in war.  Something else that has been very strong in the US in recent years.  

As Jupiter enters Sagittarius and Pluto prepares to leave, the US will turn gradually but decisively away from war and toward the pursuit of peace and prosperity.  Jupiter’s patient and benign influence will also predispose the US to use peaceful, diplomatic means to achieve its goals.

As Pluto approaches the US Second House of finances, it will shift the US national attention—and willpower—to economics.  For the next decade, the US will try to exercise domestic and foreign power through economic rather than by naked, unilateral self-assertion, as has been the case during the Bush administration.

In the course of 2006-7, As Pluto leaves Sagittarius and begins to directly affect the US Second House of day-to-day finances, the US will try to bring order to its financial situation--in a big way.

Pluto in Sagittarius is not only a powerful influence, it is a long-term influence.   Over the next 10 or so years, this new Pluto placement is likely to bring long simmering issues of fiscal responsibility, and economic management and fairness to a rolling boil in the US.  

The Second House/Eighth House axis, the money axis, is very important in all charts, but it is heavily stimulated in the US natal chart.  This powerful, long-term influence in this important, heavily stimulated part of the US chart is likely to bring profound economic changes in the US over the next decade.

How the US creates wealth, how it collects taxes, how it shares financial risks, burdens and benefits, will undergo far-reaching changes in the course of the next 10 or 12 years, beginning very soon.  Also, with Pluto involved, the nexus between money and political power—or power in general—in the US will come up for prolonged, intense and specific scrutiny.

With Jupiter in generally positive aspect to Saturn during the run up, and with Jupiter moving into the US Second House in 2007, I think most Americans will find these changes both reassuring and helpful, at least for the next year or two.

However, it is important to remember that Pluto is synonymous with power, in all its forms.  So Pluto’s presence in the Second House generally indicates a massive economic power struggle.  And Pluto will remain the US Second House long after Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and passes out of Capricorn into other areas of the US chart.  Simply put, the US is likely to undergo a lengthy period of struggle within and between its various economic classes and between the US and its economic allies and rivals.

Given all of the above, the power of Pluto, the general importance of the financial houses and the special importance of the financial houses in the US chart, I think we will see what amounts to an economic (and social) revolution within the United States in the coming years.

But this is a big subject and I will reserve further comment for another time.

May in Particular.  The first half of May will allow the world a chance to bridge the old and the new order of things comfortably.  Or should I say, it will keep many situations from collapsing, or exploding, before the new, milder and more benevolent planetary influences kick in. It will help us build strong bridges between the old and the new.

The dominant configuration in the heavens is, simply put, a kind of shock absorber, or safety net.  It will protect people during a time of rapid adjustments and insulate them against serious shock.

While many of us are entering a new stage in our lives, many are also probably wondering if they can successfully weave the thread of their old life into the pattern of their new life.  The aspects in early May clearly suggest that they will.

Political Handwriting on the Wall ... for Someone.  The end of May will bring an air of expectancy and uncertainty.  Some will be nervous.  Even without any specific changeful event, it will become clear to all by then that major, irreversible changes in the public mind are about to go into effect.  

Those who have prospered under the old planetary arrangement will sense that their day is passing.  Those who will prosper under the new planetary arrangement will sense that their day is coming.  Everyone will sense the gears of history shifting.

The Bush Republicans, for example, will feel the effects as the planetary dynamic they rode into power comes to an end.  It will become clear that the public mood, already shifting noticeably, will soon shift completely.  

It remains to be seen if the Republicans can adapt in time to prevent disaster at the polls in November and/or again in the presidential election of 2008.  It is still too early to tell whether or not the Republicans can respond successfully to this planetary challenge.

But whether the Democrats or the Republicans profit most from these changes, I think, given the planetary set up, the tone and the substance of American politics will change in a positive, helpful direction.  And, Republican or Democrat, it will bring new leaders to the political fore.

The Micro Level.  Just about everyone should experience a marked improvement in their living and working situation over the next year.  Tensions, conflicts, threats, and risks, all the negative, discouraging conditions we have been dealing with for many, many months, in some cases for years, will ease considerably by year’s end.  

And the first part of May will present valuable opportunities to safely adjust and adapt to newly changed circumstances and to prepare ourselves for a new era in our lives.  Things will doubtless stay interesting, but my conclusion is that better economic times are on the way.

I think it is fair to say that many of us feel like we are in a world that is trying to come apart.  We will soon begin to feel like we are in a world that is trying to come together.  There are certainly some big astrological hurdles awaiting us in the years ahead, but Jupiter’s entrance into Sagittarius will strengthen the fabric of the world in general and of international relations in particular, helping to ensure that we will successfully clear those hurdles.