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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For April 2006

General Comments ~ I’m giving April two big thumbs up.  Many of us are, no doubt, a little the worse for wear after March’s sudden, unceremonious changes, even if we did come out of it basically all right.  April will allow us all to begin smoothing our way into the future.  The month offers many opportunities to get things working and moving forward on the local and individual level.  But it also offers us a chance to start making bigger changes and to align our lifestyles and our jobs with larger national and global trends.  We should all begin to find government agencies and politicians, indeed, the world in general, more responsive to our needs and desires.  And that can only be to the good.


Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For April 2006

The pressure is subsiding and opportunities will begin to emerge.  But don’t take things at face value and don’t rush into anything.  There is a lot of fine print and way too many unknowns.  There are some strong supportive, helping influences.  However, they are not operating entirely on a practical, down-to-earth level.  They are largely psychological and spiritual.  The planets seem to be saying that if you take care of these inner issues, then the outer issues will take care of themselves.  Long-term financial matters are well aspected.

TAURUS ~ The planets are helping you bring your finances and your living situation into greater harmony with your needs and desires.  But you will probably remain in the planning stages for a while.  Things will fall increasingly into place, but you still might find the trade-offs a bit rough if you make an immediate commitment.  An extended planning phase will pay great dividends.  Anyway, your expectations and your goals are not well enough defined.  Time is needed to clarify what you really want and to help you lay the groundwork.

GEMINI ~ Maybe you can’t solve any of the really big problems this month.  However, April offers many opportunities to sort out the smaller issues.  Doubtless, feathers have been ruffled and knickers are in a twist over recent developments.  This is a great time to mend fences, especially in areas important to your financial well-being.  The big issues are still there, so it would not be wise to forget them.  One place where you can lend a welcome hand: help others clarify and express their complicated, possibly confused thoughts and feelings.

CANCER ~ You might still be feeling a little too dreamy, a little too, romantic and drifty.  However, as April moves along, you will feel more energized, motivated and encouraged.  You should.  Things are starting to fall into place.  A direction is emerging.  The budget might still be tight, but there is plenty of room for creativity and lots of stuff you can do without straining the budget.  You will have to be realistic about what you can accomplish but you should be optimistic too.  Marriage and partnership possibilities are strong.

LEO ~ These are pretty challenging times for Leos.  No use denying it.  However, you are due for a big boost in two places where it really counts.  The planets are strongly supporting you on a profoundly personal, spiritual level.  In some way, the spirit will stir within you in April and help you resolve whatever doubts or anxieties you have been feeling.  This will lend you strength and direction.  The planets will also lend a hand financially.  Matters related to insurance, inheritance, loans and other long-term financial dealings are favored.

VIRGO ~ You will experience rapid progress in several important areas.  Changes related to some distant location are moving along quite well.  And they are moving in harmony with your efforts to achieve your ideal lifestyle.  You might have to jump a financial hurdle, but you can will be able to do it.  Things are moving fast right now, so everything is a bit of a jumble.  But even this confusion will give you an advantage.  Your communication and information handling skills will be very much in demand and highly valued.

LIBRA ~ Your influence over events remains considerable.  But the direction is not much clearer to you than it is to those you must advise.  If you depend on your intuition, tempered by reason and your usual balanced judgment, all will be well.  With a gracious assist from someone in authority, perhaps a banker or public official, you will also experience a big leap forward in financial and work matters.  A little effort at communication will work positive wonders in marriage or partnership areas.  Try giving your partner the deciding vote.

SCORPIO ~ Scorpio is confronting a challenge.  Your partner or key associate is creating a potentially difficult situation.  It is affecting your morale, your health and your work situation, and it is chipping away at your financial resources.  However, Scorpio is also due for a double blessing.  These are real, up front blessings.  Important new opportunities for personal growth and financial expansion are opening up in unusual areas.  There is also a blessing in disguise.  The challenge created by your partner will help motivate you to take advantage of these opportunities.

SAGITTARIUS ~ You must know that, amidst all the good things you recently accomplished, you bypassed many important issues.  Perhaps they needed more attention than you could give them at the time.  They’re tough issues.  But it’s now time to role up your sleeves and take them on.  The planets are giving you a leg up.  Some basic life conditions that are hard to rearrange on short notice will shift, allowing more freedom of movement.  And the drive and the courage to take these issues on will come from deep inside.  

CAPRICORN ~ An important shift in your relationship with the world is coming in April.  You will be more empowered, overall.  Previously, you were empowered but somewhat isolated.  You accomplished things, but only within limits.  In April, you will be better connected, better able to network and maneuver around obstacles. Conditions at work will improve, enhancing your performance and improving your financial comfort level.  Economic initiatives will pay off well.  It will take some time for the good results and financial benefits to fully manifest.  Meanwhile, be careful not to overextend.

AQUARIUS ~ Your ruling planet is involved in a month long run of good aspects.  You should have good fortune in work, income and health related matters.  However, you should take no health risks.  You might experience sudden and unexpected good luck in partnership areas too.  People in authority will also favor you.  April’s benefits will unfold over time and you might not have as much control as you would like.  And there’s some fine print and a fair number of unknowns.  Overall, though, Aquarians should like April quite a lot.  

PISCES ~ Overload, overdrive, overstimulation.  They all relate to Pisces in April.  But add the words “lucky” and “in control.”  Things will tend to fall smoothly into place for you.  Listen to practical people and try to keep your feet on the ground.  Listen to the critics, also.  If you aren’t careful, you could be borne along by seductive currents to the wrong destination and take many others with you.  And be patient.  Many good and important things will be set in motion but they will take time to bear fruit.

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