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Monday, March 27, 2006

High Hopes (and Some Fine Print)

High Hopes (and Some Fine Print)

The Tenor of the Times, April 2006

April is a better, easier month than we have seen in a long time.

The charts for April are dominated by trines, Grand Trines--big, robust facilitating aspects.  The persona charts for most of the planets also show big facilitating aspects.  Jupiter is also in fine aspect to Uranus, suggesting benevolent, beneficial change.

However, we are at the beginning of something and if you examine the charts, there is a lot of astrological fine print, pointing to difficult issues that remain to be resolved.

Jupiter and Pluto remain retrograde, so some of the world’s big unsolved problems will remain unsolved.  Mars remains in opposition to retrograde Pluto, so the violence will continue at some level.  However, significant progress will be made toward the solution of many problems, especially at the grass roots level.

April should be a very encouraging and rewarding month for most people.

Integration and Coordination April will bring opportunities to adapt to and benefit from our rapidly changing circumstances.  Where there was confusion and uncertainty, things will begin to fall into place for many people.

Pluto retrograde means that individuals will be able to influence events without interference or obstruction from established economic, political and governmental powers.

Recently, we could only tread water while waves of change washed over the globe and through our lives, changing the local economic landscape, sometimes beyond all recognition.  These great processes of change seemed to operate completely independently of and with total disregard for our personal lives, way out of our control.  

Or we looked on helplessly as governments pursued policies with which we strongly disagreed.

Saturn creates avenues of responsiveness and bonds of obligation and responsibility between the highest and lowest levels of societies.  Saturn direct will strengthen these bonds, improving relations between various levels and sectors of the world social order.  Most especially, it will make those above more responsive and accountable to the needs and desires of those below.

In April, with Jupiter trine Uranus, the process of global change will work in greater harmony with our efforts to improve our own lives.  We will be better able to coordinate our personal efforts at improvement with the processes of change on local, regional, national and international levels.

Ideals Made Real Saturn’s oppositional, mediated relationship to Neptune and Uranus which I discussed at length last month, will persist through April.  The trend toward symbolic actions, like protest marches and narrowly targeted, highly symbolic acts of violence, will continue.  

In March, Saturn was retrograde.  From early April it will be direct.  So these symbolic actions are more likely to have lasting effects.  Voices raised in protest will be heard.  Those in power will get the point. Pluto retrograde means that entrenched power cannot easily block or co-opt reform initiatives. Ideals are more likely to become real.

The High and Mighty vs. the Weak and Humble One of the most obvious ways this will show up in the US, I think, is in the campaigns for the fall elections.  We will probably begin to see established politicians address our concerns and reflect our thoughts and feelings more directly and accurately than they have in a long time.  We will probably also see a crop of new candidates who more accurately reflect the country’s mood than incumbents do.

Reprieve But with the outer planets involved, it will go further than that.  For example, in the United States, the Bush administration and, in Britain, the Blair administration, seem to have been operating in a place above and completely divorced from the people they served.  

The Bush administration especially has taken free rein in many areas and simply has not been held accountable for its omissions, missteps, mistakes and abuses.  There are numerous efforts afoot to impose legal sanctions on these leaders and others like them in the world.  So far results have been minimal.

Newly direct Saturn will strengthen legal systems and vitalize legal processes.  Newly retrograde Pluto will weaken the hand of those in power.  Together, Saturn direct and Pluto retrograde will weaken the powerful and support the rule of law, strengthening the hand of those who would like to see Bush, Blair and others like them held to account.

As I explain below, the strongly positive, upbeat aspects that dominate the month will most likely provide these leaders something of a grace period, preventing any immediate or overwhelming assault on their leadership.  But public opinion will definitely shift against them.  Public opinion will remain basically critical long after April’s rosy vibes have gone.  

Truce in the War of Words In keeping with what I have said above, the war of words between the reality-based media and the fantasy-based politicians centered in the White House will abate temporarily.  

Critical Saturn will, momentarily at least, take a back seat to Mercury and Venus.  This, coupled with the generally nice, triney atmosphere of April, will soften the political tone, moderating political rhetoric.  Also, those presently in power, who are largely responsible for our difficulties, will probably succeed in taking some credit for improvements in our situation.

This general easing of tensions and raising of moods will bring a temporary truce in the increasingly heated war of words between the President and the fast growing and increasingly vocal cadre of administration critics in the press and elsewhere.

Generally positive aspects will engender a spirit of objectivity, fairness and intellectual generosity.  Critics of Bush policies will pause to give the White House one more chance to state its case.  Bush and his critics will “make nice.”  For awhile.

After Saturn turns direct early in April, it will move steadily and uninterruptedly toward exact opposition to Neptune, next August.  Accordingly, the public will grow increasingly impatient with and intolerant of the President’s ideologically based fantasies and his obvious, transparent distortions of the truth.  With retrograde Pluto tying Bush’s hands during the same period, his critics and his political opponents are likely to gain ground.

We will most likely see comparable developments in our personal and work lives, wherever tension might be building.  Tensions will ease.  When they show up again, the presumption will be in favor of those with facts and with right on their side and against those who abuse the truth.

New Value Placed on Accuracy and Truth Long Term By virtue of its position in relation to the other planets in the Zodiac, sober, truth-telling Saturn will soon be ruling the public mind as completely as seductive and deceptive Neptune recently did.  Politicians will soon be facing a far more sober, cynical and possibly embittered public.  

The public will be feeling increasingly fed up and mightily impatient with incompetence and duplicity.  This could manifest politically as a conservative inclination.  However, it won’t be the kind of fantasy-based conservatism currently on offer from the Republican Party.  And, as I have indicated above, this new bias is not likely to show up clearly or strongly until after April.

Bush Specifically As next August approaches, administration critics will become ever more outspoken and increasingly unwilling to give Bush the benefit of the doubt.

The Saturn/Neptune opposition will set astride Bush’s first house/seventh house axis.  This means that the Saturn/Neptune opposition will hit Bush head-on.

Transiting Venus and Saturn will be close to conjunction.  This emotionally chilling conjunction will be close to Bush’s natal Venus.  

Transiting Sun will be close to conjunction with Bush’s natal Mars, suggesting events that will anger Bush and/or inspire anger toward him.  Retrograding Uranus will be backing into opposition to Bush’s natal Mars, suggesting that Bush’s efforts to assert himself will be widely viewed as childish and counterproductive.

None of the above bodes well for Bush’s relations with the public or the press.  But I must hasten to add that Bush will not be without resources, though his defenses will be sorely tested.  These adverse influences are long term, so Bush’s defenses could be worn down, over time.

I find it hard to imagine that this shift in public sentiment and Bush’s increasing afflictions will not hurt the Republicans in the November elections.  Coming as it does during Pluto’s important conjunction with the Galactic Center, this shift in public mood is more important than a simple, cyclical shift in public sentiment.

Matters of Peace and War With Pluto and Mars in ever more exact opposition, events will take place amidst a backdrop of violence in world trouble spots.  

More specifically, the Saturn/Chiron opposition is centered over the Middle East at the moment of the Full Moon in April.  

This suggests another very bloody month in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East.  However, there are encouraging signs.

Pluto will be retrograde and that indicates some easing of violence.  And, during the Grand Trine between Jupiter/Mars/Uranus at the New Moon, Mercury, Venus, North Node, Sun, Moon and Jupiter lines will be bracketing the Middle East.  This foretells significant progress--or reason for hope--on the political and diplomatic fronts in the Middle East during the second half of April.  

For all of the world’s difficulties and all the outstanding issues and the tensions that remain, lurking just beneath the surface, most of us will find ourselves in improved conditions by the end of April and the state of the world in general will no longer seem quite so desperate.  

With Grand Trines in the New Moon persona charts for six out of nine planets (including the Moon), peace will get a chance.  

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