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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Remarkable Day in Late March

A Remarkable Day in Late March

The Tenor of the Times, March 2006

The Good News

The nearly simultaneous occurrence of several major astrological aspects on March 29th will produce a remarkable state of affairs in the world.  It will be a moment of unusual power, complexity and subtlety.  And it will produce events of unusual power, complexity and subtlety.

Hearts and minds will be going full speed ahead.  An uncommon and strange condition will come into effect.  Deeply engrained behavior patterns will weaken, losing their ability to distort clear thinking and determine, or dictate, behavior.  

These aspects will lessen the hold of old hatred and prejudice and other negative patterning, which obstruct progress in troubled areas of the world.  People will be able to think and feel beyond ancient negativity to see the value of new ideas.

As unlikely as it seems at this moment, we might, for example, see progress toward a genuine coalition government in Iraq.  We might also see Hamas and the Israeli government come to terms despite a well-founded and abiding suspicion on both sides.

The rational mind, with its tendency to suppress imagination, self-confidence and optimism, will be restrained.  This will allow people to actively imagine new ways of doing old things.  The thought of practical hurdles, previous failure and past injury will not hold them back.

Freed from old mental and emotional burdens, people will also be mentally, emotionally and spiritually stimulated to an extraordinary degree.

But the voices of reason and pragmatism will be strong enough to add a degree of realism to our imaginings.  Hard-eyed pragmatists and wild-eyed idealists will find common ground.

Finally, many obstacles to progress will be unexpectedly removed.

Burdens will be lifted, hearts raised, minds inspired and the way made straight.  Optimistic, I know.  And perhaps these really positive developments will be obscured by bad headlines.  But I stand by what I said.

The safety will be on.  It will be difficult to actually accomplish anything of a practical nature during this moment of liberation and inspiration.  Perhaps that is all to the good.  

Decisions that might be hasty or premature—plans that are a little too wild-eyed and idealistic—will be blocked.  Potentially ill-advised actions will be ineffectual, preventing unfortunate consequences. But people will be free to explore mentally and emotionally, to consider new possibilities and to prepare the ground for change and progress when the planets take a more practical turn.

This combination of aspects seems intended to support visionaries and idealists.
 The old rules, the old harsh and violent ways of getting things done in the world, will begin to become inoperative.

The powerful will be disempowered.  Entrenched political or economic powers will not be able to conduct business as usual.

March’s astrological events will level the playing field, giving reformers and progressives, visionaries and idealists a fair shot at success.  

Next fall, when things start happening in the real world, a lot of very practical, realistic people will join the idealists and try hard to do what they used to think was impossible.

The Not So Good News

Not everyone will respond to these planetary conditions in a healthy or helpful manner.

Political conditions will become fluid, volatile and highly charged.  At the same time, people will be helpless to produce any real, immediate practical effects.  This combination of stimulation and frustration typically produces violence.  
Acute frustration will be one of the more common and less desirable effects of this complex set of astrological events.  

But like many of the positive actions, the violence will have a largely symbolic function and, under these aspects, is unlikely to deepen, harden and expand into war.

On the micro level, crises in our own personal lives or the lives of those close to us could also come to head under these aspects.  For better or for worse.

The Astrological Details

The astrological influences discussed will either occur or be effective on the day of the New Moon on March 29th.  Also, most of the astrological events described below tend to effect events over a long period of time.  The remaining months of 2006 are going to be interesting to say the least as the events triggered by these aspects begin to play out.

Stationary/Retrograde Pluto.  Pluto will be stationary/retrograde on March 29, signaling a prolonged pause, or delay, in political, legislative, legal, economic, military and other matters of importance.  

This will be very apparent on the macro level.  However, delay will affect anyone who is trying to push something through any legal, legislative or bureaucratic channels.  You might also notice a loss of momentum on big, important projects at work.

However, I like Pluto retrogrades.  It is my experience that Pluto retrogrades call a timely, welcome halt to the implementation of bad policies or ill-advised initiatives.

Saturn’s balancing, moderating role.  Like Pluto, Saturn is very important to legislative and governmental processes.  Saturn has been for some time now.  Retrograde Saturn is already effectively blocking prompt action by presidents, legislators, courts and bureaucracies.  Now Pluto, the other guiding light of the wealthy and powerful, will join Saturn in retrograde motion.

I would describe Saturn’s role during these aspects as “oppositional.” It is not in simple or direct opposition.  True, sitting in Leo, it effectively opposes the concentration of power centering around Neptune in Aquarius, on the opposite side of the Zodiac.  Also, vibrationally, stable, steady, sober-sided Saturn’s effects are diametrically opposed to the effects of dreamy, intoxicating Neptune.  (It is also conservative where Uranus, which is in mutual reception with Neptune, is unconventional, unpredictable, radical and innovative, often insubordinate and generally rebellious.)

However, the dispositor charts put Saturn last in the chain of five planets that is subservient to Neptune.  This suggests that, Saturn, opposed to Neptune
by nature and present position, will nonetheless play a distinctly supportive, balancing role in relation to Neptune.  Hence my use of the term “oppositional.”

Saturn’s influence over events will be indirect, mediated by several other planets.  Saturn’s overall effect will most likely be to gently, if persistently, moderate Neptune’s wilder schemes and to moderate Neptune’s more extreme effects on susceptible minds.  Its often harsh, inhibiting effects will be softened and lightened.

Some Likely Effects of the Pluto/Saturn Retrogrades … The delay of the wildly controversial takeover of six American ports by Dubai Ports World of the United Arab Emirates is a prime example of the effect of Pluto/Saturn retrograde.

The Pluto and Saturn retrogrades will also probably take at least some of the steam out of Iran’s efforts to develop nuclear power.  They will probably reduce the tensions between Israel and Palestine.
In all likelihood, they will impede Hugo Chavez’s efforts to consolidate power in Venezuela, willy-nilly.  They will doubtless also ease the unstable political situation in the Philippines, where coups have repeatedly threatened to unseat President Arroyo.

The Pluto/Saturn retrogrades will likely slow Iraq’s descent into civil war, too, and give diplomatic, political and cultural processes a chance to work there.  

And they will, in all likelihood, both delay progress in and deepen the impact of high profile court cases in the United States.

Combined with the effects of other astrological events, these retrogrades will allow—or force—all participants in the world’s many troublesome situations to pause and develop a better vision for their mutual future.
On the micro-level, the Pluto/Saturn retrogrades will also delay efforts to move projects forward where you work.  And in Louisiana, unfortunately, these retrogrades could further delay reconstruction and salvage efforts.  Perhaps the delay will allow the development of better designs for the levees.

Pluto will almost conjoin the Galactic Center.  Pluto will stop and reverse course just moments before exact conjunction with the Galactic Center.  Even as people are feeling the retarding effects of stationary/retrograde Pluto, they will be feeling the inspiring, deeply energizing effects of Pluto’s proximity to the Galactic Center.  

So while Neptune and Uranus are making everything all fluid and volatile, the Galactic Center will be injecting deeply inspiring ideas into every situation.

Pluto’s near, as opposed to exact, conjunction, coupled with the moderating effect of other planetary conditions, like Saturn retrograde and Pluto stationary/retrograde, will soften the potentially catastrophic impact of Pluto’s conjunction with the Galactic Center.  This conjunction will release an immense amount of power and without some damping, buffering effects, it could easily unleash great violence.

Though I have to say, a stationary Pluto is not exactly known for its moderating effects.  It is the retrograde part of stationary/retrograde in which we place our hope.  A Pluto station is something of an intensifier.  Kind of like the part where the needle with the tranquillizer breaks the skin.

Overall, the deeply spiritual and powerfully motivating influence of the Galactic Center will inspire ideas that are new, bold and strong enough to carry us into a new and better era.  The buffering phenomena will help us absorb all this power with minimal damage.

Everything else is subservient to Neptune.  The dispositor charts for the New Moon on March 29th show the majority of heavenly bodies (Mercury, Mars, Moon, Sun, Saturn) subservient to or closely allied with Neptune.  (Mercury will be subservient to Uranus, which is in mutual reception with Neptune, further strengthening Neptune’s influence.)

As suggested above, with all those astrological influences subservient to Neptune, people will be strongly, persistently inclined to pursue the loftiest of goals.  Neptune’s strong influence will have a profound leavening, uplifting, effect on all human thought and emotion.  

Combined with the uplifting effects of Pluto’s near conjunction with the G.C., Neptune’s effects will raise mass consciousness to new heights of aspiration and expectation.

Neptune is in mutual reception with Uranus.  With Neptune in mutual reception with Uranus, people will feel just feisty enough to demand the fulfillment of these daring dreams.  And, with Mercury serving Uranus, they will be strongly inclined to say so.  That’s one of the places all the symbolism will come in, I believe.

Given the damping effects of Pluto and Saturn retrograde, people will, in all likelihood, have little choice but to resort to symbolic acts--including protests, civil disobedience, strikes, boycotts and protest marches.  People will also be especially responsive to symbolic acts or to symbolic aspects of anything that happens under these influences.

We are already seeing a resort to highly symbolic actions.  The demolition of the Golden Dome in Baghdad is a notable example.  It was certainly violent, but it was also very symbolic.  

On the political front, Congressional opposition to the Dubai Ports World deal is heavily symbolic in nature.  People are are also responding strongly to the symbolism of this deal, what it appears to represent, as much as to its substance.

Retrograde Pluto, is in mutual reception with Jupiter and in opposition to Mars. Mars and Pluto will be in opposition.  This will certainly stimulate some violence.  

However, retrograde Pluto will take much of the bang out of this normally rather explosive opposition.  Pluto’s mutual reception with Jupiter will tend to reduce the inclination to violence, too.

Pluto’s mutual reception with Jupiter will also tend to make people buoyantly optimistic and confident about the ultimate achievement of their goals.  The overall effect should inspire a kind of optimistic, good-natured pushiness in many people.  

Many a violent incident will probably be defused by an active sense of humor.  Many a provocation will be dismissed by self-confident and good-natured reaction.

Of course, Saturn’s square to Jupiter will weaken this effect somewhat.

(However, this combination of Pluto, Mars and Jupiter energies could also lead to budget busting expenditures, especially with Neptune presiding.  So it might be for the best if Saturn curbs our enthusiasm somewhat.)

Total Eclipse of the Sun. The Total Solar Eclipse, also on March 29th, will, unfortunately, encourage those who cling to old, outdated or false ideas.  It will, in time, also pull the rug out from under them.  Meanwhile, though, we will have to put up with the immediate consequences of their misguided actions.

By contrast, the lunar eclipse at the Full Moon earlier in March will strengthen the influence of the higher mind and tend to reward those who accept the guidance of their higher self.

Both eclipses will hasten the resolution of pending issues.  They will also simplify many situations by eliminating unrealistic options.  (These two eclipses will also trigger man-made and natural disasters that have been in the works.)

It is well to recall, too, that eclipses are also famous for toppling governments and removing prominent public figures through sudden retirement, illness or death.

But in the context of the truly impressive planetary forces being marshaled on March 29th, the eclipses will have a special role.  They will help clear the way for the realization of many groundbreaking historical developments.  


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