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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Astrology Forecast For March 2006

General Comments ~ March will be something of a whirlwind and a crossroad.  In the midst of fairly widespread confusion and wildly mixed signals, most of us will have to make some kind of very important choice.  Moreover, many of the options we think we will have while we are making these decisions will turn out not to be there.  However, many of the obstacles we thought we would face will not be there either.  It is a month to trust your heart and ask your Soul, or Higher Self to guide you.  Anyway, egos will be clashing like crazy; the rational, conscious mind will be overloaded and overwhelmed.  And a lot of the things we think we know will be incorrect, if not completely irrelevant to the realities.  One thing you can count on.  When April rolls around, we will all have arrived at a new starting point in our lives.

Astrology Forecast For March 2006

Aries is being cast as the coach this month, a familiar and comfortable role.  But your usual head-on approach won’t work.  There are many obstacles and many considerations and lots of unknowns.  And conditions are about to change significantly.  So be flexible and advise flexibility.  Baby steps are big successes, now.  Keep options open.  People must be prepared to let things go and open themselves to new possibilities.  Be careful that all of your efforts to communicate and motivate are not lost on over-reactive or confused people.  

TAURUS ~ Lots will change this month, and change again, and probably again. You must maintain a cool, self-disciplined approach to everything.  Maintain your poise.  You will probably have to be a little cooler and more distant than is normal or comfortable for you.  One of the keys to success is proper financial management.  Carefully targeted expenditures will bring progress in important areas.  Impulsive spending could easily bust your budget wide open.  Maybe you will only be able to do small things, but the right small thing will produce wonderful results.

GEMINI ~ Geminis are completing a challenging time in their lives.  Clashes with authority figures, headstrong partners and manipulative associates, unreasoning opposition from people you hardly know … all have become burdensome fixtures in your life.  2006 will see a gradual phasing out of these things.  Power relations will simplify, centering on a single superior.  Fundraising, or concern with the gathering or distribution of resources—yours or someone else’s—will become a major focus.  March will help you toss unnecessary baggage accumulated over many years.  New and more inspiring personal goals will emerge.

CANCER ~ In March, Cancers will feel confused—maybe even a little chaotic—and dreamy, definitely dreamy.  There is more going on this month than you can possibly track, let alone control, so maybe dreamy is OK.  Communications could also be rather confused.  Things are changing and the changes will go deep.  March is the beginning of the beginning of a major shift in your dealings with people in power.  You will soon find yourself in more direct relationship with them and often in opposition.  Get used to keeping pushy people in line.

LEO ~ Play your cards carefully in March.  Key associates are under deceptive influences.  They could easily get the wrong impression.  It could be difficult to make yourself understood.  Don’t lose your temper if people interpret your words or actions in an unflattering way.  Big shifts in personal and professional relationships will affect your income.  These changes will help expand your personal and professional horizons, intellectually, spiritually and geographically.  Power relationships are shifting too.  Power plays in the workplace could become a problem, long-term.  Be mindful of the motives of others.  

VIRGO ~ We are interrupting our programming to tell Virgos something they have longed to hear.  There have been good times and bad.  But for years, tension and stress and pressure were constants.  You were driven and blocked by people and events.  You forgot that life could be different.  In the course of 2006, that will change.  The tension, pressure, stress and frustration will ease.  You will start enjoying the fruit of your labors.  There will be new challenges, but they will be much easier to handle.  Better times are coming.

LIBRA ~ March will be dominated by work-related events and partnership matters.  The planets are heavily stimulating these areas.  Big, permanent changes are also coming in these areas.  You will be able to eliminate some baggage along the way.  Protective and supportive influences are affecting your interests, too.  These will help bring improvements in work and partnership matters.  They could also improve your finances.  Be mindful of the need to establish or increase long-term financial assets.  Deep personal issues that you thought were settled could arise again.

SCORPIO ~ There is a strong emphasis on community affairs in March and beyond. There is a lot of enthusiasm and a desire to communicate, but the possibility for confusion is great.  Resist the temptation to scheme.  Keep things straightforward.  Avoid intrigues.  Benevolent and protective planetary influences will prevent any real harm.  Relationships with youngsters and/or loved ones might have been overly complicated recently because of numerous unresolved issues.  This situation might have been affecting your health, too.  March will bring greater clarity and simplicity to these difficult and important issues.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Things look good on the surface, but complications abound. Circumstances are not as they appear and they will shift continuously.  Read the fine print.  Then read between the lines of the fine print.  Be prepared for course corrections.  The planets will bring changes where family and children and other loved ones are concerned.  But the planets will also provide hope and support during these changes.  Much of what happens will be budget-driven, but other concerns play a role.  Partners and key associates are energetic but maybe a bit short-tempered.

CAPRICORN ~ Don’t be fazed by events. Circumstances will allow great flexibility.  A temporary fix could turn into something quite serviceable by month’s end.  You might be confused because your financial situation presents too many options and it is hard to tell which are realistic and which aren’t.  Maybe it is just hard to know what you really want.  March should bring clarity be eliminating the non-starters.  Once things clarify, you will find the necessary psychological adjustments easier than you thought.  Your contributions have special significance for everyone this month.

AQUARIUS ~ It’s your month to work magic.  But, along with all the things you find it easy to do, make sure include the hard but necessary parts.  As you motivate others, stress the ease of achievement, but don’t leave out the complications.  This will be easier to do if you delve within yourself to seek personal balance.  March will also bring a great sorting out in financial matters.  Whatever the particular issues or the questions in your specific case, you will soon understand which financial direction you have to take.

PISCES ~ It could happen quickly or slowly.  Maybe it will happen quickly and slowly.  But Pisceans will soon find themselves free of burdens they have carried for quite awhile.  People will discover a new, liberated you and you will start to see the world through new eyes.  Your financial situation will also begin to clear up.  Re-imagine the life you want so you can shape the trends and events of your life in the proper way.  You will have more room to maneuver than you have had in quite awhile.

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