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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sign by Sign January 2006

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For January 2006

GENERAL COMMENTS During January, and probably for much of 2006, our faith in our dreams and ourselves will be tested. The key will be to not falter despite the confusing and disruptive circumstances surrounding us.

Don’t be discouraged and don’t accept January’s obstacles as an excuse to give up. True vision and hard work will overcome the fears caused by shortsightedness and the confusion wrought by transitory disruptions and delays.

We cannot expect easy or quick success, but we know and will clearly sense that the progress being made, although it seems modest, is solid and lasting and continued hard work will lead us reliably to our goals. January’s modest and hard won gains will continue to grow and ultimately yield great returns.

The times support the slow and steady pursuit of distant but worthwhile goals amidst confusing and sometimes discouraging events. But they also require that our motivation be genuine and our reasoning sound.

Perhaps the month’s greatest difficulties will come from trying to sort through our own motives and clarify our own reasoning so that we can ensure a better future and one in accord with our real desires.


ARIES ~ You are aware of the obstacles confronting you and everyone else too. You also continue to have a strong intuitive sense of what needs to be done. And you know that there is a way to work around obstacles. However, nobody seems quite ready to accept your leadership. They have concerns of their own. Be patient and supportive. There are many irritations, but a show of temper now could bring everything to a screeching halt. This is not the time to spend your way out of a problem, either.

TAURUS ~ Peace of mind is a high priority, now. It is closely linked with finances nowadays. Clear up confusion surrounding long-term financial arrangements or set up new and more agreeable arrangements. This will go a long way toward establishing or re-establishing peace of mind. You might be tempted to enter into intrigues in order to achieve your goals in romance or to get your way among creative partners or youngsters in your life. But that could eventually cost you both money and peace of mind. Stay true to your principles.

GEMINI – January is about your work situation. Bring future plans and your job description into line with ongoing changes. Find out what is glitter and what is gold. You are well-positioned to see where the possibilities lie. The right choices will bring abundant rewards. Your personal preferences are also important. The situation will remain fluid and flexible so you can safely experiment and explore. A gracious and caring person will ease your concerns and guide you in wise financial directions. Changes at the top will work in your favor.

CANCER – You are under protective and supportive influences early in January. Changes and experiments are OK. Things could get a little dicey later in January. Big changes going down immediately around you will work in your favor and the hard stuff will hit somewhere else. But be prepared to show patience for those caught up more directly in these developments. Partnership areas and long-term financial arrangements are the focus. Keep issues clear and simple in your own mind and resist all efforts to make them complicated. Simpler is better.

LEO ~ You will be called on to play ringmaster yet again this month. You will be outnumbered, as usual, and sometimes outmaneuvered by friends, coworkers, children, creative partners and on and on. You must also keep a look out for short-tempered superiors. Everybody will be expecting more time and energy and patience than you can even come close to expending. But the thing is, you have a much better understanding of things than everyone else. If you can keep your message simple and consistent, it will have the desired effect.

VIRGO ~ Progress on so many crucial issues in your professional life right now depends on certain breakthroughs in your own deepest personal life. Something always seems to prevent you from making the necessary leap of faith. Many fears and anxieties remain. However, early in January, you will find the opportunity and the courage and the insight you need to make these deep personal decisions and to make them right. At the same time, you might have to embrace certain ‘realities.’ But the outcome will be a solid new starting point.

LIBRA ~ You might begin January worried by the obstacles you face and the tough decisions you have to make. But you will end the month impressed by how easily things actually went. The strength and the tools to succeed will come from somewhere or someone. Money might be a bit tighter than you’d like, but your overall situation will improve significantly. There is still a very strong emphasis on key partnerships and constructive local involvements. Change will continue to bring you luck, but be prepared to make adjustments as events unfold.

SCORPIO ~ Your efforts to share your newfound optimism and expand your horizons is running into strong opposition from just about everyone who counts. Not to worry. This opposition will help you build more solidly. Without the resistance you are encountering you could easily produce consequences that you didn’t intend and do not want. Meanwhile, there is scarcely an objection or an obstacle that you cannot work around. You will find that you have far more understanding of and power over the situation than you thought. Deep down, everyone knows you’re right.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Right now, you can get many of the results you desire, but things just won’t quite fall into place. Later in January, as things do fall into place more easily, be careful. Many things simply won’t be what they appear. Many challenges remain hidden. There won’t be a lot you can do. You have to let people learn about underlying problems and work things out in their own mind. This is one of those situations were you probably actually want things to move slowly anyway. Meanwhile, don’t force things.

CAPRICORN ~ This month, and for some time to come, you will achieve far, far more by building consensus and forming teams than by giving orders. In fact, maybe you should just let teams form themselves naturally. If you really pay attention and read carefully between the lines, you will realize that people mostly agree with you and they are moving in directions that you like. Perhaps the big lesson this month is that it is better to have people working with you than for you. Learn to trust more deeply.

AQUARIUS ~ You still have to make adjustments with demanding or stubborn or simply hesitant partners. And there still seem to be too many upsetting issues in your life. Some major decisions are looming, too. However, this month there should be a lot more sweetness to go along with any potential bitterness. You will find people far more inclined to follow your lead. And you should experience a growing sense of confidence and optimism. Long-term financial affairs need a little more vigilance than usual. A ‘difficult’ influence is at work there.

PISCES ~ Pisceans will find themselves with a surprising amount of influence during a time of great and often difficult choices. You can make important changes easier and you can affect their direction. But while everything is shifting around and you are helping others find their way, you should keep a sharp eye on your own interests and your own future. You can count on the continued support of the planets, especially in the areas of travel, education and spirituality. A rather difficult influence will soon begin to affect partnership areas.

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