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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For February 2006

General Comments ~ February is a hump month.  The first part of February will require sizeable decisions—very realistic and sizeable decisions.  We probably won’t have too many options and the ones we do have wouldn’t be our first choice.  But we will probably have to go with them.  
Even with the best shot we get, there is likely to be a lot of fine print and hidden costs.  We’ll have to work hard to keep the fine print from kicking in and harder still to avoid the hidden costs.  So we aren’t getting a lot of space in early February.
Later in the month, we will begin to see new possibilities and fewer obstacles.  Still, we will have to be careful not to be too impulsive, or to be too angry if we have to make additional trade-offs.  There will be lots of work-arounds.  It would be better if we didn’t have to resort to work-arounds—but most of us will.

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For February 2006

ARIES ~ The three most important things now are negotiation, adaptation and patience.  Finances force you to re-think cherished plans. Youngsters, or older folks who are being childish, are placing ‘undue burdens.’  However, if you get an early start on the challenges, you will find a way around just about every obstacle.  Others might prove more flexible later in the month.  Play by the rules.  Paint by numbers.  There will be little chance to improvise.  The stakes are too high to take chances.  Keep a sharp eye on the budget.

TAURUS ~ This could be a bittersweet month for Taurus.  You must deal with some deep and maybe difficult realizations about a loved one and with significant changes in the relationship you have had with them. It will not help that you are just about powerless to prevent or change these events.  Throwing money at the situation will not help.  You may be tempted to flirt with a mischievous person or two.  The stars suggest this would be harmless.  Hold your temper if they turn out to be a little manipulative.
GEMINI ~ Things will go from frustrating to almost too easy.  Obstacles will clear as February progresses and paths will open up. When paths do emerge, be careful. You have some subtle and complex messages to communicate and it would be very easy for someone to hear it wrong. Also, your influence is running high, almost too high.  People, including yourself, might overreact and try to do too much too soon.  Overzealousness is an issue.  Be mindful of the negative effect of behind-the-scenes scheming and manipulation.  Motives could be questionable.

CANCER ~ An issue at a distance is troubling you.  It is emotionally demanding.  Responding to it will consume valuable time and resources.  The duration and the outcome are uncertain.  It is an important issue and there is no way you can dodge it.  But you might not realize that everyone involved is depending on your insight, your direction and your leadership.  Your participation is key to emotional resolution for all concerned.  You might not think so, but you have the power to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved.
LEO ~ Your role is becoming increasingly complex. In spite of the rapid, continuing changes going on in your life, you must still be the voice of reason and moderation.  You must remain sober and sensible while everyone around you is carried away by idealistic and unrealistic notions.  On top of that, you are the one who has to keep things running, day-to-day. Personal changes are in order. It might just be necessary to lighten your own load.  Adopt a calm, polite but no-nonsense approach.  Shun questionable financial dealings.

VIRGO ~ You are being called upon and enabled to take a leading role in the change and transformation going on all around you.  This will often mean that you must counter enthusiasm with common sense. Ensure that the rush to change doesn’t bring chaos.  Examine deeply held beliefs about yourself and your role in life. Many of your beliefs could be holding you back or causing psychological difficulties.  Be mindful of manipulative or squirrelly tendencies in you or in people close to you.  Your financial foundations are growing more solid.

LIBRA ~ The planets are helping you find an ideal lifestyle that is both practical and in tune with your deepest needs.  The key is to balance your own most profound life concerns with an appropriate career.  You are being hampered somewhat by random flirtations—with people, with activities, with hobbies—that distract you and obscure your true interests.  An ailment that causes you to pull back from over-involvement might be a blessing in disguise.  Be careful not to overspend as your income grows.  However, a work- or career-related expense will pay dividends.
SCORPIO ~ Take advantage of favorable conditions early in February.  Things won’t mesh so easily later.  The impulsiveness of partners is putting a strain on finances and other resources. Involvement with innovative and independently minded people, especially younger people, will bring benefits.  Soon, you will find innovative and younger people provide more and more of what you need in life. Frank, penetrating discussions will be necessary with such people, but these encounters will prove beneficial. Neurotic or squirrelly ‘influences’ that frustrated and annoyed you in the past will prove less troublesome.
SAGITTARIUS ~ Home, family and neighborhood issues are emphasized in February.  People will, it seems, race around pursuing misguided ideas with way too much enthusiasm.  They will need and want your support for ideas that seem highly questionable to you.  So you must guide misdirected energies into safer and more worthwhile channels.  Finding the strength to hold back the tide of foolishness will be tough.  You will often be left with little but your faith in yourself and your own ideas to go on.  The future will prove you right, though.

CAPRICORN ~ You will find that everything important in everybody else’s life manages to intersect with your life in February.  People basically need to know how to manage their affairs and management is Capricorn’s strong suit.  Your own concerns this month are primarily financial.  You must harmonize income and expenses, short-term and long-term.  It would help if, in the process, you cut back impulsive, short-term expenditures for the sake of long-term comfort and fulfillment.  Someone will help you understand the difference between folly and self-expression and between self-gratification and true contentment.

AQUARIUS ~ Aquarians do not like being pushed, but circumstances are pretty much forcing you to make ‘accommodations.’  However, the pressure should ease toward the end of the month and more agreeable options will present themselves.  Also, even though you feel a lot of pressure, you do have a great deal of influence over people and events and your native self-assurance remains strong. New and deeper understanding between yourself and loved ones will develop.  In-depth conversations are in order. Underneath it all, February really emphasizes the need for deep personal transformation.

PISCES ~ The planets are stimulating your personality and highlighting you in public.  But things might also be upsetting you in ways you don’t realize, causing reactions you aren’t fully aware of and can’t control.  You feel especially sensitive to criticism.  This is to the good if it motivates you to take advantage of the abundant opportunities to educate yourself and broaden your mind that are being made available to you. Despite insecurities, your influence over people and events remains great.  Key associates might be indulging in manipulative and irrational behavior.

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